BURRN! - MAY 2004

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Glenn Hughes interview

B: is for Burrn! (By Kaz Hirose/Editor in chief) G: is for Glenn Hughes
B: Wonderful tour. As always, we were amazed by your singing. Also your bass play we enjoyed.

G: Yes. I am enjoying playing bass a lot these 2 or 3 years. I am happy when people enjoy me doing what they expected on Glenn Hughes.

B: Is it your idea to play Hold On at the beginning.

G: It was supposed to become the first track of the album but Revelation turned to look better for the opener. When rehearsed the songs, Revelation was much difficult so we chose Hold On. It is a good warm up for us.

B: You played 'Losing My Head' & 'Alone I Breathe' from HTPII Is it again
your idea?

G: I do love the 2 songs very much. I wish to play more and more new songs on stage but fans are wishing to listen old tunes as well. I am OK with playing old tunes.

B: Gettin' Tighter was the highlight of the show..

G: Yes. We did Stormbringer last time but this year being 30th year anniversary for California Jam. The most of the Japanese fans today has never seen me with DP so I wished to show that vintage Glenn Hughes by the songs like YKOM or GT. The recent images of me are all connected to my image at California Jam. Long hair, Wah Wah during Gettin'Tighter, etc

B: We are happy with the long version of Gettin' Tighter while Burning Japan
was with short version. We also loved the inserted part of 'I know that you love me...' which was also featured on '1976 Long beach live'

G: Nowadays, such 70s feeling, memories are coming back to me at a sitting . When we decided to do GT, the adlib part also easily came to me. The part was originally created through jamming with Ian Paice and I did at Cal Jam timing first which then, transferred to Tommy Bolin at Long beach timing.

B: Such adlib parts of 'GT' do sound as if they are coming from some other
existing songs. Were they developed between you and Tommy?

G: When I was doing it with Tommy, GT was 13 minutes long. Just before coming to Japan, I listened the 1975 live version and was amazed. 'wow it was such a long version..' But with HTP, I don't want Joe being out of the stage long so it is being shortened to 8 or 9 minutes.

B: You used to play 'Georgia On My Mind' during SOTW. Was it also an adlib?

G: It was by a natural inspiration. Nobody asked me the question ever. When DP was touring US and starting from Georgia state, I thought it was good to do the song and after that, it became a routine on SOTW. I originally proposed the idea to Jon Lord.

B: Again to make sure, aren't such adlib phrases on 'GT' part of other
existing songs?

G: No they are not. They came from my groove with Ian Paice and Wah Wah play. They are typical 70s grooves. When I play bass with Wah, the sound inspires me to sing along saying 'I love you baby...' or 'I love you so..' etc Even I talk to myself ''Where were they from?? Ok do it again...'' Something like that.

B: That was/is real adlib…hummmm I have been wondering which song the part 'I know that you love me' was coming from...

G: No no it was from my inspiration and adlib.

B: Any other songs you wished to play but deleted from the list?

G: 'Lost Dreams' 'Sophia' 'Burning The Sky'... Kaz(Burrn interviewer), I am going to tell you the truth, I wished to
play 7 songs from HTP2. HTP is already a band and if you are going to see a concert of a band, you should be expecting for new songs, right? I can understand that too from audiences singing along with me for new songs. We made HTP2 and we will make HTP3 next year. We are already a band.

I don't wish to do Ian Gillan songs like 'Highway Star' anymore. I think HTP should limit old tunes only with Burn, GT and Mistreated but should do more new songs.

However, I am always persuaded by Joe and manager to do old tunes, saying 'fans are waiting for old/big tunes..' I think the band should jump into an ocean someday doing new songs. I don't know what you think.

B: Well I think it was a very effective set list...

G: Yes, it was good but I wished to do 3 or 4 new songs. That's who I am. That shows how I was happy with HTP2.

B: It is very difficult to chose songs isn't it? Both Joe and you did not play any tunes from your solo albums.

G: We discussed that too. Last time he did one from Slam and I did one from BTM... It is again very difficult issue but I think as long as it is HTP, NON-HTP songs are to be limited only to DP and Rainbow I think.

B: I think it was right thing not doing 'Highway Star' even though I read it on the list at the rehearsal timing.

G: I think you will love my answer. I refused to do the song. 3months ago, I saw that on the list and asked Joe to delete it. On encore, we do Devil's Road, Spotlight Kid and Burn, it is enough. If we do 'HS' additionally, it is too much. I know HS is a big tune, big hit song. Akira can play perfect and I can sing the song right. But I have been always feeling strange when singing it with David Coverdale or even with Joe. It is like a Karaoke to me. Kaz, you can understand me. Joe and the manager said 'Let's do it' but I said ''I love you guys but trust me. Even if we don't do 'HS', nobody will be disappointed.'' What do you think?

B: I think you were right.

