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Old Jul-22-2007, 7:33 PM
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Icon20 CHAT with GLENN transcript - July 22nd, 2007

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT with GLENN transcript - July 22nd, 2007

David: Hi Vinnis

Vinnis: hey David

David: Glenn will be here shortly

Vinnis: nice

David: He can only stay for 1 hour - originally it was 2 but something came up

Vinnis: ahhhh

Vinnis: hiya tony

tony g: hi all

tony g: i finaly didnt mess this up

Strat335 & TexasSusan: Howdy y'all.

tony g: hi glenn

Vinnis: hi glenn

Vinnis: hi strat and susan

Glenn Hughes: hi everyone.

tony g: hi roger

Vinnis: we lost David

tony g: David's having trouble

Vinnis: wb David

David: Apologies in advance everyone - having a rain & lightning storm at the moment, so our connection is dropping every 5 minutes - so if we disappear, that's why! Have your questions ready, as Glenn can only stay for 1 hour - not 2, as originally scheduled.

tony g: Glenn how is the writing for the new album going?

Glenn Hughes: great. i am writing all the time.

Vinnis: hiya wolfy

tony g: beautifull

wolfysmith: hi everyone

Glenn Hughes: i have lots of shows coming up. Sept. 6th in Kosovo and then Sofia the 7th. France the 8th

Glenn Hughes: then Sept. 13th, 14th and 15th i will be in Spain.

Vinnis: any future USA shows in the works?????

Glenn Hughes: that is Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

Glenn Hughes: i will have more shows in Norway in mid-Sept. followed by shows in Greece the end of Sept and in Oct I will go to South America: Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Venzuela

Glenn Hughes: when i have confirmed the dates and venues you will see them here.

Glenn Hughes: Vinnis: i will play America again in 2008.

tony g: great

Vinnis: thats great to hear - saw both shows in June u were AMAZING

wolfysmith: Glenn, what are the chances of you playing in Cannock Chase Forest next year?

Strat335 & TexasSusan: Heck with America, what about Texas? LOL

tony g: with the new album Glenn

Glenn Hughes: wolfy: i never say never but it all depends on my schedule.

Glenn Hughes: i would love to play Texas.

tony g: Chicago here

Strat335 & TexasSusan: We'll barbeque. Susan has been working the local DJs relentlessly.

Glenn Hughes: that is great.

tony g: you dont know how much i wish i could have gone to your 2 USA shows

wolfysmith: Glenn, can i just thank you for the treament of us GHPG folk at BB Kings. I know everyone appreciated that meet 'n' greet.

Glenn Hughes: tony you will have a chance to see me next year.

Vinnis: yes glenn thanx so much for that

wolfysmith: Hi Natalie

tony g: thank you sir-its been rough but im glad your doing so well

Vinnis: hi natalie

Glenn Hughes: i really appreciate everyone hanging out. i wish i could do it at the Whisky but it was not possible at that venue. Plus i had to get up the next day quite early to get to NYC!

Vinnis: a lot of us did glenn

David: Having a thunder & lightning storm, so connection is up & down here - so will be getting bumped out every few minutes - have your questions ready, as Glenn can only stay for 1 hour and not the 2 as originally scheduled.

Harry le chat: Hi everyone! Hi Glenn

wolfysmith: me too Glenn!

Glenn Hughes: hi harry

Strat335 & TexasSusan: I've seen lots of shows in 35 years, LA was the best. You slayed, Glenn. Lots of amazing energy...whoa.

David: Hi Chad

Vinnis: hiya chad

soulmover: howdy David

Glenn Hughes: hey big fella, how's it hanging?

wolfysmith: Hi Chad

soulmover: to the right

Vinnis: HA

Harry le chat: Hi from France, Chad !!!

soulmover: oui oui

tony g: glenn are you still planning to record your next cd in the fall?

Glenn Hughes: Hey-so is mine.

wolfysmith: Chad, just how many sticks did you break in LA?

soulmover: black an blu still?

David: Look forward to hearing what you two come up with for the new record.

soulmover: only a coupla stix

Glenn Hughes: black n' blu baby

Vinnis: ya me too

Vinnis: great gig in LA tight and flawless!

Glenn Hughes: the new record is gonna blow your freakin' minds. it is going to be a drum and bass funk fest.

Vinnis: NICE!!!!!

soulmover: thats right papa...the way we were brought up!

Glenn Hughes: it's all i know.

soulmover: you feelin good?

