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Old Jan-26-2004, 7:19 AM
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This message I got in the Black Sabbath mailinglist today. Lets keep our fingers crossed....



Monday morning here brings some very welcome news, and something that when
I found out about it came as a shock, as I was not expecting this to
actually happen, tell you the truth. I got word that Tony Iommi intends on
releasing what's commonly known as the "Eighth Star bootleg". This
material was recorded back in 1996 for what was then to be a Tony Iommi's
first official solo album. It was later abandoned for what eventually did
become Tony's first official solo album, "Iommi".

The album featured former Deep Purple & Black Sabbath singer Glenn Hughes
on vocals and bass, former Sabbath & Ozzy and current Deep Purple
keyboardist Don Airey, and former Judas Priest drummer Dave Holland on
drums. I've heard the album, and I have to say it shows that Iommi can
play more than just Black Sabbath riffs. There's some great bluesy stuff
here, some awesome vocals from Glenn Hughes, and some good heavy stuff,
too. Here's some facts about the release of the album.

* Tony will be going in and mixing the album with the intent of releasing
it later this year

* No details yet as to a precise release date, other than "later this year"

* No details as to the final track listing or track order

* No details yet as to what form the release will take (Internet download,
a CD, etc)

* The sound of the existing bootleg will be crap compared to the final,
finished album.

* No details as to what the actual name of the album will be upon release
(8th Star is a bootleg name).

The reason for the track listing comment is that there's one song on the
existing bootleg that Tony isn't even on at all! This is a wonderful
development, and over the years I've been wishing that Tony would release
this album, as I've personally thought it was a wonderful album, and for it
never to see the light of day is a crime. Properly cleaned up, I'm sure
this album will be widely accepted by Iomi & Sabbath fans everywhere!

Once I get more details on the release, bet your ass I'll pass them on.

Any feedback on this? I'll be collecting feedback on this issue and
passing it on to Tony through his management.
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Old Jan-26-2004, 9:00 AM
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If true, this will make a lot of GH fans VERY happy. Now if Iommi would only work on a release of "The Eternal Idol" with Ray Gillen's original vocals intact...

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Old Jan-26-2004, 2:08 PM
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I was suitabily inspired to throw my copy of "Eighth Star" on the computer as I type. We all know about "Gone" but I really enjoy "Don't Drag The River" and "I'm Not The Same Man" as well. You had a great band, some killer tunes and our very own Papa G singing his butt off! All sorts of great news!

Yours In The Funk
Bill Redford
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Old Jan-26-2004, 8:27 PM
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Great news.
But i think the cd will be a little too short.
Perhaps Iommi will add some instrumental cut.
Or we'll see Glenn and Iommi back in the studio to finish this project......
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Old Jan-27-2004, 4:57 AM
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Actually, I have an instrumental called "Wonderful Land" that supposedly comes from the Iommi/Hughes "Eighth Star" sessions, (it has never occurred to me to verify this with Glenn), so that is certainly a possibility.

Check it out...

Attached Files
File Type: mp3 NewsViews_Wonderful_Land_(Instrumental).mp3 (5.40 MB, 0 views)
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Old Jan-27-2004, 5:02 AM
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Unfortunately, I did a little digging, and it turns out that "Wonderful Land" is actually a track from a tribute album to Hank Marvin that Iommi played on a few years back, so I guess it's not from the "Eighth Star" sessions after all.
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Old Jan-29-2004, 12:48 PM
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This ceertainly would be welcome news if it does indeed happen. It is too bad alot of hungry fans had to resort to buying the bootleg in the first place(I include myself)but will definitely pick up an official version the day it becomes available.

Let's hope it does happen, people take notice and more releases of this type see the light of day!!

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Old Aug-04-2004, 3:54 PM
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Great news from Glenn's site about the Iommi release.

What with the DVD, Phenomena and now this, looks like an early Christmas is coming our way this year
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Old Aug-08-2004, 7:15 AM
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Here's more on the upcoming official release...

IOMMI/HUGHES: Official Version Of 'Eighth Star' Will Be Significantly Different From Bootleg

The Tony Iommi/Glenn Hughes album recorded in 1996, heavily bootlegged as the much in demand "Eighth Star" (not the project's official title), will be quite markedly different to the version currently on the underground market when it is officially released through Sanctuary Records later this year.

Strengthening the BLACK SABBATH connection is bassist Neil Murray, from the "Headless Cross", "Tyr" and "Forbidden" eras, who revealed his participation recently. "I spent one afternoon replacing the bass on two songs, one of which only had to be replaced because Tony Iommi had altered the riffs used in the song, or the original Glenn Hughes bass track would have been used," he said.

It is commonly known that Don Airey, himself a man with BLACK SABBATH connections and now a member of DEEP PURPLE, supplied some of the keyboards on the record. However, also involved in the sessions was BLACK SABBATH keyboard veteran Geoff Nicholls.

The biggest change though is a complete overhaul of the originally recorded drums. In 1996 former JUDAS PRIEST man Dave Holland put down all the percussion work. However, Jimmy Copley of TEARS FOR FEARS, the PAUL RODGERS BAND and a colleague of Murray's in M3, has re-cut the drum tracks.
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