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December 2018

DPMKIII ~ Where it all began in Copenhagen, on this date ~ December 9, 1973 ... brothers @davidcoverdale, Jon Lord RIP, Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Paice & yours truly http://pic.twitter.com/CHbCZLfdXS

Have a great weekend. Wherever you are... http://pic.twitter.com/wulDwirH58

018 was a flag planting year for... 019... see you on Tour http://pic.twitter.com/ucqtPG98jJ

Happy Birthday to my dear Gab. I want to thank you for all that you do for the furs and I. It's been a long year for me Touring. So happy to be home today on your birthday. You are wacky, wonderful and supremely intelligent. You are the keeper of the flame http://pic.twitter.com/3G4uwxUEmO

Big thanks and love to all who came to see my show this year. The next touring schedule will begin in March 2019, can't wait to see you. Show dates announced very soon. My band, crew & myself want to wish you all a very happy holiday season. Filled with love & happiness http://pic.twitter.com/FmDHLJFMv9

November 2018

Thanks Helsinki http://pic.twitter.com/DL1RcJfRoB

Flying to Helsinki today ~ to play the final two shows of my tour ~ I've been on the road for nine months. I shall begin the next touring schedule next February 2019. #loveistheanswer & #musicisthehealer http://pic.twitter.com/OkujSKWg62

Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary Gabi... my life partner & Mama to our fur babies. I Love you http://pic.twitter.com/LwBcE13Ska

Thank you so much Tel Aviv ~ you were fantastic last night... flyin' to London today for media on Monday: have free day tomorrow Sunday... there will be full moon tonight, perfect timing for letting go of all impurifications & heal & return to the source #thistooshallpass http://pic.twitter.com/wlUfcBHWwY

Full of gratitude to carry the message... today, & everyday. We shall be free... now in Tel Aviv, Israel http://pic.twitter.com/78AyJoee7J

Hi Moscow, see you tomorrow night for my second show at International House of Music. You were so amazing on Monday, I can't wait to sing for you tomorrow night, Wednesday. Rock Music is alive, I'm here to light the fuse. Tour is now 9 months long... Tel Aviv Friday http://pic.twitter.com/YzkY6Yb4UO

Good morning from Moscow. Performing two shows at International House of Music ~ first show tonight Monday: Second show Wednesday: always an honor to sing for you Moscow... Here we go http://pic.twitter.com/QRMtg4TPL8

You are Magic. Don't ever apologize for the fire inside : in Netherlands ~ show tonight in Zoetermeer & tomorrow in Amsterdam ~ arriving in Moscow Sunday for shows Monday and Wednesday at International House of Music #youknowwehadnotime http://pic.twitter.com/IuMoJGrbhY

A peaceful Mind ~ the journey continues... http://pic.twitter.com/foDHv39z1T

London @EBallroomCamden OCT. 15 #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive show review featured in the DECEMBER 2018 issue of @ClassicRockMag On Sale Now http://pic.twitter.com/odngkFUcqq

On my way to Amsterdam ~ four shows in The Netherlands : so ready for ya' pic @EricDuvet http://pic.twitter.com/6zmUzHLbv4

...you were all amazing @phenomenonlive in Fontaneto d'Agogna #ITALIA ~ now heading to Bergamo, see you down the front @ #Druso tonight #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive http://pic.twitter.com/BztE4aZ0VJ

#GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive show review from OCT. 15 @EBallroomCamden London featured in DECEMBER 2018 issue of @RecCollMag ...on sale now http://pic.twitter.com/LtFwCVXGvl

Thank you again Paris for an amazing show ~ I'll be back, can't wait to see you. On our way to Italy. Show tomorrow Friday @phenomenonlive in Fontaneto d'Agogna & Saturday @ #Druso in Bergamo. See you down the front #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive http://pic.twitter.com/YdcXNvvMeV

Thank you Paris @elyseemofficiel ~ you were amazing & loud last night ~ it was a hot one in deed: thank you for standing for my two hour show, I shall return next year. Happy to call you my Brothers & Sisters. Peace & love http://pic.twitter.com/XuVKp2fZ56

So ready for Paris ~ see you at Elysee-Montmartre Tuesday night ~ gonna see you down the front http://pic.twitter.com/bepWYpYz5L

...thank you so much last night #KIEV ~ you were #LOUD ~ on our way to #PARIS ~ see you Nov. 6 down the front Tuesday night @elyseemofficiel #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive http://pic.twitter.com/bippeBWA1R

Good morning Kiev ~ see you tonight, Thursday, at October Palace... http://pic.twitter.com/DvdM1tYgMG

October 2018

Good morning from Prague ~ thanks for an incredible show last nite. Flying to Kiev today, Wednesday, to play a show at October Palace, tomorrow, Thursday night. The sky is red hot http://pic.twitter.com/QauGq07oDl


