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Old Feb-22-2009, 8:30 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - February 22nd, 2009

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - February 22nd, 2009

David: Afternoon all

Conrad: Hi David

David: Hi there

Conrad: This is my first time in the chat even though I have been a member for a few years

David: Welcome, although I must warn you things always start slow. Most folks tend to show up late! Not sure why that is, but there 'ya go!!

Conrad: No problem. It is a slow day for me and I want to see how things are in here

David: Where are you from?

Conrad: east coast of Canada

Conrad: familiar with that area?

David: Ahhh, so you won't be heading down North at the end of next month then?

Conrad: I can't go too far for the next few months due to responsibilities

Conrad: Hi Grace

tony g: yo yo what up

Conrad: Not too much

Grace: It took me a minute to figure out the new screen.

tony g: its better

Conrad: first time here for me with this system

David: Hi Grace

David: Hi Tony

David: I hear 'ya Conrad!

tony g: hello David how are you

Grace: Where's my blue bowling pin?

David: Long gone Grace

David: You're stuck with a GH face now

tony g: it works

Grace: Oh, no. Something else computer-ese for me to try to figure out?

David: Hi Paul

Wolfysmith: good evening from Cannock

Conrad: Good afternoon from Canada

tony g: chicago here

David: Spring is nearly here, so not too long to go before the next GH fix comes our way!

Conrad: I have never seen him in concert yet

David: Hi Chip

Wolfysmith: Hey Chip!

Grace: Speak for yourself, oh Florida person. It's lightly snowing here in Jersey.

tony g: yo yo

Wolfysmith: the snow finished a week ago here Grace.

Conrad: I had enough snow from my area

Chip: Hello everyone.

tony g: Where in Canada Conrad?

Chip: What's this talk about snow? I don't see any out my window

Conrad: east coast

tony g: be cool Chip

Wolfysmith: i just spotted that Glenn is online in the fan forum. get him in here David!

David: well hopefully NYC won't be like Detroit last year, aside from the snow, it was freezing!

Conrad: never been to NYC and probably get lost if I was to travel there next month

David: He's no doubt busy watching Hughie and Mac

Grace: Sometimes March can be unusual around here. Hot summer weather or snow, both possible for late March, sometimes even April.

Wolfysmith: at least Wolves scraped a draw today so he wont be feeling too upset about that

tony g: just like here Grace

David: Yeah, they were throwing it away there for a while!

Grace: Yeah, tony g, but it's an OK price to pay for the different seasons.

tony g: i dont know Grace i think right now i wish i lived by Chip

Chip: yeah tony, we have two seasons....spring and summer.

tony g: see what i mean

Conrad: I get the whole four seasons, sometimes in one day!

Chip: 84 degrees forecast for tomorrow

Wolfysmith: Your summer is too hot Chip, so i'll just take your spring.

tony g: damm you Chip

Chip: Wolfy, we'll get you and the missus over here one summer so you can check it out.

Grace: OK, everybody....let's sing Oh, Canada to cheer Conrad up.

Wolfysmith: 48F or 9C here tomorrow

Chip: I don't know the words Grace.

Conrad: thanks Grace

Grace: Don't tell anybody this, Chip. But I don't think the Canadians do either.


Conrad: heehee

Grace: After the first line of lyrics, a fight usually breaks out at the hockey game, so nobdy's left to sing.

Conrad: I know the singer Tom Cochrane doesn't know the words when he sang the anthem at a baseball game

tony g: thats the fun part Grace

Grace: Bad doggie - tony.

tony g: blackhawks doing great so far

Wolfysmith: SO, who's gonna start a topic featuring GH? How about time for a live cd/dvd release of recent material?

Grace: That reminds me......what's the latest word on our favorite (OOPS) favourite almost US citizen?

tony g: good idea wolfy

Conrad: how well did the Australian DVD/CD sell?

Grace: You know, the guy who'll sing the Star Spangled Banner?

David: Well, he's certainly got plenty of songs in the can, so you never know!

