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Old Dec-18-2002, 2:34 PM
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CHAT transcript - December 18th, 2002

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use the Printable feature, click the icon at the bottom of the page!

CHAT transcript - December 18th, 2002

David Hey Pete

Pete S. howdy David

Pete S. what's new

David busy, busy recently...but now looking forward to the holidays!

David Congrats again on your Competition WIN

Pete S. oh yes can't wait.......cheers mate

David mailed it off the other day, so u should hopefully get it before Christmas!

Shirean Hi Pete

Shirean Happy Christmas to you and your family!

Pete S. yeah !!!excelllent dave,...hi Shirean...i'm still learning to type...

Pete S. so bare with me!

David Shirl emailed us this morning...she's having computer problems at home, so can't make it this time around...

David "Relay my best wishes for Christmas and New Year to Pete, Shel, Grace, Jim, Roberto, JohnH et al and I should be with you soon."

Pete S. oh what a shame...not havin' much luck recently

Pete S. hey she's a great lass

David hey Chris

Shirean Hi Chris

Pete S. hi chris

chris spencer Hi Guys I hope the weather is warmer than up here in scotland - its freezing !!

Pete S. freezin' in cumbria

David sunny but cold in California!

chris spencer Whats the general feeling about the rockline versions of GT and YKOM ? I thought they brought a whole new light to them !

David yeah, they were so "fresh"....loved the extended keyboards on YKOM...

David must admit I was hoping for something else, but after hearing these renditions, more than made up for it....

Pete S. excellent...managed to tape it

Pete S. un-plugged

chris spencer they were damn funky as well. it was good to hear as I do like G in funk mode.

David yeah...a great combo of JJ & new boy, Jeff Kollman [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S. indeed

David they compliment each other real well...

chris spencer Are they both to play on the new solo CD?

David yep

David Kollman will also "co-produce"...

Pete S. wow that's gonna be great

Shirean They are recording it NOW

Shirean [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S. whats the album gonna be funk rock etc

chris spencer heard it is gonna be melodic but you always know there will be a funk feel somewhere.

Pete S. nice

David exactly..

Pete S. what label David

Pete S. mtm?

Shirean no

David it's still in the works...(deal-wise)

David it's close...

Pete S. hence the greatest hits

chris spencer I cant remember a truly melodic G album - there is always a mix of influences - which is good.

Pete S. yeah the changes prolong the life of the cd

David FNO was about as close it comes...but even that was on the heavy side to be considered truly melodic...but you know Glenn...it'll be a classic mix

chris spencer Is it going to be aimed more at the US market or is Shape 68 looking after that?

David it's Glenn solo album...it's for everyone!

Pete S. hey the guy is really outputtin' the goods

chris spencer David/Shirean - do you have a rough idea of G's timetable for next year - release dates, tours, etc....holiday !!!!!!

David nothing official....and it can change anytime...

David Shape 68 gig in March....one yet to be confirmed show in January...both in the US (LA/Florida)

David Solo release May/June timeframe

David HTP back in the studio in May...with an Autumn release

David Possible UK tour in April timeframe...nothing confirmed as of yet...

David possible appearance on Jack Bruce solo record

David appearance on Chris Cantena (Italian performer) solo record, supposed to be out in January

chris spencer To support a solo Cd or a LOR type of show ?

David UK tour...if it happens will be a Solo tour

Pete S. get your'e tickets d&s

Pete S. airline!!!

chris spencer It was good to see G on LOR I had not seen him since the Addiction tour due to being 'ooop North

David but plans change...so until you hear it officially....

Pete S. where chris?

chris spencer Ach aye son, in Blairgowrie, Perthshire 15 miles north o' Dundee !!!

Pete S. ctc mag...lookin' forward to it Shirean

Pete S. hey i love that

chris spencer Too damn right !!!!

Shirean We are getting it ready as we speak!

chris spencer No my eyes cant see into Cumbria !!!!!

Pete S. hey great stuff...any pics?

Pete S. lol chris

Pete S. too misty...

chris spencer Maybe I should get one of these camera type things - but can the www stand to see my pic !!

David lol

Pete S. hey web cams next ....

Shirean David will be back in a minute he went out back for a fag

Pete S. you'll see me falling off me chair...

