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Old Aug-19-2007, 8:20 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - August 19th, 2007

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - August 19th, 2007

David: Afternoon all!

Shirean: Just the 2 of us!


David: Hi Inmaculada - very quiet today

Inmaculada: hi there!

David: Guess it's the Summer Holidays!

Inmaculada: yeah you know holiday season!

Inmaculada: hahaha

Inmaculada: how are you going?

David: Good, thanks. Enjoying the Summer

Inmaculada: David, do you know if there is any chance Glenn includes that acoustic set in his tour here in Spain?

David: Looks like you'll be enjoying some GH gigs soon. How many do you think you'll be able to make.

Inmaculada: oh yes! I am gonna make Madrid and Barcelona

Inmaculada: I have the tickets already!! hehe and booked today the flight to Barcelona

David: It would make sense he would, although perhaps it'll be saved for the next full tour next year.

Inmaculada: I cannot wait!!!

Inmaculada: oh pity I really would love to hear that acoustic set in September!!

David: Looks like Matt (drums) and JJ will be the crew for your shows coming up soon.

David: Well, I don't know for sure, just guessing as far as acoustic stuff!

Inmaculada: oh yes! I would love to see JJ again!

Inmaculada: are you gonna make any of the shows in Europe?

David: No, unfortunately not.

David: The new album sounds tasty based on what Glenn mentions on his MySpace page. Really looking forward to it

Inmaculada: I guess apart the dates confirmed Glenn won't really tour till next year

Inmaculada: oh yes! and on what he told in the last chat!!! I am really looking forward it!

David: Well, he's pretty busy for the rest of the year, despite it not being part of a bigger tour!

David: Hi Grace

Grace: hello folks........

Inmaculada: hi Grace!

David: But yes, next year will see a full tour, hopefully with Chad in tow, at least for some of the dates.

David: Quiet here today Grace, no doubt some of the "usual suspects" will make an appearance shortly

Grace: you 're going to the GH concerts, right, Inmaculada

Inmaculada: oh I've never seen Glenn playing with Chad I couldn't make it when they played here in 2005

Inmaculada: oh yes I'll make 2 of them! I cannot the others I have to work!!

Grace: no problem, David...we can settle all the important issues, before the rabble shows up


Grace: I hope that you'll have a great time (no surprise there, it's a GH concert after all)

Inmaculada: oh yes I am sure of it!! haha and besides I'll be able to visti Barcelona properly, last time I coulndt see all the Gaudi works I wanted

Inmaculada: I'll try to make some pics for the gallery

Grace: Gaudi is what....an artist?

Inmaculada: the arquitect

David: Thanks Inmaculada

Inmaculada: he was a visionary who revolutionize the arquitecture

Grace: I've got a monster "History of Art" book, and they have buildings from Barcelona from the 1920s and 1930s that are very famous. Lots of towers and oddly placed windows. Is that what you're talking about?

Inmaculada: you just can check some of his works in internet you will get amazed he could do those things at late XIX and early XX centuries

Inmaculada: yes exactly a kind of very organic desing

Grace: By the way..sorry to take the topic off topic

Inmaculada: hahaha

David: no worries Grace...

David: Looks like Steve Stephens (drummer at NYC gig) will be joining Glenn and the band for their South American trek. JJ also.

Grace: then I know what you're talking about....small world, huh? By the way - the book is by H. W. Jensen - painting , sculpture and architecture

Grace: the South American tour - is that the topic?

David: No...just thought I'd mention for those reading the transcript

Grace: Lots of happy campers, gonna' see Glenn for the first time

David: Yeah, it's been a while - there was a time when he would visit there quite often.

Inmaculada: yes but if I am not wrong it was a long time he didnt stop in south america

Inmaculada: I also hope as the gig in NY and LA went so well he will get more dates in the USA and in more cities (hi Frank and Susan this is for you!! lol)

Grace: I've got the video of the Turma de Cultura (sp?)TV show that GH was on in Brazil.....lots of teen age kids got what GH was all about

Inmaculada: Maybe he will play with Rata Blanca in Argentina?

David: Wouldn't be surprised if Walter makes an appearance at one of those shows.

Inmaculada: hi Tony!

David: Hi Tony

Grace: I hope that Glenn gets the PUBLICITY that he deserves for this series of concerts in South America.......sometimes I feel as if Glenn's appearances are top secret, and only those people who already know who Glenn is will show up. It's always about timing and publicity.

Inmaculada: here in Madrid there are already posters on the streets advertising the gig

tony g: hi all glenn hughes peoples

Grace: hello tony g

tony g: whats happening?

