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Old Sep-28-2008, 6:37 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - September 28th, 2008

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - September 28th, 2008

Kayleigh-Cannock: Hey, just thought id get here early before the mad rush at 9 lol

mariewilks: Hi Kayleigh

Kayleigh-Cannock: Hey Marie

Kayleigh-Cannock: ha just toying around

mariewilks: How you doing?

Kayleigh-Cannock: yeh im ok thanks , hows about you? how are you feeling

mariewilks: Much better than I did thanks! It's not been a nice week! Tomorrow is a new week though and I'm loads better. How was your night out round Cannock?

Kayleigh-Cannock: thats great to hear Cannock was ok, we ended up coming back to mine and playing on Rock Band on the wii coz we were bored with the music haha

Kayleigh-Cannock: but it was fun

mariewilks: Sounds like a good night and a great decision! There's nothing worse than being out and not enjoying yourself and feeling obliged to stay out! I've had many a fun nights in with friends on guitar hero!

David: Afternoon all

Kayleigh-Cannock: Hey David

mariewilks: Hi David - how are you?

David: Nice to see some early birds...so to speak!

Kayleigh-Cannock: yeh it was a fun idea even my brother joined in and he hates rock music

adam lake: kayleigh xxx

mariewilks: Shame on him

David: Good Marie, also good to see you here. Hope your feelin' better...saw your tweets!

David: Cool Kayleigh

mariewilks: Yeah I'm good thanks - a lot better than I have been! Hows Shirean nd Jason?

Kayleigh-Cannock: haha ive been her for about 20 mins, wanted to check i was doing the right thing as ive not been on the chat before

Kayleigh-Cannock: hi adam

David: All good here Marie.

adam lake: you better kow which adam this is pmsl

mariewilks: Wicked!

adam lake: *know

adam lake: hw is everyone else anyway

Kayleigh-Cannock: of course i do lol

adam lake: anymore midlanders here?

mariewilks: David - how come we all have Glenn's head and you don't?

adam lake: thats 80s glenn!

mariewilks: Well a different Glenn head then?

mariewilks: I stand corrected Adam!

adam lake: cud be age, im 19, so i cud associate glenn with his current image

David: You're logged in as a "Guest" - if you register with the CHAT, you can pick a different one. Registration is separate to the Fan Forum....so it's different!

adam lake: i want the cover of burning japan live as mine lol

mariewilks: Oh cool - might have to do that!

Kayleigh-Cannock: i tried that wouldnt let me enter a password which was strange

David: I should warn you, these CHAT sessions, usually start off slow, as a lot of folks like to show up late....so if you're thinking it's a bit quiet....that's why! Dunno', why that is!!

mariewilks: I've sent off the email request now!

adam lake: my yorkie is crying lol

adam lake: 2 secs

mariewilks: I'll talk to anyone about anything I will I don't mind!


adam lake: yeh same here, im pretty much an open book

David: Yeah, Kayleigh....it can be confusing....sorry about that. When you do register....make sure the "Remember Me" box is selected. It will save you from having to login in each time.

mariewilks: So me and Kayleigh are hardcore being on so early?

David: Yep!!

adam lake: glenn isnt going to be on tonight, well i dont think he will

mariewilks: Hi Chip

adam lake:

David: No Adam.....perhaps once or twice a year...you can read previous transcripts in the CHAT section of the Fan Forum, from when he has joined us a few different times over the years.

Kayleigh-Cannock: Hey Chip

Chip: Hi everyone.

David: Hi Chip...

adam lake: tut tut kayleigh got me excited in my old age

adam lake:

mariewilks: Old - 19 - jesus I must be dead then!

David: So I'm currently in Orlando, FL USA, Chip is in Phoenix, AZ USA and all the others in the UK!

Dani California: hi everyone

David: Hi Dani/Pete

Kayleigh-Cannock: i just assumed Glenn would be on here, ive never been here before and am fairly new

David: He's in London Kayleigh, but getting ready to fly to Prague for a session with "Monkey Business"...

David: ...but he'll be at the Wolves game Tuesday night though

mariewilks: Hi Dani

David: Congratulations again....how's the little one?

