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thanks for posting. that's a great song. one of my favs. i'd love to see him do that next time in th... sailaway_russia102708.flv
I notice that this set list must have been made by a "foriegner", as an American would have thought ... set_list_from_Mike_Moore_Bash_2008.jpg
that's really nice and a keepsake to be proud of. great job ! FOTO_PANCARTA.JPG
it's cool that you're so much into linda. i only care about her because she used to do glenn. or i g... Regan_Blair.jpg
glenn kind of has that mccartney look to him there , i think. YoungGlenn.jpg
that poster reminds me of that obnoxios jerk who was @ that show. anyone who was there might remembe... ghcsdetroit022408.jpg
i'm very curious to know the story behind this pic. who posted this ? david ? there's got to b... m4tdchurchsign.jpg
thanks for posting that clip david. i was on the wrong side of the front door when they were jamming... soundcheck_jam_detroit_030408.flv
oh, the spoils of sneeking backstage :) glenn_and_chad1.jpg
nice shot of Glenn and Pat in action. thanks for posting htbsf1982-11.jpg
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How right you are - I am the 'foreigner' who put this together! xxx
by marieodonnelly
I notice that this set list must have been made by a "foriegner", as an American would have thought ...
by purplemusic
I just wonder how you manage to lay your hands on such a treasure as the set list!!!
by supermazna
oh, the spoils of sneeking backstage :)
by purplemusic
i know that this set list has been posted somewhere on this site before, but not my signed version o...
by purplemusic
for nerds like me who just wanna know, they did not play " might just take your life" , as Glenn was...
by purplemusic
special thanks and love to Grace, who got this for me and sent it to me !
by purplemusic
yet another treasured moment after sneeking backstage :)
by purplemusic
this is a good shot looking back on the Emerald Theatre after the show
by purplemusic
this southern boy doesn't see snow too often. can you tell ?
by purplemusic

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