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Topic: All Things GLENN HUGHES
Room Name: FAN CHAT
Date: T B D @ 1:00PM-3:00PM PDT
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Once registered at the Fan Forum, you will also have to post at least 1 message to the Fan Forum community before you can join in and participate in the CHAT. If you are not a Fan Forum Member, you can only view the CHAT, and not participate! A transcript of each CHAT session will be posted on the Fan Forum for off-line viewing and archival.

In order to help everyone arrive at a CHAT session during the same time, we've included a timezone reference below - all CHAT sessions run between the hours of 1:00PM-3:00PM PDT. Each one will be on a specific topic unless denoted as a General Session.

Apologies in advance if we've left your area out - in that case, join in the nearest timezone.

9:00pm GMT - London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Dublin
10:00pm CET - Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Madrid, Munich, Warsaw, Lisbon, Milan

4:00pm EST - New York, Boston, Atlanta, Orlando ·· 3:00pm CST - Dallas, Austin, Kansas City, Chicago, New Orleans, Tulsa ·· 2:00pm MST - Albuquerque, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver ·· 1:00pm PDT - San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas 11:00am HST - Honolulu, Maui

4:00pm - Bogota, Lima ·· 6:00pm - Brazilia, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Montevideo

5:00am - Hong Kong, Singapore, Perth ·· 6:00am - Tokyo ·· 7:00am - Sydney, Melbourne, Harare, Johannesburg