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Old Jun-03-2005, 1:54 PM
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Icon27 Re: Inside 1974-1976; Bolin in DPville.com

REVIEW: Inside Deep Purple 1974 - 76

For the most part it's really a mixed bag of opinions and comments with live footage mixed into the opus of all things DP during this time period. The MK III footage features Blackmore playing a extend intro for Space Truckin. Very different, indeed. A few short clips of interviews of Coverdale, Blackmore and Lord ..... It appears to be from the Leeds gig.

The Critics Gallery Review:
TOMMY VANCE: The short historical verbage from Tommy Vance is the worst commentary I've ever had to stomach, pure garbage. And a man with the ego the size of London.

Bob Carruthers, at times seemed to be out of touch with why they picked Tommy Bolin, and clearly underestimates Tommy acumen as a artist, although he did give CTTB a thumbs up. Thought Last Concert in Japan was short of the mark as a DP album but if it was another band it was alright. But DP had a higher standard to be held up to ...... Apparantly he hadn't heard of the complete version either,,,, "THIS TIME AROUND". He pointed out the fact that Bolin was too inconsistant with the LIVE performances based on his listening to audio tapes of that era of DP.

Malcom Dome -- Very insightful, intelligent approach and understood Tommy 's talent and liked the album CTTB. A brillant scope of what was going on despite his lack of updated details on the "INSIDE" stuff of what was going down.

Doogie White (Musician, Vocalist, Former Rainbow Lead Singer)
Was to the point, he thought CTTB album was a timeless piece of Rock N Roll. Really liked Tommy's guitar work on the album as well. He also alluded to having the privilage of seeing Tommy Bolin with DP in Glasgow (Mar 76) as a young teenager. He talked about how well Tommy Bolin 's stage presence went over really well at that gig. He loved Tommy's guitar licks and the way he played during that nite; He described how Tommy had his Cowboy hat on and the ULITIMATE tshirt ON and his legs spread apart and his attack during the whole evening. Glenn Hughes introduced "Tommy" before the guitar seque part as "The World 's greatest guitar player!!!!!) Which according to Dougie White, didn't help stop the CAT CALLS for Blackmore during the evening. But Doogie gave Tommy a THUMBS UP for CTTB and his live perfromance polish and hollywood antics in the front row. Tommy was marvellous.

Rob Corich: Amazing overview of Tommy Bolin's abilities in the studio and LIVE with DP. He adored the album CTTB and though Tommy Bolin was stunningly awesome as a LIVE player with Deep Purple, at least the gig he went to during the DP tour with Tommy Bolin. He must know something in the fact that he produces bands (Gentle Giant, Uriah Heep and Nazareth ,,,,just to name a few) He liked Tommy 's approach to recognizing that he probably couldn't copy the Blackmore style and decided to put his own twist on the older MK II tunes. He enjoyed the Bolin energy at the DP gigs. Very cool and insightful, and yet honest comments about Tommy's up and downs. He also rated CTTB over Stormbringer and Burn.

Jerry Ewing: Liked CTTB and thought it was a solid album but really wasn't a DP album as it was more experimental. Tommy was good in the studio but he bought into the fact he felt Tommy didn't play LIVE that well with this band. He went on about Last Concert in Japan and how Martin Birch saved the day by editing the concert tape down to the best 30 minutes, ,,,,,,, I guess he hadn't really heard about the full release of "THIS TIME AROUND" with the full concert included. If he had he would perhaps at least walked away more educated.

Jerry Bloom: Liked CTTB ,,,,, just didn't feel that it was a DP album. Bought into the thingy of Bolin not being a great live performer with this band. Frankly, i was surprised at his lack of research for the Bolin lineup as he has bought in alot of the myths that surround this band without doing the prime research work that should come from an "Expert of all things DP". Stunningly short sighted from a lack of knowledge on this lineup. Jerry, you can get a hold of me thru John Herdt or just visit the History section of this site or the INTERVIEW section or the Articcles Section of this sight to get a quick update of all things DP with Bolin.

Lastly, it's unfortunate that they didn't go across the pond and get someone like John Herdt or Sal Serio to give a more balanced view in all things Tommy Bolin.
Thoroughly enjoyed Dougie White and Rob Corich's honest about Tommy Bolin wonderful talents as a live player in DP. They are a few on the panel that actually had the pleasure and truth of seeing MR Hollywood, The Kid, LIVE with DP. The other critics stuck to the myth of Last Concert in Japan, the myth of Liverpool. And felt compelled to not do the research that should have been done before they shot the video?? Perplexed?? You bet. What this DVD really needed was comments about Tommy Bolin from the members of the band at the time about TOMMY BOLIN. Never happened. What you are left with is really a mixed bag of opinions aside from the straight out truths of Rob Corich and Doogie White ,,,,, who just tell the truth about how wonderful Tommy Bolin was as an artist in DP.

You either loved Tommy in the UK tour or hated him. I compare the UK tour to the last Elvis tour. Elvis was a mess on drugs but could still sing wonderfully at times; comparatively, Tommy Bolin was messed up with the substance thingy but could still play the guitar ,, and on some nites ,, extremely well.

The DVD footage shows a brief clip of DP and Bolin playing Stormbringer LIVE and much of the footage is taken from DP Rises Over Japan. Frankly the VHS over to DVD does clean up the footage a bit but it's dissappointing for sure.
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Old Sep-07-2007, 1:36 AM
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The Deep Purple featuring Tommy is not from the Japanese release but from a pro-shot gig thought to be Hawaii or Philadelphia which is lost !!!!!!!!!
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Old Sep-07-2007, 1:37 AM
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Forgot to add the Tommy footage is an overdub of Blackmore !!!
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