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Old May-28-2003, 5:09 PM
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CHAT transcript - May 28th, 2003

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Tools/Printer Friendly Format from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - May 28th, 2003

David Hi everyone...

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Hi David!

David Hi - thanks for making it - so do tell all

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Well, I don't have much time, cause I'm watching

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) the champions league soccer final, but don't worry

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) I'll tell you everything!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) How are you?

David Welcome Gabi

David ....was just wondering if Big Daddy played any new songs?

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Well, that's a long story...

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Glenn's show was about 40 minutes long

Gabi Hi!

David haha sounds like a story...spill

Gabi he was going to play 2 songs from the new record...

David Hi Gabi

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Hi Gabi

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Exactly.

Gabi but there were some problems - technical stuff, you know how it is...

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) The bass sound was really ugly

David that's annoying....hopefully it got fixed quick?

Gabi yes, first they gave him a country western guitar!



Gabi then he got a guitar that was just fine - the sound check went really well, it was perfect.

David Hi grace...

Gabi but during the show something went wrong and he had to ask for the Bass of another person and it was all wrong....I mean, the sound was wrong.

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Gabi, what does Glenn feel about that?

Gabi Well, he was upset, naturally - but like I tell him, **** happens that you have no control over.

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Sorry if we started with this bad thing! But there are also good things!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) The audience response was really huge

Gabi Well, after that, he went to get offstage and there was no security - you know how dark it is backstage, and there was no one to guide him and he fell.

Gabi he had a bloody arm and sprained wrist and he had no one to help him...when it rains, it pours.

Gabi glenn said the crowd was great - there is never a problem with the crowd!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Gabi, you're right about the backstage.

Pete S. hi folks

Gabi but now he is off to London, and his football team won, thank goodness, so life is good!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) That was a shame, because Glenn was in a great mood. Before the show he went out and charged up every fan out there.

David hi Pete

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) The show started with Stormbringer

Gabi Yeah, he was really worried about his wrist because he is supposed to be on a TV show in Madrid later this week.

Pete S. How's it going?

David Send our best wishes...it can only get better from here on out...

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) I hope he will get better soon

Gabi He will. He will be back in Italy for the poetry festival in Genoa. I am going with him, so i can keep an eye on him and make sure he is okay!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) So it will be a pleasure to meet you both!

Gabi Yes, i am really looking forward to it. I have never been to Italy. Glenn loves Italy - has been wanting me to go there with him for a long time, so now i have the chance...

David good!

Pete S. glad to hear it mate

Gabi grace, thank you for the nice photo album from Orlando. that is very cool of you.

grace When you go to Genoa, there's a famous statue called "The Cookie Seller, or the Cookie Lady"

Gabi You took much better and many more than i did.

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) David, in the next two days I will send you a load of photos from the Rome show. Time to organize me up.

Gabi i am going through kind of a cookie phase that i am trying ot get over..i don't know if that is such a good idea!

grace make sure that you see it...my father's family is originally from Genoa, Italy...you're welcome to the pictures

David Thanks Giampiero....look forward to them. Did he play any new songs last night?

grace no calories when you just LOOK at the statue

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) No, unfortunately

Gabi right. i have a problem with eating them instead of a regular meal...

grace My dad was born in America, but went to school in a military academy

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) I suppose the setlist was changed because of the troubles on the stage

Gabi glenn had planned on playing "The Truth" and "Lost in the Zone"

Gabi but after trouble started, it was time to move on.

David Oh well...it'll be worth the wait....electric vs acoustic..."Higher Places" was outstanding in Orlando back in March...

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) He played: Stormbringer, Mistreated, A Whiter Shade Of Pale, You Keep On Moving, Coast To Coast, if I remember well!

Gabi i thought so too.

David I can hear Glenn now



Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Glenn's really a professional. The troubles didn't affect his performance. He is simply great

Gabi He wanted to sign more things for fans, but with a bloody arm and no security it is hard to do.

danielb hello

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) I fully understand him.

David hi danielb

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) When I entered the backstage he was really down

Gabi but i am sure there will be much time to do that in Genoa.

Pete S. hi danielb

danielb discussing the Rome gig?

Gabi i don't know how he does it myself. The jet lag always gets me. It takes me 5 days just to feel normal!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Me and Roberto went in there to say goodbye to him and he told us: "Sorry guys, but I don't feel really good. Bye, bros!"

David ...roll on June 28th, eh!

Gabi Yes, he called me when he got back to the hotel and i told him to wash his arm right away. All he had was a towel from the dressing room.

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) During the show, when he was wrestling with the Bass, he called up someone from the organization and told him: "This is exactly what I didn't want to happen."

Gabi June 28 will be great.

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) It must be great!

David Burrrrnnnnnnnn!!