Conrad: I just watched the NAMM video and he goes back into the studio this October

David: it's a very popular release Conrad, so quite well...to answer you question.

tony g: since hes been relaxing in the sun David its no wonder

Conrad: ok David because I assume the sales of that release would determine if he wanted to do another DVD so soon afterwards

Grace: How much good would it do if we started a really intense nagging and whining campaign for Pink Cloud records?

Wolfysmith: i was thinking there is nothing live featuring stuff from Soul Mover onwards.

David: Well, it won't be this year....so it'll be at least 3 years later...so not too long at all

Wolfysmith: i just have my audio and video bootlegs to listen to and watch

Conrad: any idea whom Glenn was refering to in the NAMM video interview of the superstar guitarist he will record with?

tony g: jeff beck

Conrad: sure?

David: Nope

David: He was referring to that Russian "PushKing" session that took place a few days later...

tony g: i remember him mentioning him before

Grace: Glenn with Jeff Beck? That would be some sort of fantastic, huh?

David: I'm sure Glenn's up for it!

Wolfysmith: Ode to J!

Conrad: Here is a quote I found about working with Beck and Doyle B...

Conrad: "I’ve been waiting on Jeff Beck for 15 years. The head of his label Sony called me 15 years ago to do a vocal record with Jeff, like a rock-soul record. And Jeff came to see me play. I’ve known Jeff since ’71 and we were talking about doing something back then. I’m still waiting on Jeff to do the album, that’s 15 years and I’ve kind of moved on from that. Regarding working with people, there are so..."

Conrad: ..."so many great musicians. I think Doyle Bramhall (II) and myself will probably do something. I love Doyle. He’s my favorite American artist, and I love him as a man, he’s a great husband and father. And he’s an incredible, incredible songwriter, guitar player. We’ve only just become friends. We love each other’s work. And that will probably come to fruition at some point."

Grace: You throw super-talented people together, into a recording studio and the sparks start to fly!

David: Yeah, that sum's it up Conrad.

David: The next Monkey Business release sounds interesting, lookin' forward to the next video, supposed to also feature GH's new Jag too!

David: "Gumball" sounds sweet so far

tony g: i coulda swore i he mentioned jb before - oh well

Conrad: There are so many sessions I have not heard yet from GH

Conrad: Anyone listen to the Boy's Club CD yet?

Chip: I've heard Glenn on the radio the past several days....Sail Away, This Time Around (album version), This Time Around/Owed To G and Smoke on The Water/Georgia, both from the King Biscuit release.

Chip: Yes, Conrad...Boys Club is a good release.

David: Heard snippets, talk about overdubbed! Trust me it wasn't that clean on the night, but pleased they included 2 tracks from G.

Conrad: he plasy bass on that as well?

David: No bass Conrad, just voice!

Conrad: ok

Chip: Yeah, David it sounds a little too good to be truly live, but it's good anyway.

Grace: Chip.....what planet is your radio station from? If I heard anything other than Burn I would probably faint!

Conrad: I don't think I ever heard Hughes on the radio

Wolfysmith: It cant be as good as the Over The Rainbow band, eh David

Conrad: except for Rockline

Chip: SiruisXM Grace. The Deep Tracks channel.

David: Don't get me started on that one Paul Talk about Spinal Tap

Grace: OOPS.........I just looked at the clock. I'm gonna' turn into a pumpkin (or a zucchini) in a minute. Love to you all ~ take care ~

David: See you next month Grace!

Wolfysmith: bye Grace

Conrad: Bye Grace

Grace: Chip.....ahhh.........the good stuff take care tony g

Chip: I always email the dj's to thank them for playing Mk III & IV and ask for some solo stuff too. Every once in a while they'll spin some Trapeze also.

Chip: Bye Grace.

Wolfysmith: our radio is so poor i just listen to cds in the car. even Kerrang has become soft rock and plays trendy new bands.

Conrad: Same here the classic rock station in my area is terrible

Wolfysmith: i was listening to Hydra last week Chip

Chip: It's the same here in the U.S. Regular radio just plays the same 15 or 20 bands/artists and that's it.

Conrad: Nickelback radio

tony g: the same 300 songs

Chip: I heard Hydra on the radio yesterday Wolfy!!! I thought I was hearing Glenn, until I looked at the display. That guy and the band sound so much like Glenn and Trapeze at times, it's scary.

