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Old Mar-19-2006, 11:16 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - March 19th, 2006

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - March 19th, 2006

David: Afternoon/evening all...

David: How you doing daniel?

daniel: I'm fine, you?

David: Good.

daniel: sounds fine!

daniel: any exciting news to report?

David: As always another slow start to the CHAT!!

David: Well, it's the weekend

daniel: yes

David: Nothing much this week, other than things are coming along nicely with both the new H/T and solo album. GH was in Vegas over the past few days with PT and the end of next week starts the mixing with Chad and others for Music For The Divine.

daniel: ok, cool

daniel: heard any more of the album?

David: No. But did hear a some very rough demos of the new H/T material - wow, I was gobsmacked!!

David: we're not going to be disappointed when that hits the street.

David: judging by the short snippets we heard.

daniel: what was it like?

David: it was everything I had hoped - distinctly Glenn and Pat - how you would expect them to sound in 2006 - not just a re-hash of the '82 sound.

David: the quality of the material is just mind blowing, considering they've been away from each other for so long. Looking forward to it immensely.

David: Just hope they can get a gig or three over here in the USA out of it.

daniel: yes

daniel: was the songwriting as song as on ht1?

David: don't understand - ask again?

David: Hi Chris

chrisloeb: Hi David, Hi daniel

chrisloeb: quiet here, huh?

daniel: songwriting as strong...

David: just PT and GH - in studio demos - further work has to go into them - early days yet!

chrisloeb: I wonder if Gary Ferguson will be on the bill again

David: Also, hope to hear some more solid news from JJ about his album release - it's been one step forward, then two back with it recently, but it's looking more hopeful this time around....at last!

chrisloeb: Thanks for the Look in Your eye video btw

daniel: how is the touring schedule for the summer shaping up?

chrisloeb: now finally there's a connection to the masks and makeup from the album sleeve and promo pics

David: no problem - was it in-sync for you? I didn't have any issue, but i guess
tony g was saying he was having an issue.

chrisloeb: totally in sync - I read that tony g had problems with that

David: OK, thanks for confirming - must be something up with his setup.

daniel: chris: how did you like the DP gig / SM clinic? I don't think I saw a review from you....

David: daniel - just what has been mentioned so far - the Dutch festival, boat trip in Scandinavia - more will follow, but nothing confirmed yet.

chrisloeb: that was Achim (schreinermusic) from Germany, daniel, not me

daniel: ok

chrisloeb: I think he has posted a review, hold on a sec

chrisloeb: found it - right here:

chrisloeb: http://fanforum.ghpg.net/showthread.php?t=3589

daniel: thanks

daniel: will check it out

David: Heads up everyone, we've just spotted a certain Mr.Smith online, checking out the CHAT thread - maybe he'll join us in a minute - that would be cool, huh

David: and if he doesn't we can give him some flack later...for not

David: Hi luv.

chrisloeb: Hi Shirean

Shirean: Hi guys!

daniel: hey

chrisloeb: so you're constantly checking what's goin' on on the board, aren't you. I mean, like Big brother or something like that

David: Nahh, we just know when and where to look

daniel: hey chad!

daniel: welcome

David: Hi Mr. Smith

David: Welcome... to your second CHAT!

soulmover: hi all

chrisloeb: Hi there soulmover

David: so do tell us about the direction that Music For The Divine takes us...

soulmover: yeah, im not a virgin been here a long time

soulmover: gonna have to wait and see..haha

chrisloeb: that's right, a year or 1 1/2 - one of the chats I missed....

David: No spoiler? Oh well we can wait

chrisloeb: Hallo Achim

schreinermusic: hi everyone, hope you?re doing great all

David: Hi Achim

schreinermusic: hallo chris

soulmover: nah...its gonna be worth it start mixing next week

David: ok, must talk to you after that then

David: when you can spill the beans

chrisloeb: more in the next chat maybe?

soulmover: papa may have a u.s. label release as well ..yaay

David: great news

David: will keep our fingers crossed on that one

soulmover: shooting for 11 songs.. all very strong

chrisloeb: was there an intention (at any point) to go for a 2-CD release, like with the RHCP?

soulmover: he's not as crazy as us..haha

David: so do you think they'll be any time for one-off gigs with GH in between your other commitments?

daniel: any plans for you to tour with glenn?

soulmover: we did 15,,,some to come out later

chrisloeb: didn't you want to go for 3 discs in the beginning?

chrisloeb: oops, wrong smiley, sorry


soulmover: a trilogy yeah,,28 on 2 cd's instead..lets talk about papa

soulmover: trying to do a show in italy in july on one of my breaks

daniel: any chance of having glenn come out as support for rhcp?

soulmover: i wish..if it was up to me yeah..

daniel: but record companies interfere?

chrisloeb: Glenn still has the unreleased Warner Brothers album, but that's probably the only record label connection

soulmover: managers,,promotors..record co..etc

daniel: ok

David: So how is the new one compared with Soul Mover? Heavier, funkier, lighter - all of the above? Just trying to get a feel for everyone.

schreinermusic: which would be interesting to know....

soulmover: all of the above...i think the songs are varied and well played and sung...the production of the sound will really be an improvement,,no direspect to fabrizio..

daniel: cool

chrisloeb: who's producing?

schreinermusic: looking foward to hear some preview snippets...

soulmover: glenn and myself..ryan hewitt is mixing, he just finished our record..but he already mixed one song and it's smokin

David: Did you do any writing for it or just JJ and GH?

soulmover: no..i just cheerlead. haha

chrisloeb: yeah, me too Achim. So far the new music is only "imaginary" for me....

schreinermusic: lol

soulmover: really fun doing it at my house too..great vibe..saw the cover shot ..looks cool

schreinermusic: not sure if its been already asked but how many songs will there be on the CD? any bonus tracks recorded?

