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Old Feb-19-2006, 8:59 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - February 19th, 2006

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - February 19th, 2006

David: Afternoon/evening everyone!

tony g: hello

Kat: howdy

danielb: hi Kat, hi David

David: How's everyone today?

danielb: just fine

danielb: you?

Kat: fine u?

David: good, lots going on.

tony g: David i called 220 electronics the man said i could just drive over and pick a dvd player up

David: very cool tony - never had a problem with them.

tony g: next week it will be mine


tony g: but i need a source for DVD's - is Amazon UK the best?

David: Yeah, they're pretty good - a wide selection.

tony g: great

David: there are speciality places too, but that's a good starting point.

David: You don't want to break the bank too quickly

tony g: ill ask in the forum when i get it

danielb: quiet here tonight

David: It always starts quiet daniel! Not sure why, but always does!

David: Things are shaping up nicely with the new solo album, apparently there is some cool video footage they managed to shoot.

tony g: great im sure its cool

danielb: for release?

Kat: that's cool David, at least gives us something to see eventually

David: apparently it'll be made available either on the disc or someother way - it's still being worked out

David: Shot at Chad's place.

tony g: i hope its to disc

David: maybe a download or something....they're still figuring it out....

David: unclear I guess, is the best way to put it right now

tony g: his house looks cool

David: but it'll be made available.

tony g: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tony g: just the mixing left right David?

David: yes, that's right, in mid-March.

David: really looking forward to hearing the final production - a bit of a departure in someways, but very much a statement of where Glenn is at today and where he plans on going in the future - a turning point if you will.....sounds exciting to me.

tony g: im sure ill love it

David: A real singer/songwriter's album. It was all written on his 1956 Martin acoustic guitar!

David: just a pity he won't get to play the States unless something changes, but he'll be touring Europe quite extensively as always.

danielb: yes, is the plan for him to do the festivals this summer?

tony g: thats what i want to hear something that he wants to put out, not just just what somebody else wants

David: it'll be late mid to late Summer, so for now, the only confirmed gig is that "Rock The Boat" gig in Norway/Denmark.

David: you got that right tony - more than ever in fact. Chad has been a great influence, what with his experiences and helping Glenn get to where he needs to be musically.

Kat: sucks that I'll prob never see another show

danielb: club dates late Summer then?

tony g: Kat your in a good place to see him, im the one that is out of luck

Kat: I'm not counting on it

David: that's right daniel. Maybe even a some selected gigs with a full orchestra if they can work it out.

David: it's all still in the planning stages....early days yet.

danielb: many orchestrated tracks on the new album?

David: lots of strings, more than ever before, haven't heard the whole thing, but about half i think.

tony g: orchestra is very expensive i hope they dvd record with chad there

danielb: would you say it's a lot different than soul mover?

David: the main thing is he's really comfortable with where he's going and doing what he wants to do unlike the early 90's

Kat: that's good

tony g: yes if he is happy the music can only grow and become stronger

David: from what i've heard...yes daniel - but what i didn't hear is kind of in that vein i think, but don't know for sure

Kat: hi Shirean

Shirean: Hello Kat

Shirean: and tony, daniel

Shirean: So David's been filling you in?

danielb: i guess there's no chance of glenn going out as support for the peppers?

Shirean: Don't think so..

David: well you know Chad wouldn't say no!!

David: but no, it ain't going to happen unfortunately.

tony g: too bad

danielb: yes, but why not? they're a good fit musically....

tony g: hello Shirean i saw that Heart, with whats left of Alice In Chains playing together on the East Coast somewhere - are you going?

tony g: saw it on vh1 classic

Shirean: Yes its for Decades Rock Live for Vh1 its next month in Atlantic City.. I'll be there!

tony g: great

David: being filmed for a DVD etc

David: Shirean is stoked!!

Kat: I bet LOL

David: I hear 'ya daniel - but the Peppers are BIG business, so you know what runs that ship!