Pete S. hic hic

Shirean "Smoke"

Pete S. yeah

chris spencer Aw c.mon you dont have to send him out back for a smoke do you ?

Pete S. rolleys

Shirean yes I DO!!

Pete S. lol

chris spencer hand rolled or thru a machine...nows wheres my ciggies gone......

Pete S. that's cruel Shirean

Pete S. it's cold out there!!

chris spencer Good job its cold but sunny eh!!

chris spencer I offer support brother D - as have to smoke outside when I'm at my folks home!!

Shirean Been sending him outside for 17 years he's trained now

Pete S. lol

chris spencer woof woof

David that's better!!

chris spencer Just lit up in my warm cosy room with some G on the stereo !!

Pete S. he's probably wondering whats goin on

Pete S. what's playin'

chris spencer Feel - just started coffee n vanilla so may have a wee dance aroond the room!

David lol

chris spencer yeah - you havent seen me dance !!!!!

Pete S. superb album....prbably me fav.

Pete S. nice fag?

David yeah, got rained on!!

chris spencer Filters or rool ups David?

Pete S. lol

David sun's gone - now black clouds [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

David now...

chris spencer Sorry fat fingers 2 here- roll ups?

David filter

David only roll-ups out here are those illegal ones [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

chris spencer Yes difficult to make a roll up with one hand on the umbrella !

Pete S. hey that's cruel havin to smoke outside

David yeah...you can't even go to the pub here without standing on the street corner...it's a joke!

Pete S. what? hey thats poor

chris spencer Lets hope the UK doesnt go that way

Shirean Pete - your not allowed to smoke in bars and restaurants in CA

Pete S. it'll be like that here soon

Pete S. what....are they empty

chris spencer New York was ok for a smoke - your too health conscious in CA

Pete S. get back in the UK

David not for much longer - they just passed a law there this week...next year no more in bars & restaurants!!

chris spencer ..for the rain, cold, odd day of sun, G touring regularly....

David lol

Pete S. yep

chris spencer So all the bars n restaurants will be empty then. Cue the start of bootleg smoking clubs !!!

Pete S. lol

chris spencer Good timing David !!!

chris spencer When this transcript is posted will anyone understand whats going on ?

Shirean I swear one of these days we gotta get Glenn on this chat he will laugh his ass off!

David yeah...the audio doesn't show up...so it should be an interesting read 4 'em!!

Pete S. did Glen see the comp entries along with Gabi...Shirean

David jeez..."doesn't showup"...

Shirean As far as we know..yes

Pete S. nice one

David Glen?

chris spencer Glad James won it - he's a good friend I have traded with n e mail alot.

David lol

Pete S. lol

Shirean Pete gets an F for the day

Pete S. f?

Shirean Fail mark

Pete S. my fingers are killin'

chris spencer back of the class Sandford P !!!!!

David James said he'll post the photo...

Pete S. tee hee......i'm already there

chris spencer ...and Shirean out to the yard for 5 minutes for being smart !!

David haven't seen it ourselves...coming directly from G+G!!

chris spencer Is an exclusive pic that James is being sent?

David yes...unpublished of Glenn with Trapeze in the early '70s

David B+W i think

chris spencer Theres not too many pics available of G with trapeze - especially if you are looking to create a cover.

David exactly...which makes it extra special!

Pete S. hey did you see the post on gh www board about the htp live being over dubbed?

Pete S. in certain parts

chris spencer They said the same about Burning japan

Pete S. what?

chris spencer have you heard any unoffical HTP recordings ? They sound in fine fettle untouched.

Pete S. yeah i think the keyboard samples threw him

chris spencer For backing vocals?

Pete S. yep

chris spencer I know Uriah Heep have used samples opf backing vocals before live n they are good harmonisers (biig word at this time of nite !!)

Pete S. there's gonna be some live to fill the sound maybe

Pete S. F

chris spencer Dont have aproblem with that. Didn't notice any on the unoffical stuff

Pete S. f

Pete S. lol

chris spencer me to the back of the class ? There isnt room - move over Sandford P !!

Pete S. just gonna roll a fag and smoke it in the warmth of my own home

David haha

David are either of you thinking of going to the Orlando Shape 68 gig in March?