David: do you have any questions for us crazy GH folks?

soulmover: yeah...why you so craaazeee?


soulmover: we did 15...11 to make the cd. yes to bonus trax,dont know how many


schreinermusic: sounds great, mate...sure u did a great job

soulmover: as you know glenn is just the greatest guy around

David: - we give back as he does - it's definitely a 2 way street - which has kept us around all these years, right everyone?!

schreinermusic: indeed, David

Shirean: Yes indeed

chrisloeb: definitely

soulmover: i love reading your site. keep up the good work

David: thanks Chad.

soulmover: hi Shirean..didnt know you were there..cat got your fingers?

Shirean: Hi Chad .. not feeling very well, I'm sick

soulmover: im sorry..whata trooper

schreinermusic: sorry to hear that, Shirean...

David: i'm at the other end of the house - trying to keep well

soulmover: you guys are too much

Shirean: I blame it on Atlantic City last weekend!

Shirean: Too much FUN!

chrisloeb: hope you get well soon, Shirean!

soulmover: too much poker?

David: Yeah - don't feel too sorry for her - she got trashed at a HEART gig last weekend!!!

soulmover: oh..hungover i got it

David: should of seen her at the airport, i haven't laughed so hard in ages

daniel: any plans to do more clinics with ian paice?


soulmover: no plans..gotta go to work with my little band



David: hope you get to Florida?

soulmover: we will in the fall

David: excellent, will see you then

chrisloeb: Chad, has Big Daddy asked you to participate in Hughes/Thrall 2?

soulmover: yes, im very honored and excited..dont know when..the killers are in their studio for 3 months..

David: yeah that new material sounds hot - amazing they've still got such killer songs considering they've been away from each other for so long.

Shirean: I loved the tracks GH played for us.

David: but they needed some real drums

soulmover: i havent heard anything yet..but G is digging it so far

schreinermusic: great news...just saw the old video of "The Look in Your Eye" which u posted, David....very early 80's like...LOL

David: yeah, it's a classic - but what were they thinking with the lighting? Maybe, it's a person who works for Frontiers now

soulmover: haha


chrisloeb: the choreography Glenn and Pat do is very funny to look at nowadays..... state of the art back in 1982, probably

David: sorry, couldn't resist

daniel: VERY poor videos


daniel: so, frontiers is not your favorite label chad?

schreinermusic: yes, but Glenn doesn't seem very relaxed in that video....

soulmover: dont get me started...yeah peppers are switching for our next one

chrisloeb: yeah, also he's definitely not comfortable with miming

daniel: still plans to do the video?

captmidnite1962: Hmm...HT2..the new CD...a lot to look forward to!!l

soulmover: we ended up doing it in hollywood...at the house here..us recording a song called "This House"

daniel: that's appropriate

soulmover: cool song..kinda beatle-y

David: What are your favourite Glenn albums? Do you have his full discography like us crazy folks or just certain albums?!

soulmover: i really like HTP2, i was about to get married around that time, so I have very good memories from that time. i also really like Play Me Out.

David: Yeah, on HTP2, JJ really stood out on that one - excellent playing - was disappointed not to hear a lot of it live though.

chrisloeb: I'm trying to remember if any of the HTP2 songs were actually played on that 2nd tour??!!

daniel: very strange that they didn't do it live

David: think just 1 - 2 in Japan if I remember right!!

daniel: it seems glenn was up for it

schreinermusic: i think "Losing my Head" was played ...have a video of it

captmidnite1962: Will the video be on the new CD...as it was for Soul Mover?

soulmover: yep

captmidnite1962: Cool!!

tony g: soulmover, do you know which day you will be in chicago in august?

soulmover: i dont tony..one of the 3..haha

tony g: dammit

David: What tony, you don't want to see Britney Spears too? (i don't know who's playing?)

David: < joke >

tony g: dont know yet huh?

captmidnite1962: Britney who???

soulmover: i do!!!! she needs a real man


tony g: hell no


schreinermusic: i agree, Chad....very much...LOL

captmidnite1962: She's been waiting for you soulmover!!