Glenn Hughes: i had a dream about you last night big fella.

soulmover: sexy!!

captmidnite1962: Good afternoon everyone.....just wanted to say "THANK YOU", Glenn for an incredible show in NY!!

soulmover: ah my brotha wolfy

Glenn Hughes: there was an eggplant involved.

soulmover: hahaha

David: Can you tell us something about the new anthology - "This Time Around: An Anthology 1970-2007" - understand there are a couple of unreleased bonus tracks - Justine & Song For You?

Glenn Hughes: maybe you have a split personality wolfy

captmidnite1962: I am flashing on Frank Zappa's "Call Any Vegetable"....

Glenn Hughes: "Song For You" won't be on there

David: what period are they from - recent or ?

Glenn Hughes: "Justine" is on there, featuring Stevie Salas and Matt Sorum. There is a great live version of "This Time Around" from Kiev recorded this year.

Glenn Hughes: Dave Ling, Sanctuary and myself chose the tracks. i really like the flow. there are 29 songs.

Glenn Hughes: i am really happy with the result.

Harry le chat: Glenn, can you tell us who will be playing with you in France? The Frenchie family wants to know ...

Glenn Hughes: in France: JJ , Anders and Matt. how are you nathalie?

wolfy smith: all we need now is a top quality live DVD Glenn

soulmover: agreed wolfman

Vinnis: LA gig DVD woulda' been killer

voisin: Hello Glenn

Harry le chat: We are all fine thank you...Salom? sends you big kisses...

wolfy smith: with you Chad

Glenn Hughes: wolfy the australian DVD should be out later this year and it is shot well.

voisin: Jean Marie From France

wolfy smith: yeah the Oz clips look good

Harry le chat: Bonsoir Monsieur Jean Marie !!!

voisin: Hello Glenn

Glenn Hughes: hello.

wolfy smith: what the latest info on a new album from you?

voisin: Only one Show in France, no other date planned?? And nothing in Switzerland??

Glenn Hughes: as with Soul Mover and M4TD i have worked long and hard hours to deliver an album which i believe will be a benchmark for me.

Glenn Hughes: Chad and I are very excited about recording this album, which will begin in November.

soulmover: Funked up!!

Glenn Hughes: how is my Godson and all the Smiths?

wolfy smith: More "strings" on the album?

Glenn Hughes: yes, 2 songs with strings.

Glenn Hughes: possibly horns as well.

soulmover: so great...25 peeps here...Cole is swimming like a wild man..Joan and Brad and fam just left.

Glenn Hughes: save a place for me in the pool. 12-9 big balls: i am coming to get you.

soulmover: i lost to my brother in the Montauk invitational...im ready for ya

Glenn Hughes: Do you have a pool slide? you know i love that.

soulmover: just the streamline

Glenn Hughes: lookin' forward to seeing you in August

soulmover: mee too

Glenn Hughes: mine looks like an armadillo that has been hit with a toffee hammer.

Glenn Hughes: whirlybird.

soulmover: ouch!...you're a fast healer

wolfy smith: so Chad, any music related questions for Glenn?

Glenn Hughes: hi dani.

wolfy smith: hi Dani

Glenn Hughes: Chad has heard the songs and he and i will arrange them at his home in Montauk in August.

soulmover: yeah, why is he a natural genius...(think i know the answer)

Harry le chat: Glenn, just heard about a date in Italy at the end of September. Is this a reliable info? If yes, guess who will be there ...

Glenn Hughes: i was born that way.

Vinnis: in Long Island?

Glenn Hughes: it is a clinic in Verona. Details will be posted on the site as soon as we have them.

soulmover: yep...got a new Guild for Montauk papa

wolfy smith: do you have to do any vocal exercises to keep your voice in shape?

Harry le chat: Thanks Glenn. Will wait for more infos but count us in

soulmover: good - cause i've never seen u warm up

captmidnite1962: Montauk is just lovely any time of year...

Glenn Hughes: I love Guilds. i smashed one up once that Steve Vai gave me. dont' worry. i haven't had a drink in 17 years.

soulmover: maybe we can burn it then

soulmover: yes it is capt

Glenn Hughes: i think it is common knowledge wolfy that i start my vocal warm up at sound check and those that know me know i sing and scream all day long. my muscles are always ready to roll.

Glenn Hughes: i love a good fire.

captmidnite1962: I can remember my father driving out to see the lighthouse....I was about 6 then....I grew up on Long Island

Vinnis: Hiya Grace

soulmover: hi Grace

wolfy smith: hi Grace

captmidnite1962: There she is...