Grace: great news ! (So only steal one poster. Leave the rest posted where they are)

Inmaculada: just talking about the gigs in Spain and South America

Inmaculada: oh no I cannot they are too well glued!!! but I'll take a pic with my mobile! haha

tony g: good one Grace inma i know you have tickets

Grace: OK, that sounds good to me

Inmaculada: haha don't expect anything expectacular they are quite simple but Glenn Hughes name is in very big letters!

tony g: hey ive liked every poster ive seen on here

Inmaculada: the one here in Madrid is just letters no pics, in bright blue background and white letters

tony g: lets see it

Inmaculada: but the big name grab your attention, I really do hope the venue will be crowded

Inmaculada: ok next week I'll post a pic of it

tony g: cool

David: Thanks

Inmaculada: my pleasure!

Inmaculada: hi Arjen!

David: Hi Arjen

Arjen: Hello all

tony g: hi Arjen

Arjen: just got back from Lowlands cool festival anyone heard of it??

tony g: no tell us

Inmaculada: not me, sorry

Arjen: Well all kinds of band play there all music genres

Arjen: so one miinute you'll see motorhead

Arjen: the other minute an orchestra is playing

Arjen: really!

Inmaculada: that sounds quite eclectic and interesting!

Grace: Lowlands? Holland/The Netherlands?

Arjen: Its a crazy festival very popular 80.000 people

Arjen: Ow yes Sorry

tony g: ok who did you go to see?

Arjen: hmmm actually I didnt see a lot this year there is so much going on uuh 5 stages but also a lot of writers you read from their book

Arjen: and also theatre

Grace: NO....just me checking my geography. WOW, have we got the world almost covered today, or what? International should be Glenn's middle name.

Arjen: a crazy festival you get to see a lot you dont expect

tony g: ok i get it!

Arjen: but actually I missed my fave music which is rock today there was a band called The Answer

Arjen: But I missed them...

Grace: but a great way to discover people you never heard of before, and you might like

Arjen: should be a good festival for Glenn

Arjen: yep

Arjen: So who's going to see Glenn for the upcoming shows?

Grace: not me......

Inmaculada: I'm gonna make Madrid y Barcelona!


David: are you going the R'n'R Fantasy Camp gig at BB King's on September 3rd, Grace? Glenn will be there.

tony g: good for you inma

Inmaculada: Thanks Tony!! I can't wait!!

tony g: remember inma pics

Inmaculada: hahaha YES!!

Grace: you know David, I know that there are fantasy baseball and football (US) camps, but if this R&R camp were FREE, I still wouldn't have the nerve to show up. (I KNOW WHAT I SOUND LIKE WHEN I SING). Can you say: caterwalling?

Grace: but is Glenn gonna' perform at the big finale after the camp is over?

tony g: isnt there a final concert David is talking about?

Grace: yeah, but GH wasn't in the list of those performing, if I remember David's post about this correctly.

David: He will be onstage with the whole host of performers at the public event at BB's on Sept.3rd - kind of a band jam thing - so doubt they'll be anything solo....

Arjen: Did anyone got to see or listen the Australian Asylum show? I cant wait for the DVD!! I found a Woman sounded so cool

David: Ticketmaster are selling the tickets....there's a link over in the Fan Forum for them.

Grace: Oh, I didn't realize that. Can you imagine the poor schmucks that get on the same stage as Glenn, and TRY to outshine our boy? Good luck, fellas.

tony g: i thought about that Grace

Grace: PS.......I hope that when Glenn goes to the R&R camp, he doesn't reserve BB King's for his next New York appearance.......while that place was a reasonably nice area for a nightclub, it was WAY TOO SMALL for a GH performance. Maybe Glenn could take a look at the Beacon Theater or Carnagie Hall while he's in NY?

Grace: We know that he ALREADY knows what Radio City Music Hall looks like!!!!!!

David: Probably October for the DVD, although there's also an accompanying audio CD, if I'm not mistaken. Not forgetting the 'Anthology', so save those pennies

Inmaculada: oh yes! both worth to get and also the Led Zep one

tony g: yes is the anthology song list set?

Arjen: I really dig the cover of Anthology

David: hmmm, hopefully that one will get to iTunes

Grace: looks as if I have to visit my old friend search again........somehow I thought that GH was just doing the camp section, and not the finale part

Inmaculada: I am really interested in listening his cover of four sticks!

David: yep tony - posted it the other day.

Arjen: one new song right?

tony g: cool David ill check - the uk one you posted?

Arjen: a demo David do you know from what era the demo is?