David: oh baby give it to me one more time

tony g: well if you put it that way

soulmover: i like her all plumped up..woo hoo

daniel: plumped?


captmidnite1962: I haven't listened to From Now On in a long while..have it playing now...

daniel: great glenn vocals on that one

soulmover: i would pay good money to be her bicycle seat

captmidnite1962: Yikes!!

schreinermusic: hahaha

tony g: hell no

daniel: britney is overrated


tony g: she dont do a thing for me

David: back to Glenn for a minute

soulmover: yes

captmidnite1962: Hmm..before the conversation goes into the sewer.....

soulmover: im sorry

tony g: i just want to see chad and flea

captmidnite1962: No problem....

schreinermusic: no need to worry, mate...we can deal with it...hahaha

soulmover: chad flea...and britneeee!

daniel: how did you like the purple show you saw with glenn at the greek, chad?

soulmover: kinda like purple on ice

schreinermusic: oh you did? didnt know that....

tony g: at least you guys will be really singing and playing

daniel: on ice?

schreinermusic: i saw DP 4 weeks ago in Germany...

soulmover: ya know..a disney version

captmidnite1962: Hmmm..that was the line used about The Who in 1989..from the mouth of the Ox himself!

soulmover: hey rob!!

englishrob: hello people

captmidnite1962: Hello rob

schreinermusic: hi rob

chrisloeb: Hi Rob

Shirean: Hello Rob

englishrob: how is everyone?

schreinermusic: not too bad, my friend

daniel: how's the rata blanca tour going?

captmidnite1962: Just fine..been practicing my Bach arpeggios on my banjo!

chrisloeb: A Disney version - what was Entwistle referring to, Captain?

englishrob: it went great thanks

captmidnite1962: The Who...he was joking about how they had all the extra musicians

chrisloeb: like Simon Phillips and the extra guitar player with the rockabilly hair style? Or John Bundrick?

englishrob: so, what have i missed?

captmidnite1962: Which makes you appreciate Trapeze all the more...just 3 guys laying it down!

soulmover: it just lacked any spontainous spark..kinda going thru the motions,..and i LOVE purple all of it

captmidnite1962: All those guys Chris...all the extra musicians..

soulmover: covering alot rob..britney's bike..stuff like that

schreinermusic: i felt very similar, Chad...no spirit at all

chrisloeb: I still think Purple should have called it a day when Jon Lord quit

daniel: but you're still a fan of Paice?

tony g: its the ian gillan band now

englishrob: so do i chris

captmidnite1962: You can almost imagine them thinking.. Time to do Smoke....let's make it look halfway enthusiastic

schreinermusic: or changed the name....yes

chrisloeb: no offense to Don Airey, a great player

soulmover: of course..one of my fav's...i love ian

tony g: i just mean it sounds different

chrisloeb: Airey is the keyboard player on Gary Moore's upcoming album btw

englishrob: so how have you been chad?, you f..ing nutter lol

daniel: the hard rock one?

tony g: im not trying to knock anyone

captmidnite1962: I remember Derek Lawrence saying in an interview.... Even as young as he (Paicey) was, he was brilliant!

chrisloeb: No daniel, Old New Ballads Blues that is

captmidnite1962: Don Airey is one of those guys who doesn't get the credit he deserves

captmidnite1962: What a resume...

soulmover: im good..you've been workin? with whom?

englishrob: just did a few dates with rata blanca in spain...again! great shows and awesome guitarist, you'd love him

David: jezz, pop out for 5 minutes and Purple get another trashin'

chrisloeb: Yes Captain. He's done pioneer work on ARP and Prophet synths for example, with Colosseum II of course

schreinermusic: Yeah, Rob. I think Walter is very good, he really is

soulmover: dont know him,,is he from spain?

daniel: gary moore is my favorite guitarist, i just wish he would leave the blues genre

daniel: it's getting old

englishrob: he's jaw dropping just watching him in the dressing room before the show!

daniel: argentina, i think

David: Hi Rob - thought they were due to hit the US last year - did we miss it?

englishrob: from argentina, but lives in madrid

soulmover: ahh..papa's fav city

daniel: what makes him a different guitarist than ritchie, his obvious inspiration?

englishrob: yes, they played a few shows, i caught up with them in NY

David: you should check out some of the video in the forum - couple of clips with Rata Blanca and GH in South America.

soulmover: i will

David: wow - didn't hear about those Rob - be sure and let us know next time

captmidnite1962: Oh man..don't torture me..I can't watch the clips with this poky dial up!!

chrisloeb: I liked the Rata Blanca DVD, great guitar player indeed, especially on Mistreated. A little too many notes maybe, but still very inspired.

englishrob: he's a cross between ritchie and yngwie....but better than yngwie cos he plays with melody

schreinermusic: Its obvious that Ritchie is one of the main influences of Walter, although he puts it into an own style...

englishrob: i'll send some cd's to glenn and he can pass them on to you chad

tony g: you can capt you just have to wait an hour to download them

englishrob: you can also go to www.myspace.com/rataweb

soulmover: cool. thanks

captmidnite1962: Oh sure...I will have a beard like Billy Gibbons by the time they are downloaded!!


tony g: i do already

soulmover: anything you all want me to pass on to glenn ..im heading out

tony g: they are worth waiting for

David: Just keep on doing what you're doing - same to you too!

tony g: really

captmidnite1962: Take care Chad!!

englishrob: good to see you chad. stay in touch

Shirean: Bye Chad, many thanks for stopping by!

David: and thanks for taking the time to join us - we're here every month, so don't be shy

daniel: take care, thanks for stopping by

chrisloeb: Bye Chad, thanks for stopping by and answering all our questions.... and more

David: Bye Achim!!

tony g: ill see you in august

David: Hi Achim!!

chrisloeb: what happened Achim?

schreinermusic: im back...pc went down...sorry

englishrob: i better go too, got an early flight to catch

schreinermusic: PC went down, sorry

David: thanks for stopping by Rob.

soulmover: im smiling away ..you guys are the best..i know your gonna love this new glenn record. talk soon

captmidnite1962: I think it was really cool the response you got for the "Ask Mel" thread...