Harry le chat: Hi Grace

Strat335 & TexasSusan: Hey Grace!

Glenn Hughes: hi Grace

soulmover: 3 cheers for Grace

Grace: Holy smokes! Ax murderers sure get a lot of respect around here.......

soulmover: were scared

Grace: hello everyone!

Glenn Hughes: freakin'.

Grace: So what's cookin'?

Glenn Hughes: beans on toast.

soulmover: weenies and marshmellows

Glenn Hughes: toad in the arse

captmidnite1962: Tuna fish sandwiches here....

Grace: OK, who's THAT comedian (beans on toast) and what have you done with the REAL Glenn Hughes?

soulmover: Gabi?

Glenn Hughes: hi chad. it is the typist, Gabrielle Stinkfoot Hughes

Vinnis: hiya Shirl

Strat335 & TexasSusan: Hi, Shirl

soulmover: howdy Shirl

Harry le chat: Hi Shirl !!!

Shirl: Hi everyone - drove home like lightning to get here ...

soulmover: is that your indian name?ha

wolfy smith: hey Shirl.

Glenn Hughes: yes, Glenn gave me an Indian name after he lost his johnny on our first date.

wolfy smith: hows the storm David?

soulmover: johnny shoehorn yep

David: Heavy with 'lotsa lightning & tornado warnings! Probably won't make it through this CHAT!

Grace: Yes, Shirl is an American Indian, and she lives in a Wig-wam......uh, I mean Wigan.

Glenn Hughes: barbecue tongs.

Shirl: LOL LOL - Grace

soulmover: got some sauce for that thing

Shirl: Glenn's becoming less refined these days, dontcha think??

Glenn Hughes: Glenn says he is really excited about the new football season and he will be at a home game to see the Wolves play Hull on Tues, Sept. 18th

Shirl: and it seems so is soulmover!

soulmover: haha coming out of his shell...finally!!

Grace: First...Happy Birthday, Vinny! Let's all be quiet while Glenn sings "Happy Birthday" to you

Glenn Hughes: make it spicy.

wolfy smith: i can see Hackney will be busy on the 18th!

Dani California: hello to everybody

Vinnis: shhhhh


Strat335 & TexasSusan: Hi, Dani

soulmover: hi dani..nice name

hiawatha72: hi all

captmidnite1962: Hey Wolfy...how is Hackney doing? I haven't seen him here in awhile

Dani California: hi Roger and Susan

Harry le chat: Hey Dani

soulmover: another indian 72

wolfy smith: havent heard from him Bill

Dani California: hi Nat

Grace: Yes, Vinny....you are now OFFICIALLY as old as my mascara

Glenn Hughes: Dani is our favorite Bulgarian fan and she also works as the English translator when i am in Bulgaria.

Dani California: hello dear Glenn and Gabi

soulmover: i like her already

wolfy smith: Hola Inma

Strat335 & TexasSusan: Hey, Inma.

Dani California: thanks Glenn

Vinnis: hiya inma

hiawatha72: hi soulmover, yep loved the Live Earth gig

wolfy smith: something i said Inma?

Glenn Hughes: Chad, Dani wants one of your sticks so i gotta get one from you to take to her when i go.

soulmover: i have just the one

soulmover: thanks 72

Shirl: So Glenn - now that you've a moment to reflect on a WOW year, no doubt you're blown away by the new fans and the growing audiences?

Strat335 & TexasSusan: Somehow I saw that one comin' LOL

Glenn Hughes: and what a fine stick it is. i have never seen one so perfectly straight.

soulmover: stop it!

wolfy smith: Chad, our Burmese cat keeps trying to chew the stick i got in LA!

Glenn Hughes: yes, i am completely humbled and truly blessed to have reached so many new fans this year.

captmidnite1962: Boys will be boys....

soulmover: my scent is strong

Glenn Hughes: cats like to rub against sticks.

Shirl: And Glenn - thanks so much for the birthday 'card' and message

soulmover: i bet they do...lets try to keep this outta the gutter

Shirl: and thanks to Wolfy of course x

Glenn Hughes: you are very welcome. give my best to Buddy.

soulmover: papa gotta boy to catch...bye all

Shirl: Sure will - looks like's in his element at the moment

Strat335 & TexasSusan: Bye Chad

Glenn Hughes: bye Chad. see you soon.