Kayleigh-Cannock: Hi Dani

Dani California: hi David

adam lake: your forgiven lol, may go back on my msn now lol

adam lake: love u all, im off

adam lake: xxx

mariewilks: Cya Adam - you old man at 19 you!

adam lake: yes, so so old

Dani California: little Gabi sleep in her bed now and Pete is with her

David: OK, thanks for stopping by Adam.

Dani California: she is fantastic little princess

David: That's great Dani.

mariewilks: Chip - were you at New Jersey?

David: Back in a mo....

Chip: No, Marie. Not this time.

mariewilks: We haven't met then in that case

mariewilks: Unless you were at The Robyn last week

Chip: Don't belive we've met. I'm in Arizona

mariewilks: I'm in UK

mariewilks: Nice to meet you all in cyber space though!

Chip: I wish I was at The Robin last week.

mariewilks: Oh it was special!

Kayleigh-Cannock: yeh it was amazing

Chip: I knew it would be.

Chip: Kayleigh...how's the weather in Cannock? I was there last March.

mariewilks: What I enjoyed the most was the insight into what the songs meant to Glenn at the time he wrote them and later in life what they mean to him now!

Dani California: Gabi love to listen Glenn's music,even she is all smiles

Kayleigh-Cannock: Its not too bad, abit chilly and drizzly today but its ok

Dani California: she is GHCP from the begining

Chip: The same as when I was there

David: I'm back! Cool of Glenn to play a snippet of "It's Only A Dream" in Bilston last week.

Kayleigh-Cannock: weathers always wierd here, well except last week it was lovley whilst Glenn was over

David: Yeah Marie, the "book" is going to be a real eye opener, I think!

David: The shows in Spain looked like they went down well. The Russians are in for a real treat next month!

Dani California: o yes,they are very lucky

Chip: I was suppose to win the Powerball yesterday so I could attend some gigs in Russia

mariewilks: I can't wait for the book. He is an inspirational guy just from the bits you know - to see the whole bare face truth of it all in print will just increase how inspirational he is - I love his outlook! Can't beat a bit of phoenix from the flames and all that!

David: Yeah, my Lotto ticket had all the right numbers, just not in the right order, otherwise, I'd no doubt take a trip to Moscow!


mariewilks: I have some days off at the end of October and was checking out what Russian dates fall into the time I have off - could do St Petersburg maybe!!!!!

mariewilks: I'm thinking about it!!!

Dani California: that is great David, as always we will wait for pictures and if is possible for some videos

David: It'll be of a "Purple" heavy set for those dates...

David: Yeah Dani, hopefully they'll be coming...

David: Hi Wolfy

Chip: Clap for the Wolfman.

Kayleigh-Cannock: Hey

Chip: What's up wolfy?

wolfysmith: evening everyone

wolfysmith: another day in the garden planting!

Chip: I'm un-planting. Had a could of plams die on me.

Dani California: Hey Paul glad to see you here

Dani California:

Chip: Palms...that is.

Dani California: how are you?

wolfysmith: hey Dani - and Pete?

Dani California: and the little Gabi

Dani California:

wolfysmith: oops. and little one too now! LOL

Dani California: Gabi sleep and Pete is with her

mariewilks: Hi Wolfy

wolfysmith: Hi Marie - Kayleigh too. i saw you at the front of the stage on the right but couldnt find you afterwards to say hello Kayleigh.

mariewilks: Ooh I was stood near Kayleigh did you see me too? And what do you look like did I see you?

Kayleigh-Cannock: Hey cool, after the show i was hanging around for Glenn and then my dad wanted to get off home so didnt really have chance to stay and chat

wolfysmith: there's plenty of pics of me on here - and my myspace page.

David: I was there in spirit

Dani California: we too David

mariewilks: Were you in New Jersey?

Dani California:

wolfysmith: too bad Kayleigh. he stayed signing stuff for way past his supposed half hour.

mariewilks: Yeah we missed you David!

wolfysmith: You missed a hell of a show.

Kayleigh-Cannock: yeh i know you chould hear him a mile away when iwas speaking to him afterwards

Dani California: David do you know about any gigs in the UK again?

