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Old Apr-26-2009, 9:17 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - April 26th, 2009

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - April 26th, 2009

David: Hello everyone!

David: Hi

strat335 - Roger: Sorry, having technical difficulties. Hello! (hello, hello...lol)

David: Hello again!

strat335 - Roger: Ok, there you are!

strat335 - Roger: What news from down under?

David: Very quiet today! Guess the folks in OZ are stlll asleep recovering from last night

strat335 - Roger: Just from perusing the various sites, what I'm getting is that Glenn just gets more relaxed and happy with what he's diong...do you get that feeling? It's fantastic.

David: Definitely

David: He's in the right place...

strat335 - Roger: Seems to be.

strat335 - Roger: Any idea or guess what his direction is going to be leaning toward on the new album? More like FUNK I'm guessing?

David: Yes...but even more so!


strat335 - Roger: I was listening to some Sly and the Family youtubes this morning, and some others that made me think of him.

David: He's aiming for a Spring 2010 release, so recording won't begin until the Fall of this year...

strat335 - Roger: Well, that's a while, but the older I get the faster time flies, so I have that consolation. lol


strat335 - Roger: I have really been garnering a lot of appreciation for great bass players the more I record and play bass parts for my instrumentals.

strat335 - Roger: I can't even friggin imagine singing and playing bass.


David: it's a gift obviously...

strat335 - Roger: You know what's weird, is though I haven't heard that many bass players that sing, all of them seem to have real talent...well, Geddy is an acquired taste but he has a lot of talent...but I mean some bass players can really sing. And then there's Glenn.

strat335 - Roger: Glenn goes beyond beyond.

David: That's for sure...he's multi-faceted...a star on both levels...that's so rare, like you say, no one else really to compare with...

strat335 - Roger: I think I'll go get out in the sun while we have it and get some work doing, it's supposed to start raining again tomorrow. Take it easy, David.

David: OK bye for now, thanks for stopping by!

David: Hi

chrisloeb: Hi David

chrisloeb: Just the two of us...

David: Yes, it's very quiet today...Roger was here for a bit earlier...

chrisloeb: Well the third Australian show should be over by now

David: Yes, just waiting on the first reports from Sydney

chrisloeb: No football on the telly either...

chrisloeb: So where is everybody?

David: We're going to be changing the format of these chats when we upgrade the Fan Forum soon...so hopefully it will encourage more participation...

chrisloeb: is the monthly chat going to stay as it is, or is that going to change aswell?

David: It will be a different thing entirely...it will be incorporated into the Fan Forum...so when you're there, you'll also be in the chat! You'll need to be logged into forum to particpate (but guests [lurkers] can view)!

chrisloeb: Sunday Night is okay for me, but I guess that things look a little different overseas since it's only in the afternoon

chrisloeb: I see, like the little thingy on Facebook, bottom right corner?

David: Yeah, there's no good time since everyone is so spread out...but sometime ago, we had some concensus that this time works best...we'll see how it goes...the next revision of the chat should be more interactive....but of course you have to visit to make it so

chrisloeb: Yeah, I only visited twice in a week, I know...

David: We obviously have better things to do for 2 hours than sit in front of an empty monitor

David: Eventually we'll be changing everything around here, as I don't think this format works as well these days...but that's sometime away...small steps and all that!

chrisloeb: It's not that bad, I really enjoy the chats, although I'm usually an hour late. The regulars usually have tons of stuff to talk about...

chrisloeb: Glenn that is and a lot OT, but you know

David: Yes...but there are no regulars recently accept for me or Shirean

chrisloeb: I did miss last month's yes, we had a gig with Medusa

David: Anyway....the gigs have gone down really well down under

chrisloeb: Yeah, I looked at the threads this afternoon!

chrisloeb: The miming story was hilarious!

David: They certainly got their fill of the Purple heavy set...so hopefully next time he visits, he can play the regular set...I know the USA crowds more than welcomed the new material recently...

David: Good to see the H/T numbers back...

chrisloeb: I wouldn't bother if Muscle & Blood was played in June...

David: ha ha after what I just said I miss the H/T stuff...so look forward to it returning, but my preference is always new songs...

chrisloeb: You were just quicker typing - and you got the better connection

chrisloeb: Still trying to figure out what the red dashes on Anders' setlist are supposed to mean - as Wolfy

chrisloeb: I do write things on the Medusa setlists aswell, mostly numbers of the synth programs

David: it's Jeff and Steve in June by the way plus Anders of course...

chrisloeb: Steve Stevens, the drummer?

David: You guys read far too much into it...but of course, you can ask him in June

David: yes...Stephens

chrisloeb: yeah, either Paul or me, one of us will ask him for sure!

chrisloeb: Stephens, of course...