Shirl: Bye Chad x

Harry le chat: bye Chad;

Strat335 & TexasSusan: Inma, you're back. Hello!!

Shirl: Hi Inma - we seem to keep losing you!

Dani California: bye Chad

hiawatha72: how is the new material coming along?

captmidnite1962: There is our favorite artist...Hello Inma!!

Harry le chat: Hi Inma

Glenn Hughes: i am really looking forward to going back to Spain again.

Inmaculada: hi all!!

Grace: OK, "trainee" Hughes.....first question.....when should I go to the city to buy tickets for: Glenn Hughes AT CARNEGIE HALL.

Inmaculada: yep I logged but shows nobody was here!!! I thought I was alone again!! hahaha

Glenn Hughes: Grace, i played there in 1970. you missed it .

Glenn Hughes: somebody spiked my drink that night.

Inmaculada: hi Glenn and thanks so much for being with us again!! and for those fantastic Spanish dates!!

Grace: I was only....5......years old (ha, ha)

Shirl: Read about the guy impersonating Mel earlier. Don't think anyone could impersonate Glenn 'cos they couldn't sing those high notes!!

Arjen: Hello everyone great to be part of this

Shirl: someone spiked your drink????????

Shirl: Hi Arjen

hiawatha72: Spain is great, especially Barca; love that city

Shirl: I'll be at Barcelona

Dani California: Glenn I am very happy that will see you again in September

Inmaculada: it's a beautiful city I've only been once and for a short time so I'll use the chance to make a better visit!

Grace: I hope that the BB Kings show did a great job of educating those idiot record company executives, Glenn....I can't forget what a great performance you did

Glenn Hughes: yes Dani, i am looking forward to it as well.

Inmaculada: you will Shirl?

Dani California: hi Inma

Inmaculada: hi Dani!!! good to see you here!

Harry le chat: Girls, we might be going too....

Dani California: me too dear

Arjen: I like to ask a question Glenn what are your plans after the Spain shows? Are you going back to the studio for a new record or are you going to promote the upcoming DVD?

Glenn Hughes: after Spain will be Norway and Greece and Italy followed by South America - I mentioned all the cities earlier and then November 18th I start the rehearsals for the new record.

Shirl: Well - Jennifer would like to go to Madrid ... so we'll see. Got messed about with the doormen the last time I was at the Bikini. Rob sorted it thank goodness (and Carl) so...

Inmaculada: oh then I'll have to check the transcript to see those Italian dates too

Shirl: I was never a bikini LOL more an all-in-one! LOL

Inmaculada: Shirl you know you are also invited to come to Madrid!

Shirl: need to get off my bum anyhow and sort something out and meet up with you beautiful girls!!!


Arjen: Sounds great Glenn...sorry I missed the cities you mentioned earlier Looking foward to your next album Music for the Divine IS my fave Glenn solo album and thats no lie although Addiction comes second close

Glenn Hughes: thank you very much Arjen. They are all my children.

Shirl: Glenn - you picked up on the vibe that now's the time to have a full set list of your new and solo stuff??

Grace: BOO HOO.....it sounds to me as if 2007 is all booked up, no US airport concerts?

hiawatha72: do you already know which musicians will be on the next album?

Glenn Hughes: I am glad someone brought this up. I plan next year to give only solo songs.

Shirl: Addiction is MY baby!

Vinnis: YES!!!!!!!

Strat335 & TexasSusan: Very cool!

Arjen: WOW...

Glenn Hughes: I loved playing NY & LA & I will do it again next year.

Inmaculada: that sounds fab!!

Arjen: Thank you its getting better and better hahah

hiawatha72: that would be great!!!!

Vinnis: looks like another road trip

Shirl: Nice one Glenn - the solo stuff will be something else...

Glenn Hughes: with the new songs i have written for the new album i feel i have to promote the new Glenn.

Inmaculada: oh yes!! that sounds really really fab!!!

wolfy smith: we've been say drop some DP stuff for a while now

Grace: just remember Glenn, that BB Kings was TOO SMALL, and the people who were there will certainly bring MORE people with them for the next NY show.......hence Carnagie Hall...or dare I say it? Madison Square Garden or Radio City Music Hall?

Shirl: Can't wait Glenn.

hiawatha72: couldn' t agree more, always look ahead.

Dani California: Glenn your support for the Bulgarian nurses in Libya is very important for us, and all your fans in Bulgaria is very happy that you will show your support with your concert on 7th of September this year

hiawatha72: Grace, madison square garden would do the trick

Inmaculada: may I ask you if this new album follows a specific direction, I mean more blues or rockier...