David: 2009

mariewilks: Good question Dani!

mariewilks: What about South America? In particular Rio

David: 2009

Kayleigh-Cannock: any midlands gigs on the cards?

wolfysmith: yeah. Carl said no uk shows till maybe april

mariewilks: Wolfy were you in New Jersey?

David: yeah, it should hopefully be an expanded edition of the FUNK tour that was there this past June

Kayleigh-Cannock: great stuff

David: they'll most likely be some USA dates here and there before that...for those that were wondering


wolfysmith: no Marie. i couldnt make it. i flew out to see GH play with Chad in LA last year and New York a couple of days later

mariewilks: Anything in Rio

David: Not this year Marie...


mariewilks: Ok we haven;t met either - I'm just trying to figure out who I've met and haven't met


David: Everyone here Marie I think except Wolfy by the sounds of it.

wolfysmith: So Kayleigh, that was your first live GH show. what impressed you the most?

Dani California: so,you said 2009 for the UK gigs?

Kayleigh-Cannock: no ive seen him twice before, at Jb's in 06 and then in June this year! I was very impressed

Dani California: then Gabi will be big enough for her first GH gig

Dani California:

mariewilks: How old is Gabi?

Dani California: 17 days

Kayleigh-Cannock: since i saw G in 06 ive really got into the **** side of his music, Marco Mendoza ex Whitesnake's music is very simular and funk orientated too


David: Yes, Dani..2009...Spring time...

Dani California: she was born on 11th of september

Chip: Whoa...what side of his music

mariewilks: Wow - congratulations!

Dani California: 2:42pm

Kayleigh-Cannock: as shes 1 day older than my cousin Dani

Dani California: 3.490 kg and 56 sm

Kayleigh-Cannock: bless

mariewilks: Ahh - thats great - first child?

Dani California: thanks Kayleigh

Dani California: yep,first for me

Kayleigh-Cannock: Chip : his signing side Marco not long ago releced his album and its really funky

mariewilks: How are you doing? Chatting on GHPG 17 days later is a good sign!

Kayleigh-Cannock: there so adorable and cute when there that small

Chip: I like Marco too. I was referring to the "other" side of Glenn's music you like. Re-read what you typed

wolfysmith: sept 11th is New Years Day in Ethiopia! and also the day Manhattan Island was discovered

Kayleigh-Cannock: ah sorry, ive got loads of msn convos going on at the same time lol


Dani California: I am ok now,but the first week was very bad,I was gave birth with forceps,but I forgot the pain in the moment I saw her

mariewilks: Wolfy you are a mine of great information. Phil Lynott died on my 5th birthday!

Kayleigh-Cannock: All of his music is great

Chip: I met Marco when he was here in Scottsdale with SoulSirkus

mariewilks: Bless you Dani - glad you are ok!

Kayleigh-Cannock: hes lovley isnt he?

Dani California: David do you know when the book will be published?

Chip: I probably wouldn't say lovely...but he's a nice guy

Dani California: Thanks Marie


David: There's no set date yet Dani....but around the Summer next year....

wolfysmith: Gabi will share a birthday with Tommy Shaw of Styx

Kayleigh-Cannock: ha i can just see Glenn doing a few signings, ha whs in cannock hahah, you ask anonr around there and theyve never even heard of him

Dani California: hey thats very good Paul

Dani California:

wolfysmith: i think it should be launched before UK tour then he could sign the book at gigs

Dani California: that would be great Paul

Kayleigh-Cannock: yeh

wolfysmith: Dani, everyday as a parent is a blessing. although as Lucy is only four its easy to say. when shes a moody teenager i might change my mind

David: They'll be signed editions available through the website, if it doesn't work out that way wolfy.

wolfysmith: i can a competition with one as the prize David. LOL

David: yep, you could see that coming, eh

Dani California: Yep Paul,I am agree with you

mariewilks: Anybody got any good guesses on the book title then - saw there was a thread about it?