Pete S. what happened to Glenn's arm?

Gabi He fell into a cymbal and cut it.

Pete S. OUCH!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) I laughed a lot when Glenn introduced "A Whiter Shade Of Pale"...

Gabi what did he say?

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) He impersonated his mother...

Gabi Oh God. I love it when he does that.

Gabi you should see him, when we are at his house and he impersonates her in front of her. That is always good for a few laughs.

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) ...and said: "Glenn, when you are a great singer, you will sing this song for me!" or similar...!!!

Pete S.

David I get a slap when I do that !!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Don't tell it to me...

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Ah ah ah

Pete S. I dare'nt!!

danielb I was looking for a setlist from Rome, but I guess it'll end up on www.ghpg.net

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) If you scroll up on the chat page you'll find it

David and www.glennhughesitalia.com

David I'll be posting the whole thing later on in the Fan Forum...

Pete S. what was the sound like?

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) The sound was pretty good (I'm talking about the other bands)

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Stormbringer, Mistreated, A Whiter Shade Of Pale, Coast To Coast, You Keep On Moving

danielb WOW! All acoustic. I would have loved to have seen that.

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Glenn's bass sounded like smoker's cough...

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Sorry for smokers!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com)

Pete S. what distorted

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Yes, it was distorted, and had no compression.

danielb Did it go well? It appears Glenn wasn't in a good mood?

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) No... the opposite!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Glenn was feeling really good, instead!

Gabi It was a great soundcheck, but then it all went a bit cock eyed!

Gabi The Bass sound...something happened...

Pete S. the sound guy gettin' a little more drunk

Gabi maybe so!

danielb I saw Talisman a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully Jeff Scott Soto got to see Glenn.

Gabi Yes, they did get to see one another.

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) I hope someone on the stage before Glenn didn't change the regulations

grace The computer lost the connection......sorry everyone

Gabi Jeff is a nice guy.

danielb Didn't Glenn sing at Jeff's wedding?

Pete S. hi grace

Gabi I believe he did.

Gabi Well, i was just popping in to say "Hello" to you on Glenn's behalf. I must now go wash a very dirty little chihuahua.

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) At one time Glenn realized that JJ's microphone was set up with HIS regulations (Glenn had great delay effect)

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) See you later Gabi!

David Thanks for stopping by and filling us all in...

danielb It's a great shame I'll miss Glenn in LA. by a couple of days Hopefully he'll get to Sweden shortly.

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Say hello to Glenn from me!

Pete S. bye Giampiero

Gabi Bye and yes, you are right - they somehow moved Glenn's delay onto JJ's microphone.

David Hope you change your mind about the 7th?

David it would be nice to see you...

Gabi I will tell him hello.

Pete S. sorry....Gabi!!!!!

danielb the problem is i get into LA on the 9th.

danielb so I miss Glenn's gig by two days.

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) I'm watching the champions league soccer final...

danielb very unfortunate

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) between Juventus-Milan

Pete S. what was the score?

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Now they are on 0-0

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) but regular time has just ended.

Pete S. oh...not far from me. Manchester

David So do you all have SITKOR yet?

Pete S. not yet

grace not me, I'm still waiting

Pete S. June 9th?

danielb Nope

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Frontiers was selling SITKOR yesterday

danielb Some people claim it's his best one with From Now On. True?

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) I bought it obviously

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) On the Italian Funk-Lab I posted a track-by-track review of sitkor

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) from now on is a different album

David I would say it's close....to that....

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) many things have changed since from now on...

David but it has a different sound

David almost Trapeze meets Purple meets Shape 68

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) David, sorry, but I'm leaving in 5 minutes!

danielb is the songwriting as good as on from now on?

David ok thanks Giampiero - thanks again for staying up!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) no prob. it's a pleasure!

David say "Hi" to Roberto for me....

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) I will!

Pete S. bye Giampiero

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Roberto was really charged up yesterday!

David hehe

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Listening Glenn in acoustic performances makes me crazy! The vocal solo on Coast To Coast is always an emotion to me

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) He always performs it in a different way!

David that's our Glenn....he draws you in every time!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) All in all the show went ok, Glenn and JJ are as one

David cool

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Only five songs but with great feeling

danielb So, do you think Frontiers will back up a proper SITKOR tour?

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) I don't know precisely. JJ told me that HTP2 will come out in the Autumn

David Sept 29th according to MTM

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) But at the same time both Glenn and JJ told me that they will come in Italy between Sept and Oct, so...

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) probably they will tour Europe in that days

Pete S. great

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Frontiers didn't expect so many people yesterday...

David let's hope so...things change so rapidly though!!

David Huh, it was some line-up....and they didn't expect a big crowd? Hmmm....

