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Old Nov-26-2003, 7:33 PM
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CHAT transcript - November 26th, 2003

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Tools/Printer Friendly Format from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - November 26th, 2003

Esther: Hi

David: : Hi Esther , nice to see you here

David: Gabi and maybe Glenn might stop by at some point, they didn't realize there was a chat until just the other day, so may or may not make an appearance this today.

Esther: Hi Kat !!!!

Esther: I saw you beautiful pics in the web!!

Kat: howdy!

James Gaden: Evening everybody!

David: Hey James - good to see you and you too Kat

Esther: Hola James!!!

Kat: hi david

David: So just for a change, we've all seen Glenn live recently

Kat: cool

James Gaden: Hey Esther ! I'm really fortunate tonight....usually I'm busy on Wednesdays but fate let me off tonight so I thought I'd hang out here.

Kat: that's great james

James Gaden: Anybody come down from the "Glenn live high" yet?

Kat: never james...it just carries through till the next time LOL

James Gaden: I know Kat...my first two Glenn shows one after the other, and two weeks later my first Jeff Scott Soto show!

Kat: cool!

Kat: then you get spoiled and want it like that all the time LOL

David: Glenn was smokin' on Sunday night in LA

Kat: I bet...sounded like a great show

David: the place was completely sold out with the queue to get in stretching over at least 5 blocks - it was great exposure for him.

James Gaden: I was surprised at the set. Some real rare oldies being aired!

David: Lay Down,Stay Down was awesome

Kat: I bet

Esther: I'd be perfect to live there... I have to wait to Spring to see him again

David: he was using the same Fender Precision as in the UK tour and it was sounding o'so sweet!

David: especially with that flanger (?) effect which he has perfected now

Kat: makin me jealous LOL

James Gaden: Did they change the arrangements to anything David, or just hammer them out as Purple would have?

David: John from the Peppers did a great job singing Coverdale's parts during Sail Away, and his guitar work was extraordinary!

David: It was very much a MKIII like performance...nailed to a tee, but with extra "ummph"!

David: Chad Smith was a crazy man on the drums...

Kat: lol

James Gaden: He'd have to be with that set!

David: the young crowd were stunned and amazed with Glenn's vocals...it was a real treat to watch them in awe of the voice.

Kat: that is so cool

David: big grins everywhere

Kat: hopefully some will follow through and get the new CD at least

James Gaden: Talent never fails to impress.

Esther: I have to say that I see more young people in Glenn's show as time passes

Esther: (mmm... I don't know if this is a correct expression... sorry for my english )

Kat: my son has enjoyed the shows and he is only 12

Esther: now I'm not the only one with my hair nor grey

Kat: your english is fine esther


David: they were second on the bill - the first band was a goth metal outfit - Marilyn Manson meets Accept meets Metallica - and the crowd were really into them - so for GH and band to impress this crowd was an amazing thing to watch.

Kat: wow really

David: I can't impress how well they went over....hopefully we'll see more of them together elsewhere sometime soon.

James Gaden: Who else filled out the bill David ?

David: Andrew WK was the headliner...

Kat: yeah a little tour support would be great LOL

oldhag13: oldhag13-Deborah, hi Glenn

David: others on the bill included the drummers from Blink 182 and Tool

David: it was a Drum competition thing, so the the evening ended with the 2003 winner playing for the crowd.

David: by that time I was upstairs with JohnH schoomzing

oldhag13: Deborah-Mean Fiddler AWESOME!!!!!!!

Esther: what a strange mix of bands

Kat: lol david

Esther: schoomzing??... uhmmmm, let me see my english dictionary...

Kat: lol

James Gaden: Good luck Esther!

Esther: hey!!! it doesn't exists in my dictionary!!! hehehe

Kat: what a surprise LOL

oldhag13: Glenn d'ya remember biting my finger!!?? NAH!! bet ya dont

James Gaden: Glenn's not here yet Deborah, but do tell us...why did he bite your finger?

Esther: he bited your finger???

Esther: why??

Kat: lol

oldhag13: he got carried away on stage! he apologised later, but i didn't mind at all!

