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NEW HD video Message from Glenn

Glenn got back recently from his visit to the UK and left us this messsage from home, featuring his Mom and Dad!

NEW HD video Message from Glenn

“Hi everybody,

On my way to London, feeling a lot better, almost over the cold now!

Meantime, here’s an HD video message for ‘ya…to get the most out of it, watch in HD and full screen!

Looking 4ward to seeing you in the UK … YOU are the greatest.

Big Daddy luvs ‘ya!


Australia 2009 Setlists, Pix & Video

You now find a bunch of pix and links to setlists by visiting the “TOUR PIX” section of the web site:

Exclusive Backstage LA video footage

Glenn also just made available some video from backstage at The Whisky the other night with some friends and family, just before he hit the stage on Saturday night! You can watch it from here:

Video & Pix USA Tour 2009

Glenn just returned home yesterday from New York City and Foxboro, Massachssetts in the USA, from sold out shows and an ecstatic reception from the audiences at the 3 shows he played for.

We thought you’d like the chance to see some videos and plenty of pix from the weekend East Coast trip, especially if you’re planning on seeing him yourself sometime soon.

Next up is the Whisky A Go Go in his hometown, Los Angeles, California and in just a short couple of weeks he’ll be in Australia!

Love Communion (Foxboro) [Full song]

Crave (315 Bowery, New York City) [Intro & Full song]

Mistreated (315 Bowery, New York City) [Snippet only]

Coast To Coast (315 Bowery, New York City) [Snippet only]

Steppin’ On (315 Bowery, New York City) [Intro & Full song]

Superstar (Soul Mover outro) (315 Bowery, New York City) [Snippet only]


Dragnet – City Of Crime (video) – 1987

A rare video featuring both Glenn and Pat Thrall has surfaced on YouTube recently. Taken from the 1987 movie, “Dragnet“, featuring Tom Hanks and Dan Ackroyd.

Glenn and Pat first appear at the 1:02 minute mark as two of three “pagans” interrogated by Dan and Tom!


NEW HD video Message from Glenn

“Hey Everybody,

Off to Europe, going to visit with Mum and Dad in the UK, before heading out for the first shows of the year.

Hope to see many of you there.


NEW HD video Message From Glenn

“Hi Everyone,

Wrapped up the shoot for the new Monkey Business video the other day and at the same time, I shot another HD video for you all, so here it is!

Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the road real soon.


NEW HD video Message from Glenn

“Hi Everyone,

Here I am at home in California, enjoying my downtime.

I’ve joined the HD video revolution, so lookout for more of these high definition videos soon!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Glenn has just left us all another very special video treat as part the 2009 New Year celebrations!

He also commented…

“Happy New Year everybody!

How do feel out there in Happy New Year land?!?!

To everybody that moved, to everybody that funked this past year, wherever U are, whatever U do, a very Happy New Year to you!