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Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp USA Summer Tour in full swing!

Glenn kicked off his time with the Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp Summer Tour with a sold out performance the other night in New York City. Next stop is Chicago!

During rehearsals for the opening night in New York both The New York Daily News and FOX News had some quality coverage including audio and video!

The F U N K Emporium now open!

The official GLENN HUGHES online store is now open for business!

No longer will you need to ask a friend in a foreign land to buy merchandise for you from the latest tour! It’s now all available online without even having to walkout your front door! In addition, you can find exclusive and only available on the website, GLENNHUGHES.COM and COAST TO COAST apparel.

The FUNK Emporium

Click the link to begin shopping!

Early Bird – Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp – USA Summer Tour 2008

For all of you who are planning to attend one of the upcoming USA based, ROCK’N’ROLL FANTASY CAMP, shows that will be taking place during the month of August, all across the country, we wanted to give you a heads up.

Get there early! The all-star musicians including Glenn will be onstage from 6:00PM until around 8:00PM, with their 1-day Camp aspiring musicians that they will have counseled during the same day. The headliners of KINGS X and EXTREME will then begin around 8:30PM.

The exception to this, are the shows taking place in NASHVILLE (August 11th) and LAS VEGAS (August 23rd) when the ROCK’N’ROLL FANTASY CAMP “All Star Jam” band will be headlining and of course that will include Glenn along with all the other star musicians.

Having said that, Glenn will be making a concerted effort to say “Hi” to as many fans as he can, so if you spot him, don’t be shy and be sure and say “Hi” yourself!

Glenn joins Twitter

Just the other day, Glenn announced he has started up a page over at! So what is Twitter? It’s a free social networking service that allows you to send updates (otherwise known as “tweets“) which are text-based postings. Updates are displayed on a profile page and delivered to others (“followers”) who have signed up to receive them, either to their Twitter profile page or directly to their cellular/mobile phone via SMS text message! Glenn’s posts can also be found at the top of his website!

Visit this link to view his latest tweets at!

He plans on using it a lot, not just at home, but also when he’s on the road. In fact, he’s been Twittering away quite a lot during his current visit to Italy!

Be sure and check it out!!

F U N K on iTunes

If you have Apple’s iTunes installed on your computer, click this link to purchase:

You can buy the whole album, individual tracks or Ringtone (for your cellular/mobile phone)!

Rockline live plugged-in – November 19th, 2008

GLENN will be the featured artist on ROCKLINE on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH at 11:30PM EDT / 8:30PM PDT.

GLENN will perform an exclusive “plugged-in” set on the nationally syndicated radio show. Fans can talk live with GLENN by calling 800-344-ROCK (7625).

Rockline is one of the premiere USA based syndicated shows hosted by legendary radio personality, Bob Coburn.

Check out Rockline’s official web site and navigate to “Stations” to find out where to listen to Rockline on the radio in the USA or checkout their MySpace page:

Live in Finland 2008

Glenn and his band will perform a full electric set at Club Tavastia in Helsinki, Finland on Friday, August 29th, 2008.

For more info, visit the venue’s website:

Live in Italy 2008

Frogstock Festival, Italy

Glenn and his band will play a full electric set at this year’s Frogstock Festival in Riolo Terme (Ravenna), Italy on SUNDAY, AUGUST 31ST, 2008.

Glenn with Moonstone Project

Glenn will be appearing as a special guest with his friend MATTEO FILIPPINI and MOONSTONE PROJECT, for a set of Deep Purple MK 3/4 classics on SATURDAY, AUGUST 2ND at:

Piazza Unita D’Italia Square,

Visit for further details.

Live in Russia 2008

Glenn and his band will be returning to Russia in October to hand out the F U N K treatment in over a dozen cities!

7 Public Culture Center – Blagoveschensk
9 Muzcomedy Theater – Khabarovsk
11 Fesco Hall – Vladivostok
13 City Circus – Novosibirsk
15 CDS Hall – Chelyabinsk
16 Youth Palace – Ekaterinburg
18 Filarmony Hall – Perm
20 City Circus – Kirov
22 Gorky Theater – Rostov
23 CH Mirage – Volograd
25 CH Premiera – Krasnodar
27 Lensoveta Theater – St.Petersburg
28 Estrada Theater – Moscow

Message from Glenn

“What a Summer eh?

It has been a very busy time 4 me, with many stops in the UK, due 2 payin’ my respects to Melville and his family….I miss him so much.

So we pick up the pieces and travel on this sojourn that is set out B4 us…God’s in Charge, and there are NO mistakes in his Divine world.

I really enjoyed my shows in Norway with Jo Henning and the guys….its a beautiful country that has welcomed me with warmth and love…thanx.

New Zealand was fantastic…I was the only Singer @ a Guitar Festival….great reception, and I wanna thank Sonya and her staff 4 takin’ good care of Anders and myself while we were there…never seen so much rain in all my life, hey, and I was born in the rainswept UK!!

Here @ home in LA for the weekend….gonna pop in 2 Toni and Guy and have the new GH haircut this afternoon….all the dogs will be groomed down on Belmont shore 2morrow….yes, when I’m home its all very domestic…just pottering around in the garden, checkin’ on the trees/shrubs and flowers that I have planted…I used to watch my Father do the same proceedure as a young impressionable lad…who would have thought I would follow suit??!!

I go 2 Italia next week 2 play with Matteo, that’s always fun (love Italy).

So, to all my USA fans, it will be nice to see you on the RRFC camp tour…I will be there to say hi 2 you all….I am really lookin’ 4ward to playin’ with my band in the States next year, I am rarin’ 2 go.

Just remember that I really appreciate all the love that you continue to give me…it is the greatest gift in the world…and I love you back….yep, it’s a love thang people…..

Keep it Funky…