Thank you Germany for an amazing sold out Tour. I will be back next Summer for another Tour, can't wait to be with you again. Flying to Warsaw today. Show tomorrow Monday at Progresja & perform in Prague Tuesday at Roxy. See you down the front http://pic.twitter.com/H8JovxlIWw


An honour being an @OrangeAmps Ambassador and always a pleasure talkin' all things amps https://orangeamps.com/articles/interview-glenn-hughes http://pic.twitter.com/gQffBPhKlZ

Good morning from Germany, tonight, Saturday, I will be performing in Worpswede at Music Hall & tomorrow Sunday in Leipzig at Gewandhaus : my love ~ your love ~ one love : see you down the front http://pic.twitter.com/0ajdiTgdsU

See you up front @Stonedeaf_fest 24TH AUGUST 2019 w/ @DH_Diamond_Head, @TheAmorettes, @massiveoz + more TBA. Tickets available now: http://bit.ly/2EL18p5 #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive

Hi Berlin ~ see you tonight @Admiralspalast ~ gonna be a hot one http://pic.twitter.com/LktyAGgHiK

Thank you for an amazing tour ~ we had a blast. Big love to my brother @JBONAMASSA for joining me & my band in the encore section last night in London at The Electric Ballroom, Camden Town. Was a hot show, you are amazing & loud : back next May for Part 2 http://pic.twitter.com/AU0bMp09J3

So looking forward to my final sold out show in London at Electric Ballroom Camden Town Monday, October 15 ~ Part 2, in May 2019, is already on sale, and tickets are going fast. Beyond grateful to be singing and playing live across our world ~ see you down the front http://pic.twitter.com/MjWxJfVw9o

Now in Glasgow. Looking forward to tonight's show @ Glasgow Academy. Gonna be a hot one... see you down the front. Pic by @EricDuvet http://pic.twitter.com/NrFLkBoALG

Thanks to all in Leeds last night, amazin' ~ Newcastle tonight, I'll see you down the front http://pic.twitter.com/P63Ko7A8jZ

Be sure and pick-up the September/October 2018 Issue 227 of @ClassicRockSoc ...always a pleasure http://pic.twitter.com/cHg62nT9jR

Thank you Southampton ~ you were loud and fantastic last night ~ on my way to Cardiff @TramshedCF ~ see you down front tonight ~ pic @EricDuvet http://pic.twitter.com/ZWoYQq3iso

May 2019 UK VIP Upgrade now available. Soundcheck, laminates and priority entry to the show. Get your MAY 2019 UK show, VIP Upgrade via www.glennhughes.com/VIP #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive #GlennHughes http://pic.twitter.com/GMPI5Krg78

September 2018

Germany VIP Upgrade Now Available http://bit.ly/VIPGERMANY18 #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive #GlennHughes http://pic.twitter.com/auZAm3viJM

Flying tonight. Are you ready Europe? http://pic.twitter.com/FgtEFFObXG

"Burn" recorded live at Penn's Peak in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania 9/8/18. Full show available as an audio digital download from the Glenn Hughes Digital Archive: https://bit.ly/GHDIGITALTW #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive https://youtu.be/vZ0Bk5TN5fE

My show originally scheduled for @KOKOLondon Oct. 15 has moved due to temporary venue closure - now taking place @EBallroomCamden - same date/time. Existing tickets and VIP Upgrades remain valid https://t.co/rgfrjp7J2B

There is nothing in the Universe that you cannot do or be if you are spiritually and mentally ready http://pic.twitter.com/Xrq6WoiZjY

The BONUS show in the Digital Archive package release, '2018 USA Tour Package' is now available to those who have purchased it. More info. @ http://bit.ly/2DnfmeR

The doorway is now open... Living & giving with a peaceful mind #choosehappiness http://pic.twitter.com/8sHVz7uJSj

The ninth download to be made available at the Digital Archive page is now ready for 'ya ~ whether you purchased the single show or a package with it included. Follow the link for more info. http://bit.ly/2prQWae

The eighth download to be made available at the Digital Archive page is now ready for 'ya ~ whether you purchased the single show or a package with it included. Follow the link for more info. http://bit.ly/2NpfiQC

Peace & love from Boston http://pic.twitter.com/WmCwP6Ywug



The seventh download to be made available at the Digital Archive page is now ready for 'ya ~ whether you purchased the single show or a package with it included. Follow the link for more info. http://bit.ly/2DcFhpN

All love CHICAGO http://pic.twitter.com/ygQVLw9bjz

Never forget 9.11 ... never forget http://pic.twitter.com/px2RKzpUf4

The sixth download to be made available at the Digital Archive page is now ready for 'ya ~ whether you purchased the single show or a package with it included. Follow the link for more info. http://bit.ly/2x5xWmd

The fifth download to be made available at the Digital Archive page is now ready for 'ya ~ whether you purchased the single show or a package with it included. Follow the link for more info. http://bit.ly/2wURgl6