James Gaden: Well that's something not many of us fans can claim!


Kat: lol

oldhag13: lol! i'm special then!!! ha ha ha

James Gaden: Do you have any clue when Voodoo Hill 2 comes out David ?

David: I think March timeframe...but not exactly certain on that....don't quote me!

Esther: Glenn told me something about Voodoo Hill. He said that it'll be like a theatre story... each song a different story sung like a character of this story

Esther: something like an opera but he plays all the characters

James Gaden: That sounds good....the first was great in my book. Especially "Keep It To Yourself".

Kat: sounds cool

Esther: he told me something abour Judas Priest style...

David: exactly Esther..

Esther: (I put a fear face when he told me that hehe)

James Gaden: Hi Shirean!

Kat: hi shirean

David: Hey luv...

oldhag13: is Glenn due in tonite or have i made a mistake?(unusual 4 me coz i'm so clever!NOT!)

Esther: Hi Shirean!!

Shirean: Hello all - sitting here at my desk eating my lunch!

David: He and Gabi might stop by in a little while....

Shirean: How is everyone doing?

Kat: fine u?

James Gaden: Marvellously thank you!

Esther: a little asleep... but fine!!! you?

Kat: lol

Esther: it's 10:30 p.m. here in Spain

Shirean: I'm doing good, just very busy with Thanksgiving tomorrow here in the US

Kat: cool

oldhag13: i'm quite new 2 all this!? do u have a regular monthly chat anyway whether Glenn is there or not?

David: yes...every 3rd week of the month...same time as this...although we took 2 months off due to the Euro tour recently....

oldhag13: altho i've been a fan 4 30 (gulp!) years, i'm quite a virgin 2 the net!

Kat: lol it takes practice

oldhag13: nice 2 meet u Shirean at the AWESOME mean fiddler gig

Esther: You'll love the net... it's incredible to talk with people of a lot of places in the world at the same time

Kat: yes it is

oldhag13: seen some great fotos on different sites

James Gaden: Exactly. How many countries have we got on here now collectively? 3? 4?

Esther: almost countries as people are here

Shirean: It was nice to meet you too oldhag13

oldhag13: i like the net, i'm just slow! u can't teach an old dog (or an oldhag!) new trix


Kat: lol

Esther: Uhmmm... personal question...David and Shirean...are you twins??

Esther: you don't have to answer if you don't like to

Shirean: No Esther

David: Mr+Mrs


Esther: sorry, oldhag13 ... I changed completely the subject of the conversation

oldhag13: they're married

Esther: oopssssss... sorry, I thought that you were brother and sister

James Gaden: That's what chats are for Esther!

Esther: sorry, sorry, sorry

Kat: yep, it's a good way to get to know people

oldhag13: it's o.k

Shirean: Esther, you start to look like one another after 20 years

Esther: That was for the surname... here you don't change your surname when you get married

Kat: does that mean I'll soon be skinny like my hubby? LOL


David: James can attest to us being married...we gave him a ride to a couple of the UK shows....we must have sounded very married

Kat: lol david

Shirean: Greetings Pete

Kat: hi pete

Pete S.: hi all

Esther: Hi Pete

David: Hey Pete...could to see 'ya.

oldhag13: kno wot u mean!!

James Gaden: You weren't as bad as you thought, honest! My therapy ended last week

Pete S.: hey likewise my friend

James Gaden: Hey Pete!

Pete S.: hi james ok?

James Gaden: Great thanks mate. You?

Pete S.: not bad decorating bathroom.........

Pete S.:

James Gaden: It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it.

David: hope your using James' GH wallpaper!!!

Kat: what a pain LOL

Pete S.: yeah....and it's boring

Kat: I am scraping the walls in mine...or rather I should be instead of chatting LOL

Pete S.: yeah dave....i'm on print no.136


Pete S.: running out of ink

Kat: lol


Kat: hi shirl

Esther: Hi Shirl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David: Hi Shirl, good to see you...

oldhag13: gotta go goodnite + Godbless all lotsa luv hugz peace + big sloppy Xs 2 u all + Gabi + ESPECIALLY Glenn!

