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Old Jul-31-2001, 11:06 PM
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New site features

CHAT and PopIt/MyPop Notifications

Simply click the icon on the top right side of the page to enter the chat facility.

A pop-up window will appear where you will need to enter a name you would like to use during the chat session. You can make you name appear in a colour other than the default black by entering your name proceeded by a colour code such as `1 or `2 or `3 etc - there are 15 different colours to choose from - so you login name would then look like `1Glenn if the name you use is Glenn and you wanted the colour as navy blue.

Once you type in your name, simply click the Login button, upon doing so another larger window will appear which represents the chat area. The larger section of this window on the right side is where the chat session will be displayed. At the bottom of the window is where you type in your messages. When you have finished typing, simply hit the Send button.

Other features allow for displaying 3 smilies within your text message.

Use these codes to produce the appropriate smilie:

will display - happy
will display - sad
will display - wink

Also you can change the colour of certain text within your message by using the same codes and format as when you logged in - again there are 15 choices. If you wanted to make the word cool show up as red text, you just type in this `4cool

When you want to leave the chat session, simply click the Logoff button on the left side of the chat window.

(Registration required with a Valid Email Address)

What is the MyPop™ page? How do I use it?

MyPop™ pages personalize your involvement in the Fan Forum. You can keep track of what's new since your last visit or manage your personal information. You can only utilize these features if you Login in as a Registered Member of the Fan Forum with a Valid Email Address so the topics can be emailed to you.

  • MyPop™:This page is where you can track updated topic, topic reply, and member notifications. You can also edit or cancel any of your notifications by using PopIt!™ Preferences. This page also allows you to manage your profile and review your group memberships.

  • Use this tool to keep in touch with what's new in the Fan Forum.
    You can request immediate email notification, daily or weekly email digests,
    or online notification in the new MyPop™ pages.
  • What can I track using the PopIt!™ tool?

    You can track the following:

  • New Topics in a Forum - find out when a new topic has started
  • Replies to Topics - track topic replies
  • Members - follow your selected members' posts within the community[/list]
    What delivery options can I request?

    The following options are available:

    • MyPop™ Page - new posts since your last visit are updated online in the MyPop™ Page. After you visit the old posts will automatically be deleted so that you always have a fresh list of what's new.
    • Immediate Notification - email automatically sent to you when there is an update.
    • Daily Email Digest - a summary of all of your notifications sent once a day.
    • Weekly Email Digest - a summary of all of your notifications sent once a week.[/list]
      You can also be notified when a specific Fan Forum member posts a topic, look for this icon on the left side of each message - click it and choose your delivery method.
  • How can I modify or cancel a notification?

    • Click on the 'MyPop™' link
    • Go to 'PopIt!™ Preferences' to view all of your current notification requests.
    • Click the 'edit' link to change delivery options or cancel the request entirely.
    • You can also edit your preferences directly from the email you receive from the Fan Forum.[/list]
    How can I receive an email when someone replies to the topic I posted or replied to?

    Very simple - select the Receive Notifications checkbox at the bottom of the posting form to receive responses via email.

    Note: Messages are delivered in HTML format - your email program must be HTML enabled.[/list]
    You can post some test messages in the TRY IT OUT OR GOT A QUESTION category, as soon as someone replies to your message and assuming you selected 'Immediate Notification', you'll receive that reply in an email.

    The only requirement other than being a Registered Member and having a valid return email address, is that your email program of choice must be HTML enabled, as the notifications are delivered in that format.

    In addition to these new features, the Fan Forum has also had some cosmetic changes made which we hope will make your visit more enjoyable and easier to navigate.

    As always, feel free to ask us any questions - but please look over the faq first. As things are finalized, more documentation will be provided via the faq, so check back often. The faq link is also accessible from the main menu above.


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