The fourth download to be made available at the Digital Archive page is now ready for 'ya ~ whether you purchased the single show or a package with it included. Follow the link for more info. http://bit.ly/2oALGAT

The third download to be made available at the Digital Archive page is now ready for 'ya ~ whether you purchased the single show or a package with it included. Follow the link for more info. http://bit.ly/2NHfu9N

The second download to be made available at the Digital Archive page is now ready for 'ya ~ whether you purchased the single show or a package with it included. Follow the link for more info. http://bit.ly/2oqRT26

Just added... VIP Meet & Greet add on @RamsHeadOnStage SEPT. 4 in Annapolis, MD. #USA *Requires Concert Ticket* Info. @ https://t.co/Dz7oCRCGtW

August 2018

Always a pleasure talkin' w/ @EddieTrunk My recent interview now featured in the latest episode of his weekly Podcast https://t.co/H0CdRpHK70

Thank you New York City. You are amazing. Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves. I shall return next year. Love to see you in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this Saturday http://pic.twitter.com/7xkjfIneeU

The first download at the Digital Archive page is now ready for 'ya ~ whether you purchased the single show or a package with it included. Follow the link for more info. http://bit.ly/2MyRIQK

Always a pleasure talkin' with @mitchlafon on Rock Talk... kicks off @ 44:30 https://t.co/2ouKqXjwUu

The #messenger #USA tour August-September 2018 you know we had no time http://pic.twitter.com/GWVQlI0pbO

Almost sold out tonight's Hamden show @spaceballroom I'll see you down the front http://pic.twitter.com/X4YBuHhhBI

...from soundcheck earlier @TheatreWestbury http://bit.ly/SC_082518

2018 #USA Tour kicks off in New York this evening. #ICYMI The Digital Archive has some of the shows on pre-order so you don't have to miss out http://bit.ly/GHDIGITALTW http://pic.twitter.com/MJyiCLJP9N

Here we go New York ~ flyin' in tomorrow... see you Saturday evening @TheatreWestbury http://pic.twitter.com/UG1OpeU574

UK VIP Upgrade now available. Soundcheck, signed posters, laminates and priority entry to the show. Get your UK show, VIP Upgrade via www.glennhughes.com/VIP #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive #GlennHughes http://pic.twitter.com/aXVecgpMZe

Introducing @glenn_hughes Digital Archive. Download PRE-ORDERS Available Now via http://bit.ly/2KUoCWc ...debuts U.S. Tour 2018 #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive

...always a pleasure talkin' with @TerrieCarrRnR of @WDHAFM https://t.co/PliIJbR1CG

Denim on denim ~ has it returned in 2018? Your thoughts please... http://pic.twitter.com/J8x8xxZcdw

Lookin' forward to seeing you soon #USA #GlennHughes #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive http://pic.twitter.com/e3aJctXP5O

Glenn Hughes @glenn_hughes to embark on 'Classic Hits of Deep Purple Live' Tour #GlennHughes #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive https://t.co/PlIqwXvdxc

It begins with a peaceful mind... flying to St. Petersburg tomorrow http://pic.twitter.com/nx4q8J2de7

Leave a candle in the window #stayfree http://pic.twitter.com/uL0peEBhoH

When the morning comes... http://pic.twitter.com/kAqLodutBO

Orbs & Scars... it's better to love... than be loved #give #live #love http://pic.twitter.com/eWCsZXMK9V

Happy Birthday brother Tommy... you are in my heart... never a day goes by that I do not think of you. The brother I never had... you are loved and will never be forgotten as long as I am alive... RIP http://pic.twitter.com/434NMFGEZ5

July 2018

Kickin' off my American tour August 25th @TheatreWestbury New York... can't wait to see you https://livemu.sc/2vdxgJP #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive http://pic.twitter.com/gW6yCPOCC6

Thanks so much @SteelhouseFest howling rain & wind did not dampen our spirit ~ on the way to Rome ~ be back in the UK late September to start my European tour ~ pic styled by #PaulSmith #paulsmithdesign http://pic.twitter.com/dVQrMLOQW3

Brother @MylesKennedy & yours truly about to jam in my trailer @SteelhouseFest & workin' on a lil somethin' for this evening's show #loveistheanswer http://pic.twitter.com/1DWVqAcSNf

At soundcheck @SteelhouseFest see you tonite & always my pleasure to all in Wales #themessenger http://pic.twitter.com/0esT0mHFX3

I have been born again & again & again, & each time, I have found something to love... see you @SteelhouseFest in Wales this Saturday... http://pic.twitter.com/AuSRYyJFzt

Connecticut! I'm super excited to see you August 26th @spaceballroom in Hamden. Tickets on sale now... see you down the front www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1675915 #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive http://pic.twitter.com/iEJfjY1C3x