David: Yeah Capt'n - be sure and thank wolfysmith and hackney for that - looking forward to his replies in a couple of weeks or so.

tony g: i know i will

englishrob: no probs David, wish i could stay longer, hopefully next time

David: will email you in a few days about a chit-chat, remember?

soulmover: ok David

schreinermusic: have a great time, Rob and a safe flight

David: have a good flight.

David: thanks and bye!

englishrob: thanks....see you all soon

englishrob: bye

chrisloeb: Bye Rob

tony g: see you

David: Ok, well that was cool of Chad to stop by.

captmidnite1962: Didn't know Chad was going to be here today.

Shirean: We didn't either Bill.

captmidnite1962: Ahh...he did it sneaky!!

tony g: that was a great surprise to see chad here

David: You see (for those reading the transcript) you just never know what's gonna happen - so join us next time won't 'ya

tony g: does anyone know who else is playing the festival i asked chad about earlier?

captmidnite1962: What festival?

David: no Tony - I'd have to look it up as to who is on the rest of bill - I was just pulling your leg earlier

David: it's Lollapolooza, right?

tony g: i know David but your right thats the kind of stuff they have

tony g: yes

chrisloeb: Achim, did you get my e-mails?

schreinermusic: i got your email 2 days ago, chris, will write you back tonight, mate

David: tony - Queens of the Stone Age, Blues Traveler, and about 20 others including RHCP of course! www.lollapalooza.com

chrisloeb: Achim, did you get the file I send to the other adress as well?

captmidnite1962: Lollapalooza took a few years sabbatical didn't it?

tony g: i know David - i dont like any of it

schreinermusic: yes, great stuff! I liked it straight away!!

chrisloeb: Cool, we'll talk about that seperately

schreinermusic: yes, we will

chrisloeb: I'm off guys and (still recovering) Shirean, of course. Great to talk to ya all again and great to talk to Chad!

tony g: see you chris

schreinermusic: have a good night, Chris!

captmidnite1962: I wonder how Todd and Chip are coming along on their plans for GlennFest

chrisloeb: Talk to you all very soon! Bye!!!

David: tony - it says Schedule to come

captmidnite1962: Later Chris!

David: talk to you soon christian

tony g: i know David

tony g: i think its august 3 to 6

daniel: i'm off now

daniel: good chat

David: Ok, thanks daniel for stopping by.

tony g: see you

captmidnite1962: Take care daniel!

schreinermusic: bye daniel

captmidnite1962: Where is Grace when we need her???

tony g: sharpening her ax

David: Yeah, Shirean was the only lady today! Oh well, maybe next time!

captmidnite1962: oh yeah....either that or stalking the airport!

captmidnite1962: i bet Theresa would have fainted dead away if she had been here today..with Chad stopping by!

schreinermusic: she surely would...hahaha

tony g: your right i bet she knows the answer im looking for i think she is downstate from me

captmidnite1962: She probably does Tony

David: by the way Achim, enjoyed the songs you put up the other day

schreinermusic: thank you very much, mate...very glad you like it

captmidnite1962: I need to take the time to check them out

schreinermusic: it was a kind of pre-production just to give a short impression

David: Hi Todd

captmidnite1962: Hey there he is!!

Todd: Howdy...better VERY late than never, eh?

schreinermusic: hi Todd, mate

schreinermusic: totally agree...hahaha

tony g: hi Todd

captmidnite1962: Oh yeah...are we still on for Glenn Fest??

Todd: What do you think?! Of course we are!

captmidnite1962: That will be killer!!

Todd: I doubt Chip has checked in today, has he?

schreinermusic: I will definitly come, Chris will as well as far as I know

David: Not today.

Todd: REally?'

captmidnite1962: When will your interview with Terry Reid be up?

Todd: Damn, Bill, I should have anticipated that. lol

Todd: Soon. Before I go to the UK next week.

captmidnite1962: Classic Rock had a chat with him recently

captmidnite1962: And Andy Fraser too....but you got there first!

Todd: Chip's a bit preoccupied at the moment...his wall unit full of about 1500 CD's did a somersault into the center of the room. Looked like a tornado hit the place! I'm sure he'll post a photo or two.

captmidnite1962: Oh no...that is quite the mess!

tony g: dammit

Todd: I almost cried when I saw the photos. lol

David: hope the wall's alright! isn't that a new house?

captmidnite1962: i had that happen once...though it wasn't that many at one time!

tony g: i had albums fall like that once

Todd: No, it's an older house. Not too old though. The wall's fine. And from what I understand, the CD's are in pretty good shape though. A few cracked cases, to be sure.

Todd: Damn, Tony - records? That sucks.

tony g: years ago drunken breakage

captmidnite1962: Those damn cases...I can't begin to count how many i have broken with all the moves..

captmidnite1962: No matter how carefully you pack them...

schreinermusic: me too...lol...thats why I transferred most of my CD to the PC....about 80 Gigs of music on the computer...lol

Todd: All I could see in the photos was a hodge podge of Glenn Hughes, Bolin, Dust, etc.

tony g: you can replace those pretty easy capt -albums are a different story

captmidnite1962: That must be tragic!

