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...40 years ago today... WOW, time flies :eek: 3trap73marquee.jpg
Be sure and look around the site thoroughly... you'll no doubt find what you're looking for ;) Meant... 3trapsl94.jpg
25 :) Linda a wee bit younger at the time :D ghlb1977.jpg
Yes, Gabi his wife, next to Glenn on the right side. gg_tang_0108-1.jpg
Yes, that's right charlchasepost. That was April 25th '89. You can view a little more on this in the... 3trapuk89-2.jpg
No Mark. Todd wasn't able to make it and I'm the one filming :D crave_varvatos_032909.flv
Not to worry, Glenn tells me it's just a rivet, so it obviously got caught in the sunlight at that a... gh_jagxkrltded090908.jpg
You have me and Photoshop to thank ;) m4tdchurchsign.jpg
Hi notvoll - no unfortunately not, it's long gone from the MTV archives! The most you could try, is ... whydontyoustay.flv
Perhhaps you're thinking of this one Shirl? Althh... MelGalleyPics027.jpg
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THAT is un believable ! great shot
by BTewks
Really cool pict of Glenn and Purple :)
by mojah
We know that "California Rehearsals" were bootlegged - did the band record their rehearsals before G...
by jerklund
Gotta love that tone you can listen to this for days
by iamdio
I wonder why Glenn does not play this song very often. It was the first song I heard of him singing ...
by laurapac
A historical find..Despite a slight edit. Great to see it after all this time. Many thanks!
by glazosifo
Oh boy... that was here!
by Chery
'top trumps' right here!
by glazosifo
thanks for sharing these.
by glazosifo
Great memories.I was lucky to see one of the two reunion shows at the Robin 2 in Brierley Hill.
by glazosifo

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