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Old Oct-03-2003, 6:34 AM
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A dream come true !!!

Hi guys !!!!!!!! . This is my first post here so let me salute you all!!!. Last friday ( sept 26th ) something really amazing happened to me.We all have something in common, that's the admiration and devotion to " THE VOICE OF ROCK " .Now that's a fact and after reading these lines I guess that most of you will feel the same way that I did . Let's get started then.
Last friday, sept 26th, I woke up in a great mood. I was supposed to attend Glenn's gig in Madrid as a " normal spectator " and it looked like it was gone be a great day. I was drinking my coffee and getting ready to start my boring work and an email arrived that changed everything. It was from a friend of mine who works in a discography. He was supposed to make an interview with Glenn before the show but in the very last minute they called him saying that he would have to cover Jeff Scott Soto's gig ( scheduled for the same day........). He was asking us ( a friend and me ), both HUGHES maniacs, to make the interview!!!. Try to figure out...... I called my friend inmediately and he couldn't believe a word. So we started to prepare some questions knowing that this could be a life-time experience. We made an appointment outside Macumba ( the venue ) and as I saw my friend I realized that he was even more nervous than I ( if that was possible !!! ). Then we saw our friend Ismael , the one who sent us the mail asking for the " big favour" and he told us: " Guys you have 15 minutes . Glenn's in a hurry because the have to do the sound-check and all that things . Now I have to leave you, JS Soto is waiting . So good luck and please calm down ". I was sweating bullets as I walked in the dressing room/backstage . Then I guy came to us and said " Glenn is ready for the interview". We both came inside the room and suddenly saw him. I couldn't even breath!!!. We started with the questions, my friend Carmelo was the interviewer and was I writting down Glenn's answers and making pictures. He was extremely nice with us. A normal guy, no rock-star attitude at all and made us feel really comfortable. The 15 minutes faded away like seconds and after that Glenn told us some very interesting stories " off the record ". We took some pictures with him and he signed up my records . It was really amazing. I told him how much I admired him and it was fantastic to see him such in good shape ( even with the leg injury ). Well the show kicked-ass but who cares. I mean I'd go to see Glenn wherever he plays, that's for sure. But meeting him in person was by far better. I was like if he as a musician/artist he is a " 10 " as a person I'd say he's an " 11 ".
Well I guess that's all. My " journalist " adventure ended up there, but that was a day that will remain in my memory FOREVER.
Here I send some pictures .
Glenn Hughes is just " HUGE " !!!!!!!!!!! .
Your friend
PD: Forgive me for my poor english.
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LiveReviews_AdreamcometruePart1.jpg   LiveReviews_AdreamcometruePart2.jpg   LiveReviews_AdreamcometruePart3.jpg  
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Old Oct-03-2003, 7:56 AM
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There's nothing wrong with your English Guillermo. You let me understand perfectly how great it was for that to happen to you. I get to see Glenn for the first time in a couple of weeks and hope to meet him. Your story is great and it complements what everybody else who has met Big Daddy says about him!

Great pictures, and welcome to the board!


"How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"
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Old Oct-03-2003, 9:28 AM
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Thank you for a nice story and I think I know how you felt, Frasier!

I had a chance to chat and receive his autograph on my CD last year. Even though it was such a short time but I was fully filled with something very warm.

And I do hope James will see him for the first time!

Thank you very much Glenn for making our dreams come true!
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Old Oct-03-2003, 10:19 AM
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You echo the thoughts we all have after meeting Glenn, no "rock star" attitude and a genuinely nice man. He is a treat to watch on stage, and a delight to meet off stage. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with memories to last forever!

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Old Oct-03-2003, 11:38 AM
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Welcome aboard, Guillermo.

Nice to hear that you managed to share some quality time with Glenn, and thanks for the photo.

James - I hope they don't expect us to translate Bradford's gig into Spanish - you think we should make a run for it??
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Old Oct-03-2003, 1:47 PM
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Welcome, Guillermo!!!!!!
I'm completely agree with you... Glenn is better person than musician (and it's quite difficult to be better than Glenn as musician :-))... lovely man, I adore him. I'm imagining you after your meeting with Glenn; full of love and peace with a big smile in your face and trying to convince yourself that you're not dreaming; am I wrong?... no, of course not ;-).
Hope to see you in this forum dozens of times more.
Esther from Madrid.(cerquita de donde estás tu, imagino :-)). (I said "close to where you are, I think")
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