Release date:
September 24, 2001 in Europe (SPV/Steamhammer 085-72372 CD)
September 24, 2001 in Japan (Nippon Crown CRCL-4788)
Status: Digital download only

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Building The Machine

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1. Can't Stop The Flood   

2. Inside

3. Out On Me   

4. I Just Want To Celebrate

5. Don't Let it Slip Away   

6. Feels Like Home   

7. High Ball Shooter

8. When You Fall   

9. I Will Follow You

10. Beyond the Numb   

11. Big Sky

12. Cosmic Spell (Bonus Track for Japan)


Glenn Hughes (Lead vocals, background vocals, bass and supplier of the funk)
JJ Marsh (Guitars [except 4 and 11], background vocals [8])
Gary Ferguson (Drums)
Vince DiCola (Keyboards [except 4 and 9])
Pat Travers (Vocals and Guitar [4])
John Beasley (Keyboards [9])
Bobby Kimball (Background Vocals [2] and [5])
Doug Bossi (Background Vocals [8])
Brett Ellis (Guitars [11])
David Tedds, Lol & Cindy Tolhurst (Additional Background Vocals [4])

Track 7 is a remake of the Deep Purple track off Stormbringer.
Track 4 is a cover of a track by Rare Earth.


Produced By: Glenn Hughes and Mike Scott
Engineered and Mixed By: Mike Scott
Assistant Engineers: Mauricio Cajueiro and Grayson Sumby
Mastered by: Rainer Holst at Staccato Studio, Hannover, Germany
Tracked at Entourage Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Mixed at Westlake Audio, Hollywood, CA

Art direction and design by: Darwin Foye/5th Density
Photography by: John Harrell
Hair & Makeup: Randi Mavestrand


"Beyond the Numb" for JW and "Big Sky" for Bill Eskridge, R.I.P.


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