Pete S. what's it off...Shirean?

David ROCK Disc 2

Pete S. money!!!

Pete S. cheers David

Shirean Chris?

Shirean Shape 68 in March?

chris spencer Still here - am I allowed back in having been banished to the back ?

Shirean Yes

Pete S. yep you may speak

chris spencer Thanks Boss - just enjoying a quiet smoke

Pete S. ah it's great David

Pete S. smokin'

David hmm...back in a minute!

Pete S. lol

chris spencer I would agree...............these BnH taste soooo good .......

Pete S. uuuhhhmmmm

Shirean If GH does do a UK tour in April we will be coming over..

David what - no ParkDrive!

Pete S. have you ever smoked Shirean?

Shirean yes, many years ago

chris spencer Nar gave up them up 30 years ago...along with Woddbines !!! Cough cough splutter !!!!

Pete S. ex smokers.....the worst...lol

David lol

Pete S. the next chat is about smokin'

Pete S. lol

chris spencer So well, shall talk sensibly about G then !!!

Pete S. yep

Pete S. does glenn smoke

Shirean No

David lol

chris spencer If he did his voice would sound like Dan MacAfferty of Nazareth !!!

Pete S. or john wetton

Pete S. what about DC ressurrection of WS

Pete S. again!

David zzzzzzzzzzz

Pete S. lol

Shirean That's probably the biggest dissapointment of 2002

chris spencer Not keen - last time I saw him his voice was alittle rough. Not like in the good ole day of DP n the original WS

Pete S. too low...chris

Shirean David and I had a 10 min talk about it the other day

David yeah, only 10 mins!

Pete S. lol

chris spencer Possibly but true - just my opinion

chris spencer Wonder of he will play any Purple in the set -Mistreated used to be one of the hi lights of his set

Shirean I saw that guitarist last year with Dokken he was okay..

Shirean Rob B somethng

chris spencer Wasnt one of them the ex road manager of the Crue - Doug Thaler ?

David he could probably get away with in the US...but if it ever went to Europe...I mean, if you've seen Glenn recently...I would advise him not to try it!!

chris spencer I would certainly agree - G sang it superbly !!

Shirean Pete did you get the boot

chris spencer Probably nipped out for more baccie !!!!

Pete S.. yeah me time was up

Pete S.. ooooppppsss...back to the future

chris spencer Give that mouse in your PC some more cheese !!!!

Pete S.. lol

chris spencer Mine runs on chocolate finger biscuits - but is getting a little fat !!!

Pete S.. what's the Blues cd like...

Pete S.. glenn's

Pete S.. lol chris

chris spencer Rocky, no real funk touches, alot of guest appearances - its ok.

Pete S.. cheers chris....heard some samples on BBC site

Pete S.. about 2 secs worth

chris spencer What Auntie had some G on ?

Pete S.. yep

Pete S.. amazing eh?

chris spencer Flippin eck...al we need now is for G on Jools Hollands Show !!

Shirean That would be COOL

Pete S.. lol...totp!!!!!

Pete S.. shape 68

Shirean even better

chris spencer Was G on it with KLF (video not live )?

Pete S.. vid i think

Pete S.. caan't remember it live

Pete S.. ooooppppsss

chris spencer Anyone watch VH1 after 9pm when goes rock - never seen aDP with Cov n G on it

Pete S.. yeah you're right...same here

David just the Perfect Strangers era stuff

chris spencer But then again all they could choose is Cal Jam n the Japan tour with Tommy

Pete S.. yeah

Shirean We get Vh1 classic haven't seen Cov and GH yet saw 2 great Rainbow videos the other day!

David plus No Stranger!!

Pete S.. bonnet?

chris spencer Which ones - Since Youve Been Gone n All Night Long ?

Pete S.. or Joe

Shirean Bonnet

chris spencer They were both big hits way back in the early 80's. Bonnets got a good voice.

Pete S.. shame...

Shirean I agree Chris

Shirean what's he doing these days

chris spencer He toured a year or so ago with Don airey doing rainbow stuff n solo stuff

Pete S.. remember night games anybody?