David: hi christian

David: did you manage to meet up with Todd in Vegas?

tony g: hello chris

chrisloeb: hi there, how are you

tony g: great

chrisloeb: yeah, we met - thanks for hookin us up, David

David: cool. Pleased it worked out.

chrisloeb: it was great

tony g: yes i wonder what anthony and flea think of chad working with glenn

chrisloeb: you're talkin bout the new record then? what have I missed?

David: lots

Shirean: Hi Paul

David: Hi wolfy

wolfysmith: hi all, better late than never.

chrisloeb: Hi wolfy, not that late...

Kat: howdy

chrisloeb: so..... what's the talk about the new album?

wolfysmith: sounds a real mixture from what Chad has being saying

chrisloeb: I see....

tony g: i have to ask David about FFF again on glenns site it says its obsolete

Shirean: hmmm news to me

chrisloeb: sorry, what does that mean?

wolfysmith: yeah. its said that for a while.

tony g: its not available any more


David: it'll be made available....hoped it would of been sooner rather than later....but it will happen....i'm pretty sure.

danielb: so is glenn currently taking a break?

tony g: i hope i dont end up kicking myself in the ass for not bidding on satans

David: he's relaxing, but you know Glenn, he's always working on something!!

tony g: great David i want to buy one straight from glenn if possible

chrisloeb: I couldn't understand why it wouldn't be available. All around the world artists are selling their product on their own websites. Everybody does it!

chrisloeb: sooo... new album

chrisloeb: it's hard to imagine what it's going to sound like - like are there real strings instead of keyboards? and what is it going to sound like generally - Rock? Funk? Soul? Disco?

wolfysmith: When's Glenn gonna post again David? He said "hello" on Nov 17 last year. Has he got DSL yet?

David: you won't be disappointed....

tony g: i know i wont be

chrisloeb: that I am sure of

chrisloeb: just veeeeeery curious - who wouldn't be!?

David: ....while we have a captive audience, we have some other enthralling news for you

danielb: please tell us more


David: it's happening - Pat and Glenn are recording new songs at the end of this month into the first week of March.

tony g: YES!! cool

David: actually 7 new and 2 that have been "out there" in demo form....

wolfysmith: for a new album or to be added to remastered original?



tony g: didnt they have a whole demo cd already David?

chrisloeb: I hope they are re-doing "Pay The Price"

David: it will be all done by the Summer - but won't be released until early in 2007.

wolfysmith: record deal/label in place?

danielb: very cool

David: can't say Christian but


danielb: he's a working man alright!

David: it's early days wolfy - but it'll be out in 2007

danielb: any other news to report while you're at it David?


wolfysmith: who has "forced" the project thru. Glenn always sounded negative and said Pat was busy.

David: They've always been long time friends through thick and thin and the stars aligned and here we are

tony g: this is great i cant see him but at least i can hear him alot

chrisloeb: so that's something to look out to for next year already. And 2006 has only just started....

David: one or two of the re-recorded material will also be issued on the remastered HUGHES/THRALL due soon.

David: via Rock Candy Records

wolfysmith: hey, i might post this as an "exclusive" on the site now.

David: it'll be in the transcript

danielb: is glenn in Vegas working with pat now?

Shirean: We spoke to Glenn this morning, he's sorry he couldn't make the chat today..

David: as we said, end of the month daniel.

David: they also get together in May too, to finish up the project, so it'll be completed by the Summer.

chrisloeb: I didn't know PT was in Vegas - thought he was in LA?

danielb: very cool, are they gonna record at pat's?

David: he was in NY for a long, long time, but has now relocated to Vegas

danielb: yeah, they seem to be doing well

tony g: good news i for one like when glenn collaborates with others

Chip: Hi all.

Shirean: Chip...better late than never

chrisloeb: Hi Chip

Kat: hi Chip

tony g: hello

David: Hi Chip

chrisloeb: you've just missed the BIIIIIIIIIG announcement

wolfysmith: Hi Buddy. just about to mail you about David's exclusive news!