Kat: ooops gone again

James Gaden: Hey Shirl. How are you?

Shirl: Hello everyone - thought I'd never get here

David: thanks for stopping by....

Kat: night old hag

Shirl: Well I'm okay but have about five or ten minutes then gotta go!!!

Esther: hi oldhag

Pete S.: tanx kat

Esther: I say... bye oldhag

Pete S.: high shirl

Pete S.: lol

James Gaden: Maybe see you at the next one!

Shirl: Hi Kat and Hi Esther - nice to finally have a chat amongst you!!

Shirean: There ya go!

Kat: nice to see you too shirl!

Esther: Hi Shirl!!!!! Thanks again for your mail!!!!!!!!!

Shirl: So - it's great to speak with you again Shirean and David - lovely to meet up with you again in October. And WONDERFUL to finally meet Chris, Keith, James, Pete et al

Shirl: And David - I'm so envious that you got to the drum off the other night

Pete S.: likewise shirl

Kat: nice things about the tours, actually getting to meet some of the peeps

David: yeah, it was an awesome performance....it couldn't have gone any better for him and it was great exposure to such a diverse crowd, especially the younger ones who were bowled over by his voice.

Shirl: we may surprise you one day Kat and have a whole lotta UKers creep up behind you at one of Glenn's gigs!

Shirl: And Esther - it was a pleasure to bring a smile to your face! We gotta look after each other

Kat: cool!

James Gaden: Yeah! Thanks for that Purple Ronnie email too Shirl...although what reminded you of me about it I don't know.

Pete S.: hey shirean...i bet the merchandise was virtually sold out by the end of the uk tour

Shirl: David - I was surprised to read about the youngsters - were they there to see Glenn???

Shirean: Yes indeed sold out!

David: No, I don't think so...it was an "all ages" show, so they were mostly there to see the Peppers players, plus Blink 182 and Tool drummers....

Shirl: I think it's fantastic that Glenn is getting through to a younger audience when he's working with other artistes. My daughters are in love with him now (especially Jennifer - she knows EVERY word to every song!!!)

David: the queue to get in stretched almost 5 blocks!!

Kat: cool shirl

Kat: my son is a big fan too

Shirl: I wish we were queueing five blocks to watch him over here (though us CP's would not have to wait in line surely!)

Esther: well... Am I the only one here with no child ???

David: er, James is the youngest

James Gaden: No, I haven't either Esther. I'm only 25!

David: sorry mate, couldn't resist - Chris Spencer gave you such a bad time!!

Kat: lol

Esther: no... I'm 23


James Gaden: If you looked as haggared and old as Spencer, David, you'd be jealous of a fit young stud like me too. I hope he reads this....

Shirl: hiya its jennifer here just saying a big hello and hope you're well to david and shirean

Pete S.: i'm 22

Esther: I'm the youngest

Shirl: bye - jennifer

Kat: geez pete my marriage is as old as you LOL

Esther: oopsss... no, I'm not the youngest

Shirean: Sorry all - I have to run my lunch hour is over - See you all next month for the "Christmas Chat"!

Shirean: Take Care

Shirl: 23 - those were the days!!

James Gaden: It's my boyish good looks you know. I can pass for younger than
Esther !

Esther: Hi Jennifer!

David: thanks Jennifer...

Pete S.: plus 18

Shirean: Bye

Esther: Bye, Shirean, see you!!!!

Pete S.: bye

James Gaden: You must have had a rough paper round then Pete.

Pete S.: working down pit for 28 hours per day james


Shirl: hello esther. my mum's got a picture of you all in her lounge so I know who I'm talking to now. got to go now. If glenn comes on line say hello from me. he's a lovely man and a brilliant singer. bye eveyone xx

James Gaden: Bye Shirean!

David: bye Shirl ....

Shirl: David - that was Jennifer saying goodbye!!

Esther: bye, Jennifer... nice to meet you!!! Give a kiss to your mum for me

David: Ooops - bye Jennifer

Shirl: I've got another five minutes

Pete S.: cya

Pete S.: shirl i'll send you a pic from rio's

David: G&G said if they make it .... it would be towards the end, so we have a little longer to wait...