Conrad: I did hear a Velvet Underground song on another classic rock station a few weeks ago which surprised me

tony g: but i did hear burn not too long ago

David: always the same running order, at the same time each day. Yawn! Can't remember the last time I turned on a radio!

tony g: your right David

David: Hi Chuck

Conrad: You just made me ywan literally!

David: You're most welcome

Chuck: Hello David and all

Chip: Hey Chuck.

Chuck: Hey Chip!

Chuck: Have I missed much?

Conrad: You missed Grace singing the Canadian national anthem

David: By the way, folks who are in the East and mid-West, Luis and his band, "Into The Presence", will be making a trip across country starting in April, in case you want to check'em out.

Chuck: Damn! sorry to have missed that LOL

Chip: Yeah, you're lucky. She was looking for you Chuck. (inside joke)

Chuck: Maybe my tardiness paid off......


tony g: chicago David?

Wolfysmith: i really like Luis' band. good songs and he can sing pretty well too.

David: No dates announced, other than they're going on the road in April! They actually kick things off with a warm-up gig in LA on April 4th, unfortunately the same night GH is at The Whisky!

David: You should checkout YouTube Paul, there's a few recent clips up there now from their January/December gigs.

tony g: ok gotta check that out gotta go fellas GH RULES ALL!!!!!!!!

Wolfysmith: ive seen a few David. any word on the band members for the euro shows. Jeff Kollman?

David: Bye Tony.

Chip: Later Tony.

David: Most likely Paul, yes.

Wolfysmith: i was thinking the Meatbats could tour as support AND band for GH

David: That would be cool, huh?!

Conrad: What a name!

David: Chad certainly knows how to pick'em! One of his other side projects is called Chickenfoot!

Wolfysmith: In fact i was thinking with all this time off from the RHCP that why hasnt Chad been playing or planning to play shows with Glenn?

David: Think he is committed to these other projects. From all appearances, looks like Chickenfoot is going to get a marketing machine behind it, unlike the Meatbats.

chrisloeb: Evening everybody!

David: Hi Christian

Chip: Christian !! My vinyl brother!!

Wolfysmith: Hi Chris

chrisloeb: Hey Chip! I just had a call from my bank - the 150,000 for your Christmas present was bounced Will have to find something else!

Chuck: Hello Christian

chrisloeb: Hey Wolfy, Chuck, David... how are you?

Wolfysmith: So Chris, Medusa supporting GH in Austria?

chrisloeb: Well... we know that none of the Euro dates are confirmed yet, don't we!

David: That's right

Chip: That's ok Christian. I sent a similar request to Todd. Maybe he'll come through for me


Wolfysmith: Todd has just posted a comment in the FF. guess he's too busy to chat to the likes of us!

chrisloeb: I just watched the City of Crime Video in the Forum and saw that Todd was online - thought he might be here?

chrisloeb: This video is hilarious btw...

Wolfysmith: i just found that clip too. thanks Conrad.

Conrad: I only saw it once before in '87

chrisloeb: Once in 20 years is probably enough!

Conrad: I still have the 45

chrisloeb: And here he is!

Chuck: I still have my copy too!

chrisloeb: Hi Todd!

Chuck: Hey Todd

Todd: Ok, who's been talking about me..? Paul?

David: HI Todd, you're ears must of been burnin', eh

Todd: Hello all

chrisloeb: I have the Soundtrack on vinyl,... I think!?

Chip: I have both the CD and vinyl signed by Glenn.

Todd: Showoff...

Chip: I even have a cassette copy.

Todd: The topic must be the Highlander soundtrack, yes?

Todd: Sorry, Highlander 2

Chip: No, Dragnet.

Conrad: was there another song written by Hughes/Thrall on the soundtrack?

chrisloeb: Pat is on at least one of the other tracks

Todd: Oh...I have that on CD. Along with the Highlander 2 soundtrack. lol

Wolfysmith: Hi Todd, sorry - got distracted watching the whole video. BRILLIANT.

Todd: The Over the Rainbow video?

Wolfysmith: LOL. no, City of Crime.