David: Yeah, we've been doing that too Achim. Makes things so much easier to manage.

captmidnite1962: That is true Tony

Todd: You burn and then rid yourself of CD's, David?

captmidnite1962: I have about 20 gigs of music on the PC..my CyberJukeBox

schreinermusic: thats it, David......but still have several hundreds of vinyl albums left in my cellar

captmidnite1962: Got Play Me out on now...

tony g: i still like to play them

David: only non-GH stuff

David: keep those of course. and albums - haven't figured a good way to get those transferred cleanly yet.

Todd: Wow...I can't imagine that. I have to have the real deal. It's a tangible thing.

David: yeah, i used to be that way - but have learnt you can't take it with you - so onto a couple of iPod's they go!

captmidnite1962: I had a copy of Hughes Thrall on vinyl...which disappeared at some point

Todd: That can't be too hard to find, is it Bill?

schreinermusic: it is possible, also with some editing and cleaning software...but its a HUGE piece of work...

captmidnite1962: Probably not..it is a sentimental thing though...

Todd: Understandable.

captmidnite1962: I bought it at Record World back in 1985...

Todd: When it was only three years old...a babe in the musical woods, as it were.

captmidnite1962: My brother got his albums intermingled with mine..then he sold his off..with a few of mine no doubt!

schreinermusic: thats tragic...

tony g: boy i know how that is

David: i'm looking forward to the remaster - it should be outstanding.

captmidnite1962: Oh yeah..memories of living in TX....I heard The Look In Your Eye on 99.5 KISS

Todd: Remaster will be great!

captmidnite1962: Found the album on a trip back to NY

tony g: it will be mine David!

captmidnite1962: I am so glad that will be happening!

Todd: Just when you think things in Hughesville can't get any better, look what happens...

captmidnite1962: Aint that the truth!

tony g: i know

captmidnite1962: And HT2 next year...

tony g: i wish i liked that band

David: with Chad on drums with any luck.

tony g: chad with glenn and pat David?

Todd: I'd love to see Chad Smith and Frankie Banali on the new Hughes/Thrall album.

David: will have to check the transcript later, but that's what he mentioned earlier I believe - check it out later to confirm.

captmidnite1962: So would I....

tony g: cool

David: he stopped by earlier Todd...

Todd: I wonder if, being that the HT2 album is being recorded in Vegas, Kevin DuBrow will somehow magically appear on it? lol

Todd: Glenn was here? Dang it! He mentioned Banali?

captmidnite1962: Hmm..that would be a trip!

tony g: good thought Todd

schreinermusic: No, Chad was here

captmidnite1962: No..Chad was here.

Todd: That would just be classy, I think, to have Banali somewhere on it.

captmidnite1962: Frankie played on Hold Out Your Life....I believe..

David: think it's being done between Vegas & LA.

Todd: That riff came from an old Automatic Man song.

captmidnite1962: I need to get that first Automatic Man CD

Todd: What I would have given to sit in on those sessions...

Todd: I found both Automatic Man discs at Tower

captmidnite1962: Yes..didn't that label in the UK put them out?

Todd: Lemon Records, I believe...

David: Hold Out Your Life, The First Step Of Love and Where Did The Time Go - Frankie did the demos for those 3

captmidnite1962: That's it..

Todd: Nothing fancy...they're kind of like Wounded Bird here in the US. But better to have those great albums on a simple CD release, than to not have them at all.

captmidnite1962: Thank goodness for the labels like Wounded Bird and One Way

tony g: your right

schreinermusic: alright guys, gotta go for bed...was great talking to you, see ya all soon

schreinermusic: bye all

captmidnite1962: WB has got quite the catalog

tony g: see you

Todd: No kidding. There have been some amazing records unearthed and made available again becaue of those labels. They don't put a lot of money into them, but they're cool.

Todd: Later, Achim!

captmidnite1962: Good night Achim!

David: There's a good interview with Pat Thrall from 2004 - with some H/T 1 info - http://web.telia.com/~u43120602/mfintervju131.html

captmidnite1962: Thanks David..

tony g: Todd you like black oak?

David: Bye Achim!

captmidnite1962: And you need to grab selections while you can...they don't license them forever!

Todd: yeah, I really like Black Oak!

captmidnite1962: Hi Shirean!

David: Back again!

Shirean: I'm back!!

Todd: Tommy Aldridge, of course, did the HT tour back in '82. Hi Shirean.

tony g: have you been to blackoakarkansas.bigstep.com?

Todd: Don't know if I have

Todd: If it's run by Les Roediger, I have.

captmidnite1962: I can remember a guy that i worked with back in 1984....i think he saw HT in TX

Shirean: Hi Todd, haven't you left for the UK yet?

tony g: cool i didnt know if you knew

Todd: How surreal to see BOA on the same bill with Glenn a few years ago! And to hear Glenn imitate Jim Dandy!

tony g: really?

Todd: No, Shirean - we leave on the 29th.

captmidnite1962: That must have been a riot!

