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Old Sep-25-2006, 12:32 PM
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Icon47 The Lizards - Against All Odds review

The Lizards' new album, Against All Odds has arrived, again in record-breaking time, from cd baby today, and here are my first thoughts based on Glenn's contribution:

First of all, here's what the credits say:

Glenn "Big Poppa" "The Voice Of Rock" Hughes duets on vocals with Mike on "On A Wire", "Take The Fall", "Up The Stairs" and Revelation No.9"

So Glenn is on tracks 3, 8, 9 + 10.

The album opens with a great riffy rocker, I'm No Good, excellent drumming by Rondinelli here (as on the whole album) Like the singer too.

Can't Fool Myself, track 2, is another cracker, with an extremely cool (and quick ) bassline!

On A Wire is the first track involving Glenn, and you recognize him instantly on background vocals.

Can't remember too much of the fourth track, Planck Time.
EDIT:.... Listening to it again: Great instrumental with blues harp featured prominently. Nice guitar and organ solos too!

5+6 are seagued, and while Ariel sounds interesting due to a Harpsichord involved, I didn't like the sound of My Dark Angel upon the first listen.

Bad Luck is a funky rocker.

Take The Fall is a revelation Glenn-wise, showing Big Daddy at his soulful best. And it has a beautiful string arrangement.

Revelation No.9 on the (musically) contrary is another cracking rocker with great drumming again with Glenn and Mike on joint lead vocals. Again Glenn shows his soulful side and the chorus vocals have this distinctive sound we know so well. At 3 minutes the song totally changes its mood. A Fender Rhodes comes in. An almost Tower Of Power-like groove. And goose bumps It builds again and at 6 minutes we get a synthesizer solo. Yes. Just for me, I guess. Oh, how I like it!!!! Don't have to tell you that we get a nice climax in the end, including a couple of screams. 8 minutes+

Up The Stairs - F U N K Y - Have I mentioned Tower Of Power before? Yes, I have. Groovy, baby, Brass including this time! Another long track and the funky shines again. I never expected anything like that. Like in Revelation, the song changes a bit after two minutes, but musically not as radically as the one before it. Pure funk. This must have been fun recording! And both singers show off! Too bad this is a fade-out.

Eleven is very different. Strings again. Sound very synthetic and probably are. This is also musically different. Why, I wonder.

The Arrival of Lyla also sounds different than the rest of the album. A little like the Lizards' take on Crazy Horse.

To cut long things short:

This is a must-have for every Glenn Hughes fan!

If you read this, you've made it through - Thank you!


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Old Sep-25-2006, 5:34 PM
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Thanks for the review Chris !!!
Will be purchasing as soon as I finish this post.
Bobby Rondinelli is an old friend/acquaintance of mine from his Rondinelli's Spider days and work with some of my other New York friends. He can just flat out play. Now with Glenn doing some collaborating with the band, the Lizards are truly a band who will be heard from.
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Old Sep-26-2006, 11:14 AM
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Wink one last addition...

Kate aka JJ Web has encouraged me to add a passage to the review I had originally omitted....

Before I originally posted the review, I had also mentioned that if Rondinelli grew a pirate's moustache he would instantly look like Carmine Appice. But I edited that out.


Oh, and before I forget - there's a great bass solo in the middle section of My Dark Angel. Still don't like the beginning, but that part rocks.
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Old Oct-03-2006, 1:10 AM
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Against All Odds review at The Mayfair Mall website

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Old Oct-06-2006, 11:02 AM
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Wow, this is a fantastic CD! The 4 songs with Glenn are great and the others are even better!!! You pretty much get it all here: good classic bluesy 70's hard rock, hard funk and some more modern moody pieces. The production is fabulous and the singer, Mike DiMeo (?), is superb. He and Glenn sound great together. The guitarist is fiery without showing off and plays some great chunky fiffs (guitar sounds like a Gibson too these ears).

I liked this one so much I went back and got the previous album, Cold Blooded Kings. Another really great album in a similar style (without Glenn, sadly). The singer really shines here as well. I wish more bands sounded like this nowadays.

I ordered them from CDBaby, who are great and they ship very quickly.

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Old Dec-18-2006, 4:29 AM
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Agreed! "Revelation" is one of the best classic rock tunes I have heard for a long time now....outstanding work of all involved!
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Old Jan-15-2007, 2:07 PM
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Thanks for the review - love the Lizards CD!!

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