[November 27th, 2007]

I am deeply saddened by the passing of one of my closest friends, Kevin Dubrow.

I had known Kevin since '83, when QR took off with their Multi platinum selling record.

He was a loud and Proud soulful Rock 'n Roller, who loved the British Invasion, quoting Stevie Marriot and yours Truly as his Favorite singers.

Kevin & Glenn in 2004 I met him though Frankie Banali, Hughes/Thrall's drummer. Frankie and Kevin were more than Bandmates, they were brothers. I lost contact with him, until 2001 when I saw him in the audience at one of my shows in Las Vegas at the House of Blues. Couldn't miss him: There he was, groovin' away. All 6' 4 of him. After that show, he and I became very close....we would travel together, (we were planning on goin' to Maui in the New Year).

He stayed at my LA. Home when he was in town. He had his room, always prepared. I want you all to know that my relationship with him was a loving and nuturing one. He called me his big brother. He would call me sometimes 10-20 times a day, askin' a million questions, about life, music and food!

Kevin was a giver; he was always sendin' me gifts in person or via Fed Ex. I used to call him a silly boy; All I needed was his love, Material things aren't important to me, it's on the inside that counts.

Kevin called me on the 16th, Gabi took the call, I was at the movies with my friends. He wanted to know if we could pick him up at LAX on the 23rd, the night of a party that Gab was throwin' for me.

There's no way that KD would have missed this event, but we didn’t have his flight info. By Tues/Weds, I became very concerned and started callin' him on his hotline, and cell phone and texts and answer.....then Thanksgiving, I knew his MOM , Laura, was back on the East Coast...where is my boy? We thought it was very odd that he never showed.......all my friends were there, but not my lil' boy....., it's now the weekend, and I'm talkin' to Gab about catchin' a flight to Vegas.

By Sunday mornin', I couldn't take it anymore, and decided to contact Lark Williams about callin' a Paramedic to get into Kev's house. Well, the rest is history.

I will miss him more than anyone will know. He was a big part of my life. He was childlike, he was sweet, kind.....and he loved life. I will miss having dinner with him at the Palm in Beverly Hills. I will miss his big booming voice bellowing through my house. I will miss the corny jokes he had by the dozens. I will miss talking to him on a daily basis. I will miss writing songs with him for the next Quiet Riot album.

I will now begin work on my new record this evening. I will dedicate this one to you Kev.

Go Back I played you the songs sitting across from me on the couch a coupla months ago...And yeah....he was groovin'. You will never be forgotten.

Your big brother,