Dani California: We are sooo happy with Gabi at home,she is amazing

Dani California:

Kayleigh-Cannock: Glenn Hughes the voice of Cannock

Kayleigh-Cannock: HAHAHA


wolfysmith: i thought "way back to the bone" would be apt

Kayleigh-Cannock: no honestly, i have no idea

mariewilks: My friends 6 year old has developed a sudden fear of going for a poo - it was interesting trying to get her to go today after her tea - and a memory I hope I still have for her 18th/21st/wedding day!

mariewilks: if that came out of nowher I was on the theme of every moment with kids beign precious!

David: So is everyone enjoying Glenn's Tweets? As a crackberry addict, I just had to get him on there! You can't say you don't know what he's up to!

wolfysmith: i love the Twitters David. feel like im in first class having a massage too. LOL

Chip: Those Tweets we see...are they the whole message? Looks like they trail off sometimes.

wolfysmith: thats all he types Chip. if you jump to his page you'll see.

David: it's limited to 140 characters per message...as they travel over the texting SMS networks...

mariewilks: Yeah I like the tweets! I like the really random ones!

Kayleigh-Cannock: im going to go now, im tired, didnt go to sleep untill 3 this morning

Kayleigh-Cannock: it was nice speaking to you and i hope to do this again soon x

wolfysmith: bye Kayleigh. see you around or at another gig

Chip: Yeah, Ive been on the page...thought you might have to be signed up to see more. I guess not.

mariewilks: Night Kayleigh - hope you get some sleep xxx

David: OK, thanks for stopping by Kayleigh....it was nice to see you here.

Kayleigh-Cannock: byee

Chip: See ya..Kayleigh.

David: No Chip...you're not missing anything

David: There is an Archive of all his Tweets from day one...here.

wolfysmith: i also enjoy his video messages. you get the sense of a buzz GH has from his gigs.

Chip: Especially this latest one.

David: you can tell when he's on his solo tour vs. someone elses, eh (ie: RRFC)


mariewilks: That latest video message was funny! The one form New Jersey I liked as I was there!

mariewilks: Yeah he sure loves doing his thing - and that is what is great about him - he does it because he has a passion and a conviction for what he is doing!

David: you got it Marie

Chip: Glenn told me he really liked the exposure he got from the RRFC...not much else though

mariewilks: To me he is unlike any other musician I have come accross! So well grounded and balanced and a great sense of humour!

wolfysmith: hopefully it leads to some USA solo shows other than LA and NYC. Phoenix maybe


David: Exactly Chip. Orlando was not a happy experience for me...I couldn't believe it...but the upside...is the exposure....and that afterall is what he needs over here...so it was worth it for that reason alone.

David: Hi Christian

wolfysmith: Hey Chris

Chip: Hi Christian

mariewilks: Hi Chris

chrisloeb: Good evening everybody! This looks different!

David: Yeah...it's subtle...but different

David: Still ironing out the kinks...but it's basically the same as before...

chrisloeb: So, how is everybody?

mariewilks: Its just like MSN!

wolfysmith: it certainly seems faster David. i uninstalled Java as i found a whole stack of old versions.

Chip: Good. Yourself?

chrisloeb: Basically good, thanks. We had a big election today.... don't ask me about that..........

Chip: Uh-oh.

Chip: We're gearing up for ours over herr.

Chip: ..here.

chrisloeb: But I also got a mint copy of Live in Texas - Dead Armadillos at the big record fair today, and a Dutch 7'' with picture sleeve of The Look In Your Eye!

Chip: Sweet.

David: Cool finds...

chrisloeb: Hold On is playing as I type...

wolfysmith: an election in the US? its hardly been mentioned here

Chip: Just a few minutes ago I realized I forgot about yesterday's record fair here in Phoenix.

David: We don't do politics here as a rule - there's plenty of other places to go for that...

chrisloeb: Has everybody got a drink, Cheers!

David: Virtually

David: Cheers!

wolfysmith: I saw a great spoof trailer about how the wrong Palin was up for it and it should be Micheal Palin - complete with Python clips.

Chip: I'm hoisting my glass of skim milk.

chrisloeb: Peter Goalby just asked

wolfysmith: talkin of listening to music. what are you all playing right now?

David: Cosmosquad/Acid Test

mariewilks: Cool - I want a copy of play me out which to me is like rocking horse **** to get hold of!

