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Old Jul-27-2008, 7:22 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - July 27th, 2008

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - July 27th, 2008

David: Hi Everyone

Strat335: Hey, David! How are you?

David: Hi Susan/Roger

David: Another quiet start! But no doubt others will show up soon

Strat335: Just Roger, I am taking a break from the heat...

Strat335: I never got a chance to speak to you in LA (it was a little noisey!), but I was curious as to where you are from? Cannock area?

David: No, no...am currently based in Orlando, Florida, San Francisco before that. Moved Stateside from the UK in '86. So almost a native.....well married to one at least

Strat335: That trip to LA was the only time I've been to CA. I went to Daytona, FL once...it was nice. Never been to Orlando.

David: It's different A little too small for me, having come from SF and London, but it's not forever

David: We were in Daytona over Spring Break and then Clearwater (nr. Tampa) for July 4th.

Strat335: I loved Daytona more than I liked Ft. Lauderdale for some reason. I'd like to take Susan there sometime.

Strat335: I bet that was a wild time at Spring Break, you're braver than I am. lol

David: Actually it was 'kinda quiet for a Spring Break - although we did purposely avoid the obvious places! We went to Clearwater in July, as the water is a lot warmer than Daytona's.

Strat335: Why did you want warmer water? Don't you like to see if you can sing as high as Glenn?

David: Can sit in the ocean that much longer of course!

Strat335: Are you a musician or just have a really good ear for music (seeing as to how you know who is the best and all that. lol)

David: No, well not anymore! Used to fiddle on the bass in my younger days, but after I moved here, just didn't have the time for it anymore. Still have it though, a left-handed Fender Precision. My son enjoys strumming

Strat335: What year is it?

David: 1981

Strat335: I love Precisions...I need to get a bass soon. Either that or a Jazz, but I like a Jazz neck on a Precision the best so far.

David: So Glenn's off to Italy mid-week via the UK, then back here for the Rock'n'Roll Fantasy Camp gigs...

Strat335: I have tried to figure out how to go see him in Dallas, but logistics are almost impossible.

Shirean: Hi

David: Hi luv

Strat335: On a Wednesday Susan would have to take off two days of work.

David: I wouldn't worry it about too much, his time on stage will probably be quiet limited. Each city's schedule will be a little different, so some nights he might be on for a while and other's not...

Strat335: And she had already scheduled some time off that she can't change. But it isn't here yet, I may jet up there myself if it's possible at all. Yea, it's a long drive to hear two or three songs.

Strat335: Hi Shirean!

Shirean: Hello how are you?

Strat335: I'm burning up! lol, I'm in the middle of a project outside. Just taking a short break.

David: They'll mostly be covers....but it still great to hear him sing them, it's a whole different thing of course!

Strat335: Yea, I feel bad, like I should represent Texas (lol), but Dallas is a 3 1/2 hour drive ..a really boring drive. lol

David: He's going to make a concerted effort to say "Hi" to as many folks as possible, especially if he's not onstage much on any particular night.

David: Hi Chuck

Shirean: Hey Chuck

Strat335: Hey Chuck!

chutsler: Hello David and Shirean

chutsler: ...and Roger

Strat335: Susan won't let me go by myself, she just told me. LOL

chutsler: sparse crowd today, eh?

Strat335: Hey K!

David: Hi trapezoid...

trapezoid: Howdy Strat

David: Chuck - it always starts slow....no idea why....just always does!

chutsler: Yeah, I've noticed on the transcripts....

Strat335: Maybe people do like Susan...we will be working or walking past each other and go...oh crap, the chat is today!

Strat335: We're scattered that way.

trapezoid: IP is runnin slow 2day

David: yeah, well I'll let folks off the hook since it's the middle of Summer, but come Winter.....

David: So you enjoying F U N K ? It's one of those that hasn't come off the playlist since it first arrived - just got the Japanese version with the "love mix" bonus - definitely worth the price!

Strat335: It's one of those that starts off fantastic and then gets better.

trapezoid: hi 2 Shirean and chutsler

chutsler: I used to by the Glenn Jap imports for the bonus tracks but it got a bit much (moneywise)

chutsler: Hey trapezoid!

