Release date:
"Burning Japan Live" was released by Zero Corporation (XRCN-1162) in Japan on August 31, 1994.
In September 1995 it was released in Europe by SPV/Steamhammer (Germany) (SPV-084-18202).
The same year, 1995, it was released by Shrapnel Records (SHW-1082) in the USA.
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Burning Japan Live

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1. Burn

2. The Liar

3. Muscle And Blood

4. Lay My Body Down

5. From Now On...

6. Into The Void

7. Still In Love With You

8. Coast To Coast

9. This Time Around

10. Owed To G

11. Gettin' Tighter

12. You Keep On Moving

13. Lady Double Dealer

14. I Got Your Number

15. Stormbringer


Glenn Hughes: All Lead Vocals (Keyboards on "Still In Love With You")
Thomas Larsson: Guitars/Background Vocals
Eric Bojfeldt: Guitars/Background Vocals
Mic Michaeli: Keyboards/Background Vocals
Jon Leven: Bass Guitar
Ian Haugland: Drums


Produced by: Glenn Hughes
Mixed by: Glenn Hughes and Ronny Lahti at Soundtrade Studios, Sweden
Engineered by: Ronny Lahti
Recording arranged by: Minoru Yokoo (Zero Corporation)
Recorded at: Citta' Kawasaki on Tuesday, May 24th and Wednesday, May 25th, 1994
Recorded on: The Sound Creators Inc. Mobile Recording Truck
Engineered by: Zak (Think Sync Integral)
Assisted by: Takeshi Nagano, Toshiyuki Hayashi, Hideki Masuda and Yohji Shioiri (Sound Creators Inc.)
Tape Duplications at: Smile Garage Studios by Kenzi Nagashima and Motoki Matsushima

Go Back Photography by: Osamu "Tio" Suzuki
Sleeve Design by: Ryozo Takeyama / Stroget


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