Chip: Yeah...a little late today.

wolfysmith: working on that pool area Chip. LOL


Chip: No Wolfy....working inside today. Outside tomorrow.

chrisloeb: it was great talking to you on the phone the other day, Chip

tony g: its 13 degrees here

Chip: Yeah Chris that was quite a surprise when you and Todd called. I had forgotten you were suppose to be in Vegas.

Kat: brrrrrr

chrisloeb: yeah, I had the best time - a short but sweet holiday

wolfysmith: hey Kat, thats warm. it was -1C here Friday night

tony g: see Kat you have much more of a chance

Kat: not really tony

tony g: 13 fahrenheit

danielb: wonder if there will be more to come from Iommi/Hughes.....

tony g: sounds great chris

Kat: i thought it was chilly here at 64 LOL

Chip: Hi Capt.

wolfysmith: Hi Captain

chrisloeb: 'ey Captain

tony g: i hope so daniel

captmidnite1962: Whew..finally made it!!

Kat: hi capt

Shirean: Greeting Capt.

captmidnite1962: greetings everyone!

chrisloeb: are you on dial up?

captmidnite1962: How did you guess??

David: I'm sure there will be daniel - they're not done yet.

David: Hi Capt'n

captmidnite1962: Hello there..lots of things to look forward to eh?

captmidnite1962: Glenn wise I mean!

tony g: sounds like 2007 at the earliest for that David

Kat: as long as you don't count a live show capt

chrisloeb: lots to look forward to yes

captmidnite1962: Argh...don't go there!!

David: Yeah, Tony has that radio show in the UK right now, perhaps we'll hear more on that in the not too distant future

tony g: i hope so

captmidnite1962: That was cool of Ad to post all those articles about Mel...answered a alot of questions

David: Glenn will be in the UK in April to do a press tour to get the promotion started for the new album, Chad will be joining him on a couple of those. No gigs, just press.

tony g: but now i can see a sliver of hope with Pat Thrall perhaps?

captmidnite1962: That is cool though..laying a foundation..

chrisloeb: Ad Mel - the claw is just creepy. always reminds me of those instruments in Cronenberg movies

David: More than a sliver tony - it's happening, what comes of it, time will tell!

danielb: is that press tour just the UK?

tony g: Ad seems to find alot of stuff

David: from what i understand daniel.

wolfysmith: so look out for them in May's Classic Rock then David

tony g: i mean him touring in the USA with Pat, David

tony g: ill always hope

David: yeah, if anything like that tony, it would be 2007.

captmidnite1962: And it was great news to hear that the master tape for Hughes Thrall was found....just when we thought it was lost for good

chrisloeb: heard the big news yet, Captain?

tony g: i know and im sure id have to travel to your part of the country for it David

Shirean: I'm REALLY looking forward to hearing HT2!!!

captmidnite1962: Tell me..haven't heard yet..got to the party late...

chrisloeb: HT2 is happening

Shirean: Yes you and Chip

David: HUGHES/THRALL 2 - due in 2007.

danielb: how many copies have soul mover sold so far?

David: we're not privvy to the business side - so really don't know about such things.

captmidnite1962: I hear you David....

David: 9 songs total for now

captmidnite1962: Get out....that is so totally chrome plated COOL!!!

Shirean: Sorry Daniel, we don't know how many Soul Mover has sold...

David: they start at the end of the month and wrap it up by the Summer.

captmidnite1962: Oh man....that is fantastic!

danielb: ok....

danielb: anyway, gotta go

danielb: take care

chrisloeb: chrome plated cool

captmidnite1962: You like that???

David: ok, thanks for stopping by daniel.