Shirean: Hi trapezoid

David: yeah, no what you mean - although CD Japan has reasonable pricing (around $20), not the 40 or 50 it used to be.

chutsler: It's been a while since I've purchased one....

Strat335: trapezoid, liked the song I heard the other day.

trapezoid: Hughes/Thrall bonus tracks are a great suprise

David: yeah, those came out great.

David: just wish Pat would finish H/T II

Strat335: I saw a Pat Travers concert years ago when Pat Thrall and Tommy Aldridge were in the band. Rocked the house.

chutsler: What's his excuse? Too busy?

David: Yes, chuck, seriously

trapezoid: Thanks Roger, when I first started playin' before i found other 3 strings

Strat335: LOL

David: That Travers period was his (Travers) best in my book Roger.

Strat335: Man, I loved that song Stevie

chutsler: I'd still like to see a legit release of Glenn's unrelease album from 1991...

chutsler: make that unreleased!

David: it's good of course, but it just sounds so dated, perhaps one day he'll decide to let it out of the archives.

trapezoid: Saw H/T early 83' wish I haden't lost ticket

chutsler: The Sweet Revenge cd didn't do it for me....I like the demos I had on a cassette from years ago....

Strat335: We haven't heard from Dani and Pete lately, I hope they come on today. Have they signed on to the forum lately that anyone has noticed?

trapezoid: Shirean, did u see Heart is at Wildhorse on the 9th?

Strat335: I've been wanting to see them since '77. lol Never got around to it.

Shirean: No. I'm going to see them in Tampa this Wednesday - Can't wait! Got fan club seats

trapezoid: Roger, Haven't seen their name lately

trapezoid: Vacation starts on 9th. Will just miss them

Shirean: Where are you going?

trapezoid: Cheap Trick was in Peoria Few weeks ago. Still at work, missed that 1

Strat335: I didn't realize they were stil out there.

trapezoid: To the RRFC @ Wildhorse, Then Graceland, Memphis

Shirean: Cool - Graceland I always wanted to go there!

Strat335: Catch some blues on Beale St.!!

Shirean: David have you every been there?

David: No, only Nashville.

trapezoid: Yeah Roger, I think they are Billed with Heart and Journey this summer

Shirean: Yes Cheaptrick,Heart & Journey

Strat335: Oh, yea, I think I heard about them all coming to the Woodlands Pavillion, down the road from me.

David: The Walmart tour I think it's called

trapezoid: I'll try to get photos to post


Strat335: I never thought I'd hear a tour called that. That's anti-rock, ain't it?

Strat335: LOL

chutsler: Would that be because their new releases are Walmart Exclusives?

trapezoid: That's a good one!

David: If I'm not mistaken, there sponsoring the thing...

trapezoid: And I thought McDonalds' ruled the world

chutsler: I know The Eagles and (I think) Journey made their new albums Walmart exclusives.....

Shirean: All I know is that Heart will be able to make there next studio CD after this tour

Shirean: $$$$$$$

chutsler: I haven't seen Heart since the early 90's

Strat335: Well, duty calls, got to get back to work. It was nice to talk to everyone, see you on the Forum! Adios!

chutsler: Later Roger!

Shirean: Bye

David: OK, thanks for stopping by Roger, talk to you soon.

trapezoid: Take it easy Roger

trapezoid: What part of the globe ya from chutsler?

chutsler: Guess Wolfy and some of the folks 'across the pond' must be on holiday....

chutsler: Baltimore, Maryland...

David: Yeah, they enjoy their Summer's over there

trapezoid: Good town! Great crab legs/ seafood

chutsler: Thanks....we're known for Streamed Crabs...

chutsler: I mean 'STEAMED' crabs LOL

trapezoid: Cant forget the wooden mallet either

chutsler: Hi Bill

captmidnite1962: Good morning everyone!