Up on the High Wire #nofear http://pic.twitter.com/zmFGbPu1qg

#TBT with my mates #JoeElliot @mattsorum @JoePerry @DrBrianMay @nunobettencourt @DuffMcKagan Classic Rock Awards LA http://pic.twitter.com/xZ4qBKTHop

#Live #Give http://pic.twitter.com/csSVZjpVhn

"Roxanne" for @RockAgainst1 shoots up to No. 7 in the Top 10 #USA 'Classic Rock' chart this week #HumanTraffickingAwareness http://pic.twitter.com/2PBfw9W0VI

...coming up right around the corner @SteelhouseFest 28th July. First time playing this show in the United Kingdom. Can't wait to see you #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive www.steelhousefestival.com http://pic.twitter.com/QNjFZy4Rvt

Good evening from Los Angeles. Here is an unseen pic of yours truly taken on the Burn USA Tour. Photographer credit Mike Leach. See you soon Europe and first leg of USA tour. It's an inside job from me to you... time to get Busy loved ones http://pic.twitter.com/lBJdbXwR7c

Announcing the first part of my North American Tour, it starts in New York @TheatreWestbury on August 25th. Ticket links and details @ http://bit.ly/2IpStW1 #ClassicDeepPurpleLivePerformedByGlennHughes http://pic.twitter.com/ZulV3zCVnN

Due to reasons beyond our control, Glenn will not perform at Blues Express in Luxembourg on July 14th. We hope to be able to play in Luxembourg as soon as an appropriate date can be confirmed, hopefully during the Autumn #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive European tour.

2 shows in #MOSCOW @ House of Music in November (19 & 21) http://pic.twitter.com/M6wVEcXfYH

I just want to be free... In the land of the living... Happy 4th of July brothers and sisters #stayfree http://pic.twitter.com/yuOOV8l6fD


...lookin' forward to kickin' off the weekend on Friday night @PNBluesFestival #ITALY See you down the front

Always fun talkin' with Greg. Lookin' forward to my show @TheatreWestbury August 25th https://t.co/xIw53bLqnm

Flyin' high at @MLegendsFest Spain on Saturday night ~ up next @PNBluesFestival this Friday in #ITALY gonna #BURN http://pic.twitter.com/1ffrXLUNta

June 2018

It's hot in Bilbao, #SPAIN show tonight ~ glad to be in Europe continuing my Summer tour ~ come & join me and my lads #loveistheanswer #musicisthehealer http://pic.twitter.com/Zo5QuQexf3

...just over a month to go before @SteelhouseFest ~ more than 80% sold out already, so if you're planning on going, best snag your tickets now. I'll see you down the front www.steelhousefestival.com http://pic.twitter.com/Wh8jl7hB25

Really looking forward to performing in Bibao, #SPAIN next Saturday, June 30 at @MLegendsFest ~ See you down the front, YOU make the difference http://pic.twitter.com/RekNBvQ7hs

Moscow you are glowing with radiant love ~ so happy to be here & see all nationalities #choosehappiness across Russia at the @FIFAWorldCup 2018... peace & love & #orbs http://pic.twitter.com/ckQKbqi0NI

Back at Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow for Germany vs. Mexico. Amazing atmosphere. Both sets of fans are ready and loud. Just like a Rock show, let me know who you are supporting. http://pic.twitter.com/WfaVWgFktG

It's half time at Spartak Stadium in Moscow. Argentina 1 Iceland 1. A beautiful day for a beautiful game http://pic.twitter.com/EztCBIqQIa

Celebrating the 2018 @FIFAWorldCup with @Hublot friends and family #WorldCup https://youtu.be/5D63l61_aAY

Good morning everyone. Gabi and yours truly at the opening of the @FIFAWorldCup Moscow with @Hublot #choosehappiness http://pic.twitter.com/3s9WsXSVrh

Hi everyone my last post was of a pic of Mac and I, with the news of his passing. He passed August 20 2016, the day Before my birthday. I mistakenly reposted it today. So sorry to cause any confusion ~ thank you so much for all your love for my boy Mac. Love You all http://pic.twitter.com/wKC6W1no9P

Love him so... https://twitter.com/glenn_hughes/status/1007238352821768192

At the @Hublot pre @FIFAWorldCup party with my friend, @GGGBoxing in Moscow earlier this evening #WorldCup http://pic.twitter.com/ZKZoV4c62n

Gab & I with the special one Jose M in Moscow at @Hublot opening party http://pic.twitter.com/aonnhyxHbY

In Moscow for the opening party with Gabi for @Hublot Dinner & Party http://pic.twitter.com/KBxGHujDu4

Fantastic weekend @swedenrockfest & @garagesoundmad Madrid ~ now on the way to Moscow to join up with @Hublot and Gab for our second @FIFAWorldCup. Gonna sing for you all http://pic.twitter.com/I93gk6a1oA