Grace: I finally got my copy of the Lizards with GH doing a guest appearance. I always hope for more input, but Glenn does the usual taken-for-granted great job, and the Lizards are pretty good on their own....definitely a funky flavor

Grace: I'm glad that I got it

David: it's from 1999, believe part of "The Way It Is" sessions...featuring Matt Sorum and Stevie Salas...a funky little number by all accounts Arjen

Arjen: sounds promising

tony g: it will be mine

Inmaculada: don't be so selfish Tony!!! we all want it!!!

tony g: ok cool

tony g: good one inma


Arjen: What will Glenns new album sound like you think?

Grace: like nothing he's done befoe, I betcha'

tony g: it will sound brilliant

Inmaculada: it will be funking good!!!

tony g: another good one!!!

Inmaculada: hahahaha

tony g: mr loeb hello


Inmaculada: hi Chris!

Arjen: hello Chris

chrisloeb: Good evening everyone!

Grace: one thing about Glenn......as a kid, he never had a job at a sausage factory, or for the "I Love Lucy" fans....he never worked on a chocolate candy assembly line....so throw out all other ideas, cause it's always fresh and always different

David: Take a listen to his latest voice message on his MySpace page Arjen - he describes what to expect for the new one!

David: Hi Christian

tony g: your right Grace

Arjen: ok i will

chrisloeb: Hi Inma, tony, David, Arjen and Madame La Grace - How is everyone?

tony g: cool


Inmaculada: great thanks! and you? how is Medusa going?

chrisloeb: I saw your messages about John Wetton, Tony...

Grace: What to expect: New, different, where he is NOW.......I love travelling along for the ride, because you don't know what you're gonna see (or hear) next

Grace: hello Chris............greetings to Vienna

tony g: did you understand what i meant chris? one person put a personal spin on the whole thing

chrisloeb: A little complicated, Inma.... I had to leave the band and Patrick (the guitar player) following suite to be able to change the line-up smoothly... to cut a long story short: we are carrying on with a new drummer!

Inmaculada: Oh I am sorry for hearing that Chris

Inmaculada: the thing is you go on with your music... you know show must go on!

chrisloeb: I know exactly what you meant, tony - only in Wetton's case the trouble came from alcohol only - as Frank has actually stated - sad but absolutely true.

Grace: wow, Chris....that sounds like the odyssey of Deep Purple.......tough to keep your line-ups straight! But I'm sure it's for the best, and you know that we all wish you the best

tony g: me too chris but i know that band mates must be happy together

chrisloeb: No, no... don't misunderstand me, Inma - Medusa is very much alive! Only with a different drummer - and we have to keep things quiet for a little....

chrisloeb: In reality the music is now even rockier than before - and it's much more fun too!

chrisloeb: Thanks, Grace - we really put some thought into that change!

tony g: just booze? ok

Grace: bottom line, Chris.......that's what it's all about, good music made by people who know and understand each other

Inmaculada: oh good then! welll highs and lows... then we will be looking forward to hearing the rockier sound!!

tony g: i gotta check that angle out

chrisloeb: (re Wetton) all the "stories" or call them incidents mentioned in the Wetton posts are sadly enough true...

chrisloeb: (re Medusa) I'm going to post a few snippets from the latest rehearsals soon

Inmaculada: great!

tony g: cool

chrisloeb: sorry, I'm a little talkative tonight... what's been going on in the CHAT?

Grace: TOTALLY off topic Chris........you DO know that there's a line of crystal glassware made by Rosenthal (Germany) designed by the late Gianni Versace (Italian) that's called Medusa at the bottom of the glassware, there's an acid-etched Medusa with the required snake hair

chrisloeb: now this is really off topic

David: Don't forget, it's someone's birthday we all know on Tuesday

Grace: all Glenn Hughes fans know everything about everything

Inmaculada: you got it Grace!!!


chrisloeb: I DO know ROSENTHAL glassware - incidentially my mother and her sister are looking for a buyer of a large collection of Rosenthal glassware

Grace: .....and we're MODEST, too (ha, ha)

Inmaculada: Grace you will be quoted for years!!!

Grace: look it up on e-bay to see what I mean....maybe it will inspire Medusa to compose better music, or just make sure you drink your orange juice each morning!

chrisloeb: Tuesday - easy to remember it's a friend's birthday too, and he's celebrating it on a bar-turned ship! One of the best clubs in Vienna...

Grace: sorry for going OFF TOPIC AGAIN....now who's birthday did you say was coming up, David?




David: Not sure, but apparently he can sing some

chrisloeb: We are trying hard with the songwriting Grace, but unfortunately we're just not talented enough.

