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Old Feb-09-2005, 5:14 AM
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Icon47 Classic Rock review of SM

The new March edition (with Ozzy on the cover) of Classic Rock features a 3-page interview with Glenn. There are plenty of photos taken from the SM video.

Too much to write up and post for me at the moment so hopefully someone will scan it. If not I will try and post it all next week.

One thing he does say is that the tour will feature 5 songs from SM and around 75% to 80% will be non-DP.

But of main interest is their review of Soul Mover (which
www.powerplaydirect.com tell me was sent yesterday - £8.99 incl postage):

In an interview in this issue, GH admits he’s been involved in “too many B-minus projects” in the past. But the veteran bassist/vocalist’s latest more than bears up under intense examination. Soul Mover is an A-plus record, complete with a shiny gold star and an apple for the teacher. Hughes – who made his name in DP marks 3 &4 – has jettisoned his partnerships with shaggy ol’ mid-table rockers and moved boldly into high-powered, contemporary territory. With help from RHCP drummer Chad Smith and guitarist Dave Navarro (of Chilli’s/ Jane’s Addiction fame), Soul Mover is a brilliant realisation of Hughes’ rock-soul-funk tendencies. And it deserves much wider recognition than it will probably get. Navarro appears on only a couple of songs: the skin-blistering title track and the chunky-but-chilling She Moves Ghostly. JJ Marsh is guitarist on the
remainder of the album; he’s no slouch, but Navarro really does supply the X-factor.

Soul Mover would probably have made a better 40-minute vinyl record than 60 minute CD, as it tapers off somewhat towards the end. But Hughes remains at the top of his game, playing bass lines that are fluid as an exploding fire hydrant, and hyperbolic vocals that belie his 50-something years.

Four Stars

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Old Feb-09-2005, 5:21 PM
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Cool... I don't mean to downplay Dave Navaro's contributions- I think it's great that he teamed up with Chad and Glenn in support of Glenn and his amazing talent -as well as thier friendships. But to me, it's just a token and a lending of name and image. In the case of both songs, (to me) -they are J.J.'s...just listen to em'. Especially Soul Mover, it has Dave doing the solo only, I don't know about SMGly...but I don't hear any big contribution from Navarro. And to be honest- I think J.J. could have really had a rippin' solo for Soul Mover, technically blowing Dave's away...BUT... It would have been more of the same J.J. style- it's nice hearing something different- that was probably very good for the album. But speaking of different... I kinda somehow like J.J.'s different solo on "Miss Little Insane"...it does sound insane!

I don't mean that lending name and image is a bad thing... I'd just want J.J. to be a part of the hype that SM has, and will generate, we all agree he is deserving. And in most cases Glenn and the reviewer's have said great things about him. I think it was unfortunate that he wasn't able to be in the video though. Maybe he could'nt jump around as well- or didn't have any piercings or tattoos to show off!
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Old Feb-10-2005, 3:23 PM
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HEY Mark,

You hit it dead nut's! JJ gets one photo on the inner sleeve???
What is up with that?
How is the weather in Texas?
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Old Feb-11-2005, 3:49 AM
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Hey Mark!

Weather is just fine!

But of course I know what it could be like (up there)...
I don't miss the weather up there at all- it's been years since I've scaped my windshield (and that's a good thing)

Good to hear from you my friend
I've still got a show for both you and Ann that VOCR did in Korea- still working on graphics from some screen shots.
It will get sent one of these days! (soon)

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Old Feb-16-2005, 3:41 PM
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Mark- I agree with you....nothing bad about Dave Navarro, but JJ deserves beaucoups credit for this cd.

By the way, is it just me or does the beginning of the solo to She Moves Ghostly a direct nod to Ritchie's Still I'm Sad????

Bobby Gervais

Yeah you need to get on the VOCR Korea show graphics...and others too! Get on it mate ! ;-)
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