You were #LOUD @garagesoundmad http://pic.twitter.com/WLaq0o2pBg

Thank you @swedenrockfest ~ what a show! 45,000 crazed Loud Rock Fans... we are one #stayfree http://pic.twitter.com/Wvp9Ci6ugm

Love is the answer... #befree http://pic.twitter.com/LojnS2L3l1

Here I am wearing my bass the wrong way around ~ I believe the young lady is one of our flight attendants on our plane, The Starship. Buckle up Kids http://pic.twitter.com/2zT1xHqGdo

Now in Copenhagen. Last night this photograph was taken in LA airport in the lounge, and upon arrivaI I noticed three orbs surrounding me. This is the first time I have encountered them & also been in my presence on my pix ~ U ever had this experience? Fascinating... http://pic.twitter.com/TyP6y7W0Hj

All love to the loners, weirdo's, radicals, rejects & outsiders... it's your thing... don't be afraid... #shineon http://pic.twitter.com/VwCSNwLNsn

May 2018

Her Majesty #Burn #Rickenbacker #GlennHughesPerformsClassicDeepPurpleLive http://pic.twitter.com/CFw9K7TjOR

#CelebritiesPlayingRock + Interview 5/25/18 by @955KLOS via #SoundCloud #CPR https://soundcloud.com/klos955/celebrities-playing-rock

Let it go... http://pic.twitter.com/XhMzYCdDC0

Good morning from @955KLOS ~ on air live at 10:15AM Pacific http://pic.twitter.com/z32Hlya541

Tune-in @955KLOS 10:15AM PT this FRIDAY, MAY 25 I'll be w/ @MarciWiser for #CelebritiesPlayingRock + talkin' @RockAgainst1 and more #CPR www.955klos.com http://pic.twitter.com/TDTKKJj3DZ

Harmonious and happy... universal love... see you soon in Europe... http://pic.twitter.com/1s9KYKxAU9

Full of gratitude to all who come to my shows. We are on this journey together. Next up @swedenrockfest June 7 #loveistheanswer #musicisthehealer http://pic.twitter.com/mj4uGULnPz

Good morning from the City of Angels... happy joyous & free http://pic.twitter.com/GI605lZWPO

Remembering Ronnie ~ you are in my (our) thoughts and prayers today my brother. Thank you for 37 years of friendship love laughter and music. You will always be here in my life. Sing on... http://pic.twitter.com/pOOr9hVeYf

South American tour is one for the memory books ~ next up is Europe ~ starting @swedenrockfest June 7 ~ see you this Summer http://pic.twitter.com/s3maqhXXcx

#GivingBack #gratitude http://pic.twitter.com/nfi9TegJRg

With brother #TommyBolin on stage with #DeepPurple ~ someone like you can't be replaced. RIP #Dreamer http://pic.twitter.com/8ezIJbdqZI

Beach life... http://pic.twitter.com/F4LNRFlegq

And a very good morning from LA. I am surrounded by my four Pups, who I love so very much. As you can see... I've been stung #loveistheanswer http://pic.twitter.com/3NIstqoqW8

That's a wrap ~ I'll be back to tour South America and Central America in 2019. You Rock... flying home to LA today http://pic.twitter.com/oLXytiHv0w

April 2018

YOU were fantastic last night RIO ~ I'll see you again next year http://pic.twitter.com/Fb43fwNqie

...thank you so much last night Porto Alegre ~ you were loud. Now on our way to Rio, see you down the front tonight http://pic.twitter.com/OOimOaeb6i

Yours truly and my lads on tour in South America #loveistheanswer #musicisthehealer http://pic.twitter.com/PvSrJH167v

Now in Manaus ~ next to the tropical rain forest. God keeps reminding me that I am lucky to be alive... see you tonight at my show http://pic.twitter.com/c0l5P6jkkR

Thank you Sao Paulo and Limeira for 2 amazing weekend shows. Now in Curitiba... much love to all the fans who have Rocked with us. http://pic.twitter.com/Unxqy9h9Z1

The hourglass keeps turnin' ~ thank you so much last night Sao Paulo ~ you were fantastic and loud! I'll be back again to play in your City next year SP... now on our way to Limeira for Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live this evening http://pic.twitter.com/AJDxFfl7jj

Good morning Sao Paulo... see you tonight at Tropical Butanta ~ VIP Meet & Greet at 17.00hr ~ showtime at 19.30hr ~ time to BURN http://pic.twitter.com/3IzuG44xRW

Now in Sao Paulo, Brazil http://pic.twitter.com/ku0PEjnTch

Hi from Belo Horizonte, Brazil ~ here come a change of weather... like you've never seen ~ all love http://pic.twitter.com/sxPb1E0qyv

