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DAVID BARON, 2000-02-16

"Incense & Peaches" just arrived yesterday. Here's a brief review from a die hard "dinosaur rocker."

I like this CD SO much better than The Way It Is. And it's far more funk & soul than it is rock, but it has a rock edge that I love. It's mostly syncopated drumbeats and funky. And unlike GH's last few rock CDs, GH is giving his voice a full workout throughout his whole range. Put simply, Glenn sings his ASS off on this one! The songs are great and really work well dynamically. I could stand for a little bit hotter guitar solos, but I can't really complain much. The guitar parts (IMO) are tastier than the Addiction/TWII fare. This is the kind of material I'd love to see GH stay with--a good blend of funk and rock, but using a real hot guitar player like Pat Thrall or John Sykes (funny how I no longer suggest Gary Moore). Anyway, I like Incense and Peaches a LOT!

David Baron, USA

MARK HOFFMAN, 2000-02-17

Fantastic! It is so hard to believe that some of this stuff was just lying around. Not knowing what all is/was available to choose from- I must say that the choices made have an overall unity in feel (Grooove!), and yet just enough variety to really keep a listeners' interest. Great package! There isn't a weak track on there!

Putting this record label together makes so much sense now- how to market Glenn Hughes? It's been a struggle hasn't it? - so hard to keep every one happy, some want the funk or soul some want the rock, and of course, the record labels' (so far) want the rock. Well now Glenn can give his fan's whatever he sees fit- this could very well be the beginning of a marketing solution. And there are so many fans like me, that really just enjoy the gift of "The Voice" -whether it's one, the other or fusion of both- so it's a win win situation for some of us.

Glenn- I'm sure you look at this project as a small challenge and probably something fun to do. I really don't believe this is about money at all- it's about making your music available to your fans. You did this for us! And I think I can speak for all of your fans.....THANK YOU!

Favorite Tracks-
Inside & Above (it IS the only way...) great vocal-melody, sticks in the head
You are My Dream (love the atmosphere -I like Craig's work here too)
Jolayne (as good as any Sade tune- if not better)
Jackie Got the Call today (gotta Wonder...)

PS. When is the next Archive CD slated for release? I hope that it will be in between the upcoming SPV release and the next.... next spring (or sooner)would be great! Just keep it flowing......

Mark Hoffman, Baytown, TX USA



Hi it's Gordon, and it's been awhile since my last communique. I must say thanks to Glenn for the autographed copy--when I called Gordon Perry's Goodnight studios to order they told me I was the second person to order. Ya gotta like it.

Insofar as my review of the album, I really like the material as it appears Glenn has tapped into his more jazz and funk output. I have nothing but good things to say about Glenn's body of work thus far, Incense and Peaches included. It's a great collection, although I'm a bit perplexed by the final track featuring what appears to be a phone call gone awry. Can Glenn shed some light on what that was all about?

As an avid Glenn Hughes fan since 1974, I have been totally into his different styles as he broadens his vocal horizons. I only have one small complaint on some of his stuff, and that is the over abundance of the "screaming". Sometimes it fits the groove entirely, but on others its overwrought. This comment in not in regards to I&P by the way, as that album shows his vocals in a restrained yet polished sound.

I am still waiting for his work with Iommi to be released--that would be something to look forward to. Thus far, I like his collaborations with Richie Kotzen the most as they blend styles without would appear much effort. In a strange kinda way, Richie reminds me of Tommy Bolin in his fluid, yet freestyle playing and singing. Richie's rendition of "Stoned" from "Wave of Emotion" now shows me how well he can convey Glenn's sound. Compare the two--I like Glenn's version better, but Richie's is about as close to "T'ing" it as one could imagine.

I know this letter is less a review than it is a dialogue about Glenn's music, so please forgive me in that regard.

To go a bit further, what are the chances of Glenn doing some material with Mr. Blackmore ever again? How about a harder edged, yet melodic set of material with Michael Schenker? That, my friend, would kick some serious ear candy.

At any rate, thanks for "listening". If possible, give Glenn my regards and ask him if he plans on playing San Diego anytime soon. I now work for Ericsson here since leaving Qualcomm last summer, so I may be in Sweden in the not too distant future. Maybe I can catch one of his tours there.