Chip: See ya Daniel

Shirean: Bye Daniel

Shirean: For those of you who were late - We spoke to Glenn this morning, he's sorry he couldn't make the chat as he had a business meeting.

captmidnite1962: OK..I didn't even realize he might have been able to make it..

wolfysmith: its about time he posted again Shirean.

chrisloeb: he's still a GHCP trainee, isn't he?

David: they'll be more details from Glenn in the next week or so over at gh.com and elsewhere, so you won't miss anything.

David: he's keeping busy in his "down time"....

Chip: Gotta get his post count up

wolfysmith: David, during his press tour, will he be in Cannock to see his folks? If so, tell him to meet me and we can go for a curry!

Chip: At Padma's Wolfy?

David: he always visits his folks and catches a game or two when home

captmidnite1962: That reminds me..there is an authentic "Chippy" back in Indianapolis..

David: He reads the transcripts, so you just asked him wolfy

wolfysmith: Yes Chip. Wolves won again so he'll be pleased about that.

wolfysmith: Villa blew it this afternoon David. 1-0 up till the 90th minute.

David: yeah, not a good season. Unless we don't go down, i'll be happy at this point!

chrisloeb: how did Wigan do, wolfy?

danielb: ok, i better go

danielb: take care

tony g: see ya danielb

Chip: See ya Daniel.

chrisloeb: bye danielb

David: Bye for now daniel.

captmidnite1962: Later Daniel!

wolfysmith: 2-2 I think Chris.

chrisloeb: Haven't been watching for two weeks - Wigan have an Austrian defender, Paul Scharner - interesting player

wolfysmith: Chelsea will win the double this year.

Chip: Blue is the new Red.

captmidnite1962: Ah yes...we just had the Super bowl here 2 weeks ago....BORING!!!

wolfysmith: Yeah Scharner looks good. not out of his depth in the Premiership.

chrisloeb: Vegas was Super Bowl crazy

captmidnite1962: I bet it was....all the wagering going on

tony g: did you lose alot there chris?

wolfysmith: amazing what you can do for 400 million eh Chip. LOL

chrisloeb: I had a great time watching all those people

Chip: Yeah Wolfy...kind of like the Yankees over here. If you have enough money you can buy a winning team.

chrisloeb: I didn't go there to gamble in the first place.... yet who couldn't. I only lost what I had calculated I would lose. And not more.

wolfysmith: its knowing when to stop Chris.

tony g: thats the way to go chris

chrisloeb: I spent more money than I lost at Tower Records Henderson where Todd took me

Kat: lol

Chip: ...that's the way it should be Chris.

tony g: cool i bet you liked it alot

wolfysmith: what artists did you buy.

chrisloeb: I could've stayed for hours

chrisloeb: what did I buy? let me think......

chrisloeb: Travers/Appice DVD

chrisloeb: News Radio Season 1+2 on DVD

tony g: i know what you mean chris i have to force myself out of there everytime

wolfysmith: Hey Chip, while i remember, Footballers Wives new series starts here this week.

Chip: I already have my DVR programmed to record it tonight Wolfy

Shirean: It starts tonight! On BBC America

chrisloeb: back in a sec

Chip: I think it's tonight Shirean...maybe tomorrow?

Shirean: Its TONIGHT!!

Chip: That's what I thought.

Shirean: Followed by Mile High

wolfysmith: just started 2nd series of House here. Fantastic show.

Chip: I like seeing Hugh Laurie on those old Blackadder shows.

Chip: Mile High...why doesn't anything like that happen to me when I fly?

Kat: wb capt

David: makes SouthWest look really tame


chrisloeb: Todd isn't here

wolfysmith: looking into flights to Phoenix next year at the moment

Chip: Todd's working. His weekends are Monday, Tuesday.

Chip: Good deal Wolfy. I told Lea you guys might come for a visit next year.

wolfysmith: is he still excited about coming over to see Gary Moore? we must try and meet up somehow.

Chip: I'm sure he is. He's also going to see Ian Gillan while there. I told him to get in touch with you when in Birmingham.

chrisloeb: yes, he's very excited, wolfy

Shirean: Chip,

Shirean: I wish the GHfest was happening in Aug now cuz I gotta go home for a week then..