David: Hi Bill

chutsler: trapezoid, we call them 'knockers'....

trapezoid: Howdy Bill!

captmidnite1962: Hey..I just got out of bed..so it's my morning!

chutsler: morning?!


chutsler: Oh for the life of the 'rich and famous'........

captmidnite1962: I wanted to see the Fantasy Camp at B.B. King's on the 4th..but I have to work...

captmidnite1962: I guess King Crimson two weeks later will have to do..

chutsler: I think they're in Baltimore at the Ramshead Live on the 2nd......

captmidnite1962: Are you going?

trapezoid: Is Tony Levin still with Crimson

captmidnite1962: Yes he is..

chutsler: Don't know.....it's close to my vacation....

captmidnite1962: Yeah..rthat is one benefit to being here..a lot of live music!

trapezoid: He's advertising something called Funk fingers on his site

captmidnite1962: Steve Lukather will be in NYC on the 27th

captmidnite1962: I think those are the chops stick like attachments he uses..will have to check

chutsler: Gee....I wonder if he'll do 'Hold The Line'...........

captmidnite1962: Well..I got his new CD and it is pretty solid..but yeah, he'll do a few of the Toto warhorses

trapezoid: I have a hard enough time playin' with just regular fingers

captmidnite1962: OK..back on track here....I listened to Glenn's message...am psyched about all he is doing!

chutsler: Bill, he made a statement stating that he was 19 when he recorded Hold The Line....he's 50 now...it was a pretty sarcastic statement!

captmidnite1962: I read that...just glad he is putting the bike in the shed...he had a great run

chutsler: I liked his Candyman album....just wish he'd let Rodgers do more than backing vocals on his cover of Jimi's Freedom....

captmidnite1962: And I will hold out hope for some American shows next year!

captmidnite1962: Did any of you read the latest blog Wolfy put up on Mel's page?

chutsler: No, I'll have to check it out....

trapezoid: It is great that Glenn is keepin' this active

captmidnite1962: Yeah....really touching words from Mel..

captmidnite1962: I just hope he does

trapezoid: Yes Capt. The words he wrote were very stirring

captmidnite1962: If he is going to play shows in the winter..hopefully it will be someplace a littlew warmer than Michigan!

David: It'll probably be Spring time, and hopefully all points in between this time and not just the left and right coasts

trapezoid: Hey, Peoria's not to bad in Winter. Don't get the Lake effect snows

captmidnite1962: Something to look forward to David!

trapezoid: Spring sounds a lot better! Cool

captmidnite1962: I finally gopt the remastered Hughes Thrall...a fabulous job!! I was cranking it in the car the other day

trapezoid: Ya can Tell the Sound is much better

captmidnite1962: And in reading the boklets, Rock Candy has also been involved in the UFO remasters as well

captmidnite1962: Yes it is...i have the CD that was released in 1991 or so...it cried for a remaster job...good thing they found that production master in the UK

chutsler: Bill, did you ever pick up the mini-LP Jap CD reissues of the first 3 Trapeze albums? The Sound is astounding compared to the first cd issues!

trapezoid: Pat Thralls' comment about learning Coast to coast from a recording, was wild

captmidnite1962: I missed the bus on thiose..put them on my list and BAM they were out of print!

trapezoid: Meant to say the guitar part!

captmidnite1962: Yeah...he played Ray Gomez's solo note for note..he had never heard the Trapeze version

captmidnite1962: Regarding the Trapeze set..I wonder what they used for saource naterial...given Mel's comment when he appaeared on the chat..that the Trapeze masters were locked in a tool shed and were left to the mercy of nature and mice!

trapezoid: Hope Glenn is Enjoyin' the time off for the next part of tour

trapezoid: Gotta Step out for a minute

David: He's off to Italy later this week and then home again for the RRFC Summer Tour.

captmidnite1962: I would go to the Fantasy camp show if I was off...i think it would be fun!

trapezoid: Thats got to be a lot of miles on this tour

chutsler: Got to run....catch you on the forum!

chutsler: Bye All!

captmidnite1962: Hello Chris!

chrisloeb: Hi Bill!

David: Hi Christian - made it just in time!

chrisloeb: Hi David & Shirean

chrisloeb: yeah, better late then never...

David: Bye for now Chuck.

chrisloeb: than

trapezoid: Wildhorse says allstar jam. Is that in addition to campers' jam?

captmidnite1962: Chris..have you seen Glenn recently in any of the shows he has played in Europe?

David: Yeah, that'll be all the camp counselors on stage...including GH of course!

chrisloeb: yes I have, Bill. Bratislava. Absolutely wonderful, stunning... great band, great vibes...

trapezoid: See ya chutsler, Have a good one!