Glenn Hughes: It has been a little difficult and confusing for me about the set list. But it would appear now that i am being taken seriously as a solo artist and my new songs are so strong and they will give me so much spiritual progression on stage.

Grace: See Glenn.....2 tickets sold already

Glenn Hughes: There will be some shows next year in some markets where the MKIII and MKIV songs will be played, but overall you can expect a sizzling new GH set.

hiawatha72: solo Glenn stuff rulezzzz; Soul Mover is the ultimate encore

Glenn Hughes: I just want to add my self to the plight of the Bulgarian nurses who are children of God i pray each day that they will be returned to their homeland.

Shirl: Glenn - you've been taken seriously for some time with the solo and new stuff but I get why you've had to throw a few oldies in there. Spiritual progression - yeah, me too!

Glenn Hughes: you are absolutely right hiawatha.

hiawatha72: thank you

Shirl: Gotta go now peeps - God bless each one of you. Masses of hugs Glenn. Take care and hope to see you soon x

Harry le chat: I'm in for both....Full GH set + other "markets"...

Strat335 & TexasSusan: Bye, Shirl!!

Dani California: and we want to see them in home as soon as possible

Inmaculada: bye Shirl!

Grace: Glenn, I've never posted a suggested song list because I don't care what you sing....anything is OK with me.....but if you started a show with "I don't want to live that way again" I think you singing that particular song FIRST would blow the roof off the building....and it would certainly make sure that nobody was sleeping during your performance

Forever Young: Hey all! I'm late but I made it!

Inmaculada: hi!

wolfy smith: hi Philly Guy!

Strat335 & TexasSusan: We are checking out, too. Y'all take care. Just saw your message,
Grace...Roger would love that song, too...very great song.

Harry le chat: Hi !!!

Grace: the delegate from Philly has arrived.............

Forever Young: Yo! Wolfy! What's up bro?!

Vinnis: hey philly guy

Arjen: Glenn will you ever consider adding (my alltime fave) Trapeze song "Whats a Woman's Role to the set? That song has so much feeling

Grace: yeah, Susan.....my highest compliment.... it ain't too shabby none.

Glenn Hughes: It is a highly emotional post card of my troubles with narcotics addiction and it still resonates with me which is why i put it on the anthology. When i sing it live, it takes it out of me. it is draining as i relive what it was like the last few years of drug use.

Dani California: Gabi are you there?

Strat335 & TexasSusan: Before I leave....Whats a Woman's Role...my 6 year old son was screaming...I need a woman in the living room the other day...guess it was going through his head. LOL

hiawatha72: can you give a hint on which direction the new music is going?

Arjen: hahah cool

Glenn Hughes: Been thinking about it. I have been asked by my guitar company to do clinics and i would play acoustic and bass as i just added "I Found A Woman" and "It's About Time" to my acoustic set list. ..."Woman's Role" and Will Our Love End" will be added as well.

Forever Young: Glenn, I want to thank you for one of the best birthdays I've ever had! Just amazing my friend! I hope it doesn't take another 42 years!

Glenn Hughes: hi Dani, yes, it is Gabi the typist. i am here.

Dani California: sooooooooo happy to see you dear Gabi

Glenn Hughes: i love that song. i wrote it when i was 19.

Grace: that song, we all know, you wrote about you....but I think that I can safely say, that to each of us GHCPs, it has a different meaning towards our own lives. But I can understand how it hits a nerve with you....it's a monumental, spectacular song

Glenn Hughes: it is as song about my first American girlfriend who i had just broken up with.

Dani California: Glenn and Gabi, Pete say "Hi" to you, he will be here very soon

Glenn Hughes: Dani: we are glad to have you here. i wish i was going with Glenn to Bulgaria in Sept.

hiawatha72: hi gabi are the kids also around?; (we have two cats Jip and Fred)

Glenn Hughes: all 4 kids are sleeping right now.

Dani California: you can come if you can

Inmaculada: just thinking about to attend one of your accoustic shows it makes me thrill!! hope you will play one of them here in Spain... or I'll have to check out my pocket again!!

hiawatha72: know what you mean our kids to, as always

Harry le chat: Have to go and prepare dinner boys and girls. Talk to you soon. Glenn, see you in September in France. The whole family will be there Thanks a lot for being with us tonight. Talk to you soon...Nathalie

wolfysmith: it would be great if in the middle of a "rock" show you did an acoustic song.