Shirl: Thanks Pete - got a great collection this time around

Shirl: Was just going to ask David - I have to go out and pick my other daughter up from a show, but if I'm back in 30 perhaps our man may be here??

James Gaden: Yeah, that's more like it! No secrets here Pete...the UK shots will see to that!

Pete S.: indeedy james

Shirl: Anyone on here NOT got HTP2 - MUST get it this weekend. I have been surprised at the excellent reviews as I'm not a JLT fan but will definitely give it a listen

Esther: JLT sings better than ever in HTP2

Kat: I don't have it yet

Kat: hoping to get it this weekend, if I can find it

James Gaden: It's awesome. Get it get it GET IT!

David: you know here's a story...I managed to get a few minutes with Chad Smith the other night....and boy, does he dig HTP 2 - he really enjoyed working on it and was happy to hear it's now out in the States.

Kat: that's cool David

Shirl: I used to like his voice when he did ballads but he's not to my taste (sorry James)

Pete S.: hi john

John H: Hi All

Kat: hi John

Esther: Hola John!!

David: Hey John...pleased you made it...

Shirl: Hello JohnH - you getting over your brilliant night with Glenn??

John H: Hola Senora!


John H: Yes getting over it...

John H: It was so quick the set trying to keep it in my memory

John H: That's the problem with concerts.......over and done like drinking a beer.

Shirl: I know - I never know how anyone can remember the set list cos I go blank

Kat: yep

Esther: yes

John H: I have to write the lists down

Esther: I have to ask a lot of people to fill the setlist

Kat: it's a pain to try to take notes while enjoying the show

Shirl: We talked about Glenn coming to the UK for so long, and then it was as if he never came

David: it was a whirlwind visit alright

Shirl: You're right Kat - I'd be frightened of missing a second of the show!

Shirl: Do you think HTP2 will do quite a few gigs David, or are we gonna get two or three?

John H: So has Glenn come to the chat yet today

Shirl: Not yet John

John H: K

Shirl: towards the end, according to David

Shirl: with Gabi

Shirl: anyway - gotta go - already late - will try and get back shortly. Love to you all xx

Kat: bye shirl

Esther: love, Shirl

Esther: bye

Pete S.: cya later shirl

John H: Cheers Shirl

David: Well according to the MTM Music site, the tour is from March-May and WolfySmith's article from the Chase Post today, mentioned something about an appearance in Cannock in May...so may be a week or so worth of UK shows....I know they're wanted to book one in Scotland this time around, so maybe the same cities as his solo tour plus one in Scotland....but that's just me guessing....

Pete S.: Chris will be chuffed

James Gaden: Hey John!

James Gaden: You're entitled to your opinion shirl...even if you are totally wrong.

Kat: lol

David: like I said, that's just me guessing...I'm sure we'll here the official dates soon enough...

John H: Hi James

Pete S.: are you coming over David ?

David: Hopefully....we plan on it....

Pete S.: different hotels

David: in Bradford for sure

Pete S.:

Pete S.: do you think that there will be a meet after the gigs

David: I would think so.

Esther: he told me that he will be touring with HTP in the Spring'04 and with his next album aroun November'04

Pete S.: hey thats great...another good year

Esther: 2 times in a year... that's great!

Kat: sounds good to me

David: Hopefully G&G will make an appearance shortly....

John H: Esther, do you get novelas from Telemundo in Spain?

Esther: I don't like very much the novelas, John

John H: It's funny.....it's like me with american sitcoms....


John H: Most novelas are awful, but there is one good one I am watching

Esther: what one??

John H: Pasion De Gavilanes

John H: it is very good......good stories

John H: great looking actors

Esther: I don't know it...

John H: From Colombia

Esther: yes, the only good thing in novelas are the actors hehe

John H: LOL

Kat: lol

John H: Well this one has good plots and stories though

John H: and the scenery is very very beautiful

Esther: but everyone is the same... I love you, you love the other, I'm jealous, I get pregnant from your brother....

