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Shape 68 is Glenn Hughes (vocals/bass) Robin DiMaggio (drums) and Jeff Kollman (guitar)

Shape 68
Glenn met Robin Dimarggio at the drummers festival in Koblenz, Germany during the easter weekend of 2002. DiMaggio saw Glenn's performance and was impressed by it, and afterwards the two got together and had a conversation. Glenn remembers: "I was impressed by DiMarggio's energy and got ethusiastic about his musical ideas. He played with Mariah Carey in the early nineties, and with Jennifer Lopez more recently. He has this young agressive American vibe, which I think is very positive. His work ethic is very much like mine. I hope and think something will come from this."

Robin DiMaggio
At 5, Robin started taking drum lessons with Guy Nadon of Montreal, and moved to Los Angeles at age 7, where his father introduced young Robin to Joe Porcaro. From there Robin took a new approach to the instrument, and the famous DiMaggio groove was soon to be born.

Robin was featured in the Steve Martin musical "Pennies From Heaven" (MGM, 1980), and his first pro gig, at the Hollywood Bowl in 1986, was playing with the legendary Sammy Davis Jr. Robin played with Ray Charles that same year. In 1988 Robin was asked to perform at WOMAD's Amnesty International concert with Tracy Chapman, and his career has only continued to climb higher and higher since then. In fact, in 1998, he entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest drum performance ever, filmed by MTV France in the French Alps at 13,000 feet! He has worked with the likes of David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Mariah Carey, Steve Vai, Ice Cube, Snoop Doggy Dog, Ice T, NKOTB and more.

Jeff Kollman
Jeff Kollman's career has featured a wide variety of achievements. Jeff plays many roles as a guitarist, songwriter, producer, and arranger in this L.A.-based Crumb Studios. He is the guitarist for several bands including Cosmosquad, Edwin Dare, The Lao Tizer Band, and Mogg/Way, featuring the original members of UFO.

Jeff has four releases slated for the latter half of 2001, including "Squadrophenia" (a follow-up to the debut of this rock/fusion instrumental power trio) and Cosmosquad "Live at the Baked Potato," as well as debut releases with his bands Stonetown and Truth, all of which were co-written, produced, and engineered by Jeff.

Since claiming first prize in Ohio's Best Guitarist contest in 1991, Jeff has had an active career as an instrumental artist, studio session player, and the guitarist and key songwriter for the progressive hard rock group Edwin Dare. This group has received international notoriety for their virtuostic musicianship and melodic song writing. Edwin Dare has three releases, which have charted in Japan, including their acclaimed album "Can't Break Me."

Jeff has written and recorded over 50 songs used as background music for several television networks, including ESPN, ABC, TNN, Nickelodeon, The Discovery Channel, and MTV. Budweiser, Nissan, and Mountain Dew are among his many commercial credits. He has worked for Cherry Lane Music (Guitar for the Practicing Musician) as a songwriter and instrumentalist with subsequent appearances on compilation records with other high caliber guitarists.

Jeff has three instrumental solo releases: "Schizoid," "Into the Unknown," and his most recent, "Shedding Skin." In Japan he was voted amongst the top 25 guitarists and his group Mogg/Way was voted into the top 20.

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October 16th 2002, Showcase debut
Platinum Live
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