Todd: Glenn was cracking himself up doing it, and the rest of us tool

Todd: ...too!

tony g: cool

captmidnite1962: Rolling Stone did a feature on Van Halen back in 1980...they said DLR sounded like a cross between Mark Farner and Jim Dandy!

Todd: Hmm...not sure about the voice, but DLR definitely copped some moves from young JD.

Todd: Shirean, when's your Heart trip again?

Shirean: It was last weekend!

tony g: i met jd he is always on -never off with his act

Todd: Photos up at the Heart Gallery?

Shirean: Nope, not pix this time cuz of the TV filming

Todd: JD is always on, Tony. you're right about that.

Todd: Oh, bummer...when will it air?

Shirean: Summer

David: May 5th on VH-1

Todd: You think you'll make the edit?

Shirean: It was AWESOME!

tony g: cool was it what you thought it would be Shirean?

tony g: cool

Todd: Will it hit DVD, you think?

Shirean: Yes so I've been told

Todd: How cool is that? That'll be one you'll be lining up to get, I'm sure.

Shirean: Heart played "The Rooster" with AIC it was amazing!

Todd: Whoa!

tony g: cool

Shirean: Dave Navarro played 6 songs with Heart

Todd: Fine, Bill. Just leave. lol

captmidnite1962: Sorry..my connection dropped..

Shirean: Bebe Le Strange smoked with Dave on guitar

captmidnite1962: The string between the two tin cans broke!

tony g: cool

Todd: Use thicker twine, Bill.

captmidnite1962: Hmm..there you go!

Todd: And coffee cans...you'll get a bigger signal. lol

captmidnite1962: Didn't want you all to think I just bolted!

captmidnite1962: Those big Folgers cans....visions of JLT!

Todd: So who was there playing as Alice in Chains, Shirean?

Shirean: AIC set was a bit rough, I think they need a bit more practice or they might get piss thrown at them at Donington this summer!!

Todd: They're touring again?

Shirean: Yes European festivals

captmidnite1962: A fate I wouldn't wish on anyone!

Todd: So it was Jerry Cantrell and who?

Todd: Layne's dead...Mike Starr was ousted early on...

Shirean: All the original members and new singer

Todd: Wow

Todd: Tough gig for the singer, I'd think

captmidnite1962: Hmm...hope they can iron out the kinks..

Shirean: That singer from Pantera came out and sang 2 songs

Todd: Oh brother...sorry to hear that.

Shirean: Phil someone

Todd: Anselmo

Shirean: Yes, him

Todd: If I never heard him again, I wouldn't mind.

captmidnite1962: That bad??

Shirean: All I heard was, "Hello Mother F**kers", every minute, not sure if that will make the edit!

tony g: you right Todd

Todd: Hmm...maybe not.

captmidnite1962: Oh great....another pottymouth

Todd: Really, Bill...do you have to use that word?



Shirean: AIC fans were going ape ****

Shirean: Hang on I'll get AIC set list for you

Todd: I'd be going to the restroom

tony g: saw pantera with black sabbath twice hated it both times

Todd: Saw that tour, too. Sabbath was great, but could have done without Pantera.

David: The guy has a good voice believe it or not - just not when he's going GRAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR

captmidnite1962: There was a Pantera's Pizza in San Antonio..I always flashed on them whenver i heard the band's name mentioned...

tony g: no talent nothing to me David

David: i didn't say talent

David: heard him sing "normally" a couple of times, and it's not too bad.

Todd: Yeah, I really liked the song Cemetery Gates on Cowboys from Hell, because he was really singing. But he never does that these days. Oh, and he sounded good on the Sabbath cover Planet Caravan.

captmidnite1962: Planet Caravan is a cool song...i know there was a cover of it that I thought was unimpressive..

Shirean: The AIC set list..... Angry Chair, Man In The Box (with Phil Anselmo), Them Bones, I Would and also "The Rooster" with Heart.

captmidnite1962: The original rules....Tony was doing his Wes Montgomery licks

Todd: No doubt!

Todd: I love his guitar break in Air Dance on the Never Say Die album, too.

Todd: Not as jazzy, but really nice playing there too.

captmidnite1962: I am a HUGE Wes fan....must be from living in Indianapolis...his hometown

Todd: So how long was the show, altogether, Shirean?

Shirean: 2 hours..

Todd: I finally picked up that last Heart DVD a few months ago.

Shirean: Inez threw his bass across the stage, cuz he was having equipment trouble.. they had to redo 2 songs!

Todd: Putz.

Shirean: Alive in Seattle?

Todd: Yeah, that's the one.

captmidnite1962: Was the show recorded/filmed...hence the do-overs?

Shirean: Yes and breaks for equipment changes

Todd: Miss that part of the conversation, did ya?

captmidnite1962: OK....I was a bit slow there!

captmidnite1962: Yep...damn twine!

Todd: Must be getting some interference...you must be using packing twine.

Shirean: Alive in Seattle is great you should hear it on our home theater!

Todd: I'll be right over.

Shirean: Yes maybe the GHfest could be here next year!

captmidnite1962: Sure..into the Toadster Roadster and you will be there in a flash!

Shirean: Have you heard of anyone else attending the GHfest this year?

Todd: I'm picturing Chip and myself as Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reed in Smokey & The Bandit...gotta get across the state line to the rock fest.

captmidnite1962: Hmm...and who will be Sheriff Buford T. Justice?

