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Old Mar-30-2008, 8:23 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - March 30th, 2008

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - March 30th, 2008

Shirean: Hey guys

Arjen: Hello Shirean

Shirean: What's going on?

Arjen: All is great here!

Shirean: David will be here in a bit, he's uploading something for me...

air dance: hi every body im a new comer here

Shirean: Welcome air dance

Arjen: Welcome air dance!

air dance: thanks all

Arjen: Ill be right back

air dance: take ur time

Shirean: so where do you hail from air dance?

air dance: i am from new zealand

Shirean: WoW cool

Shirean: You must be excited about Glenn coming to NZ!

air dance: yeaayeyeaa

air dance: i wish that he performs some sabbath nos but it is a faaaaaaaaar away dream

Shirean: I don't think thats gonna happen this tour, sorry...

air dance: oh

Shirean: Hopefully he will add more dates in NZ

David: Afternon all

air dance: good after nooon

David: Hi Arjen and welcome "air dance"

Shirean: David, "air dance" is new here, he's from NZ

air dance: welcome David

David: Cool. So you going to the gig in July?

air dance: i hope sooooo

air dance: i cant wait

David: Have either of you had the chance to hear the samples from the new album? What do you think?

air dance: no i havent yet where i can find them

air dance: although i have heard about the new album

David: Well, one song is on Glenn's MySpace page and snippets from a couple of others are here.

air dance: thanks David

David: Really strong material - I can't pick a favourite quite yet, although "Crave" is definitely creeping up there

air dance: in a glenn hughes album its hard really hard to pick a fav no

David: Very true.

air dance: even in the seventh star album

David: We added a couple of extra videos yesterday in the Gallery section, thanks to site Member, "purplemusic" - so if you're in need of a fix....

David: You can always check'em out here

air dance: woooooooooooooow ive picked up a sample called Satellite and listened

air dance: ok ill check

David: Very smooth, eh! Did you know, that one was originally slated for H/T II.

David: that....no, really...what'!

air dance: i see but i like the very heavy glenn like in adiction album

air dance: maybe because im a metal head


air dance: but i gave Trapeze albums a listen

David: Well, I hope you're not disappointed with F U N K - not a lot of metal on it!

air dance: nooo funk is okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk but i hate rap any other music is ok

Shirean: Rest assured there's no Rap on this - I hate it too!

air dance:

David: No worries about rap on this one!

air dance: coool

Shirean: Where did you go Arjen

David: By the way aird dance, it usually starts off slow here and picks up near the end!! No idea why!

air dance: i want much more ppl here

Shirean: Be patient ...

David: Hopefully the new video will be ready this time next month, if not sooner - lookin' forward to seeing that.

Shirean: Me too

air dance: i cant wait by the way what is ur fav glenn's vedio

Shirean: Soulmover is mine

David: Well, "Soul Mover" is an obvious choice, but I'm also partial to "The Divine" and "Days Of Avalon".

air dance: hughes/thrall era vedios

David: They're really dated when looked at today, but I remember at the time, thinking they were very cool!

David: Perfect for MTV anyway!

Shirean: I love all the Hughes/Thrall videos

air dance: i wasnt born yet at that time

Shirean: How old are you?

David: Ahh, so we're the old farts on here today then, eh

air dance: but thanks to you tubeeeeeeeee....i am 24 years old

Shirean: I wanna be 24 again - Cool

air dance: nooooooooo i wish i was there when zep and the other bands in the 70s

David: By the way, talking of video, we just added a "YouTube" section to the site! It just helps a consolidate a lot of Glenn related videos in one spot vs. having to search through the "real" YouTube!!

air dance: ok cool, thanks David

David: Visit this link to check it out!

air dance: thanks

David: I only ever saw Zeppelin live one time, although I don't remember too much about it, a bit of a haze, if you know what I mean

air dance: ahhh you was into purple those days

Arjen: hello Im back I was watching a movie and I wanted to see the end

air dance: w b

David: Trapeze first.....for along time, then Purple once I realized Glenn was in them at one time!