John H: It's true


Kat: hehe


John H: Now Telemundo has captions in english

James Gaden: I'd love to meet JLT.....in case you didn't know I'm a big fan!

John H: it really helps

John H: Jlt is a great guy

John H: nice guy

John H: he gets too much flack from DP fans

John H: it's a load of BS

Kat: i met him once for about 2 seconds LOL

David: they had HTP meet'n'greets last year....

Esther: I don't have Telemundo here... I think that it could be watched by cable or some satellite TV

David: I'm sure you'll get the chance in Spring time....

John H: somebody had to replace Gillan

John H: and everybody hates him because it was him

Pete S.: apart from rainbow fans?

Esther: sorry... my boyfriend at the telephone... I'll come back soon

Kat: they are never happy with change

Kat: k

John H: regreso pronto!!!!!

John H: Yep

John H: People hated Ian Astbury with the new Doors

John H: but not so much anymore

Pete S.: whats he like john?

John H: once people see the shows they are won over

John H: Very lowkey guy.....nice guy

Pete S.: and how did he get the job?

Pete S.: from the cult to the doors

Pete S.: and english lol

John H: I think it was because he did a great job during that VH1 special with the Doors, with all the different singers in 2000

John H: I got to see him with the Cult a year ago also

Pete S.: yeah...i see.good band the cult

Pete S.: simple guitar riffs

Pete S.: but good

John H: So what is the consensus here on HTP2

John H: I'm still finding it a tough nut to crack

Kat: hi Grace

Kat: I haven't gotten it yet

Pete S.: hi Grace

David: Hi Grace

Pete S.: i think it'll take a few listens john...one of those

Esther: I'm back Hi Grace!!

Grace: hello everyone, sorry I'm late, but all best wishes to the USA part of our GH family, for a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!!!

Pete S.: but has longevity

Kat: wb esther

John H: Yep....it's gotten more than a few....I do like many of the songs, but some begin to get on my nerves

John H: or bore me

David: Hold On, Sofia, Losing My Head, Let's Talk About It Later and even Time & Time Again are my faves at the moment...but they're all good, those just happen to be today's picks!

John H: Hi Grace

Kat: back at ya Grace!

David: you too Grace...thanks.

Pete S.: why's that john...the riff's

David: as I mentioned on the Forum....G&G might make it - there's still time for them to appear

Esther: My fav is Losing my head... very different, great vocals

John H: Maybe it's the riffs and the melodies are a bit wierder than normal

John H: As opposed to the more mainstream riffs and melodies of HTP and SitKor

Kat: wb Grace

John H: or the Way IT IS for example

Grace: I hit the wrong button again, sorry

David: it gives them some direction though...versus the tried and tested formula of the first one....

John H: Yes even though I don't like it I'd rather seem them shake up the boat

Esther: yes, David

James Gaden: Jimmy G back in da house!

Kat: wb james

Pete S.: yeah...not the well trodden classic rock...which i like as well...more diverse

Esther: Hi again Jimmy G!!!

Pete S.: hi james

James Gaden: Thanks! That was weird. My side showed the conversation fine, yet everybody else saw me having a big delay. Thirty kinds of strange....that settles it. I'm going Broadband!

James Gaden: Hey Grace! How's my favourite homicidal maniac today?

Kat: broadband is great

Grace: haven't killed anybody YET, so be careful

Kat: ut oh LOL!

Pete S.: lol

Grace: bring us newcomers up to date on the discussion?

Pete S.: john what do you think of the keyboard solo in "on the ledge"?

Esther: May I ask you a question??... Who is Bonzo?? The song of SITKOR, Higher Places if I remember... It says "song for Bonzo"

James Gaden: Well Grace, we know Pete lies about his age, Esther and I don't have any children, and Kat is fatter than her husband.

Kat: drummer for led zep

James Gaden: Bonzo is John Bonham Esther.

Kat: thanks james LOL

Pete S.: lol

Esther: aaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa, thank you!!!

James Gaden:

Esther: now I understand

Kat: all caught up now LOL

James Gaden: Anybody listening to anything while the chat is in progress? If so, what?