Todd: Frank C, Achim, maybe Christian, me, Chip...and there were another few that expressed interest. We're gonna put out another reminder soon, and one again as the date draws nearer. However modest, it'll be a great time.

Shirean: One of the Harrison's will be there

Todd: Not sure who'd play that "sumbitch".

Todd: Flipping a coin to decide who?

captmidnite1962: *laughing*


captmidnite1962: Aw hell...bring Jason with y'all!!

Shirean: Its leaning towards David at the moment, cuz I have to go home for a week in August

Todd: Yeah, the more the merrier. Or scarier. lol

tony g: im having a hard time - my wife doesnt understand it - you wanna go all the way there just to go to someones house?

Shirean: Home meaning SF

Todd: So if it was an outdoor festival/concert, would she say "I dont' get it, you're going all that way to hang out in the park?"

tony g: yes

captmidnite1962: Sometimes the significant others don't understand our GHCP ways

David: Luckily, Shirean and I don't have that problem

Todd: I just flew down to Austin and back, overnight, to see a show at a restaurant.

Todd: Hopefully she'll just shake her head and say, "Do what you want, I just don't get it."

captmidnite1962: I did that, basically, for the SLITCOA shoot

Shirean: And I just flew to Atlantic City for 1 night for the Heart VH1 taping!

Todd: There's no other reason needed than "It's in my blood"!

captmidnite1962: You got it.....Time for dinner folks..see you all next month!

tony g: no its "we are going together what am i going to do why dont you want vacation with your son?"

Todd: Later, Bill

tony g: see you

captmidnite1962: good night!!

David: Thanks for stopping by Bill - talk to you later.

captmidnite1962: OK..till next time!!

tony g: "stop drinking too", i forgot that one

Todd: Make it a vacation, then. Go to Phoenix, zip over to Vegas...see Hoover Dam...see Alice Cooperstown...see the Grand Canyon...see a Diamondbacks game...

Todd: You don't have to drink to have fun there. It's all about the music and camaraderie. Some free swag. Some good food.

tony g: thats a good thought Todd


Todd: It's all fairly close. Vegas is a six hour drive or so from Phoenix. Or a one-hour flight.

tony g: im gonna try it

Todd: Let me know if I can help.

Todd: What are you laughing at, Shirean?

tony g: i just gotta find out what swag is

Shirean: You!

Todd: Goodies

Todd: Fun stuff

tony g: ok

David: i love Phoenix t-shirts

Shirean: I'll be seeing Kenny & Carolyn in 2 weeks they are coming with me to see Heart at the Hard Rock Hollywood!

David: That's Hollywood, florida

Todd: My hubbie went to a stupid rock thing, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

Todd: Tell them hi, will you? I think I owe Kenny a phone call.

Shirean: I will can't wait to see them again!

Todd: They're such a cool couple - what sweethearts!

David: JLT played down their way the other night, but I couldn't get the motiviation to hear "Hush" and "Highway Star" one more time!! It was a 'Voices of Classic Rock' type gig!

tony g: gotta go guys see ya

Shirean: Bye tony

Todd: Later, Tony

tony g: bye

David: Talk to you later Tony.

Todd: That's too bad, David. Have you seen his solo show?

Todd: I saw him at the Coach House in October/November, and he was pretty good.

Todd: Wishbox backed him up.

David: No. He played NY not long ago I think.

Todd: You obviously didn't travel to NY to see him...

David: No, didn't make that one either.

Todd: Pity...you could have heard him sing Smoke on the Water. lol

David: exactly


Todd: Why, I have no idea.

Shirean: Kenny said Frank was driving down to the JLT show he really wanted David to come

Todd: Spoil-sport

David: Yeah, just wish it had been less of the 'classics' and more of the solo material - would of been worth the effort otherwise.

Todd: Yeah, but that's not his bread and butter.

David: yep, unfortunately

Todd: Gotta take what we can get, I guess.

Shirean: I sure miss seeing GH live it feels like forever since the last gig!

Todd: You're telling me...and it was only a few months ago.

Todd: That run of shows where we all kept making appearances was great!

Todd: DVD...Orlando...the cabin in the woods

David: Yeah, those days are gone at least for now at least here in the USA. I was saying earlier maybe with a resurgence of H/T next year, a few shows might come out of it. Fingers crossed!

Todd: We'll cross our fingers...but maybe not hold our breath.

David: right

Todd: I'd love to see some sort of string of shows happen. I think it would be somewhat novel for Glenn to open for Deep Purple on a leg of their tour.

David: stranger things have happened

David: meantime, we'll be off to Europe again later in the year - have to have our fix 'ya know!!

Todd: Refamiliarize DP fans with Glenn, and let them know what he's up to. And also be an added incentive for DP fans to make it to a show.

Shirean: Read the transcript later Chad said some funny things about DP when he saw them with Glenn

Todd: Will do.

Todd: Purple's music isn't as footloose and fancy free as Glenn's, but it'd still be a good show.

Shirean: Sorry, I'm not really a Purple fan I only saw them once in '85. Don't have any idea what they sound like now..

Todd: I think they're still a good band. They're too often compared to their own past, which is unfortunate, but I have never stopped liking their new music.