Inmaculada: by Nath we will keep in touch!!

Dani California: bye Nath

Inmaculada: bye!!

Glenn Hughes: We were going to do it on the "Divine" tour but there are a couple of new songs on on the next record that will be great to do acoustic.

Arjen: an acoustic tour wouldnt be bad also I think the crowds wont be less

hiawatha72: great news, looking forward to it already!!!

Glenn Hughes: Something happens when i play acoustic or when i play piano solo. i feel like it is the true Glenn coming out. People need to see me play guitar the way i write my music.

Grace: plus.......those quick naps are most refreshing for the other band people while Glenn is alone on stage, huh?

Forever Young: Glenn thanks for joining us and thanks again for the great show in NYC! Come again soon! Philly would be great!

Glenn Hughes: I love Philly. used to love playing the Spectrum.

hiawatha72: it is more personal on piano or acoustic; that would be very intense

Grace: the thing about acoustic..in the words of the immortal "Martha and the Vandellas" there's...... No place to run, no place to hide. the only thing on the stage is talent!!!!!!

wolfysmith: Coast To Coast acoustic mid show would be good. you havent done that song for a while

Forever Young: Yeah that was the place man! Saw H&H there a few weeks before seeing you. You were the show though for sure!

Glenn Hughes: I would like to get a Poll of how many fans would like to get an acoustic set in the middle

wolfysmith: ME GLENN!!!

Vinnis: ::::raises hand::::

Inmaculada: me too!!

wolfysmith: or maybe as your first encore.

Grace: Are you serious? I vote for a total acoustic show.

hiawatha72: aha in the middle; so first 2 hours plugged then 2 hours acoustic and then to finish off 2 hours plugged again; men.... that would wear me out

Forever Young: I think that would be awesome! I mean you have so much to offer. Why not? It would be a complete show as I see it.

Arjen: Well I would LOVE to hear that for sure Dim the lights one or 2 spotlights and 2 barstools would be creating magic

Glenn Hughes: I am still buzzing on the response i got from the LA & NY shows . my wife and David Harrison told me I would sell these shows out and I was happily surprised we did so.

Vinnis: Sell out??? People were turned away in NY

Grace: ...and think of all the money we ladies would save by not having to buy make-up.......Boo Hoo

Glenn Hughes: Gabi here: yes, the man was worried he wouldn't sell out. crazy.

hiawatha72: yep i think he' s crazy too...

Forever Young: NYC weas everything I could have hoped for! One of the great ones. Incredible as I told you afterwards Glenn.

Glenn Hughes: The management at the Whisky and BB Kings said that my show was the best show they have had there in years.

Vinnis: yes i heard same response at BB's

wolfysmith: i say that every time i see you Glenn!

Vinnis: Beacon next????

Dani California: i am sure in that Glenn

hiawatha72: now why doesn't surprise me that

wolfysmith: i couldnt believe how small the Whisky is.

Glenn Hughes: They want me to come back, and i will.

Dani California: because you are THE BEST, YOU ARE THE VOICE OF ROCK

Grace: beat Glenn with a stick, Gabi. He was standing on stage....he WASN'T packed in the area in front of the bar area in NY....you couldn't fit a piece of paper between the people jammed in there at BB King's.......that's why I keep saying that BB Kings was too small, because it was

Inmaculada: yeah anybody who has seen you live shouldn't be surprised for that!!

Glenn Hughes: Dani you are so sweet.

Glenn Hughes: for Glenn's first time solo in the city, it is good that the room was full. That is just how we like it!

Dani California: Thank you very much dear Glenn

Vinnis: full??? ya couldnt move

hiawatha72: so it was just soul and not soulmover?

Grace: tell him, Vinny....maybe we could convine him that that place was too small

Forever Young: It was the greatest vocal performance I've ever seen and I've seen many a show in my years, Plus I had no idea how good you are on the bass! But better late than never, right? I'm catching on! Good thing I'm still young!

wolfysmith: Glenn, i think the tables for people to sit at meant you got a standing ovation after each song and maybe helped the atmosphere

hiawatha72: on a personal note: thank you Glenn for being a example for me as a person and a singer for so many years already

Glenn Hughes: It is quite simple: people have said to me, how can you sing and play better than you did in the 70's? It is because i have a new design of life. I live and breathe my music. It runs through my body even when I sleep.

Glenn Hughes: ...and to have a connection with you and my other fans that is the thing that keeps me fresh and motivated.