Esther: It's difficult for me to catch the subject of a song, but I try to understand the lyrics of every Glenn songs

David: SITKOR - Wherever You Go...right now.

Esther: I didn't understand the meaning of higher places very well

Esther: I'm listening the TV, because my brother is in the room and he doesn't want to listen my "strange music" hehe

Kat: wb shirl

Esther: Hi again, Shirl!!

James Gaden: I'm rocking out to Cold Chisel...their box set is one of the best things I've bought for ages.

Kat: lol esther

Pete S.: howdooo

David: they've been and gone Shirl


Kat: hehe

Shirl: Not to worry - it must have been very short and sweet

Pete S.: lol

David: Naw...just kidding!!

James Gaden: That was cruel!

Pete S.: tight

Shirl: Women don't forget, David Harrison, I will get you back!!!


Kat: ut oh!


Shirl: As Ozzy would say, I love you all, but you're all f****** mad!

Pete S.: yeah my wife has never forgot

Kat: lol

James Gaden: At least it wasn't Grace you upset. Shirl may maim you, but death is out of the question.

Shirl: and we never got anything for the first bail fund, eh James??

Grace: as Ozzie would say......I'm the XXXXXXX prince of darkness, I don't want bubbles......Ozzie quote

Pete S.: lol


Shirl: Hello girlfriend!!! I didn't realise you were here!

Kat: lol

James Gaden: One of the few saving graces of that dreadful series.

Shirl: And that's an excellent quote - can you think of an appropriate one for Glenn

Grace: got here late and I keep hitting the wrong keys

Shirl: I enjoyed it James but only cos it's Ozzy - it wouldn't be such good viewing if it wasn't him.

James Gaden: Grace, put the axe down. You'll find it easier to type.

Grace: I never saw that series for a minute, but I heard about that quote

Shirl: And I love Sharon Osbourne

Esther: I can't bear their Osbournes children uffffffff

Shirl: Is Keith here?

David: nope

Shirl: Looks like our man's left the building, so to speak

Shirl: ten minutes and counting

Kat: too bad

Kat: would have been nice to say hello

Pete S.: sorry

Shirl: At least we all got a chance to say hello again

John H: Yeah it always is

Kat: yep

Shirl: Pete - ??

David: They didn't say for definite they'd make an appearance but would try their best...


Shirl: Yes!! Groovy baby!

Pete S.:

James Gaden: Not to worry. He wouldn't normally have been here, so if he shows it's a bonus. We've managed ok so far talking amongst ourselves.

Kat: hehe yep

John H: Was good to see him on Sunday

Shirl: If he's trying to organise ten shows for the UK, I'll forgive him!!!

Kat: lol

Kat: only 10 shirl?

David: I told him we don't get normally get a boat load on a regular CHAT...so maybe I put him off!!!

Shirl: and then a day's break, and then another five, Kat!!

Pete S.: lol

Kat: ohhh ok LOL

Shirl: I know - I never seem to be able to make the CHATs these days.

Kat: maybe not a boat load, but all the best LOL

James Gaden: So it's YOUR fault David. Damn your eyes man!

Pete S.: yeah

David: we'll give a them a few more minutes


Pete S.: lets blame david



Shirl: Sorry David - you said it was great to see him on Sunday. No doubt. You've got to know him quite well over the years. Do you still get the same buzz when watching his shows and chatting with him?

James Gaden: You staying awake ok Esther?

David: I still get lost for words sometime!

Esther: yes!!! it's almost midnight here and I'm awake

Esther: (I won't be able to say the same thing tomorrow morning

Kat: lol

David: it's usually so rushed at a gig...so there's not much time to really talk....whereas in other situations it's a lot more relaxed. As for the shows...I may say I've had my fill of the Purple songs in the setlist...but everytime you see him play, that complaint get's completely washed away - Sunday's show yet again proved that - you always walk away with a smile on your face!

James Gaden: I've got to be at work in eight hours!

Pete S.: early start in the morning esther?

