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Old Jun-28-2001, 8:18 PM
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Hughesy, Hughesy

Courtesy UKRockNet - The UK Rock and Popular Music Network

B L O O D S T O C K 2 0 0 1

Hughesy, Hughesy, chants rising from the completely ratted crowd, fears of Glenn Hughes looking like a rock 'n' roll outcast at this predominantly metal festival (given his set of funk and blues as well as hard rock) proved safely unfounded.

The Voice Of Rock - not a phrase coined without reason - shows exactly why he got the title in first place. Okay, there's a lot of vocal masturbating going on that's so often not needed. But the way in which Hughes trades layers with the different parts of his voice is something that has to make you bow in appreciation.

Like the wonderful bluesy smooth guitar playing of his Strat wielding sideman, Hughes bass playing typifies the style of funk, soul and blues, all moulding it into a rock context.
Playing material from his most recent album Return Of The Crystal Karma, an album revisiting all the sounds of his past, its impressive stuff.

A secret wild man on stage who's loving every single God sent minute of it, when Hughesy boy releases hard rock classics in Medusa or a funk metal ditty co-wrote with Sabbath's Tony Iommi, Hughes is giving to the crowd what he knows they're crying out for.

With Deep Purple classics Burn and Mistreated concluding things via the encore, one of only two all day, numerous orgasms were guaranteed - the other scattered fans around the venue, legless and headless, didn't know what they were missing.

Building The Machine, Hughes next studio album, is on the way and toasted by the man as the best album he's ever made. If the guy can be geared up on the record as much as he was this Bloodstock, he may just have a case.

- Andy Law

It was back to the main stage now to catch Glenn Hughes in action, and I was more than a little surprised to find the main hall only about a third full. I mean this guy has done it all, Trapeze, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and even K.L.F.!

Maybe his brand of funked up rock just wasn't what a hall full of metalheads wanted to hear. Those who stayed to watch weren't disappointed.

Backed by an extremely talented guitarist and drummer, Glenn played tracks from his latest album Return Of Crystal Karma along with Deep Purple classics 'Stormbringer', 'Might Just Take Your Life' and 'You Fool No One', as well as Trapeze's 'Medusa'. It's easy to see why they call him The Voice Of Rock and he plays a pretty mean bass guitar too!


- Rob G
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