Dani California: I feel it from all your songs Glenn

Vinnis: we all do!!!

wolfysmith: you got soul!

Inmaculada: yeah and you motivate us with every song you gift us!

Forever Young: Well said Glenn! You are truly BEING it. It for real as the song goes.

Grace: the best part of Glenn's NY show? The quiet, dignified NY crowd....yelling their approval SO MUCH....that GH had to stop the show for a minute and "catch his breath" HOORAY! (I thought that we were gonna' make Glenn cry)

Glenn Hughes: you got soul: one of my favorite songs.

Inmaculada: hi sister!!

conchita: goooooood evening everyone!

hiawatha72: hi conchita

Arjen: hello!!

Vinnis: hi concita

Glenn Hughes: Dani: how is the Mayor?

Grace: Is there ANY CHANCE AT ALL Glenn, that on your way to travel to the rest of the world that you could have a one or two night stop-over and do another show in NY?

Dani California: he is very good

Arjen: Glenn dont know if this was asked before but is JJ back in the band?

daniele: Hi Glenn, Hi guys!

Glenn Hughes: Tell the Mayor (this is Gabi) that i hope i can see him again soon. I just have such a great time in Bulgaria.

Dani California: Glenn say thanks to Chad from me

Glenn Hughes: The next USA shows have to be planned.

Dani California: he and his wife will be very happy to see you too dear Gabi

Forever Young: Well I gotta run and pick up the wife and kid! They went to see Hair Spray. Not me thing! Thanks so so much Glenn for everything and I continue to spread the word about Papa. Just like you told us! We'll see you all soon I hope. Take care.

Glenn Hughes: JJ is with me, as is every other band member according to all our schedules.

Grace: ...back to the airport patrol........

hiawatha72: question; how is the running? do you still run every morning? how do you do that while playing in so many countries

wolfysmith: Glenn, how is Matt enjoying playing the shows? and will Mark Mondesir return?

Glenn Hughes: I walk at a very fast pace usually every day down to the ocean and back. I live on a hill so on the way back it is a workout.

Inmaculada: ouch you have the hardest for the end!!

Glenn Hughes: Matt Goom is a breath of fresh air. He is a genuinely sweet human being. He came in well prepared. Mark is obligated to John McLaughlin at the moment and we wish him the best.

conchita: hello Glenn....hope you are well. My question for you is: recently you played a show here with Matt Filippini in my city (Palermo) which unfortunately I missed cause I was out of town for work (and my friends still remind me, of course, GRRRR!). Did you have any chance to appreciate Palermo while you were here?

daniele: Glenn, I from Italy. Any Italian dates soon?

Glenn Hughes: Hi conchita. Palermo in my eyes was one of the most amazing places i have ever visited. i had great security there. it is a place of great history.

Glenn Hughes: i think if i lived there i would have to walk 5 times more as the food is amazing. i have never seen so many beautiful people in one city.

daniele: Glenn, all the country has a lot of history

conchita: ....all the more reason for you to come again!


wolfysmith: do you get much chance for sightseeing on tour

Glenn Hughes: I love Italy, and so does my wife. Rome is one of "our" cities. But i got to say, in general, Italy makes you feel like every city is your city and i feel that way in Spain as well.

Grace: good question, conchita. just how much time do you have to actually see the places where you perform, Glenn? Did you have any extra time to be a tourist in NY, either before or after the NY show to just be a tourist?

Inmaculada: great to hear that Glenn! thank you!

daniele: You'e right. Have you been in Torino already?

Glenn Hughes: I do get a bit of a chance to sightsee on tour. if i can get out on the street after breakfast with Colin my assistant i do. i like to be outside. i don't like to just sit around in hotels.

conchita: ah Rome....last year at this time (on the 20th to be precise) I saw a rockin' show there!

Glenn Hughes: I love Torino. i had a day off there and i did some shopping. Matteo Filipini was with me.

Glenn Hughes: Most of my free time is spend travelling to the next gig so i dont always get to see all of the cities that i would like to. but i always try to find a great restaurant in whatever city i am in. i like to meet the chefs.

Arjen: Glenn, although not a favorite time I got a question from the Sabbath days....can you recall if the band recorded any songs which did not make the Seventh Star album??

Glenn Hughes: no songs.

Arjen: thats a bummer...great album though cult period for us fans Actually thats the album which introduced Glenn Hughes to me imagine how I felt when I discovered Trapeze and the non Gillan Purple

wolfysmith: what sort of music do you listen to at home? are you and Gabi's tastes different?

daniele: Is Filippini from Torino?