Esther: yes... I have to go to my classes at the university

Esther: but it doesn't matter... I'm having a good time now with you and I don't want to go to bed

John H: I would love to see that University

John H:

Esther: and I'm taking english lessons for free

James Gaden: You don't need many from what we see on the board.

Kat: your english is very good

Esther: Why would you love to see my university, John??

John H: Sorry Esther .....I'm a Latina fanatic

John H: Latins are my obsession

Esther: heeey, I knew it... it's great

John H: But I also enjoy the culture as well

John H: as the beautiful women


John H: Now I just found out my Grandpa

John H: was into it also

John H: and would play flamenco music full blast

Kat: lol

Esther: so come to Spain for some time!!!

John H: I know he liked black hair also

John H: So I've bloody inherited this!!!!!!!!!!!


John H: No wonder I go nuts during Blackmore's solo on Black Masquerade

John H: Thanks......definitely have to go there someday

Esther: yes, you have to!!!!

John H: Would like to go to Colombia too but

John H: I like all my body parts attached to me

Esther: yes, it's a dangerous place

John H: Hey Pete

John H: are you the one that sang "Life's Unkind" ?

Pete S.: howdy john....yeah


John H: What has happened with that project

John H: I still wonder about it occasionaly

John H: That was great!!!!!!!1

Pete S.: well i'm not in that band anymore, so nothing really....just recording on the PC....Cakewalk etc

Pete S.: i'll get you the full version sometime

Pete S.: cheers...john

John H: Thanks...

John H: would love it

Esther: how do you record on the PC?? There is a programm or something to record??

Grace: I've got to run, take care everyone......

Pete S.: yeah....there's a few...but Cakewalk is quite popular

Kat: bye Grace

John H: Bye Grace

Esther: bye, Grace

Pete S.: cya Grace

Grace: Have a great Thanksgiving, USA folks.

James Gaden: Talk to you soon Grace. Take care!

David: Thanks for stopping by Grace...

Pete S.: it turns your PC into a studio

Esther: I'll see if I can get Cakewalk... to play to be a singer hehe

Pete S.: lol

Pete S.: i think it's about 700

Kat: dang

Esther: how many euros is it??? (I don't now the exchange)

Esther: or dollars??

John H: it's about 400 dollars

John H: which in Euro is let's see.....

James Gaden: If you do any recording, make sure you put it on "Keeping Time" on GHPG for us all to hear!

Esther: oopssssss... a little expensive to be a toy

David: Looks like G&G won't be coming afterall...nevermind, it was great they even offered - hope you all enjoyed your visit regardless.

Kat: too bad they couldn't make it tho

Pete S.: yep it's been great david

John H: 330 Euro or so

John H: Been fun David

Esther: about 380 Euros

Pete S.: ok james....there's some good stuff there

David: you can stick around if you want....

John H: Sorry my bad math

James Gaden: I've enjoyed it....this is my first non Glenn chat. If you'd have kept quiet David, you could've claimed I was the special guest!

Kat: hehe


Pete S.: john do record your own stuff?

Esther: I don't know it exactly...

John H: That's right I know that but was trying to do it off the top of my head.

John H: Haven't been doing any recording just gigging

John H: four days a week

Esther: you were righter than me... 338 Euros... You win the prize, John!!!


Pete S.: phew...that's busy....no time then john. does it pay for your living?

John H: That's funny

John H: yeah it's my only job right now

John H: Well I was just in Germany so I kind of know the exchange rate

Pete S.: hey everyone it's been good talking with you .for those in the US have a great thanksgiving tomorrow. Take care all.......see ya soon.

David: Talk to you soon Pete, great to see 'ya.

Esther: see you, Pete, take care. Kisses

Kat: bye pete

Pete S.: Cheers......Pete S.

James Gaden: See ya Pete!

John H: Cheers Pete

James Gaden: Thank God the old man's buggered off!

Kat: lol

John H:


David: Well I'm going to have to track down that Chris Catena and Aina album out before year's end...so as to make way for another slew of GH music next year

Kat: cool

James Gaden: I keep wondering if the Catena album can possibly live up to the calibre of people on it.