David: There's only 2 gigs I think, where they'll all be up there at once. The rest are only if their group of rock campers do well or not on the day!

chrisloeb: Are you going to be at any of the RRFC shows?

captmidnite1962: I wish i could be at the NYC show..but work calls..

trapezoid: Howdy Chris

chrisloeb: Hi trapezoid

David: Orlando on the 15th

trapezoid: Nashville on the 11th

chrisloeb: I'm going on a holiday to Vancouver to visit my brother from Aug 6-21, but as of now I'm not planning to go down to the States to catch one of these shows

chrisloeb: I was planning to see YES on Aug 14, but unfortunately the whole Tour has been cancelled...

trapezoid: How come?

chrisloeb: Jon Anderson - bad health

trapezoid: Sorry 2 hear that

captmidnite1962: Yeah..he has respiratory problems

chrisloeb: look here: http://www.yesworld.com/ywtour-2008-update.html

trapezoid: Here's to wishing Glenn the best of health on tour

David: Yeah, hopefully he won't pick-up any germs like when he got the flu after the recent FUNK tour!

chrisloeb: I was just thinking the same thing. Glenn mentions quite often how thankful he is about his health and keeping his voice and physic fit. Anderson's only a few years older...

trapezoid: Folks' been alot of fun talkin to ya. See ya

chrisloeb: Bye, see you!

captmidnite1962: Take care!

David: OK, thanks for stopping by, talk to you soon.

captmidnite1962: Jon Anderson...man, he'll be 64 in October!

chrisloeb: David - translation of the ROCKS feature is far from ready yet - lots of things to do here. I hope to have it ready before my holiday though...

David: OK, thanks Christian, it's much appreciated.

captmidnite1962: I saw that Oliver Wakeman was going to play keyboards...

chrisloeb: yeah, OW was very disappointed about the cancellation. He's a good friend of Steve Howe.

captmidnite1962: Well..I guess that Steve will busy himself with Asia and his own projects...will Alan White still play with Circa?

captmidnite1962: I wanted to see Circa but I couldn't get the night off..

chrisloeb: Asia is now on hold again until next spring. Wetton/Downes are doing a third Icon album with Dave Kilminster & Pete Riley. White is probably back in Circa

chrisloeb: Coincidentially I ordered the Circa DVD today

captmidnite1962: I did see Frank Marino last week..and met Bart (purplemusic) and his wife..

captmidnite1962: I will have to do the same

chrisloeb: I was just about to ask if you saw any concerts lately - I thoroughly enjoy to read your reviews!

David: Coincidentally, Alan White is part of the RRFC gigs...

captmidnite1962: Next up...King Crimson and Steve Lukather

chrisloeb: You're going to see one of the KC shows!!!!!!!? NYC?

chrisloeb: Tony Levin is back in KC - and Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree is now on drums together with Pat Mastelotto. I was lucky to see KC in the double trio format in Budapest back in 1996... a night to remember!

captmidnite1962: I bet it was..there are many recordings of that band live that you can get through DGM Live

captmidnite1962: Yes...at the Nokia Theater in Times Square

chrisloeb: member of the King Crimson Collector's Club since Day 1 ...and subscriber at DGMLive


captmidnite1962: I have downloaded a few of the shows they put up..Glasgow '73 and Asbury Park '74

captmidnite1962: Great suff..and the price is right!

chrisloeb: The 73-74 shows are the best

chrisloeb: Wetton-Bruford are THE killer rhythm section

captmidnite1962: I have a lot of the Collector's Club discs too..

captmidnite1962: Yes they were...

chrisloeb: Club 15 Live in Mainz 1974 - highly recommended!

captmidnite1962: I will add that to my list!

captmidnite1962: OK..time to get some breakfast..erm, dinner! Have a great week everyone!

chrisloeb: I could go on for ages, but I have to go now too! Talk to you soon!

chrisloeb: See you around...

David: OK guys, talk to you next month, thanks for stopping by today.

David: The next Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, August 24th at the usual time.

David: Bye for now.
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sorry i missed it. i was working in the garden till it was dark.

many hours of cleaning a large patio area, wooden decking and cobbled driveway takes it out of you i can tell ya!

i think the Karcher pressure washer was even more exhausted. LOL.

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