Arjen: Hi David

David: Hi Arjen

air dance: hi Arjen

Arjen: David: you saw Trapeze in the 70-ies and Zeppelin?

David: No, never did see Trapeze then, only Zeppelin at Knebworth ('79).

air dance: oh the golden dayz of rock

Arjen: Yep thats for sure

David: Don't remember too much about it though

Arjen: Thats pretty cool hahah I saw my first fave band KISS when I was 10

air dance: now its rap days or alternative at the best conditions

Arjen: David: you heard the full album yet?

David: Saw KISS the first time in London, think it was 1980. Still have the t-shirt somewhere!!

air dance: cool

Arjen: Cool Wembly Arena They played there for 2 night

Arjen: 9th and 10th of.... hmmmz I forgot

David: Yeah, that's the one. Only went 1 night.

air dance: the arena era

David: No, haven't heard the whole thing Arjen - just snippets of each song - but early on, not the finished product, but what I did hear, was strong, just like you hear in the samples.

Arjen: yep September I looked it up one of the night has a famous bootleg great show nice you where there...

air dance: great samples i hope the release will reach NZ at its date exactly

Arjen: Yep they're pretty good I wonder how much I will like the album Soulmover is one of my least favorites but then again M4TD is my fave Glenn album (with Addiction)

David: It's definitely a new chapter in Glenn's career - people will love it or hate it! The Voodoo Hill/Sabbath crowd, won't like it probably, but the real GH fans who appreciate both Addiction and Feel, should be floored

air dance: especailly addiction

David: Depends where you're coming from. People should know by now, I love anything GH, so he can't do much wrong in my book!

Arjen: haha

air dance: voice from heaven bass playing like hellllllllll

Arjen: just saw Glenn had 2 gigs in Norway any news from that?

air dance: any pics

David: If you feel at home with "You Are The Music", "Feel", "Soul Mover" and "M4TD" you should be very happy with it!

Arjen: this week a few gigs in Eastern Europe but I guess most of the setlist will be DP songs...

David: Just the "Purple" set for those 2 gigs. The actual "tour" starts in Lillehammer, May 9th, where he'll debut the new material - 6 or 7 new songs, probably only 2 "oldies"!

air dance: woooow i wish i was there

Arjen: Very very good news David. Many fans will disagree but I've been hoping for a solo only setlist for such a long time. Also I wish Glenn would add a song or 2 from his older solo albums wouldnt that be great

David: Most of the Eastern block gigs are heavy on the Purple era numbers - as he hasn't visited there in that long a time - but most elsewhere, will get the new set.

David: I hear 'ya Arjen!

air dance: i wonder whyyyyy east europe only has a purple set

David: Trust me, I've been nagging him for that for a few years, so it was "music" to my ears, to hear that the new set, will primarily be his own stuff. Not the whole thing, but as close as it can be for now.

Arjen: Well I found out classic rock is still HUGE overthere

air dance: i see

David: They're catching up - perhaps in 10 or 20 years, they'll be ready for some FUNK!!



air dance: they havent got souuuuuuuuuuuuuul yet

Arjen: Is JJ doing the tour?

David: Yep

air dance: be right back

David: ok

Arjen: If he is I hope he brings his solo album along ( If Glenn let him ) I havent heard it yet . Only the samples on his site a long time ago. That sounded promising

David: You can get it on i-Tunes and his site, if you're desperate - well worth it.

Arjen: Nah not desperate. I'll wait for the tour and if the cd isnt there Ill buy it online.

Arjen: So you and Shirean are doing the 3 UK shows?

David: There should be a ton of new Glenn merch this time by the way.

David: They have heard us complaining about that

Shirean: Yes Arjen, I can't wait!!

Arjen: We are lucky with 2 shows in The Netherlands with one in Zoetermeer which is 10 minutes from my house

David: Cool

Arjen: about the merchandising?

Arjen: Well that has been terrible over the years yes

David: They've heard our complaints about a lack of good merch, so this time, you'll see a bunch of new stuff - plus lots CD's etc, etc.