G: Thanks. What I said was correct (LOL). You always understand me so I tell you the truth all the time.

B: Thank YOU Glenn. Any other plans rather than European Tour?

G: I am planned to do trio gigs with Chad Smiths with a guitarist. Last November, we invited John Frusciante(g) from RHCP. Chad is a good friend of mine and I sometimes pay a visit to his house in Mexico. He is kind of a DP maniac as well as a Trapeze maniac.

B: That is very unexpected thing from their music.

G: John Frusciante is also a big fan of DP. I am very keen to work with those who may bring my performance level up high.

When I play with them who are 10 years younger than me, the audiences are the people who have never listened to DP. Last November, we played 6songs from Burn album and 90% of the audience looked like ??? first (LOL). After the gig is over, they got very hot and we received good applause.

Here on the earth, what I do is to play bass and to sing. HTP, solo, with Chad or with John, my role is there to play bass and to sing.

The next release is a DVD taken from a live show from a month ago in LA. It will be release from Frontiers in Europe and
will be distributed in may time in Japan as well. The DVD contains all aspects of GH form DP, Trapeze & solo.

B: Which gig is it from?

G: It is from the one in Los Angeles. I did Medusa, GT, Higher Places, Written All Over Your Faces, etc It is almost like a history video. Do you know the Robert Plant DVD 2 years ago? He was surrounded by 40 fans with candle lights on. Very warm hearted live. I did mine with Chad Smith and some fans. I wish you can see that soon.

You know we tried to let Chad join HTP but I was so disappointed when we learned that the idea was not so accepted as fans of Chad/RHCP are not crossing with my fans. But it is true that he plays such songs like 'GT', Mistreated, Burn like a Crazy-Ian-Paice(LOL) He is a big fan of DP and is like an animal.

In 2004 May, I make another studio album but it won't be released by early 2005. It will become more classic rock oriented album. It's kind Trapeze meets Deep Purple.

10 years ago, you saw me in a suit with hair cut. In a clean and fresh world, I was wondering what to do, which way to go. Millennium, I found the way to rock. It should look ''Glenn Hughes returned to Rock''. In these 2 years I am more accepted and am doing more shows, earning more than I was earning 5 years ago. I have returned to the era
wearing peace hat and DP boots on.

I have never been so creative as I am now. Putting a recorder next to my bed and I wake up at midnight. Going to bathroom/singing and record a new tip of my song. It is the way how I wrote all of the songs on the new album. Next album will be very natural one for me reflecting how I am connected to the God.

Joe Lynn Turner
B: is for Burrn!(By Kaz Hirose/Editor in chief)

J: is for JLT

B: What is your feeling after the Japan tour?

J: Wonderful, a bit tired though. Audiences and Tokyo Mafia both were great. I am grateful to my fans! So they came to the shows even though this depression.

B: How did you decide set list this time?

J: There were 4 set lists and after rehearsal one song is deleted and the last set list was defined. Our set had very good valance between old and new songs.As it turns out, I think that we take good SET.

B: Who are the European tour members?

J: JJ, Thomas Broman, and a new keyboard player. The previous one (Jocke) was stolen by Yngwie (LOL)

B: Whose idea to start with 'Hold On'?

J: It's Glenn. We tried to do Revelation but it was a bit complicated and changed to Hold On.

B: We think it was better to start with Hold On. J: We may have been lucky with the idea. We will play the same set in Europe. Even if we will play Revelation. It may be added to the set list in the end of the European tour.

B: 'Ride The Storm' was played in the end of the set list. Is it for Japanese

J: It should be good.

B: Are you going to play the song in European tour?

J: We will change set lists by country as each song may be accepted differently by countries.

B: You played the guitar for 3 songs..

J: I enjoyed it a lot. On some songs like Spotlight Kid where I have to do a lead singer, I can't play the guitar. But I enjoy playing.. I prefer playing the guitar to singing. I think. that we can play more 3 songs.However, it is not good way to audiences. On the songs like Burn, Highway Star, I used to play the guitar on stage even with Ritchie. Ritchie once told me that 'You are the only guy who played the guitar with me on the same stage' He gave me a silver Stratocaster for that.These songs are sang by GH, you know, so I can enjoy to play the guitar riffs.

B: Does Glenn know you were singing Burn with Deep Purple?

J: He should know that. But Burn is the son that Glenn was involved. I don't think Glenn would wish to sing Spotlight kid, Death Alley Driver but Burn is for him. As I told you before, Glenn may regret that he could not lead sing with DP. Therefore, I am pleased to offer him an opportunity for him to lead sing such songs of DP respecting him being involved such recordings.

B: Do you change Rainbow songs in Japan or In Europe ?

J: 'Can't Let You Go' is not on Japan list but in Bulgaria, 4000 people were singing the song along with me with correct words and melody which surprised me nicely. Honesty. I want to add Drinking With The Devil and more Rainbow sings. But I know well the Limit of the SET. We can not play every songs which we want to play.