...camaraderie and brotherhood #Family http://pic.twitter.com/6JjYoyAxVb

Good morning from Buenos Aires ~ pic taken last night @TeatroFlores ~ always a great pleasure to be in your city and perform. I will be back ...I will see you again http://pic.twitter.com/7i7CoHpGIE

...sweet Georgia #loveistheanswer #musicisthehealer http://pic.twitter.com/J7gk7Mhwv5

Good morning from Buenos Aires ~ can't wait to see you tomorrow night ~ Sunday ~ at @TeatroFlores for my show Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live Time to #BURN http://pic.twitter.com/7xJLkSg6Jh

And so it begins in Santiago tonight ~ the start of my South American Tour... see you there. Time to BURN http://pic.twitter.com/TJLdfheem0

A pleasure chattin' w/ #AnimalHouse Radio via @iHeartRadio talkin' @RockAgainst1 "Roxanne", @chickenfootjoe + #ClassicDeepPurpleLive #HumanTraffickingAwareness https://t.co/OAPWdcuB9B

Good morning ~ we are flying to Santiago today to start the South American tour ~ here with my lads @Soxelisox #jayboe #ferescobedo #holyman http://pic.twitter.com/OO6lKrAaCV

Good morning from France ~ flying to UK ~ for a couple of days at a Transcendental Meditation Retreat #FLOW http://pic.twitter.com/3Rk1a8iS9i

...a pleasure playing for you Rødovre #ClassicDeepPurpleLive http://pic.twitter.com/RXUYF1YsYE

Thank you Copenhagen ~ was an honor to play my first show of my tour here for you. I will see you again. We are flying to Paris this morning to perform at Aisne Rock festival in Chauny France ~ see you down the front http://pic.twitter.com/cdGUAHsLI9

In Copenhagen at rehearsals for my #ClassicDeepPurpleLive Tour playing Wah Wah Pedal. It's been a while (1976) since I've played this pedal. Transported back in a time capsule http://pic.twitter.com/6FpEHCSoAU

I'm happy to announce the first leg of #ClassicDeepPurpleLive USA Tour coming your way August 25th through September 22nd. Second leg to follow in November and December. Stay tuned! Ticket links and Details @ http://bit.ly/2IpStW1 http://pic.twitter.com/QYMDbNvBjN

Yours truly rehearsing in Copenhagen for my Glenn Hughes Classic Deep Purple Live Tour Playing Wah Wah ~ have not played this pedal since 1976 ~ transported back in a Time Capsule ~ seen you soon http://pic.twitter.com/MmeiT39XhG

March 2018

Heading out to Copenhagen to start the next tour. Glenn Hughes Deep Purple Classics Live ~ first show April 4 Tuesday in Copenhagen followed by Aisne Rock Festival in Chauny France April 7 ~ then fly down to South America for shows in Chile ~ Argentina & Brazil ~ time to #Burn http://pic.twitter.com/fFgoYqcRt2

Ireland! #ClassicDeepPurpleLive is going to be on this September! - @BelWaterfront Belfast - Sep 29th: http://bit.ly/classicpurplebelfast - @OlympiaTheatre Dublin - Sep 30th: http://bit.ly/classicpurpledublin https://youtu.be/Wdleb26ChTA

Bend... Shape... Loose... #freedom http://pic.twitter.com/jZdgCBGzYh

Yours truly with Officer Ramirez and Officer Trias after my naturalization test at the immigration offices in downtown LA... I passed my test. now waiting to hear when my ceremony date is due. I have lived in Los Angeles for 43 years... #Home #Landofthefree http://pic.twitter.com/Ov4fTLqAeL

I'm talkin' to you... #californiadreaming My interview tomorrow w/ www.955klos.com has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date... will let you know when http://pic.twitter.com/JXCpQ3xY13

Join me LIVE on-air @955KLOS from your FM dial or online via www.955klos.com tomorrow morning 3/23/18 @ 10:15AM PT w/ @MarciWiser talkin' @RockAgainst1 and more #Roxanne #HumanTraffickingAwareness #ClassicDeepPurpleLive http://pic.twitter.com/ZTRimKK7NP

Yours truly ~ The 70s... live in Germany. Red Velvet Jacket ~ Red Rickenbacker. You know we had no time... http://pic.twitter.com/WDw5oJalJq

Happy that tickets are now on sale for #ClassicDeepPurpleLive for the first time in Ireland! Belfast + Dublin, I can assure you, the new show is going to blow your mind! @BelWaterfront Belfast Sep 29 http://bit.ly/classicpurplebelfast @OlympiaTheatre Dublin Sep 30 http://bit.ly/classicpurpledublin http://pic.twitter.com/ZTRimKK7NP

Ireland! I'm very excited to announce I'll be touring #ClassicDeepPurpleLive in Ireland this September. Presale tickets available now! We'll be calling at @BelWaterfront Belfast - Sep 29th : http://bit.ly/classicpurplebelfast @OlympiaTheatre Dublin - Sep 30th : http://bit.ly/classicpurpledublin http://pic.twitter.com/gnOF94LqBI