David: they promise not to sell out within the first 2 gigs

Arjen: thats very good news David. I hope they bring some printed matter like a tourbook

David: hmmm, don't think it'll stretch that far


Arjen: probably not cuz it expensive to make but then again a few good color promo photos will sell nice I think


David: so bring you're wallet with you

Arjen: hehe I always do but like you said it was hard to spend at a Glenn gig

David: hopefully that won't be a problem this time!

air dance: oh goood my mom wanted the pc to send just an email!

Arjen: We had a interesting topic about the artist selling its show on cd or usb stick right after the gig

Arjen: Hopefully Glenn took this also in consideration.

David: yeah, he's looking at that - not sure what the outcome will be. But he heard everyone on that topic.

Arjen: Nice

Arjen: It seemes Glenn reads the board more than I thought

air dance: great

David: Oh yes, he's on here nearly every day when he's home and is doing his MySpace page, even when on the road. He's getting very involved wherever he's at online.

air dance:

Arjen: Well then he probably has read my begging for adding Whats A womans Role to the set

David: He's doing a couple of acoustic set's with Q&A etc, such as in Norway and that Purple convention in the UK - so he'll be saving it for that type of gig Arjen.....

David: Hi Dani (and Pete maybe?)

air dance: hi dani

Dani California: Hello everybody

Arjen: Hi Dani

Dani California:

Dani California: Pete says hi too

David: hi Pete

David: Hope to see you both in June!

Dani California: o yes

David: cool

Dani California: we will be on all of the gigs

David: us too (in UK).

air dance: are you all from UK?

David: I am originally, but Shirean and I are currently based in Orlando, FL (USA)

Dani California: I am from Bulgaria, but from november last year living in the UK with my boyfriend Pete

Arjen: I'm from The Netherlands

David: and "air dance" is in New Zealand

air dance: i wish i was in L A instead

air dance: or Seattle

Arjen: why?

Dani California: International chat tonight

air dance: N Z is quite a bit

David: LA used to be a nice place, but today it's a bit of ****-hole. Further South is much better. Yes and Seattle is still nice though

air dance: right

David: Don't know what we'll do when we have folks from Hong Kong and Malaysia in here

Dani California: I just wonder where is the other GHCPs tonight?

air dance: i want ppl from all over the world even from africa

Dani California: or I log in late

David: Everyone likes to show up 5 minutes before the end for some reason Dani!! Although "wolfysmith" did let us know he can't make it tonight!

Dani California: David, do you have any news how is Mel? I've had a very bad flu with very bad cough,so I did'nt have possibility to call Wolfy and to ask him

David: He's doing the best he can under the circumstances from what I understand. But as you know, there's not too much time left.

Dani California:

air dance: oh no

David: I think Glenn is going to see him again this week sometime.

Dani California: Yep, Glenn told me before

Dani California: that will come again for few days

David: yeah, he's spending sometime at home before heading off to Lithuania.

Arjen: Is Glenn doing the shows with a local band or his touring band?

David: JJ, Anders and Matt.

Dani California: Mel is a wonderful person with great music career,me and Pete Love his music

air dance: i knew of him when i got into whitesnake short time ago

David: yeah, it's a terrible situation and so cruel that it had to happen just when he was coming back strong.

Dani California: yeah

David: it was really cool in Detroit recently, as Glenn went out of his way to mention Mel before and after playing "Coast To Coast", and every one in the crowd, of course, knows of Mel - it was quite emotional for that moment. So he's far from forgotten.

air dance: oooooooooh

Dani California: Mel will be remebered Forever with his great music

air dance: sure

Arjen: Its a very very sad situation very hard for many of us although many dont know him personally

David: On a happier note, the next month or so, should be an exciting time for all of us. The new video is due soon, and no doubt, they'll be more soundbytes made available and then soon afterwards, the actual album release!

Arjen: GREAT! Its nice Glenn is doing videos these days...he started doing this some 4 albums ago or so?