Glenn Hughes: I don't listen to music as my soul and brain are continually writing music.

Grace: I would love to see your passport, Glenn. Hey David.....let's have a contest trying to guess how many pages there are in Glenn's passport. My guess is: 12,308 pages....all already stamped.

Dani California: Glenn, the guys from B.T.R. is sent to you their respect

hiawatha72: sounds a bit like stephen king; he doesn't read while he is in a writing process

Glenn Hughes: In most rooms in my house there is a guitar so i can play wherever i am. there are a lot of rooms and if i am playing with great views of the ocean and i like to sit and play.

daniele: It must be great!

wolfysmith: as you are so prolific a writer, how hard is it to choose songs to not put on an album?

Glenn Hughes: Gabi likes my music best. She is has a great bond with my music. I play her the songs as i write them to see what she thinks. I have never done that with any other woman.

hiawatha72: sounds like you found your muse

Glenn Hughes: Matteo is from a town not too far from Milan. I can't think of the name of it right now.

Grace: somebody ought to make a DVD of just somebody following GH around the house....humming

Dani California: Gabi is GREAT Glenn

Glenn Hughes: I look forward to seeing the guys from BTR in Sept.

daniele: Thanks Glenn, I didn't know that

Dani California: they too Glenn

conchita: Glenn - Matt is from Cremona - where they make violins

Inmaculada: If I am not wrong Matt is from Cremona

Glenn Hughes: I always write a couple songs that don't make the album, becuz i normally write 14 or 15 songs.

Inmaculada: hehe sister same timing

hiawatha72: question; have you thought of putting out an instruction DVD for singers?


Glenn Hughes: Matt's Mom and Dad are fantastic. I did a great show in Cremona. Maybe 5,000 people.

Glenn Hughes: Dani my wife thinks you are the best.


Dani California: You are my best friends

Glenn Hughes: perfect!

wolfysmith: Dani, to quote Glenn on the Borderline Trapeze show CD, "you're all me mates, ain't ya"

Glenn Hughes: Well guys n' dolls Glenn has got to go, as he was supposed to leave 30 minutes ago and he is going to be late for a date now. BUT it has been great.

Glenn Hughes: I look forward to seeing you on tour.

Vinnis: ty so much glenn and gabi

Inmaculada: we too! and thanks so much for being here!!

wolfysmith: thanks for this CHAT Glenn AND Gabi

Glenn Hughes: I hope you groove to "Justine" on the "Anthology" album.

hiawatha72: bye it was great to chat; see you on tour!

Glenn Hughes: The future looks very funky.

Arjen: Thank you Glenn and to the people who made this possible

Dani California: GLENN, Pete will come on your concert in Sofia

Glenn Hughes: Thanks Dani. see you soon, one and all.

conchita: Thank you Glenn for all you do!

Grace: Gabi and Glenn.....the next time that you are in New York - "Ye Waverly Inn" restaurant on Bank Street, in the West Village. It's the ground floor of a brownstone....wooden booths, fireplaces (lit at Thanksgiving and Christmas time) and a back yard garden. Plus the food is spectacular....a little known secret small place, known and loved by the West Village neighborhood.

Dani California: GLENN you are THE BEST

wolfysmith: gotta go too. see you all again soon.

daniele: Thanks Glenn! see you soon!

hiawatha72: bye you all;

Dani California: BYE WOLFY

Arjen: Take care all!

daniele: Bye guys!

Inmaculada: yeah! bye all!! see some of you soon!!

Grace: great to talk with you, Gabi and Glenn..............take care everybody! Bye.

Dani California: bye,bye

conchita: bye y'all...take care!

David: The next regularly scheduled Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, August 19th, 2007
at the usual time of 4:00PM EDT.
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damm !!!!

i havent had time to tell you all this but here goes-i made sure to be on early this time -missed the last two chats with glenn-glenn was kind enough to answer two of my questions -GREAT!!!!!!-then here comes chad on also -both together on here -YEAH BABY!!!!!!- then BAMMM !!!!!- my phone line goes off and doesnt come back on till the next day - i was crushed
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Old Jul-29-2007, 12:21 PM
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I'm sure that you'll get another chance!

Me, I missed the whole thing and still have no idea how that could happen!?


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so sorry that I couldn't catch the oppportunity on Sunday.... I hope to make it next time!
but such a great news....a GH acoustic show!!! extraordinary!!!

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