Pete S.. steve vai?

chris spencer The ultimate widdler diddler geeeetarist - great with Diamond Dave tho !!

David this reminds me...we should really update the Jukebox on the site next month....

Shirean David and I saw him at Donnington (Sp) with Diamond Dave

David Ellis were just signed to Vai's label...there's always a GH connection!!

Shirean They were great

Pete S.. oh yes,how many dollars did that cost DC?

chris spencer A million I think !!!

Pete S.. plus sick pay

chris spencer I saw diamond Dave on the skyscraper tour n he was excellent

Shirean David was it that tour - don't remember

Shirean We got pics though

chris spencer They had the surf board, steel drums, boxing ring....a real good show !!

Shirean Yet another soggy day in the UK

David no....Van Halen Donnington...DD was over here...Oakland or SF i think

Pete S.. ozzy headline?

Shirean David you are wrong remember he was wearing that ballero suit

chris spencer Missed that show due to work unfortunatley. Never saw VH with DLR

Pete S.. or ac/dc

David hmm...braincells are missing - i don't remember!!

chris spencer AC DC I think were headliners - 1984 or 1985 ?

Pete S.. gary moore on the bill

Shirean Maybe Donnington 87?

David yeah and Y&T

Pete S.. yep

Shirean Y&T RAWKS

David yeah that was 84/85 alright

Pete S.. i was there throwin' bottles

chris spencer ....what was in them or should nt we ask.........

David yeah...cider goes right thru ya!!

Pete S.. left of stage.....big battle

David a Scrumpy Jack special [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Shirean I was there in 83 when Whitesnake headlined

Pete S.. commando's....same here

Pete S.. mel galley

chris spencer I did Donnington in 80 for Blackfoot (awesome) n 81 with Quo n 83 also

Shirean Yes

Pete S.. great gig

Pete S.. quo was loud

chris spencer The T shirts were greenwith a red n yellow flag on them !!

Shirean I still have my ticket stub

David i was there in 80 too...Rainbow headlined if i remember right!

Pete S.. yea

David or Priest...

Pete S.. missed that one

chris spencer Ahhh thos

David a few beers ago now!!

Pete S.. lol

Shirean A few ciders for me - ago

chris spencer damn the fingers are getting worse ... ahh those were the day when I was a lad !!

Shirean Scrumpy Jack

David more like Jeckyll & Hyde!!

Pete S.. metallica blew off ac/dc was a good one

chris spencer Snakebites

Shirean Mmmm good

chris spencer So whats the best non G we have all been to ?

Pete S.. whitesnake....news day....19........man.apollo

Pete S.. news years

chris spencer Lynyrd Skynyrd London 1991 or Led Zep knebworth 1979

Pete S.. new year's day

chris spencer The Apollo was a good venue - used to travel from NorthN Wales for gigs.. is it sytill any good Pete?

Pete S.. saint's and sinners tour

Shirean David and I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan at Hammersmith 87

Pete S.. oh yes lor was great chris

Shirean That was a amazing gig

Pete S.. at man apollo has'nt changed

chris spencer WS were supposed to play at a club I worked at back in late 70s but pulled out due to stage was too small

Shirean David was at Knebworth that year

Pete S.. led zepp..Shirean?

Shirean Yes

Pete S.. fantastic

Shirean It was before I met him

Pete S.. were in the US?

chris spencer My first ever gig was Trapeze and Nutz (remember them Pete?) in Nov 1977 but G wasnt with them - Pete Golaby on v0x

Pete S.. you

Shirean I was out in CA going to all the "Day On The Green" gigs!

Pete S.. no

Pete S.. nutz?

Pete S.. glam?

Shirean Nope Rock festivals

chris spencer Liverpool based band - 5 peice a la Purple - melodic but rocky !! resurfaced as Rage in the NWOBHM in 1980 !!

Pete S.. rage.....yeah

chris spencer The Day On.. were huge festivals werent they ? Who did you see ?

Shirean I met David in London in 83

Pete S.. are you U.S. Shirean?

Shirean Yes

Shirean I was there for 3 months on holiday

Pete S.. aaahhhhh

Shirean Hi Joe

Pete S.. good timing then eh?

Joe Hey there...