#ClassicDeepPurpleLive coming your way in October GERMANY ~ Tickets : http://bit.ly/2FzDnQD http://pic.twitter.com/WKsVuTq5J7

Ireland! I have some exciting news to share with you on Wednesday morning! For exclusive details sign up here: http://eepurl.com/dmTZqb http://pic.twitter.com/wkd5FPZ7AS

Early One morning in Copenhagen ~ in my favorite colors http://pic.twitter.com/eNkYZxncI6

The Power Trio of 2018 ~ @RHCPchad @chickenfootjoe @glenn_hughes http://pic.twitter.com/i7KDVeyya4

Glenn Hughes Live Interview at Cafe de Paris 25th February 2017 https://youtu.be/2zsBNZlxY2Q via @YouTube

Unpublished pic of yours truly at San Diego Sports Arena ~ what year was this my friends? http://pic.twitter.com/HwUzMpThkh

#ClassicDeepPurpleLive nine-date UK tour this Autumn ~ Tickets are on sale now via @PlanetRockRadio http://bit.ly/2Fh9Ry5 https://youtu.be/Bb9mzNok9Qc

Good morning ~ Next up is the start of my Glenn Hughes Deep Purple Classics Live global tour... first show April 7 in Chauny, France at Aisne Rock Festival ~ then we fly to Santiago, Chile to start the South American tour. First show Valparaiso April 12 ~ time to... http://pic.twitter.com/A5v7UjCPKK

February 2018

Here we go ~ with brother @JBONAMASSA on the boat in Miami getting ready to set Sail On the High Seas ~ BCC show tonight... let it Flow http://pic.twitter.com/ScQKR4KLbI

BCC on the high seas ~ flying down to Miami redeye ~ to join brothers @JBONAMASSA (pictured) @DerekSherinian & the nipper #jasonbonham Miami-Jamaica ~ let's do this #messenger http://pic.twitter.com/yttiDoKiRY

I'm excited to be touring #ClassicDeepPurpleLive in the UK this October. I can assure you, the new show is going to blow your mind. Ticket Pre-Sale 21st Feb. General Sale 23rd Feb. More details @ http://bit.ly/2GsCUvu http://pic.twitter.com/NMsiTaNhwA

Love you Mom... you are Always by my side & in my heart

Yours truly with brother @chickenfootjoe at @NJPAC Newark NJ tonight ~ always a joy & pleasure to play and hang with you Joe.. all love http://pic.twitter.com/iGJTSamgYq

With brothers @chickenfootjoe #PhilCollen @JPetrucci #G3 last Friday night @BeaconTheatre in NYC http://pic.twitter.com/3HHlpjb1rD

Miss you Hughie... love you

Honored that @bccommunion #BCCIV nominated by @PlanetRockRadio #TheRocks 2018 Awards ~ "Best British Album" ~ Voting now open until 2:00PM GMT Monday, 19 February http://bit.ly/2Elogtj

You know we had no time... http://pic.twitter.com/sRa65AnpsO

Denim on Denim #freedom http://pic.twitter.com/7c4EbnaHNJ

"The Cove" @bccommunion for our love of dolphins ~ To Help & Support visit @Dolphin_Project https://dolphinproject.com https://youtu.be/UfI6YBBdigE

RIP Hughie Hughes ~ rescued in 2004. 14 years of pure love... we will meet again on Rainbow Bridge http://pic.twitter.com/fZii2hHyrp

Back home in UK ~ this is the first time this pic is posted ~ what year was this? My boots might give you a clue... http://pic.twitter.com/QsCgev0lzR

A pleasure chattin' w/ @Jackathearctic in #CANADA talkin' @RockAgainst1 "Roxanne" #ClassicDeepPurpleLive @chickenfootjoe & @bccommunion #HumanTraffickingAwareness https://youtu.be/M0hB65on8EQ

An inside job... #meditation http://pic.twitter.com/KumbEdTcKD

It was one year ago today that Mom joined my Dad and Nan in Heaven. You are always with me. Everywhere I go. Thank you for my life Mom RIP http://pic.twitter.com/9BSjobASIK

January 2018

Gabi & I on #realhousewivesofbeverlyhills last night #RHOBH http://pic.twitter.com/wdyatCLDda

As "Roxanne" cracks the #USA Top 30 in the 'Classic Rock' chart at No. 27 ~ good talkin' @RockAgainst1 w/ @C_CHAOS the other day #HumanTraffickingAwareness http://bit.ly/2rSlohI

Happy to see and meet many of you today @NAMMShow w/ @OrangeAmps ...see you again tomorrow same time, same place ~ Booth 4644 Hall D at 1:00PM http://pic.twitter.com/I1JRLPxhhp