David: they were really tight over here a couple of weeks ago - a completely different band than when I saw them in '07 - so it will be a good show for sure....

chrisloeb: Guess what I got for my birthday...

David: What?

David: Drum kit?


chrisloeb: Not quite... a black glennhughes.com T-Shirt & a glennhughes.com coffee cup

David: very cool pleased to hear they arrived in one piece..

David: hope they're working out for you!

chrisloeb: and a coupon for the BBQ at The Robin. A very good friend had found out that I had booked everything sans the BBQ

chrisloeb: They're great!

chrisloeb: Excellent quality!

David: That's great, someone was looking out for 'ya!

chrisloeb: Tough decision what to wear in June...

chrisloeb: I could use one of Glenn's new jackets though. Looks fabulous!

David: hopefully it won't be raining....

chrisloeb: We'll see!

chrisloeb: Any other news bits on the horizon? A publishing date for the book, maybe?

David: No...but most likely in the Autumn. He's going to be drafting it next month...

chrisloeb: Autumn's the best time for publishing anyway

chrisloeb: Around the Frankfurt book fair in October

David: Around that time I would guess too

chrisloeb: Before I forget... Live in Australia was re-released the other day by a company called Ear Books, distributed by edel in Europe. It's a CD+DVD Set in a jewel case with new artwork

chrisloeb: Should be genuine

chrisloeb: For completists only though

David: Again! How many different times are they going to reissue that one! What's the cover look like this time....?


chrisloeb: ... and back:


David: thanks

chrisloeb: You gotta love those new FSK stamps on DVD products... (mad)

David: What a poor cover...guess they have the rights to do it...edel is legite...so there you go I suppose!

chrisloeb: It's a new law - the rating has got to be on the front cover since April - in exactly that size. Can't get used to it on DVD boxes, and it's even worse on regular CD jewel cases if they contain a bonus DVD...

David: so what does the '0' stand for?

chrisloeb: That's the new rating thing I was talking about - suitable for persons from '0' years of age - really!!!

David: I thought that's what you meant....but couldn't really believe it

David: Is it an 'EU' thing....or just in Austria?

chrisloeb: It's German.........

David: ahh. ok. got it!

David: Thanks again for the pix above by the way.

chrisloeb: The Austrian market for DVD is mostly dependant on product from Germany. So we've got to live with those FSK markings on DVDs as well...

David: Crazy! No doubt it'll go to everywhere else eventually!

chrisloeb: There have been similar markings in the UK for as long as I can remember. They're on the front covers as well, in big red circles, except PG, which is yellow. People are used to them.

chrisloeb: And I think they are blue in Australia and in Ireland

David: got it.

chrisloeb: We've never had them as far as now, they've were always been on the back, very small discreetly

chrisloeb: Sorry, tech talk, I'm probably boring you...

chrisloeb: It's part of my job

chrisloeb: not the boring bit!

David: Hi Chris - David popped out for a minute...it's Shirean here...

chrisloeb: Hey Shirean, how are you

David: I'm doing good just getting over a bad cold

chrisloeb: Oh, hope it gets better soon!

David: Thanks me too, was sick all last week

David: A complete waste of a week!

David: How have you been?

chrisloeb: Good, everything fine health-wise (knock on wood)

chrisloeb: I'm busy as usual at work

chrisloeb: Gotta take a couple of days off before June - still too many hours of overtime

David: will you be at the shows in June?

chrisloeb: YES!


David: Cool me too!

chrisloeb: Everything's already booked, and I got my tickets - plus a coupon for the BBQ on Sunday

chrisloeb: Yeah, David told me a while ago

David: I didn't know they were having a BBQ

chrisloeb: Really looking forward to finally meeting you!

David: Me too should be a blast

chrisloeb: They do (BBQ), on Sunday afternoon

chrisloeb: at the Robin, in the courtyard

David: I'll have to ask David about that BBQ did you pay extra?

chrisloeb: It's 5 pounds extra, and you gotta book it separately

David: We need to book that ..

David: Food is provided?

David: You don't have to bring your own hehe

chrisloeb: It says Hot steaming, jacket potato with butter, spicy chicken, salads & sauces, vegetarian options available

David: Mmmm good

chrisloeb: Should be healthy!

David: David's back see you in June!

chrisloeb: See you in June!

chrisloeb: So, was I boring you with the rating stuff, David wasn't I?

David: Nah...just had to pop out for a minute

chrisloeb: Tonight's chat has been a very private affair!

David: Until the transcript, eh

chrisloeb: If it works

David: Yep! Hopefully these things will become more interactive as time goes by...if not, they'll be history!

chrisloeb: So I'll see you soon then! A little more than a month and one more chat until June...

David: Yes indeed. The next Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, May 24th.

chrisloeb: Talk to you later! Bye for now!

David: OK, talk soon, thanks for stopping by.

David: ...and bye for now!
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