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Empire Theatre, Liverpool, UK - March 15, 1976

Final Deep Purple MKIV concert - the band breaks up after this final show.

As PR man Keith Thompson was publicizing the recent 2008 return to Liverpool gig, a photographer Alan Perry came forward with some photographs of the fateful 1976 gig which effectively saw the end of Mark IV. Keith said: "I had only ever seen one grainy photo and heard one amateur recording of the gig on cassette tape so it was a true revelation when these came to light. More than anything though, we're all looking forward to what Glenn can do in 2008. From the evidence of the gigs I saw recently in Eastern Europe, I think the Liverpudlians will be impressed!"

(Photos Courtesy: Alan Perry [Concert Photos])

Empire Pool, Wembley, London, UK - March 13, 1976


(Photos Courtesy: Alan Perry [Concert Photos])

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