Gordon Bergholtz, USA

JAY PEARSON, 2000-02-17

Got my signed copy yesterday (2/16), popped it in the CD player and damn!! This is the BEST FUNK that Glenn's ever done!!!! As much as I love Play Me Out, Feel and The Way It Is, this album is far funkier than any of those. Glenn's voice is in top form thruout and those first 3 songs, as well as What Is Your Role, just blow me away, they are so FUNKY, especially Kotzen's guitar work!!! Glenn's notes say that Jolayne is a "sex" song - I can't wait to find a night to get the kids over to grandma's cuz this whole album oozes sensuality!!! (if you saw my wife dancing to this last nite, you'd know just what I mean!!! this is most definitely an album to play with the one you love!!! :))

Let's Get Together could be released as a single; with its Latin feel, its perfect for the current market. Stoned is a vast improvement over the original, as is the "demo" version of Push (this just blows away the version on Feel - it's so much more funky!).

The whole album flows very nicely, which I didn't expect, as the songs come from a 5-yr span and different musicians. I would love to hear Glenn do a whole album full of funk like Down The Wire and Against The Grain. I should also add that he & Ferguson make a great rhythm section (listen to Glenn's bass lines on headphones, they are so cool!!)

The only downsides are the last two tracks. Inside & Above has the same sound quality as the Hughes/Downes album and track 12 is just nonsense. Also, at only 52 minutes, there's plenty of room for more tracks, even if they're more alternate takes and/or live cuts.

I&P has convinced me that this whole From The Archives series is worth every penny!!! As soon as Vol. 2 is announced, I will gladly plunk down another $20!!!! :-)

Jay Pearson, Bothell, Washington, USA

SCOTT A. INGRAM, 2000-02-19

Hello fellow Hughianians,

Just got the first archives cd and wow! I always loved glenn's soul\funk side and this did the trick.

The tracks with Ritchie Kotzen are great funk\rock tunes where glenn shines like a new born's hiney. The stuff I really loved the most were the soul\jazz trax. "Jackie got the call today", "Jolayne", "Doublelife" and "What Is your Role". all were beautiful songs which could have been on "Play Me Out 2". I am also looking forward to his next rock cd, but IMHO, Glenn is at his best doing Funk\soul\jazz\rock.

Thanks Glenn for sharing these wonderful songs with us. I look forward to other such releases.


Scott A. Ingram, USA

DAVE BARRETT, 2000-02-19

All I can say is wow! I received Incense and Peaches, looked over the cover and saw pictures of Deep Purple, Der Funkmeisted Hughes himself, and another of my personal gods Tony Iommi. I said cool. I really wanted to go strait to the Roy Z and Glenn Hughes song but I figured that would be disrespectful to all the other artistes on the album. The wait was pacified by all the great songs before the Roy Z tune. This CD despite being outtakes seems to me to be one of Hughes's most focused recordings ever. As a young man who has loved Hughes for 6 years, that's more than one forth of my life, I heartily suggest Incense and Peaches to music fans everywhere! As for the Roy Z song, we have an excellent tune and Hughes in full command of his voice. Its incredible, it sounds like Hughes brought in the Doobie Bros. for the backing vocals! The entire album is a must have, and the Push! demo is better than the version that made it to the Feel album. I am once again amazed at the output of Hughes, and eagerly await the other gems that Glenn Hughes has locked away! As Der Funkmeister says, "I'll meet you in the groove". Words so true. You feel as though Glenn is giving his body and soul to you in some sort of rock n' R&B communion.

PS. Glenn, how about a solo album with the wonderful people of your past? I can see and hear it now,vocal duelling with David Coverdale, crunching riffs courtesy of Tony Iommi, honking John Lord keys, Ritchie Kotzen, Roy Z and the whole gang could put the rock world on its arse!

Much love, God bless.

Dave Barrett, USA,


This wonderful CD has winged its way over to a cold and wet Glasgow in Scotland !! It has been well worth the wait ! With the exception of 'Ken where are you' it is the best collection of Glenns songs I have heard since 'Feel'. I feel that this is where Glenns true soul lies - in funk rock.

The funkmeister is back alive and kicking - but not kicking enough to get the rockmeister out of the way. I cannot wait for volume 2 to come out at some point.

As Glenn says on the sleeve notes - I 'll meet you in the groove - and the groove is big enough for all !!!!

Keep up the good work.

Christopher Spencer, Glasgow, Scotland


Got a surprise yesterday when the new album from Glenn Hughes fall into my mailbox. I had almost forgot that I had order it from (which is the "only" place you can order it from). But it isn't a new album like "The way it is". It's more of a fan release from his "own" company, "Pink Clouds".