Todd: Oh...man, I'm finally here and I'm not with it anymore than when I wasn't!

chrisloeb: Now I found it... Yes, Pat is on one of the other tracks, it's called 'Dance Or Die', performed by Dan Ackroyd & Pat Thrall.

Conrad: When I first saw the video in '87 I recognized the vocals and then I checked out a record store and sure enough I was right that it was GH on vocals

chrisloeb: Then there are tracks by Patti LaBelle, Art Of Noise, New Edition and selections from the Musical Score on Side 2.

Wolfysmith: i remember watching the film and hearing the chorus - i just knew it was GH. the petition for it to be included in his 2009 setlist starts here

Conrad: He would shake his head hahaha

Chip: All of those would make for a great medley.

Todd: Sweet - a GH guests-n-sessions set list!

Conrad: would Tom & Dan tour with GH?

Todd: I'm sure they're not busy...hey, Dan Aykroyd was at the Purple show at the House of Blues in 1999. No reason he couldn't drive over to the Whisky show...

David: Hi guys - Shirean here

Conrad: Hi Shirean

Todd: Howdy Shirean

Chip: Hi Shirean

Chuck: Hello Shirean

David: How is everyone?

Wolfysmith: Hi Shirean. someone having a smoke?

chrisloeb: Hi Shirean, David's probably on a quick break outside?

David: Yes, a smoke break

David: Getting ready to go out for dinner just wanted to say Hello

David: Bye guys!

Wolfysmith: MTV in the summer of 1987.

Wolfysmith: this on wikipedia about the film:

Wolfysmith: ..."The soundtrack is also notable for one of its original songs, City of Crime. The track features a hip-hop style collaboration between Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks and is performed with bassist/ vocalist Glenn Hughes and guitarist Pat Thrall. The track is played over the film's closing credits. The best selling single, also had a music video shot for the track, which was played in heavy rotation on"

Wolfysmith: Dragnet is about the LAPD so must be sung in LA!

Todd: And appropriately enough, it's a city of crime too.

Conrad: and of hairspray

Chip: ....and silicone

Wolfysmith: it took $57,000,000 at the box office. i wonder what Pat and Glenn got?

Conrad: I didn't know the movie was that successful

Todd: A small percentage of a small percentage of a small percentage of that.

chrisloeb: Or even less!

David: 57 something eh

Todd: My figures may be off...

Chuck: I didn't think it was....if that info is from Wiki....I wouldn't bet any wages on it...

chrisloeb: Rick Wakeman got 20 quid for playing the Mellotron on Space Oddity, and that was it. Not a penny ever since!

Todd: Maybe they misplaced the comma...it actually took in $5,700,000.

Wolfysmith: everything on Wiki is true. LOL

Conrad: session players would probably only get paid for the session only

Chuck: Okay....LOL

chrisloeb: Exactly, Conrad. Compared to the endured success of the song, it's ridiculous!

Conrad: unless he was a co-writer of the song

chrisloeb: I just watched the Over The Rainbow video, and I'm far from impressed... what do you guys think?

Todd: As I just posted on the forum, I think the band sounds fine. I think JLT is the weak link.

Conrad: That was from the first gig?

Wolfysmith: the whole thing is a bit bizarre really. i think only certain countries have a market for this tribute act.

Todd: I saw a couple other clips on Blabbermouth the other day. None of the Rainbow singers sounded the same, so JLT has his work cut out for him trying to pass off material by Dio and Graham Bonnet.

chrisloeb: Blackmore Jnr. seems to have trouble with the intro too. And yes, JLT is probably the weakest link.

Todd: Truth be told, I'd rather see these guys in a Rainbow tribute than a couple unknown guys. Give 'em a few dates under their belt, and they'll be as good as that other famous tribute band, Thin Lizzy.

chrisloeb: And the Leopard shirt he's wearing is even worse than the big fur piece Glenn is wearing in the City of Crime video...

Conrad: haha


Conrad: I wonder if Glenn will be embarassed by the video and delete it?

Wolfysmith: its disappointing cos i really like JLT's solo albums. he should do those plus HTP and Rainbow songs touring as himself. Even do something like The Cut Runs Deep.