Pleasure talkin' w/ @kylemeredith / @WFPK shining a light on @RockAgainst1 #HumanTraffickingAwareness + #ClassicDeepPurpleLive @chickenfootjoe @bccommunion @Dolphin_Project https://youtu.be/E0GtrMu3qcI

Pictured here with Her Majesty Early 70s fireglo Rickenbacker. This Bass appeared on BURN. Details coming soon my friends this will be 24 months long, I will be going all over the world to see you and to connect with you to give you back the love that you have freely given to me http://pic.twitter.com/zEBLEKw1Ey

With brothers @chickenfootjoe #PhilCollen @RHCPchad @JPetrucci G3 last Friday night in LA http://pic.twitter.com/3ZSKCOJSJ2

G3 Killer Machine #joesatriani #philcollen #glennhughes #johnpetrucci http://pic.twitter.com/8gjIm0rHtT

At G3 in LA this eve with Brothers Chad Smith ~ Joe Satriani ~ GH ~ Phil Collen ~ John Petrucci #musicisthehealer http://pic.twitter.com/ah82UZNqKb

With dear mates for 30 years Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell at SatchÕs G3 LA show this evening http://pic.twitter.com/4urhtY9wo4

My chat w/ Captain Jack of @967theeagle talkin' all things @RockAgainst1 #HumanTraffickingAwareness #ThePowerofMusic https://youtu.be/C4dUB6WXZpw

Yours truly in Copenhagen 1975... this pic has never been published or posted... until... today. Live life & love my friends... today & every day http://pic.twitter.com/PhBvLx3puE

Enjoyed talkin' w/ Coe of @KGBSanDiego the other day about @RockAgainst1 via @iHeartRadio #HumanTraffickingAwareness #ThePowerofMusic http://bit.ly/2EOWnFY

I'm goin' back... #THEMESSENGER with brothers @JBONAMASSA @Jason_Bonham @DerekSherinian #BlackCountryCommunion @EventimApollo London #GlennHughes #JoeBonamassa #JasonBonham #DerekSherinian http://pic.twitter.com/FNBAgxqxaR

Yours truly with brother @JBONAMASSA at #BCC Show at @EventimApollo in London ~ the journey continues http://pic.twitter.com/6Xn7YzF9zj

Tune-in to hear me with @EddieTrunk #TrunkNation on @siriusxmvolume Channel 106 from 11:30AM PT tomorrow 1/10/18 www.siriusxm.com/volume http://pic.twitter.com/CQRPp8oOnd

The fire still Burns... #messenger #BlackCountryCommunion Live in London pic by @EricDuvet @EventimApollo http://pic.twitter.com/C8SDCm5Dy4

#BlackCountryCommunion @bccommunion Review January 4th, 2018 ~ @EventimApollo London via @thetimes http://bit.ly/2CUlpap http://pic.twitter.com/zUmlVeoDPG

#BlackCountryCommunion @bccommunion Review January 4th, 2018 ~ @EventimApollo London via @Daily_Express http://bit.ly/2qGwyFN http://pic.twitter.com/6XV22Em8y4

#BlackCountryCommunion @bccommunion Review January 2nd, 2018 ~ @WolvesCivic Wolverhampton via @ExpressandStar http://bit.ly/2CBs6wM http://pic.twitter.com/V2zVkQCjh3

Homeward bound. Thanks to all who came #BlackCountryCommunion @wolvescivic Wolverhampton & @eventimapollo London @bccommunion @glenn_hughes @JBONAMASSA @Jason_Bonham @DerekSherinian http://pic.twitter.com/9NGsl83dRJ

I'm goin' back ~ Big love and thanks to all who came to see & hear our band #BlackCountryCommunion this week in Wolverhampton & London #brothers @JBONAMASSA @glenn_hughes @Jason_Bonham @DerekSherinian http://pic.twitter.com/IvZNnXKyM8

Good morning from London ~ see you tonight at Hammersmith Apollo @glenn_hughes @DerekSherinian @JBONAMASSA @Jason_Bonham http://pic.twitter.com/uvnCer9pf5

Amazing night last night @WolvesCivic captured for you by @ExpressandStar ~ Thanks to all our fans for coming out... London you're next ~ See you down the front http://bit.ly/2CBs6wM http://pic.twitter.com/AKLzxVf5GU

Yours truly... talkin' @bccommunion and more in the latest issue of @ClassicRockMag on newsstands now http://bit.ly/2lMsOgp http://pic.twitter.com/gnAs4FKq8n

Big love & Thanks to all our fans who were so amazing this eve. in Wolverhampton ~ such an honor to play for all of you ~ my apologies for having to make a quick exit after the show as I have a long drive to London. Big hugs to you all ~ I'll be back ~ we are one... luv U http://pic.twitter.com/tC8TyOezEP

Here we go ~ BCC soundcheck first show in Wolverhampton ~ the #Messenger returns home http://pic.twitter.com/mjWOwDUbOi

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