The whole album have a funk/soul vibe. The most of the funky stuff comes from the "Feel" sessions. Songs like "Down the wire" (1995) (Hughes, Kotzen), "Against the grain" (1995) (Hughes, Kotzen), which have a nice commercial touch and "Push" (LA Demo) (1995) (Hughes). There is also some other songs from 95 which is not funk. "Stoned" (1995) (Hughes, Kotzen) is more of funk/soul, the ballad "You are my dream" (1995) (Hughes, Erickson) and "Let's get together" (1995) (Hughes, Roy Z) which Glenn describes as "Latino rockola disco". There is also some great songs from the Westlake sessions 1998. There is more soul than funk on those songs. Like the soul/jazz "Jackie got the call today" (1998) (Hughes, Zermuehlen, Ferguson) which I really enjoy. The soul/ballad "Jolayne" (1998) (Hughes, Zermuehlen) and the cool funk/soul "What is your role" (1998) (Hughes, Zermuehlen, Ferguson, Nastos). Then we also have the funk/jazz "Doublelife" (1998) (Hughes, Zermuehlen, Ferguson, Nastos) and maybe the best song on the album, "Inside & above" (1997) (Hughes, Marsh, Axelsson). Oh, I almost forgot "Hey Ken, are you home" (1999) (Hughes) hehe.

This is not a new "The way it is", but it is a very nice piece of music from the very talent Glenn Hughes and I like the idea to put this stuff out to his fans this way. Several of the songs above should easy fit together with the funk/soul stuff they show on MTV, at least what they show the last time I looked. If you like his funk/soul side and stuff from "Play me out" and "Feel", buy it. Looking forward to his next album, "From the archives".

Benny Holmström, Eskilstuna, Sweden

PATRICK LEWIS, 2000-02-22

I was so happy when I heard Glenn had formed his own record company. I knew that this meant that the fans would be the ones who benefited. I am sure most Glenn fans are like myself. We can't get enough Glenn Hughes. This C.D. is great! What a great vibe I got when I first listened. It is truly a treat to hear Glenns versatility on this C.D. The funky groove is incredible. My favorite tracks are Down the Wire, Against the Grain, and Jolayne. This is a "Moody" C.D. and the mood is awsome!

Patrick Lewis or

JASON DILLON, 2000-02-22

I received the CD just a few days ago following much anticipation. I am pleased to say that good things do come to those who wait. An excellent CD! I am, however, irritated with comments printed on this page in which hyper-critical people attempt to categorize and dissect the songs with recommendations of this, that, and the other. How about this for a critique (category included) : Excellent Music

Jason Dillon or

CHRIS MAZZEO, 2000-02-23

Hi. Just got my copy today and it is more than I could have expected. This is the closest thing to Play Me Out that Glenn has done. This is a straight out funk cd. If this is any sign of what Glenn is going to be putting out on his label.......where can I buy stock!!!!

All the songs have that funky sound that PMO has, especially the songs with Richie Kotzen. I still would love to see a full out collaboration with these two. Again, anyone who loves FEEL or PLAY ME OUT will LOVE this cd!!!!! I do!!!!!!!!!!


Chris Mazzeo





Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts. "I and P" has arrived last week.- I was worried for the delay.- In this regards it has been well worth the wait, It´s really interesting, featuring THE INCREDIBLE VOCAL RANGE OF Mr. HUGHES (God has blessed him) I´m glad to know that He is working in a creative way, carry out his best inspiration. ACTUALLY I LIKE MORE THE ROCK MUSICAL SOUND, of course I can appreciate this one, - the songs "Against the Grain" "Jolaine" "Stoned" "Inside and above" are my favourites. They are, among others, my ambient music in my office while I am working. "What is your role?" the bass performance is really nice!! Glenn, sincerely much love, God bless you.

Myriam Ines Onchimiuk, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

KO MITANI, 2000-02-28

I like Glenn singing hard rock (Deep Purple, Hughes/Thrall, Tony Iommi, etc.). But, INCENSE & PEACHES is definitely my favorite Glenn Hughes solo album. It took a while for me to appreciate Glenn's recent albums, FEEL, ADDICTION and THE WAY IT IS. However, I&P immediately sank in. My favorite songs, for now, are "Jolayne", "Double Life", "Against The Grain" and "You Are My Dream!".

The main reason why I like I&P is the songs from Westllake Session with Zermuehlen, Ferguson and Nastos "Jackie Got The Call Today", "Jolayne", "What Is Your Role" and "Double Life"). These jazzy/funky/groovy ballads show a new side of Glenn. These songs are soft and contemporary, which would be well accepted by a variety of music listeners. This is the kind of music I wanted Glenn to make. Glenn, if you want to make a big success, you should stick with this direction.