Dani California: ooooo we look forward for it David

air dance: i cant wait

David: It's supposed to get a worldwide release, although I think Europe gets it first on May 9th and then elsewhere on the 11th or 12th.

Arjen: air dance: have you seen Deep Purple in New Zealand in 1975?

air dance: noooooooooo i wasnt born yet

air dance: im only 24


air dance: but from you tube i saw snippets of their gigs with Bolin

air dance: only i think their last gig in japan

Arjen: Ok I was ony 1 so I couldnt have seen them too if you would have played here...

Dani California: Glenn is the best singer ever, his voice is always perfect, and his music is always Great

Arjen: Yep that show was professionaly filmed

air dance: he plays bass like hell also

Dani California: o yes

Arjen: and was even commercially available for a short time

air dance: prof filmed but i couldnt download or buy it yet

air dance:

Arjen: The lights were very low on that show so the picture is quite dark. Thats probably the reason the Deep Purple management doenst want to release it on DVD.

air dance: i've only the cal jam as a complete realease

Arjen: Also maybe because they cant find the original reels from that show. The commercial video was only 30 minutes long or so ...

Arjen: Yes and its AWESOME isnt it?

air dance: i like Tommy more than Ritchie as a personality but otherwise Ritchie is a hell of player i think that they reaaallly didnt want to have an official footage of Tommy concerts especailly this one

air dance: they thought that Ritchie is goneeee no footages worth filming

David: Well folks, it was a bit of a quiet day today, hopefully next month, a few others will make an appearance! We have to close it out for now, but will be back the same time next month on Sunday, April 27th.

air dance: thanks pals ive enjoyed itttttttttttt

Arjen: My regards to all...i'm off to bed...thanks and till next time!

air dance: regards

David: Nice to meet you and welcome aboard!

air dance: thank u

Dani California: we look forward to see you and Shirean in june David

David: Us too Dani - OK, talk to you all soon. Meantime, see you in the Fan Forum!

air dance: see you

Dani California: bye everyone from me and Pete

David: Bye for now!
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Old Mar-30-2008, 8:58 PM
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thanks for getting the chat posted. next time, i'll make sure the wife already has her groceries before we're suposed to have our chat. oh the perills of being a domesticated husband
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Old Mar-31-2008, 1:37 AM
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Argh...snoozing again

Death, taxes, another chat missed because I work midnights at Jet Blue and every weekend too...So I am just rolling out of bed when the chat starts...and I don't have a computer at the crashpad so.....I miss all the fun!

I should have listened to my mother and been a brain surgeon instead!

Great to see some new faces and lots to look forward to in the next few months!

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Originally Posted by purplemusic View Post
thanks for getting the chat posted. next time, i'll make sure the wife already has her groceries before we're suposed to have our chat. oh the perills of being a domesticated husband

There's a simple solution for your problem - urge your wife to become a Glenn Hughes's fan, such as I am.
My husband introduced me to DP and Glenn's music and I became a bigger fan than he. Now he asks me about Glenn
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Old Mar-31-2008, 3:36 PM
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oh what a woman and good taste in music too. well, my wife thinks i'm into glenn enogh for the both of us. one of these days, i will bring her out of the darkness and into the light
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Old Apr-06-2008, 8:18 PM
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it was just an enjoyable chat session

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From now on....

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Old Apr-07-2008, 6:33 PM
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I'm a little confused by that chat. Who are they talking to? I don't see Glenn obviously.
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Old Apr-07-2008, 7:15 PM
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We were talking amongst ourselves

GLENN does join us once in a while. You should join us sometime, the next Monthly CHAT is scheduled for April 27th.
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Old Apr-07-2008, 7:25 PM
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I will, absolutely. I had no idea that chat was going on, but then again, I am new to the forum, sort of.

I am always down with talking to some GH fans. Especially because since I am only a year old fan, I haven't had the chance to do much of that.
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Old Apr-07-2008, 7:50 PM
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just make sure that you go to the grocery store BEFORE the chat session starts
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