Chip: Nothing

wolfysmith: i've got the new cd by Lee Small - Through The Eyes of Robert Lees. some great stuff on it.

chrisloeb: Dead Armadillos right now. And two albums from an Aussie band from 1979/80 called Cybotron before that.

Chip: Thanks Marie..I've learned a new phrase today.

wolfysmith: WHAT!!!!!!! Chip, no music playing

mariewilks: I have a strawberry fruit shoot

chrisloeb: There was a record dealer from Sweden at the fair today who had every copy of Play Me Out that was ever released on vinyl, and really every version!

David: minus 1 though...mine!

mariewilks: OMG I want!!!!

wolfysmith: what was the prices like Chris?

mariewilks: Chip you are welcome for the new phrase!


David: 1 million dollars

mariewilks: I'm listening to 13th star by Fish

David: at least he's not flogging them on eBay!

chrisloeb: Prices for Play Me Out were between 20 and 50 Euros. The Japanese one was expensive of course. I didn't buy any though. Got two already

mariewilks: ooh nasty place - I drunkenly brought an unwanted breadmaker on ebay once - try to avoid it if can. Came in handy to sell my Rush tikets when I couldn't make the date though!

wolfysmith: actually i was thinking of asking GH to do Fool's Condition from the follow up album to PMO on the next tour. love that song.

chrisloeb: Correction of the above - of course he didn't have every "copy" of PMO, but one or two copies of every version that was ever released

mariewilks: You got any use for the second one? I'll take it!!!!!

David: Still outrageous....I'm on Glenn's case to get his stuff re-released himself here

chrisloeb: Sorry, mariewilks - one is vinyl and one is CD - both stay.

mariewilks: Get on his case more!

mariewilks: Well I thought it was a long shot Chris!

chrisloeb: No bother, I would have asked!

wolfysmith: You can get play me out on cd on amazon UK for 175. i just looked!

chrisloeb: a bargain!

wolfysmith: thats not a typing error. 175.67

Chip: Saw Incense and Peaches on ebay today for a couple hundred bucks.

David: These unfortunately take time, but he's certainly up for it...look how long it took to get Merch up here...now we have it...so it'll happen, but hopefully sooner rather than later...

wolfysmith: plus 1.24 postage


mariewilks: Woohoo!!!!

mariewilks: Yeah I saw that at 175 last week

mariewilks: Actually just gone on now theres one on for 50 plus shipping claiming ot be new - is it too good ot be true?

chrisloeb: Talkin 'bout merch - aren't the 'tan' coloured Hughes/Thrall shirts available anymore? My size was ut of stock when I wanted to buy one and now I can't find it anymore!?

Dani California: I am sorry,but have to go.Gabi is awake and want milk Hope to see all of you next monthly chat.

mariewilks: ot = to but I have fingers like cows tits and type fast and often get words backwards

Chip: There's another phrase for me

wolfysmith: Dani, love to all 3 of you

chrisloeb: Hey Dani - didn't see you there!

Chip: Bye Dani.

mariewilks: Night Dani - wish you and Gabi well xxx

David: That color is currenty still unavailable Chris. Other colors are available, just not that one.

mariewilks: I like to educate people Chip!

chrisloeb: Congratulations again - say hello to Pete and the baby!

David: Those are from the "hughesthrall.com" website (for folks wondering what Christian is talkin' about)!

mariewilks: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B000006ZQ7/ref=dp_olp_2/203-7821177-8427906?ie=UTF8andqid=1222636644andsr=8-1

David: Bye Dani!

Chip: Next time I'm over Marie...we'll have to meet up.

chrisloeb: (talkin' like a little child) But I want a 'tan'

mariewilks: guys just tell me am I seeing things - play me out New for 50?

mariewilks: Where do you live again Chip Phoenix was it?

Chip: Scottsdale, Marie

mariewilks: Where is Scotsdale?

Chip: Northwast part of town.

Chip: ...northwest

chrisloeb: not vast?


chrisloeb: Has everybody seen Glenn's latest video message? I really liked the ending. You could totally feel the gig-mood - the kind of excitement you get before a live show. Great. I love the ending!