Shirean: Someone mentioned in the chat earlier that it was not Deep Purple but "The Ian Gillan" group.

Todd: I'm sure Ian Gillan is calling the shots, more or less. He apparently gets final approval on the set list.

Shirean: Oh, didn't know that..

Todd: Ian Paice doesn't strike me as an assertive type. Don Airey and Steve Morse are the new guys. Roger Glover and Ian Gillan go way back, and of the two, I think Gillan is the more outspoken.

Shirean: Wish I knew more about them. If you asked me anything about Heart I would have an answer!

Todd: He and Ritchie were the two polar opposites in the original band. So without Ritchie there, Ian Gillan has taken up the reins. I don't think he's hurting the band, though some people would disagree. Besides, in the end, Purple is surely in its final stages. It's all good, from here on out, if you ask me. Same with BOC and other peers in the same boat.

Shirean: Yes. I feel that way about Heart too. Although they keep surprising me with Summer tours!

Shirean: Ann's solo CD is due in August.

Todd: Well, Angie's home and I gotta fetch some groceries. Glad to catch y'all on here. I'll keep my ears peeled for that new Heart stuff coming out.

Shirean: Okay! Talk soon, tell Angie hello

David: Thanks for stopping by Todd - the next CHAT will be on Sunday, April 23rd at the usual time.

Todd: Ok, have a good evening, you two!

David: Bye for now....
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i missed it!!! We were having an early birthday party (my boyfriend today, mine tomorrow)...

Oh well, I am glad there is a transcript to read. And I even got a mention..

Britney's "bicycle seat"...interesting image

Glad to hear about all the goodies coming soon. I can't wait...Gonna be a great summer!
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Hi everyone.

Sorry I missed the chat. It was a good one....as always.

Thanks to Chad for stopping by and letting us in on a couple of things.

As Todd eluded to, I was busy cleaning up a little mess. I had to repair a small hole in the wall and paint, since I put up the unit before we started to paint the house

I just recently counted how many CDs I have, since I was thinking about going to another storage system. I have just under 1,900, and my wife has around 200. I've since made up my mind and I am going to go with another way of storing them

Here's what 2,000 or so CDs look like strewn about.

I assure you....no Glenn Hughes CDs were harmed in the making of these photos.

Attached Thumbnails (click to enlarge)
CD Mess 003.jpg   CD Mess 005.jpg   CD Mess 009.jpg   CD Mess 007.jpg  
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Sad/UnHappy Makes a grown man cry!!

Hey Chip,

Oh man..you have no idea how I feel for you bro...I can imagine myself standing there in total slack jawed shock surveying that plastic pile up!

Those wood bookshelf units are a bit suspect; if they are tall, the weight of the discs tends to make them lean forward. I have one of those wall units that holds about 1000 discs. I have never been happy with it and it almost ended up in the dumpster when I moved from Indianapolis. And a carpeted floor only makes things worse in that your base is not real secure. My discs are in storage right now; I just don't have the room here to set them all up. I imagine you had them alphabetized too....you certainly have your work cut out for you!

And among the GH and Bolin titles I notice Ambrosia, John Coltrane and the Doobie Brothers among the tumbled masses

And what of those accursed jewel box covers? I have moved many times and no matter how carefully I pack them, I end up having to replace several cracked covers. The two tabs where they connect to the back of the case are especially prone to breaking. I know that Todd detests digipaks but they are sturdier in that area.

And the Trapeze poster is chrome plated cool.....makes me look forward to Glenn Fest all the more!!

captmidnite1962's Sig:Yours In The Funk
Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


"Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins
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Originally Posted by Chip

Here's what 2,000 or so CDs look like strewn about.
I assure you....no Glenn Hughes CDs were harmed
in the making of these photos.

Thank you for this necessary re-assurance

Too bad that this happened to your CDs, Chip.
I personally blame your four-legged GHC Pooch, Chuy.
He's NEVER looked too happy wearing his GHCP t-shirts.......

Now if this had happened during the "GH Charlton Circus",
you could have had the contestants help you out:

"How many CDs can you stack NEATLY in 30 seconds?"
"Winner gets a prize......ready, begin!"

And how much will the raffle tickets cost, to win that "Trapeze" poster?

PS......There's a "dollar store" near me that sells the 2-CD set
jewel case. It's more like a sturdy book, than those cheaply made,
regular (1) CD cases, where the hinge always breaks. Let me know
if you need any "doubles." Sometimes, they're hard to find.

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Old Mar-21-2006, 2:42 PM
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Hi Bill,

I built that unit when I lived at my other house. I had it screwed into the wall here in three places along the top. Plus I had the bottom kicked out a bit.

The few jewel cases that broke were either at the hinges or the spindle shattered.

Thanks for the offer Grace, but I already have a supply of empty cases and trays.

Like I said, I'm going to a different set up to give me more wall space for all my pieces for the Trapezeum....as Todd likes to call it.

I was getting close to moving everything out of that room anyway. I'm getting rid of the carpet and putting in a wood floor.

Just doing it sooner than planned.

Yeah, I almost put in my post..........spot the GH CDs and win a prize

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damm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought when my albums fell it was messed up-atleast you were not drunk-i can see you have a ton of albums too
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