Pete S.. hi Joe

chris spencer Hi Joe

Shirean Yes met him at the famous Funny Farm nightclub

Pete S.. was he havin' a fag? lol

Shirean Where all the rock stars hung out while in London

chris spencer Apt for this chat !!!

Joe Hey...from your pics you all look remarkably like Glenn Hughes...

Pete S.. lol

chris spencer The wonders of plastic surgery eh !! Wish my hair was a bit longer !!!

Pete S.. Just wanna say Hi Shirean, Shel here.

chris spencer Jeez a 2 PC house !!!

Joe So have all of you been lucky enough to see Glenn live?

Shirean Hello Shel - Hope to meet you next year

Shirean Yes

Shirean How about you Joe?

chris spencer yep - 4 times so far for me - you ?

Pete S.. That would be good- Shel

Shirean Hey John

chris spencer Hi John - at land or at sea ?

Shirean What's going on in LA?

Joe I've been a fan for a long time, but I've only seen him once...at the Voodoo Lounge...

JohnH I'm on land - hello everybody

Shirean I saw you there Joe!

JohnH I've been off prison ships for a year

JohnH Weather's nice here

Pete S.. hi john

JohnH is it raining up there

Joe Ummm...maybe you're thinking of a different Joe?

Pete S.. cold here

JohnH Hi Pete

David Hey John

JohnH Life's Unkind

chris spencer Damn cold in Scotland

Pete S.. hows it goin' john?

JohnH Right Pete

JohnH Going good thanks

Pete S.. giggin'?

JohnH Shame no GH tonight

JohnH so yeah

JohnH I'm gigging instead

Shirean David and I were at the Voodoo

JohnH I was going to try to get the day off from the gig

Shirean I could have sworn I met a Joe that night

JohnH but with no GH I'll pass

Joe Wow...small world...I got a lot of that show on videotape

JohnH At La Vee Lee I mean

Shirean Didn't you see us selling the GH merchandise [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Joe Well...about a half hour or so...

Shirean Hehe

JohnH I see they've taken off GH from Creatchy's website

David good....

JohnH But this guy Phil Perry is singing

JohnH instead it sasy

JohnH says

JohnH And he is unbelievable

David will save some disappointment, should folks go expecting to see him...

chris spencer What is Creatchys?

Joe Ok, well I did buy a video there too...so i probably saw you and didn't know who you were

Pete S.. yeah

JohnH David Garfield's nickname

JohnH website is http://www.creatchy.com/

Pete S.. who?

JohnH He's an ace LA studio keyboard guy

JohnH worked with Lukather from Toto

Pete S.. ah

JohnH and is George Benson's keyboard guy

David http://www.creatchy.com/gifs/koblenz...nhughesbig.jpg

Pete S.. cheers David

JohnH He's my favorite

JohnH Phil Perry the vocalist

JohnH is like Glenn 's soul and funky side

JohnH and has a great voice

Shirean So I take it your back east Joe.

JohnH Man..........

Pete S.. nice one

Joe Hey...I should be Sabbath era Hughes now..

chris spencer Who has Ed Roth played with - marc Bonilla ?

JohnH I should have taken the night off anyway

Joe Yes...Long Island

JohnH Not sure

JohnH about Ed Roth

Shirean Ed Roth is cool

David i thought he did well...and gave the songs a new spin

chris spencer Joe - do you know grace from NJ - a fellow GH fan ?

David especially as it was acoustic...

JohnH I want that gig LOL

David lol

David send him a demo!

JohnH Funny I was thinking about that

David no harm done...i would

Joe I don't know anybody to be honest...I kinda just slinked in with a friend of mine (also named Joe), got blown away...the slinked out...

Shirean if you were a musican - David hehe

David yes, indeed!

chris spencer GH and His fans as his backing band - I ll play the spoons !!!

Shirean Tamborine

Joe After getting Glenn to sign a few things of course!

David kazoo!

David he signed everything that night!!

David as always

chris spencer Anyone play the saucepans ?

JohnH Glenn always does yeah

Pete S.. yep

Joe Yeah...he was really down to Earth...it's great isn't it?

JohnH Glenn is the coolest

Shirean Yes indeed

JohnH yeah

Pete S.. indeed

JohnH very down to earth

chris spencer No ego either.