David: Sorry Christian - only Brown or light Brown....for now that's the closest I can offer you

mariewilks: Cool, still doesn't mean anything - never been to Arizona!

wolfysmith: thats possible Marie. i have that version and the original. the RPM version has 4 bonus tracks whereas the Connoisseur version has Four on The Floor as a bonus.

chrisloeb: It's good, David, thank you. I was just foolin' around. Will check them out!

David: I know

Chip: Yes, Christian. We were talking about the video message a little while ago. I love it too.

mariewilks: It made me laugh - I loved the ending too - I was trying to clock who was going in and out of the loo on the video message

mariewilks: wolfy - should I get it?

David: I would get the one with the bonus tracks first...before the other...

chrisloeb: I thought it was the door to the backstage room, and not the loo, ha ha! Was it?

Chip: I agree with David. Wow, 50 pounds...that's almost 100 bucks for me.

wolfysmith: 50 is a lot. depends how much you want it! but the RPM version has 2 tracks that would have been on the follow up to PMO plus 2 other great never before released tracks. dont even ask aobut buying FOTF on vinyl!

chrisloeb: 50 bucks is a lot. If you are patient you might find a cheaper copy. Just a matter of time. Believe me, I've been collecting for quite a while...

chrisloeb: Sorry, that's 50 pounds, of course.

wolfysmith: i bought mine for 8.99 in HMV

wolfysmith: of course that was when the were issued

mariewilks: Well I though it was the loo but I could be worng!

chrisloeb: I bought mine (RPM CD) at Tower Records near Bayswater/London in March 1997.

mariewilks: Hmm since I've been looking its actually the cheapest i've seen it but then again I only look on amazon sporadically

wolfysmith: http://www.musicstack.com/album/glenn+hughes/play+me+out

chrisloeb: Try eBay and every second hand CD store you come across.

wolfysmith: vinyl is cheaper!

chrisloeb: Let me give you an example: For years, I've been looking for the Atlantic/Atco remastered Cd version of "Carla" by Carla Thomas. This was only available for a short period of time, deleted very quickly.

chrisloeb: And finally, on my holidayin Vancouver I found it for 6 Candian Dollars at a used CD store!

mariewilks: thanks wolfy!

mariewilks: thats a good story chris!

chrisloeb: It's a great album btw.

mariewilks: I was in new york in April and tried to get sme Brad Albums thinking I'd be able to out ther but was disappointed!

David: Hopefuly the next "Monkey Business" album will be more easily available than the last one...it took nearly a year before it ended up on iTunes!

mariewilks: I did find dawn patrol by nigh ranger though which I've had dificulty gettin ghold of over here

wolfysmith: BRAD! you like Shawn Smith, Marie?

Chip: Still can't recall where I got my Monkey Business CD from..I think it might have been from the band themselves.

chrisloeb: Funnily enough I had forgotten that I was looking for the Monkey Business CD after numerous failed attempts to track it down. After I asked about it, I found it on eBay and bought it within minutes...

mariewilks: Well I guess I do seeing as I tried to buy his albums!

chrisloeb: Have you listened to it now, Chip?


Chip: It's lying here on my desk Christian...still unplayed

wolfysmith: i saw Shawn live this year. he was absolutely brilliant. i have all his stuff from Brad, Satchel, Pigeonhed, Forever Breakers etc. plus solo stuff too.

mariewilks: and Satchel

mariewilks: Where did you see him this year?

wolfysmith: he played 4 uk shows. birmingham, york, london and somewhere else. he signed all my cds and i chatted to him afterwards for at least 30 minutes. a really cool guy.

mariewilks: how did I not know he was in UK? Actually I have lived in a bit of a fogg cloud this year and ny decided to do the Robyn gig in June on the day (although I always knew I would go) so it's likely I've missed so much stuff this year

wolfysmith: i mentioned satchel!

mariewilks: Nobody I know has ever heard of Brad!

mariewilks: I love the lbum cover for Shame!

wolfysmith: i videoed about 30 minutes of his show if you want me to send you a dvd. although i havent actually edited it properly yet!

mariewilks: I had the big dwarf from the far left hand side of the album cover as my mobile ohone wall paperw for ages!

wolfysmith: no-one i know has heard of any of his stuff! LOL

mariewilks: Yeah that would be cool wolfy!

mariewilks: So did we meet at the robyn last week?

wolfysmith: a lot of Pigeonhed songs were on The Sopranos shows

mariewilks: I was stood with Nathalie and Jerome for the gig

mariewilks: I never watched the sopranos - don't rally watch much tv

wolfysmith: i didnt speak to Nath until after the show. were you with here then? shame on NandJ for not introducing you

mariewilks: I was with her upstairs afterwards sat down on the sofa yes shame on them for not introducing - or maybe they did and we forgot!!!!

