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Twitter Exclusives!

Not strictly a Competition, as this will be happening from time to time, but tomorrow, Wednesday, 9/9/09, you’ll have a chance to pick-up a prize!

Glenn will be making an Exclusive FREE Offer to all those who follow him on Twitter.

If you’re not doing Twitter yet, this might be a good time to sign-up and get following Glenn ASAP!

You can check out all the details here:

NEW HD video Message from Glenn

Glenn just left us all a brand new HD video message:

You watch it in all it’s glory and in full screen via YouTube.

Spicks and Specks TV show, Australia

Perhaps a little late (due to time differences), but re-runs will be forthcoming!

Glenn’s appearance from back in April on “Spicks and Specks” is now being broadcast on the ABC television network within Australia – so for those of you in Australia, get your video recorders at the ready!

Taken from the local TV guide…

“Coming up on Spicks and Specks – 26 August – This week the special guests on Spicks and Specks are fedora wearing singer songwriter Jason Mraz, chaotic comedian Jason Byrne, Deep Purple‚s GLENN HUGHES, and the wonderfully wrong Sarah Millican.”

Return to Poland

It’s been nearly 10 years since Glenn last played live in Poland. This October he returns for two dates.

The performances will take place during the “International Percussion Festival Eventus Drum Fest” in Poland, which runs from September 25th – October 18th, 2009.

– October 17th in Wroclaw, Poland. Venue: “Firlej Osrodek Dzialan Artystycznych”
– October 18th in Opole, Poland. Venue: “Philharmonic”

Tickets are available for both shows from:

Live DVD coming soon…

Live DVD coming soon!
A brand new live performance DVD will be made available soon, to compliment the recently added Alive Drive; The Robin, Wolverhampton, UK audio and video streams.

In addition to the full 2 nights of live performances, the ‘Bootleg‘ PAL format DVD will also include bonus material.

Alive Drive owners will be eligible for a 20% discount on the purchase price of the DVD; details to follow.

Meantime, an extended HD (high definition) edition of the recent promo clip for the now available Glenn Hughes Alive Drive, will show you an example of the video from the upcoming ‘Bootleg‘ DVD (excuse YouTube’s pixelation during the first few seconds):

Be sure and view in full screen!!

Alive Drive Update

Glenn Hughes ALIVE DRIVE

The Glenn Hughes Alive Drive has now been updated with both audio and video streams featuring songs from the 2 nights of gigs held at THE ROBIN in WOLVERHAMPTON, UK during the weekend of JUNE 6th & 7th, 2009.

If you’re an owner, it’s time to plug-in and tune-in now!!

If not, you can place your order from here:

With The Robin shows now available exclusively to Alive Drive owners, we look ahead at the next release phase with upcoming gigs in Poland and beyond. Over the course of the year, there will be a minimum of 4 exclusive releases including an historical gig. More details to follow, as they become available.

Alive Drive

NEW HD video Message from Glenn

“Hi everybody,

Had a lovely day in Newport Beach. But I’m now back in Europe!

Meanwhile, here’s an HD video message for ‘ya…to get the most out of it, watch in HD and full screen!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Introducing Glenn TV

Introducing Glenn TVGlenn has just added a new channel for his video messages and other material and you can now visit it both with your regular desktop web browser and your mobile phone!

You can see the new channel directly at – once there you can also CHAT with other Glenn Hughes fans or ask a question of Glenn, in addition to watching what’s on offer!

On your mobile phone for a similar, simply point your mobile web browser to:

As the months go by, you can expect some further material made available for your viewing pleasure!


NEW HD video Message from Glenn

“Hi everybody,

I’m so grateful to be an artist and be able to express myself through my music.

On my way to Europe, I’m really happy. Music and love is the answer.


NEW HD video Message from Glenn

“Hi everybody,

Here I am with my good friends Jerry Trimble (retired world lightweight kick boxing champion and now an actor (HEAT with Al Pacino) etc. – Jerry and I lived together during my time in Atlanta in the late ’80s) and his wife, Ami Dolenz (actress & daughter of Monkee, Micky), during a party hosted by the LAPD the other day.

I’m havin’ fun and takin’ it easy while I’ve been off the road. Look forward to seeing you this Summer wherever you’re at.