Conrad: JLT Live in Germany is almost a Rainbow tribute

chrisloeb: Sykes/Gorham were good the last time around. I'll probably still go and see Over The Rainbow in case they play here.

Todd: I'd go see them in a heartbeat, if only to be in the actual presence of Tony Carey.

Wolfysmith: Conrad, i dont think the video is embarrasing. its a clever set of lyrics, great chorus from GH, and funny video.

Todd: I think everyone made questionable fashion choices in the 80's, Glenn included. It's who we were at the time, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Conrad: Yes the Pagans have a questionable fashion sense

chrisloeb: Ha ha

Conrad: I never understood the use of spandex in the 80s though

chrisloeb: Todd, Thanks for the review you posted at CDBaby the other day!

Todd: You bet, Christian...really dig the album!

David: For those going to the gigs starting next month, you can expect to hear some songs that haven't ever had a live airing

chrisloeb: Trapeze or Solo? (curious!)

Conrad: Lucky!

Chip: Sweet. I thought only people across the pond would hear those.

David: No, not some Trapeze songs...those are for later in the year...

chrisloeb: Looking forward to the UK weekend, booked flight & hotel last week...

David: that'll be a special couple of days as well

Wolfysmith: so you dont want me to find a hotel for you Chris?

chrisloeb: you're coming over for it David?

David: Hoping both of us will...

chrisloeb: I took the suggestion of The Robin, Paul and booked the one in the town centre, the.... what's it called?

chrisloeb: Britannia?

Wolfysmith: Brittania...

Wolfysmith: so all those hours of research by me were wasted then Chris

Wolfysmith: LOL

chrisloeb: (sign of relief)

Wolfysmith: the hotel is about a 1 minute walk from the rail & bus station

chrisloeb: The travel agency kindly booked the whole package for me. I will just have to find a way from Birmingham Airport to Wolverhampton.

David: 10 minutes left folks, got a dinner date, so have to leave on time today.

chrisloeb: Will e-mail you Paul...

Chip: Speaking of which...our late lunch/early dinner is about ready. So...will see you guys on the other side.

David: OK Chip see you soon hopefully

Conrad: bye gang

chrisloeb: Bye Chip, see you!

Wolfysmith: u can get a train from the airport direct to Wolverhampton Chris

Chuck: Guess I'll wrap it up for now....cheers everyone! David, enjoy your meal....see you guys on the FF....

David: Bye Conrad good to see you here, don't be a stranger.

Todd: Well, I don't have a dinner engagement but I am doing a few things on the computer...stay well, gang. Catch ya on the forum.

David: Thanks Chuck, see you next time.

chrisloeb: See you, Todd! Bye for now.

Wolfysmith: cheers Todd

David: Bye Todd

Wolfysmith: im watching Match of the Day 2 at the moment. the BBC stream all their shows live online so no need to have the tv on

chrisloeb: who's playing?

David: You're lucky, they block it from over here. Crazy, They should at least put a pay to play service up there for folks outside of the UK.

Wolfysmith: its a round up at the moment.

chrisloeb: The Austrian league should have continued this weekend, but most of the matches were cancelled because of the snow. We got a lot of that at the moment, even in Vienna...

chrisloeb: Is it better yet in the UK?

Wolfysmith: yeah. i have the same problem watching US tv online David. Fox block us outside the USA watching their shows. i have to find other sites to watch Heroes and Terminator!

Wolfysmith: snow has all gone Chris. you missed all the weather talk at the start of the chat!


chrisloeb: That should have been interesting then!

Wolfysmith: i think Chip said it was in the 80s there.

chrisloeb: A perfect way to wrap things up though. Just like as it started, eh!

David: Yes indeed...have to close it out for this month. Next Monthly CHAT is set for Sunday, March 22nd at the usual time. Thanks for stopping by

chrisloeb: Talk to you soon! Have a great dinner, David. See you, Paul! Bye for now.

Wolfysmith: yeah Chris. been a good chat. see you both next month. i'll contact you about your trip Chris

Wolfysmith: cheers David

David: Bye for now.
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Hi folks, sorry I missed out on the fun. Will be here next time!
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