Hughes/Kotzen project makes me think that Richie is a better funk guitarist for Glenn to team with than Pat Thrall or Stevie Salas. I think Stevie tends to show more hard rock-oriented flavor and Pat sounds better at more straight hard rock/funk, such as "Push". The three tunes by Hughes/Kotzen ( "Down The Wire, "Against The Grain" and "Stoned") might fit well both in Glenn's FEEL and in Richie's WAVE OF EMOTION. Actually, one of my favorites in this album, "Against The Grain", is so close to "World Affair" and "Wave Of Emotion" in Richie's WOE album. I wonder which song came first.

I also like other tunes like "You Are My Dream!" and "Inside & Above". Glenn's vocal is very smooth and tasteful in these and the Westllake Session songs. This is what has been missing in his albums recently. By listening I&P, which is less-produced but superb, I started to think that (over)production in the recent albums might have killed the beauty of Glenn's vocal to some extent and this might be the reason why Glenn's voice sounds much better in live than in albums.

Thank you, Glenn, for not letting these gems hidden in your house forever. I cannot wait for the next one!


LUCA PUSTERLA, 2000-02-29

I have to admit that when The Way It Is was out I was a bit disappointed. It is not that I do not like it, it is just that Glenn was so enthusiastic about it that, mentioning it as "the best album I've made in 20 years" made me probably expecting too much, while to be honest I preferred "Feel" or even "Addiction" a lot more. Sorry Glenn, but to me, "Incense and Peaches" IS the best album you've made in 20 years! This is the music I have been expecting from you for a long time! Highlights with Down the Fire, Jackie Got the Call Today, Jolayne and You Are My Dream.

Keep on funking, man!!! We want more like this!

Luca Pusterla, Torino, Italy - fan since 1974.

MARC, 2000-03-02

Dear Lennart (and everybody else as well)

When I heard of the Archive project I became very excited, it always felt like there was more of Glenn's music than available to us. When the first mp3s were available online (and even before that) I had to get it right away. Ah well wasn't among the first 200 copies though:)) The fantastic part about it is the songs Glenn picked, they really do belong together. 2 and 11 are among my favorite on this compilation. Why? I don't know. It's fun to try and figure out which song might have been recorded during which released album session, and then were dropped. I'm very happy with it, more than I thought I would be even. When does that ever happen? Looking forward to the new release, hopefully it will be released in the US too.

Have a nice day all:)))


CHRIS POUSTIE, 2000-03-05

I will do a very quick track by track review of the album but my overall feelings are that I really like it. It's miles more varied and funky than "The Way It Is". I just hope that R.O.C.K could alternatively have been titled "Feelings Usher New Karma" or something similar !

The first two tracks are fantastic. "Down the Wire" and "Going Against The Grain" are excellent funk rock anthems. Hughes' singing is as good as ever and the harmonies big and atmospheric. They really are two sterling openers.

Jackie Got The Call today is in a completely different groovy, take-it-down vibe but is also a fantastic song.

Joylane is a good ballad. Not breathtaking but mellow and tasteful.

Let's Get Together is spoiled somewhat by the cheap electronic production. Hughes' fantastic vocal performance and huge disco-funk choruses do their best to make this a good song but really it needs to be re-recorded with a live band.

"Stoned" should have been a single. A really commercial chorus and nice solo from Kotzen. Good stuff.

"What Is Your Role" another top quality groovy ballad. Incredible bass line permeates the entire song. Very modern sounding and better than most if not all of "TWII" and "Addiction".

"You Are My Dream" sounds like Glenn was influenced by Tommy Bolin lyrics for this song. Somewhere between "Coast to Coast", "Alexis" and "Lotus" the song is gentle and relaxing. Nice stuff and incredible vocals from the main man.

"Doublelife" A bit too far removed for me. Very contemporary groove but a little too far down the soul line. Although I love the fact that he's not stuck in the hard rock groove. Full marks for effort.

"Push" Not too much to distinguish from the 'Feel' version. A great funky groovemeister which never fails to get you dancing.

"Inside And Above" A little different and weird. I really like the atmospheric choruses. A great song and one which grows.

"Hey Ken"......Well. No comments from me either.

Chris Poustie (Bangkok),


Hi my name is Gert from Munich/Germany.

I think Incense & Peaches it's a good alternative for the Fans of Glenn, who like the funk-style. i prefer the rock-glenn!! my favourite songs on incense are push, track 1, 2 and nr.12 (i like this very much) i hope there will be another record with rocksongs. sorry for my bad english.

p.s. keep on rockin glenn

Gert Pfanzelter, Germany

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