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Old Feb-17-2006, 2:05 AM
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This afternoon I will attend to a guitar workshop, at "Session Music" which is a local music store in Walldorf/Germany where Steve Morse will appear at 4 in the afternoon.

This evening in Mannheim/Germany DEEP PURPLE will appear as part of their european ROTD tour leg. The show will start around 9 at night. I will try to give a little review here these days.

As I heard "Living Wreck" will be part of the songlist, which has always been one of my favourites of Mk II. So Im looking forward. Haven´t seen Don Airey since the ole RAINBOW and Gary MOORE days....

cheers, Achim
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Old Feb-17-2006, 7:18 AM
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Looking forward to your review of both clinic and show, Achim

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Old Feb-17-2006, 3:52 PM
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Originally Posted by schreinermusic
"Living Wreck"

Achim, thanks for the e-mail earlier today - I hope you're still on your feet after this long day.
Seriously man, I was a little worried reading about your broken leg, and I hope you're doing okay after this long day and that you were able to enjoy the workshop and DP concert.


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Old Feb-18-2006, 11:14 AM
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I hope that you remembered to wear your

Glenn Hughes t-shirt to these events............

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Old Feb-25-2006, 3:00 AM
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Hi there,

so sorry, it took a bit long to write this review, I was busy with visitors at home who were trying to find out how a broken leg looks like
Thanks Chris, for your concern, mate. As you can easily imagine I couldn´t cancel the concert since I got the cards since christmas and didn´t want to miss it, of course. So if you would have been there you would have seen me moving with crutches like some strange creature from outer space

Grace, hope you´re fine. Of course, I wore my GH t-shirt, no doubt about that.

Anyway, back to the music.


4 p.m.
When we arrived at SESSION MUSIC store in Walldorf (near Heidelberg), the whole area was overcrowded with cars.... Since everyone could see Steve for FREE it was quite clear that there was much going on. Steve did a kind of guitar clinic there which was highly interesting to watch and listen. He explained some arpeggio technics on the guitar and also answered some peoples questions about certain songs, licks, whatever. For instance he showed the people exactly how he´s playing "Sometimes I feel like screaming" which earned a huge "Hooray" applause, of course...

He also played some own material from his solo works like "Moment´s Comfort" (great tune) backed up by a DAT recorder. The clinic lasted about an hour and he said he would run out of time since he would have 4 more dates until the concert would start. What a schedule...

Afterwards people had a hard time grabbing an autograph of Steve ....it was really a "fight" to get to the table and back...( i didnt...I sent my friend to the table..lol). At one point the autograph cards ran out and he started to sign everything that people could grab. One got his electric guitar signed, other the pure skin or T-shirt and speaking for myself....I had no paper in my pocket exept an old invoice......which Steve signed on the sleeve....never luved an invoice like that before...

We then drove to Mannheim where the gig was hold in the new built and huge SAP arena which really was totally full of people. Even it wasn´t sold out there were approx. 13.000 people as an security staff member told me.

The concert started at 7.30 p.m. with supporting act ALICE COOPER which was in great form. He run along the stage like a whirlwind and he seems to look even better than 20 years ago. His band looked quite young. Part of his set were such classics like "Welcome to my nightmare", "Poison" and of course "School´s Out". I have to say that Cooper really brought the people on temperature (like we say in german) and even I have never been such a fan of his music or person I was impressed by the sheer power which he still do have. Also part of the set has been the guillotine, some body parts...(but no blood) and a female dancer who made some spectacular performances....
The crowd really seemd to enjoy the gig and I have never noticed before that Cooper seems to have such lots of female fans which were screaming from time to time...OMG

After a break of about 30 minutes the stage was turned into red and purple lights which looked amazing. Also interesting to mention is that there were 2 large flat tv screens hanging from the roof on the right and left side. There was a film crew who filmed the gig which immadiately appeared on that huge screens. Thanks to these flat screens I did not have a clear spot on Don Airey (exept on that screens ...lol) and Ian Paice I didn´t see at all from where we sat/stood. We were on the left side on the upper rows as you can see from the pictures. Purple entered the stage abviously in good form and with a good sound which was better than in Stuttgart as I have been told.

Personally I don´t think the songlist was the best choice, since people didn´t recognise most of the songs from the first half and beside that....the 2nd song was "Things I Said" which is the bonus track for the japanese edition of the new CD. It isnt available here at all so noone knew the song........the fan right beside me repeatly said..."what the hell are they playing????"............

Im trying to put the songlist together as far I can recall it, maybe not all exactly in the right order.


Speaking about the performance, I have to say that it was mainly Steve Morse who took the people with him. Glover made a solid set...changing to ole Rickenbacker bass in SOTW....Gillan was in better form that I did expect...Don Airey played also fine but....he is surely an amazing keyboarder, no argueing about that, but he has a different mentality like Jon Lord....how can I describe it? I missed the "fire" during playing which Jon always puts in...he can entertain people surely more than Don does. He often seems a bit shy. Paicey laid a groove down which was just magic... he is still one of the best drummers that I have ever heard.....one day they will have to bury him with a drumkit.

Basically it was a good concert but people weren´t fully satisfied because of the lack of older and well known material like "Knocking..." Sometimes I feel like..." ect. ect. there were too much new songs which a lot people didn´t know.

After the show we were trying to get out of the location and since police tried to take control of the out rushing crowds and hundreds of cars it was relativley quick that we could finally "escape"...
I attached 2 pictures....I took about 120......and a short movie clip of the beginning of "Space Trucking". I have heard this DP incarnation playing "Living Wreck" before so I filmed the whole song, but with 60 MB it is too big to post it here. Maybe I can send it to David that he is able to compress it a bit or so.

I hope this review has been a bit of interest for you.

Have a great weekend everyone,
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