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Old Jul-27-2004, 2:49 AM
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Burn news

found this on www.cdxpress.co.uk

Not clear where the write up comes from:

Deep Purple - Burn (re-mastered & extended)
Released 27/09/04

Burn (6.01)
Might Just Take Your Life (4.37)
Lay Down Stay Down (4.17)
Sail Away (5.49)
You Fool No One (4.46)
What's Goin' On Here (4.56)
Mistreated (7.27)
"A" 200 (4.05)

Bonus tracks:

Coronarias Redig (single b-side 2004 remix) (5.30)
Burn (2004 remix) (6.00)
Mistreated (2004 remix) (7.28)
You Fool No One (2004 remix) (4.57)
Sail Away (2004 remix) (5.37)

Glenn Hughes - vocals & bass
David Coverdale - vocals
Ian Paice - Drums
Ritchie Blackmore - Guitar
Jon Lord - Keyboards

The powerful riff of 'Burn' owed a large drop of the hat in the direction of George Gershwin's 'Fascinating Rhythm', though Ritchie claimed it was an accident: "I came up with the riff on the spur of the moment while we were jamming. Jon took a tape home a few days later and his wife at the time pointed out the similarity. Maybe subconciously I was playing that but it worked very well. "David had some trouble with Ritchie because he wanted a certain type of lyrics. He wanted songs about demonology, mythology, that type of thing". David agrees: "I had some problems in finding lyrics, I wanted them to have a modern setting yet give a surrealist flavour. Ritchie and I wrote 'Burn' but Jon put the classical progression in, which to me is brilliant". The song is driven along by Ian Paice who, not content with keeping time, drops in fills all over the place. David takes the majority of the vocals, establishing the new Purple sound. Ritchie plays the first solo, closing with some double-tracked, classically-inspired playing. Jon takes the second on Hammond and it's another excellent effort, closing with more classically-influenced progressions on synthesizers.
Ricthie Blackmore points out one cock-up in the album version: "There's a mistake right at the end, a big klonk on my guitar. At the time I'd wanted to overdub it, it sounded like I'd caught my fingers in the strings, but everybody said it sounded natural so it was left on there".
The track 'Might Just Take Your Life' was according to David, influenced by 'Chest Fever' by The Band and "...tells the story of how Glenn and myself managed to arrive and find ourselves in Purple. A mid-paced song with a funky blues feel, David takes the lead vocal on the first two verses, Glenn the third. The song has three uncharacteristic elements for a Purple track - tambourine, a key change and the absence of a guitar solo. "Lordy heard Ritchie's original backing, thought it too ordinary, and added the organ riff as a contrast", David explained later. Jon puts in a wonderful solo at the end on Hammond organ and, if you listen very closely, Ritchie is working hard underneath."
Ian Paice, who said later 'Lay Down, Stay Down' was his favourite cut on the album ("a funky piece of rock and roll") again drives the song along (as well as adding tambourine and cowbell), Jon playing piano. Ritchie takes the lengthy solo, with a style rarely heard from him before, ending by building repetitive blues variations. This was actually the very first track to be finished, and David savoured the moment. "The actual playback of our first finished track, and I went 'It's alright you know!' ".
David admitted to Beat Instrumental at the time that 'Sail Away' "was one track the whole group got very much involved with and we do have some stand up rows. It shows the direction of the band, this rock-funk mood". It is introduced by a tape of cymbal, played backwards, phased across the channels. Again, the lead vocals are shared and the tambourine is prominent. Jon plays a brief solo on synthesizer, followed by a mellow, laid back solo from Blackmore. Ritchie, using his Synthi Hi-Fli guitar synthesizer, plays the lyrical and haunting fade out solo using slide, whilst Glenn and David ad-lib to the end. Very much in the style of Free (with added keyboards).
'You Fool No One' had been inspired by a drum pattern of Ian's and was the only track on the album where Glenn and David sang most of the vocals together, to great effect. It is another standout performance from Ian. The drummer was dripping with sweat after four takes, and cheesed off that the others weren't keeping up. After threatening to walk out unless they got it together, the finished take was laid down. Ritchie gets the solo spot and also plays the song out.
'What's Going On Here', a 28-bar blues (32-bars for the final verse), is another track where Glenn and David liberally share the vocal duties, with Jon again playing piano. Ritchie and Jon add fills at every turn. Ritchie, playing slide on the chorus and hook, gets the first solo, then Jon takes over on piano.
At later live shows, Glenn would introduce 'Mis-treated' as a song that Ritchie had written a couple of years ago. The track had actually been considered for the 'Who Do We Think We Are!' album but held back by Ritchie. Coverdale wrote the words (his first Deep Purple lyric to be completed) and, credited to Ritchie and David, it is the only track on the album where David sings the lead vocals on his own.
'A' 200', the album's closing track, an instrumental played to a 'Bolero' rhythm, was written in Montreux and builds slowly, with Jon playing the lead on multi-tracked synthesizer. Ritchie, seemingly not required for the rest of the track, then bursts in with possibly, after 'Mistreated', his finest solo on the album, only to disappear again before the track closes with Jon's synth work being slowly panned across the channels
EMI mastered the 'Burn' album on 3rd January, as well as an edited version of 'Sail Away', the planned single.
EMI mastered 'Might Just Take Your Life' / 'Coronarias Redig' on 12th February and the group's first U.K. single for two years.
Finally on Friday, 15th February, EMI released the album 'Burn' in Europe. The cover was memorable, if visually a bit soft for the style of music. Featuring a set of the band's sculpted heads as burning candles, Fin Costello shot the cover quickly to give the band an idea of what it could look like. However without his knowledge the slide got picked up and used for the finished sleeve (years later he relit his set of candles and restaged the sleeve shoot for Kerrang! magazine).

Price: 11.99 / $21.34

"It's in my blood"
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Old Jul-29-2004, 10:49 AM
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I think that's a pretty good review of one of Purples finest hours

For those who believe, no explanation is necessary.
For those who do not,
none will suffice.
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Old Jul-30-2004, 11:56 AM
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I hoped for some unrealeased songs. But maybe there is something in the fault for my most favorite Purple record: Come Taste the Band.
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Old Jul-30-2004, 2:23 PM
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Not too far away, the remastered edition of "Burn"
plus extra tracks. From all the reports so far especially Coverdale's recollection, that was one of the funniest reviews and comments i have read
on his thoughts during the "Burn" sessions. Having read the cdxpress appreciation of the album, it
is written that EMI have already released the new
version in Europe in February? Is there actually
any confirmation, although the initial date is 27-9-2004. From a fans perspective it's not too far away. What an awesome mouth watering combination, the week before is "Glenn Hughes"
live cd/dvd followed by "Burn" cannot get any better than this. Looking forward to both immensely!!!! Cannot believe how much work Glenn
has been doing the past few years, his actual work load is amazing. Making up for lost time and loving it!

that would be great
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