This is the section of the website where, YOU, the fans, can get together and share your common interest and enjoyment of Glenn's music from throughout his vast musical career.

  Fan Forum


Replacing the old WWWboard, the Fan Forum has been a staple over at for 10+ years. As part of our merger, you too, can now join and enjoy the wonderful online Glenn Hughes community that has been built-up over the years. Please act with respect and treat fellow fans well. It is fully moderated and administered for your benefit and ongoing enjoyment. Glenn is a regular visitor and posts a message or two from time to time!

  Picture Gallery


One other staple from and joining us here at contains hundreds of photos and video clips and with a viewership of over 1 million and counting, it should prove just as popular here too! If you have something you would like to add, you can easily Upload it.

  Coast To Coast Fanzine


Coast To Coast - The Official GLENN HUGHES Fanzine - run by fans, for the fans. There are thousands of subscribers from all over the world. The very latest news is sent out in news bulletins via electronic mail. Also available is the brand new CTC Podcast which features the most up-to-date news, plus exclusive interviews with Glenn, band members and other personnel.

Official Online Store


In partnership with Razamataz, you can now find all the latest designs in the Online Store. For boys and girls, from T-Shirts to Baseball Caps! No longer do you need a friend in a foreign land to pick you up some merch from a show!

  GLENNHUGHES.COM and COAST TO COAST Official Merchandise


Exclusive - only available from the Website - GLENNHUGHES.COM and  COAST TO COAST Official Merchandise. Be sure and pick up a Glenn Hughes dot*com item or two and for the Fanzine subscribers, tell the world of Glenn and his music by showing off support for your very own Coast To Coast! Boys and girls included with assorted colours available!



Here you can find a variety of songs from Glenn's vast catalogue of music. Now you should be able to find that lyric you've been hunting down all these years! If not, let us know and we'll try and find it, to put right here for everyone to enjoy!

  Chords n' Tabs


If you're an aspiring guitarist, you can't go wrong by visiting this section and learning from the best! You'll find a variety of songs from Glenn's vast catalogue to practice with and they should keep you busy for a while! Or perhaps you are a member of a band, who want to include a song or two in your set? Some of these should help you out! Just let us know which one's you played live!

  Music Store


Browse through the Music Store and find a Glenn Hughes CD or DVD you've been meaning to buy or perhaps it's for a friend or that someone special. No matter which, you should be able to find it here.



Easily find any Glenn Hughes related video that is hosted by YouTube! You can also find a vast selection from related musicians and you'll have some "Quick Links" to easily find who you might be looking for.

  Fan CHAT


Once in a while you can get together with like minded Glenn Hughes fans to talk about all things Glenn Hughes, whether it's his latest tour, album or even something from days gone by! Every so often, Glenn himself joins in, to answer your questions and to give everyone an update on what he's up to! On the assigned day, it all happens between the hours of 1:00PM PST, 4:00PM EST, 9:00PM GMT, 10:00PM CET.



The Glenn Hughes Tourography offers you an indepth look at all dates Glenn Hughes could be found on stage somewhere in the world during his entire musical career.