Shirean: Might be taking 2 trips West this year

wolfysmith: which Gillan show?

Chip: Hopefully you can still make it Shirean.

chrisloeb: he's going to see 3 of the GM / BBK shows, Birmingham, London and.... ?

Chip: I can't remember which show Wolfy. Seems there were several acts playing at the gig.

Shirean: If I don't make it, David will be there!

Chip: Bournemouth? Somewhere near the southern coast.

wolfysmith: is it the Cancer Trust event maybe.

wolfysmith: Roger Daltry organises it.

chrisloeb: yeah, probably Bournemouth

Chip: Not sure. I don't remember him mentioning the Cancer Trust.

chrisloeb: he didn't when we talked either

Chip: If David comes....there goes all the beer.

wolfysmith: i'll look into it.

David: better stock up then


chrisloeb: and set up a smoking area

tony g: fedor just posted the Hughes Thrall message

David: I should of quit by then Chris - I hope

wolfysmith: drinking or smoking David

Shirean: Don't think he will ever stop drinking because I would hate to loose my drinking buddy



David: Yeah, she'll need a drink while I'm trying to quit the other


David: Anyways, lots of news today - should be this way for the next couple of months, so expect to hear more soon....

tony g: i for one am waiting to get Matteos CD too

tony g: that sounds great David

wolfysmith: GH.com has posted the news about Hughes Thrall 2

Shirean: That's great wolfy, Glenn mentioned Fedor would be posting it today

wolfysmith: what date is Todd seeing Gillan Chip?

chrisloeb: and David has already posted it in the News section too

Shirean: Boy, the GH webmasters are on top of it today!!

Chip: Don't think Todd mentioned a date Wolfy.

wolfysmith: I knew i should have earlier. I'd have got most popular post of the month

Chip: That's what we expect out of our webmasters.

Shirean: They RAWK!


Shirean: And so does PAPA

wolfysmith: its not the Tommy Vance tribute is it?

Chip: YES. That's it Wolfy.

Shirean: I gotta run, gotta get dinner started.. Take Care

wolfysmith: 31st March. It is the Cancer Trust event at the Royal Albert Hall. not far from Bournemouth!

tony g: see ya

Chip: See ya Shirean.

chrisloeb: Bye Shirean, see ya

wolfysmith: bye Shirean

Kat: bye Shirean

wolfysmith: Judas Priest and The Scorpions are on the same night Chip.

Chip: Wolfy...I remember Todd mentioning Tommy Vance in his email.

David: Well, it's been an eventful couple of hours this week, but now we've 'gotta run, should be more news by the time the next CHAT comes around, so keep you're eyes peeled

tony g: ok great

Kat: bye David, bye all!

David: bye Kat.

tony g: see you guys next time

Chip: Take care everyone. See ya next chat.

chrisloeb: bya all, nice chat, great news - Thanks, David! - see ya!

Chip: I'll email you Wolfy.

wolfysmith: Thanks David. see you all again soon

wolfysmith: going to bed now Chip!

wolfysmith: bye

David: Talk to you all again soon, thanks for stopping by - the next Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, March 19th at the usual time - talk to you then....bye for now.
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Ok, so the two biggest news items to come from the chat are the fact that Hughes/Thrall 2 is on its way, and that I'm going to see Ian Gillan at the Tommy Vance Memorial night of the annual Teenage Cancer Trust on March 31st at the Royal Albert Hall. LOL Anything else I may have missed?

Wolfy, I need to coordinate some sort of howdy-do with you. To say our time in Birmingham is going to be somewhat short would be an understatement. I'll need to email you the particulars, though, so we can try to coordinate something...

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Originally Posted by toadsterama
Anything else I may have missed?

Yeah, the chat. You need to change your work hours

On second thought, keep working. We've got a party to pay for

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