David: yeah, I know what you mean James

John H: The samples sounded good

John H: and all those Catena fans loved it right David ?

John H:


Esther: Who is Aina??? (sorry, I have very very bad memory for the names of people )

John H: Yeah who is Aina

John H: The metal opera?

Esther: perhaps it isn't a name...

Esther: an opera??

James Gaden: Good, it's not just me. Who is Aina?


Esther: is it the opera where Glenn appears???

James Gaden: Alright then, what is Aina? Where is Aina? Why is Aina? What a chat this is....moving into philosophical territory now!

Esther: (my boyfriend told me something about it, but I can't remember well)

Esther: lol James

John H: I'm sure we will find out

Esther: sure

John H: Well folks I need to get going....It has been fun

Kat: bye John

John H: Sorry for you that GandG weren't here

Esther: Yes, It was great to talk with you, John

David: Thanks for stopping by John...maybe next time.

John H: Cheers

John H: Salut

Esther: take care. Besitos

John H: Yeah David, we just saw them so no big deal for us

David: 'tis true!

John H: Besos

Esther: Besos, John

Kat: lol

James Gaden: Take care John. Beware any Mercedes drivers!

Kat: lol

Esther: Well, I'm thinking about going to sleep now... I can't keep my eyes opened

Kat: night Esther

Esther: It was a pleasure to share this time with all of you

Kat: you too

Esther: Hope to repeat it

David: Thanks Esther for stopping by, hopefully it wasn't a wasted trip.

James Gaden: I won't be long either.....night Esther!

David: Next one will be just before Christmas.

Esther: No, it was great!!!!

Esther: I'll try to be here

Esther: thanks all for your kindness

Esther: Besos to all. Take care....cya soon!!!!

David: bye

Kat: bye

James Gaden: We're "family" here Esther, near enough! Look after yourself!

James Gaden: And then there were three....

Kat: lol

David: Thanks for coming, pleased you enjoyed yourselves...

Kat: as always

James Gaden: Yeah, it's been a nice alternative Wednesday night!

David: The next CHAT will be the week before Christmas - Wednesday, December 17th.

Kat: cool

Kat: can't wait!

Kat: bye all!

James Gaden: I'll try and make that one too.

David: Cool - see you then

James Gaden: See you Kat!

David: Talk to you next time James.

James Gaden: Thanks for setting it all up as usual David! See you on the boards!

David: Bye for now!
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Old Nov-27-2003, 6:21 AM
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Honestly, I miss one chat session due to Manchester United are playing footbal and Young Gun James gets all cheeky n showing a lack of RESPECT to his elders n wiser men !!!!!

Better make sure I am around to put him in his place!

The Elder Statesman of GHCP's!!!!
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Old Nov-27-2003, 7:45 AM
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Look forward to seeing you then Chris....just hope James makes another appearance
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Old Nov-27-2003, 9:47 PM
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Better ask his mother as it maybe past his bed time !!!! (Sorry mate !!!)
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Old Nov-27-2003, 10:43 PM
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Oooh, fighting talk! Just bring it you old fart! At least I don't need a mug of coffee to keep me awake for a late night chat. I know you like to retire with a cocoa and your pipe and slippers as soon as the clock strikes nine!

As for Man Utd playing, well that's your story and I guess you're sticking to it. Those in the know are aware you really missed the chat because your colostomy bag exploded.

I enjoyed the chat David, and I'll make a special effort to make the next one, regardless of what my crappy dial up connection thinks.


"How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"
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Old Nov-28-2003, 3:43 AM
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Hey James i think you'll be out numbered....don't forget your bottle of cider lol.Same time, same place my friend.


Pete S.
(cocoa with two sugars and a strange looking pipe )
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Old Nov-28-2003, 9:26 AM
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Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahagiggle......you crack me up young buck, make sure you have pleanty of nappies around n Ill emptying the colostomy bag !!!!!!!
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Old Dec-07-2003, 7:25 AM
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My back's turned for a few days and there's blood and snot everywhere!

Hope you've all kissed and made up ... and I think I'm older than all of you! ... not collectively of course!!
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