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California Breed Pre-Order Available!

California Breed
Mixing massive riffs, gutsy vocals and gale force rhythms, CALIFORNIA BREED, featuring GLENN HUGHES (Vocals, Bass), ANDREW WATT (Guitar, Vocals) and JASON BONHAM (Drums), are pleased to announce their self-titled debut album is available to Pre-Order today via iTunes and Amazon.

The powerful three-piece band’s album will be released by Frontiers Records on May 16th in Europe and May 19th in UK & USA. Available as a CD, Digital Download and also a Deluxe Edition CD + DVD featuring the bonus song, ‘Solo‘, and 2 video clips, plus documentary. If Digital Download is pre-ordered, an Instant Download of the first single, ‘Sweet Tea‘, will immediately be made available.

Pre-Order Links:

Amazon: CD: Deluxe Edition CD + DVD:

iTunes: Digital Download:

The first single in the USA is “Sweet Tea” and the first single in the UK is “Midnight Oil“… expect to hear them on the radio shortly in their respective territories 😎

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