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Live on Rockline replay now available…

Glenn’s most recent live and electric “plugged in” performance on one of the premiere USA based, nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Rockline, is now available to listen to again, but for only a short time via their webstream.

You’ll enjoy a thorough Q&A with the host, Bob Coburn, in addition to audience phone-in questions and of course, a full electric set, comprising songs from F U N K, Soul Mover and some classic Trapeze and Deep Purple.

So hurry and tune-in before it disappears!

Message from Glenn

“Hi Everyone,

Home again…the calmness of the Palos Verdes Hillside…the amazin’ sunrise/sunsets…to wake up in my own bed.

I want to thank all of you that attended my concerts this year. You have all been FUNKed…I love seein’ all the energy from you…I feel you. It has been a new beginning…I wanted to push the boat out further into more soulful ground…I challenged myself, I needed to be honest, and I have never been happier.

My sobriety and a conscious contact with my higher power, are paramount to me…they come first…if I have these 2 things in check, then I’m off 2 the races.

Feels like I just won the Grand National….!!

Tune into Rockline on the Radio, or on the web (Wednesday 19th 8:30pm PST/11:30pm EST)…have a slice of F U N K on me.

You know it makes sense…..



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“Sail Away” live in Russia 2008

You can now find in the “PICTURE GALLERY” section, a live version of “SAIL AWAY” as performed by Glenn and his band at LENSOVETA THEATER in ST.PETERSBURG, RUSSIA on MONDAY, OCTOBER 27th, 2008.

NEW video Message from Glenn

Just wanted to let you know Glenn has just left us all another very special treat featuring him wailing away on lead guitar on “Coast To Coast“, with a very moving tribute to Mel Galley to go with it.

“Coast To Coast” & “Holy Man” live in Russia 2008

You can now find over in the “PICTURE GALLERY” section, a live version of “COAST TO COAST” as performed by Glenn and his band at the YOUTH PALACE in EKATERINBURG, RUSSIA on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16th, 2008:

In addition, “HOLY MAN” is also featured, filmed at CH PREMIERA in KRASNODAR, RUSSIA on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25th, 2008:

NEW video Message from Glenn

Just wanted to let you know Glenn has just left us all a third and final extra special video message from Russia, filmed at a recent soundcheck during the 2008 F U N K tour, in preparation for the final gig that takes place in Moscow tomorrow night. Be sure and check it out!

Metal to Soul and then some… NEW Interview

Glenn was recently interivewed by Tommy “Hashman” Hash of

“My Music before I joined Deep Purple, all those years ago, when I was a young lad, a teenager, I was very much influenced by Black American music like Steve Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Wilson Picket – all the great soul singers, it was inherently born into me,” begins Hughes on his influence into the recent musical excursions into R&B territories…

You can read the entire interview here:

Special guest with Monkey Business

Glenn will be a special guest of Funk/Rock/R&B band, MONKEY BUSINESS on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10th, 2008 in Prague, Czech Republic. The gig will take place at the venue, LUCERNA.

Just so it’s clear:

this is NOT a Glenn show, rather he is a special guest and will perform just a couple of songs with the band.

Venue website:
Monkey Business’ MySpace page:

“Love Communion” live in Russia 2008

Be sure and visit the “Picture Gallery” section on the web site, to view a live version of “Love Communion” as performed by Glenn and his band at the CITY CIRCUS in NOVOSIBIRSK, RUSSIA on MONDAY, OCTOBER 13th, 2008.