B: Which one song would you chose from your solo should you have any chance?

J: In Cold Blood or Driving with My Eyes Closed or Jump Start or Fantasize or .... I may chose In Cold Blood or Driving With My Eyes Closed eventually.

B: No chance for your solo tour ?

J: In May I will be on Palm Hotel Casino with acoustics. Glenn will do the same at the same hotel but on a different night. I will take Karl Cochran on Guitar.

B: You made some songs for the 2nd of DP...

J: 'Blood Fire' is one of the songs I wrote for DP. Some songs recorded by Ian Gillan with DP were originally/initially demo-ed by me which sound better for me.

B: Ritchie said the same

J: It's a shame. Some members may got jealous to RB, me and Jim Petrik who were recreating DP sound. Eventually they fired me but I could not stand it either. The new album sounds like Ian Gillan Band not DP to me. And the title Bananas?? I don't mean to blame them but DP is not so good these days.

B: David Coverdale was also ?? to the title Bananas.

J: They may got Bananas(crazy). It may be like that they got introvert themselves not thinking about outer world at all. Then songs were made introverted and the title eventually turned to be Bananas... Where did In Rock, Machine Head, Fireball go?? They made it. I left, Ritchie left.

B: Now Jon Load is gone too

J: Yeah That band may sound like DP but is no longer DP.

B: Now Don Airey is with DP taking places from Jon. When you and him were in Rainbow...

J: Yeah but I like him

B: Through grape vine, Don did not like..

J: Me. I know the rumor. Don used like Graham so he may not have much
sympathy on me replacing Graham. But I don't understand disliking Ritchie in Ritchie's band. If you are in Ritchie's band, you should do the best to understand him and to cooperate him as much as possible. Ritchie told me that he like my singing and looks. I did what was required by Ritchie. You can find our good job from Rainbow songs.

B: That's why he wished to welcome you in DP?

J: Off course. He knew a quality would be brought to DP by my joining. Terry Block was almost in the band when I did the audition. Ritchie was not fully happy with Terry and he wished to call me. After joining, watching and listening me singing grabbing the mic, Jon agreed and Ian agreed. Roger.... said 'Oh again you Joe...' (LOL) 'No more Joe please', he said (LOL) I just wished to create good music with them.

B: As one of fans, I still wish if you could have made another album with DP...

J: We should have done so. Rainbow was planned to reunion after DP's perfect Strangers due to political, financial reasons. But recently Ritchie asked me to do a duet with Candice. Before coming to Japan, we exchanged some e-mails. They said 'We prepare the song. It should be all right' I sent HTP, HTPII and JLT. They sent me 'Ghost Of A Rose' It is a very positive sign.

B: JLT is the best amongst your solo albums.

J: Thank you. The sound should be good as Gary Toll (famous for Bon Jovi works)did the engineering's. The JLT album is JUST as myself! So this album was named JLT after my name! And the JLT album says louder that Joe Lynn loves this bluesy stile. Glenn's SITKOR is also great but styles are different to my JLT. Mine is more bluesy.

B: What comes after such a super album?

J: A better one (LOL) Glenn has already finished his writing for next solo. GH is jus like a Machine(LOL). He is prolificacy. So he is genius. Me..I am bit late in writing and have few ideas only. Recently I felt that I had been seeking for myself since long time ago. I had to spend so long long time for it. Some English press said that Joe Lynn had run around in the circle. But the newest solo JLT, easiest recording ever for me is highly rated so I found being natural is important.

B: Is it true your daughter is entering into Music business field?

J: She is just 14. She played my guitar, piano and also sings good but is not excited about performing. She is IN for a band called Copper Pot in New Jersey which I saw 3 times and is really a good band. She is doing a promotion for the band by sending e-mails to schools and everywhere. She also planned a new years eve concert but insurance fee was very expensive and I helped her a lot for such knowledge.

When she says Good Charlotte, no I am to help her to meet them at back stage. So many back stage passes for Good Charlotte or Aerosmith or ....I was JUST her Backstage PASS((LOL) I preached her at the Good Charlotte show back stage because she was so excited and going a bit crazy I said to her 'You look like a groupie!' She said 'You have groupies!' I ran out from the space(LOL) She talked with her classmate and band-mates, " My dad is Joe Lynn Turner! You know, he was the member of famous band Rainbow and DP, My dad is Rock Star! But for me. she said to me this " You are Just common daddy". I think that I am her backstage pass, but in other side, she dose not want to have Rock Star Dad. Child-rearing is a wonderful thing....At first, sure she was only baby, but now she has grown up and she already has her own world which I can not invite it.

She is expanding to sell food at the shows and setting ticket prices it looks almost business (LOL) She may become a big promoter and may help me to get back to the carrier (LOL)

(thanks Kaoru Hoshino and Tony Takano for translating)

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