Inmaculada: ...at shower?

chrisloeb: Ohh, and we're actually out of Orange Juice too....

Grace: then you need a "lucky" Medusa glass

Inmaculada: Chris... you cannot be a GHPG.net member and be modest!!! Grace teach him!!

Grace: where's my ax?

chrisloeb: (ducking already) and singing.... AMAZING Grace.....

Grace: onward medusa soldiers.............

chrisloeb: Complete change of topic: The APE QUARTET CD has been mentioned in a thread recently and luckily enough I got the track from a fellow board member. Has anyone actually got the real CD?

Inmaculada: I've just remembered last year the "no mentioned birthday" was on the day after the CHAT and when 12AM came (time here of course!) this became a kind of fireworks thing!!!

chrisloeb: I remember that CHAT very well

tony g: never heard of it till you mentioned it chris

Arjen: Was Glenn involved?

Grace: well, I hope that our boy has a great birthday on Tuesday, and despite not being a greedy person, I hope that Glenn gets lots of great stuff for presents.....including a new bookcase/shelves for all of HIS Glenn Hughes CDs. (God knows that my original space for GH CDs has been replaced once already for being too small).

David: It's in a box somewhere Christian

David: They are friends of Gabi and Glenn lent a hand.

David: They were the "support" band, when Shape 68 played a gig in LA a few years ago.

chrisloeb: Apparently on one track - it's a Chemical Brothers/Apollo 440 -style piece called 'It's Gonna Break'

Arjen: ah ok hmmm another cd to look for

chrisloeb: David, do you know where I can get a real copy of that album? I have had an eBay alert for it on for years and still it doesn't turn up...

David: I think it's out of print - they used to have a website where you could purchase it - but that was a few years ago.

David: Ahh, maybe not - www.apequartet.com - it's still alive

chrisloeb: so there were probably only 500 copies around in the first place....

David: Looks like it's still available for purchase Christian.

chrisloeb: Yeeeees, I'm already at it... Thanks, David!

David: Cool

Grace: That's David "Search" Harrison, to you, Chris.

chrisloeb: I have sworn to myself that I ever only ask about things here again after a complete SEARCH check, and again David has beaten me....

David: As you may have noticed, we have recently removed the "Most Searched Keywords" section from the Fan Forum - we discovered a bug in it, so until we can get around to fixing it, it's gone for now.

Grace: let's all chip in some money together, so David can get that tattoo

chrisloeb: the list looked funny when I took a look at it the first time!

Inmaculada: oops I am lost now... which tattoo?

David: Also, in the next few weeks we're going to be experimenting with a new CHAT program which is based in Flash and not Java like this one - will post about it when it's in place, but just thought I'd give you a head's up. It will use your Fan Forum login name and password, so no need for multiple ID's! Downside is, it won't let "guests" in, you have to have a forum ID, but we can live with that

David: If at that point, the majority are happy with it, we'll go ahead and retire this incarnation of the CHAT.

Grace: the one that says: David "Search" Harrison

Inmaculada: oh cool! thanks Grace!

Grace: .....and if we can raise enough money, the tattoo will also say - visit www.GHPG.net

chrisloeb: a "Search" tattoo could be troublesome when travelling from the US to the UK and back...

Inmaculada: it sounds like a "The Simpsons" end credit name! lol

chrisloeb: ohhh, it's after Midnight again.... Gotta be early at work tomorrow morning!

Grace: watch.............I'm gonna' get thrown off this board.......very soon

Grace: oops..............then you better go nite-nite Chris, and good luck with your music!

chrisloeb: phasing out then - great CHAT (short but sweet for me) - see you all around! Bye!

tony g: ok bye chris

Inmaculada: yeah me too Chris!! thankfully I have summer shift and back early at home! and my bed is waiting me! hahaha

David: Bye for now Christian.

Inmaculada: bye Chris!!

Inmaculada: yeah I have to wake up in less than 7 hours too and I am not so young now!!! I need to sleep enough to be a person in the morning!

tony g: ok bye inma

Inmaculada: so good nite all and thanks for the chat! see you around!!

David: OK, thanks for stopping by...

Inmaculada: bye all!!!!!

Grace: looks like we've got to "Keep on Movin'" so I had better not wait for David to thank me for my wonderful tattoo idea............hey tony - give my best to Donna, and take care all GHCP's bye...

tony g: thanks Grace see you later, bye David

David: OK folks, have to go now, but will be back for the next Monthly CHAT on Sunday, September 23rd at the usual time.

Arjen: OK I will try to be there then too.

Arjen: Goodnite!

David: Thanks for stopping by everyone
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