Pete S.. gentleman

JohnH Yep

Pete S.. of rock

Joe It's amazing to see that in some of his caliber

Joe someone

chris spencer damn good egg even !!

Pete S.. jon bon jovi would'nt be approachable like that!!!!!

Joe I just wish he would release something that would get some airplay

Shirean Shape 68

David well hopefully Shape 68 will be that vehicle...

JohnH That aspect of the business is pure rubbish

David fingers x'ed

Joe I haven't heard any of it...

Pete S.. gotta hear some

JohnH It's good stuff

JohnH Shirean how was Heart on Rockline

Shirean ****ing awesome

Joe true...it is rubbish...but I always thought it would just take ONE song to do it...


Pete S.. lol

David tell us how u really feel luv!!!

Pete S.. lol

Shirean sorry



JohnH And isn't tonight the last broadcast

JohnH of Rockline

Joe you know what I mean though...

Shirean Ann Wilson was on S.F. radio that day too - what more can you ask for

JohnH Sheesh!!!!!!!!

JohnH Well of course Coburn is the morning guy at the Bone

JohnH Oh man

Joe crap...my daughter's cryin...I gotta go!

Pete S.. you can type then john

Shirean Bye Joe

Joe take it easy everyone!

JohnH Yeah

JohnH I learned in high school

Pete S.. cya Joe

JohnH long time ago

JohnH and have kept it up since then

JohnH I can write a book on an email

JohnH in about 5 minutes

Pete S.. lol

Pete S.. slow down john...lol

Shirean hahah

JohnH Life's Unkind

Pete S.. it is

Pete S.. i'm on 15 words a min!!!

Pete S.. yeah

Shirean John are u doing the NAMM thing if its confirmed?

JohnH Probably not

JohnH unless it's daytime

JohnH although it would be at night

JohnH Because

JohnH I've just joined a band

JohnH that works every weekend

JohnH When the time gets closer

Shirean its on Friday night

chris spencer What sort ?

JohnH the gig we are doing that week

Pete S.. what style john?

Shirean I think

JohnH is a five nighter

JohnH its Rock

JohnH pop

JohnH disco funk

JohnH New rock

Pete S.. wow

JohnH and classic rock/oldies

JohnH it's one of the top working bands here

Pete S.. thats a good range

chris spencer Any G songs in the set ?

JohnH I mean it's 50 weeks of work

JohnH Very hard to get here

Pete S.. good pay?

JohnH No gH

JohnH yeah

JohnH good pay too

JohnH anyway the club is not far from NAMM

Pete S.. how much?

JohnH And the place is rocking

JohnH Panama Joe's in Long Beach

JohnH average

Shirean If someone throws me a pass I'll be down [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

JohnH 80-100 a gig

Pete S.. nice

JohnH No cover charge so no need for passes

JohnH Oh wait

JohnH yeah for Namm you need them

Shirean I'm not a Member

JohnH And then for corp parties more money

JohnH we're doing three xmas parties and new years

JohnH so it's a lot of money for those

JohnH Well that is true

JohnH to get into NAMM

JohnH you have to have this and this and that

JohnH Except when my friends go

JohnH they say tons of regular Joe's are there

JohnH so there must be a secret to get in

Pete S.. David i think this should be web cammed.....a lot easier...lol

Shirean I have been to 2 NAMMS

David nah...that would be too scary!!

Pete S.. lol

chris spencer Too damn right !!!

Shirean Don't ask me how I got in? A friend of a friend

Pete S.. well you've seen me....

Pete S.. scary

JohnH I should do it that way

JohnH I've got friends that go

JohnH Well folks it's been nice chatting

JohnH I have to rehearse and hit the gym

JohnH Four nights of gigs this week

chris spencer You'd have seen me to but after LOR the girlfreind wanted to get home so no pics with G

David take care John...have a good Christmas...

Shirean Alot of the people hang out at the Hilton bar during NAMM

JohnH so energy and fitness are important

JohnH Im trying to pump up the fitness

Pete S.. good stuff john take care mate

Shirean saw a bunch of rockers there

JohnH Cause my last gig I was tired from doing only one gym appearance

JohnH all the best folks and cheers

JohnH and happy holidays

Shirean Bye

David bye

Pete S.. cheers

JohnH Adios

Shirean Stay dry..