Chip: David...got my order from 220-Electronics yesterday. Also got a region-free dvd player. Haven't tried them out yet though...maybe hook them up this week. thanks again for the reminder about 220.

chrisloeb: If I may interrupt... Pity I couldn't be at the Robyn show. Preparing for my new job.

David: Cool Chip...that was quick delivery! It should all work out good for your project now!

mariewilks: Chris you missed a fab night - sorry guys - just took over te chat room - I did say I'll talk to anyone about anything! Jst tell me to shut my mush!

Chip: What's your new job Christian?

wolfysmith: i was upstairs afterwards too! is there a pic of you anywhere? i was with my friend john who was wearing a baseball cap. the guy who sang on guitar (jake) was another friend of mine.

David: The Dortmund show the night after sounded good too, although it can't compare to the hometown gig.

mariewilks: I have a couple of pics on member galleries under

chrisloeb: I got promoted, Chip. Will be the category manager for International Books and DVD of the whole Austrian part of the company at the buyer's office from Wednesday.

Chip: Congrats !!

David: Marie/Wolfy - go to the "Meet'n'Greet" section of the "Picture Gallery" you can find pix of yourselves there

mariewilks: Dortmund was just Glenn and Anders on a grand Piano - sounds like it was a good one and I know Anders will ahev enjoyed that one!

mariewilks: Congrats on the promotion Chris!

David: Yeah, Glenn is right when he says Anders is his "secret weapon", man he can play the keys!

mariewilks: Will do thanks David!

chrisloeb: Thanks!

wolfysmith: im looking now!

mariewilks: He came up to see me and jammed with some friends of mine in my local - the looks on their faces was great when he started playing!

David: Marie's on Page 1 and Wolfy on Page 5 - no Page 3

David: sorry, that's a UK insider joke!

mariewilks: Lol

chrisloeb: It's page 5 here, David

Chip: I think wolfy would look good on page 3.

wolfysmith: i recognise you now! LOL. but no, we didnt get introduced.

mariewilks: No we didnt get introduced!

wolfysmith: next time

mariewilks: How very rude of everyone!

David: I should of been there, eh! Jeez in NJ I felt like a compere...introductions et al...by the time I sat down I'd nearly lost my voice!! No wonder I was thirsty

wolfysmith: i was catching up with everyone. Hackney, NandJ, GH, Annette Galley, Tony Perry, Jake Henry etc etc.

wolfysmith: who was the girl singing on guitar first?

mariewilks: New Jersey was great - I feel lucky to have been t 2 such perosnal gigs in the space of a fortnight! What a month!

mariewilks: I don't know I didnt get upstairs till Jak was playing then left when Glenn did as we went convoy back to the hotel

mariewilks: Jake

David: Well folks, our time is nearly done for this month...it was great to see some new faces...will do it all again next month...Sunday, October 26th...usual time.

mariewilks: Night guys! nice to talk to you all! xxx

wolfysmith: wow, its flashed by tonight.

Chip: See everyone at the next chat and on the site. Bye.

chrisloeb: Bye everybody, Good Night - see you!

David: If you want to Register for a seperate CHAT username/password...just click the request link on the CHAT page...

chrisloeb: So how do log off???

wolfysmith: Marie, i will be in touch re Shawn Smith.

mariewilks: good question!

David: Click the "X" in the top right corner...

mariewilks: Yeah that will be cool Wolfy!


chrisloeb: Too easy, bye...

wolfysmith: goodnight from Cannock

David: Then close the browser window!

mariewilks: Oh that simple! Night all!

mariewilks: xxx

David: Talk to you next month...meantime, see you in the Fan Forum...

David: Bye for now...
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