JohnH Yep

Pete S.. keep giggin'

chris spencer merry Xams John

Pete S.. john's like a whirlwind...phew!!!!

Shirean How about sending David some Mince pies he can't get them here..

Pete S.. lol

Pete S.. xmas pud

David have that!

David and the brandy sauce!!

chris spencer Give me you address n I shall send some along with some scottish shortbread . Anything else ?

Shirean We got an xmas pud just no cream

Pete S.. and a pint of boddies

chris spencer or Caffreys !!!

David in the fridge as we speak!!

Pete S.. cumbria sausage?

Pete S.. nawwww

chris spencer haggis neeps n tatties ?

Shirean We ate all the shortbread already

David nah...wouldn't get thru Airport security!!

Pete S.. a xmas cracker with a pocket knife!!1

chris spencer Beware - dangerous armed n drunk haggis on the loose !!!

David nail clippers

Pete S.. lol

chris spencer Didn't know haggis' had nails to clip - mebbes its from Dounreay !!

David haha

David if you have anything for the next issue of CTC...try and get it to us by Jan.15th...thanx

David ctc@ghpg.net

Pete S.. oh yeah...got a story about frank m at lor

chris spencer Better not put this transcript in it - people might think we are on something !

Pete S.. pics included?

chris spencer prey tell all

David no...it's a text only thing...

Pete S.. ok

David we would like to do graphical (html) newsletter, but most folks prefer text...so have kept it that way...

Pete S.. ah i see

David we may do one next year sometime and get some more opinions...

chris spencer Well I havent won the lottery here so no Shape 68 in Florida for me....

David last time was a year or so ago...we polled people about it...

Shirean Bummer Chris - will Grace be going?

Pete S.. how much time do you spend editting this site?

Pete S.. must be chaos at times

chris spencer probably as she has a daughter who lives down there. Good company is Grace

Shirean I missed her last time in Orlando

Shirean I want to meet her..

David only when there's a tour or other event....we like to do it and its fun

chris spencer She was a great tour guide n host when I was in NY. She met me and Lyn at JFK with an A3 sign saying Glenn Hughes Crazy People !!!

David which is every other week recently!!

Pete S.. hey thats dedication

Pete S.. has anybody been banned for one reason or another

chris spencer I correspond weekly or so with Grace and James all thru the power of G

David not yet

Pete S.. that's good then

Shirean That's cool

chris spencer Friendly bunch these G fans lol !

Pete S.. there are a lot of trolls out there

Shirean I hear ya Chris

David by the way...we're moving web hosts tomorrow, so you may see some wierdness when trying to access the site on Friday/Saturday...

David broken links...etc etc

David should be back to normal by Sunday at the latest....

Pete S.. oh yeah

Pete S.. changes?

chris spencer New address ?

David no, no...same address -

David just more disk space...more bandwidth

David nothing changes - just like when u move house - same stuff inside, just different house!!!

David supposedly you won't notice a thing...but I've yet to have a transparent move...

chris spencer Well drink more then !!!LOL

Pete S.. ok folks i'll have to go....got an xmas party tomo.....typin' should improve next time

chris spencer Who you gettin to move the site - pickfords ?

chris spencer Have a great Xmas pete

Shirean Have a few beers for us Pete Happy Christmas to you!

David have fun - look out for your prize in the post!!

Pete S.. take care all, it's been great fun.....will do....

Pete S.. thanks guy merry xmas.....lol

chris spencer This has been brilliant - I haven't laffed so much for minutes !!!

David haha

David The next Chat is January 23rd...same time...

chris spencer I ll be there...armed with 20 fags n a mug of strong tea !!!

David cool

chris spencer Have a great Xmas you two n best wishes for the New Year

David thanks - have a good one yourself

Shirean Thanks for all the support!

David Bye!
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Shirean - having trouble with CHAT - started to load but stuck at 70%??
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Old Jan-22-2003, 12:15 PM
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Gremlins at work I guess...but you made it in ok I see.

Today's transcript will be here later this evening...look out for it!
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