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) When Mario read the reservation book... he was amazed

Pete S. thats good for Glenn

David ...it seems pretty simple to me....if only I had the $$$....it would be sorted out in no time

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Well, the club was not too big

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) But was fully loaded of people

Pete S. so i can imagine a good atmosphere then

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Ah... by the way, between one band and another, the DJ put up "Freak Out Tonight"

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) yes great atmosphere

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Glenn said it to the microphone many times yesterday

Pete S. who got the biggest response

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) The troubles are one thing, and the audience was another

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) The biggest response was for Glenn

Pete S. that's cool

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) But Talisman had great response too

danielb I thought Talisman were very average when I saw them , I must say.

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Jeff is a great singer, but also a great "stage animal"

Pete S. lol

David Hope Howie Simon (SATAN) got to talk to Glenn...one of his heroes!!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Howie Simon is a great guy... he made me laugh a lot with his jokes!

Pete S. he's a very good guitarist

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) I gotta go guys. Give me the last questions...!

Pete S. solo on "take me...." was good and at the end was amazin'!!!

David Any merchandise besides the new CD on sale?

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) No, only CDs

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) The CD is a digipack, with the bonus track "Secret Life"

David Perhaps you can join us again on June 29th....with news of the "California Jam" show?

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Well, I don't know if I can be there in Genoa... I have an important exam in that days, and Genoa is 7 hours of train from my place...

David Ah, no problem....didn't realize you lived so far...

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) but if I will go there, I surely will be the next day on line to talk with you friends!

David ....a post on any of the boards works just fine too

Pete S. Cheers...Giampiero nice talking to you

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Thank you for this great hour of talking

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Thank you David, for making this happen

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Say hello to Shirean from me!

David I certainly will...

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Roberto says hello to you

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) I will do!

David We were tempted to go to Genoa....but it's so expensive from here!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) The only regret of yesterday was that Glenn forgot to make mention of the Italian site... sigh

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) ...to the audience

David ...don't worry, he'll take care of it on the 28th

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) I hope so!

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com) Goodbye guys! and goodnight for me! (it's 11.01 pm)

Giampiero (glennhughesitalia.com)

Pete S. bye

David sleep well

Pete S. just gonna make a coffee

David hope you guys get SITKOR soon....it's worth the wait...

grace sorry that I have to go, too.I'm glad that SIKTOR has gotten such good reviews

grace ...and glad that we had the "Italian Report"

grace lol

grace take care........all

David Ok, thanks for joining us grace....it was fun and nice of Gabi to stop by...

David Pete - just the two of us left again!! I'm just going for a quick smoke....be back in a moment..

Pete S. ok mate

Pete S. hi Todd

Todd Hi Guys...I almost blew it again!

Pete S. David's having a smoke

Pete S. What happened Todd?

Todd David can't smoke and type at the same time?

Pete S. gone outside

Todd I missed the last chat...almost did it again this time.

Pete S. lost track of time?

Todd Did I miss any intense arguments or secrets being slipped? Yeah, just wasn't paying attention. And I've only had but one drink today!

Pete S. Yeah Giampiero's report of last nights gig

Todd Damn...figures. Can you give me the abridged version?

David Ok, I'm back now! Hi Todd.

Todd Hi David...counting down to next week!

Todd I was asking Pete for some action words or bullet headlines about the Giampiero show review.

Pete S. good timing David

David Yes indeed - last Saturday was short, but oh so sweet!!

David But last night was made up of 5 acoustic numbers....Coast To Coast, Whiter Shade Of Pale and 3 Purple numbers (if I remember correctly)!! You'll see it in the transcript later...a couple of technical problems, and he took tumble backstage...but is ok.

Todd No new songs at the Italy show?

David Gabi stopped by and gave us the lowdown!

David He was going to play 2 new ones, but because of the technical issues they were scrapped.

Todd That's a strange way to plug a new album. You'd expect at least one new song at a label showcase.

Todd Any idea what's in store for next week?

David Similar set as Morgan Hill plus a few others - don't know anything other than that!

Todd Hmm...I was hoping for live versions of at least half the SITKOR album, plus some Play Me Out and a short Gary Moore-era medley.

Todd Kidding

David Kenny, Carolyn and Bill (Orlando show) are all hyped up and arrive next week for a few days vacation before heading over to Brookdale.

Todd Funny how we seem to know more and more people at each show.

Pete S. Don't forget about the Total Rock interview tomorrow, gonna tape it.

Todd I have to ask you both - what do you think of the SITKOR cover?

Todd Hi Jon.

Jon L hi everyone

Pete S. hi Jon

David the cover is ok....to be honest, don't really pay much attention to them....

David Hi Jon...

Jon L just checking in to see what everyone thinks of the new cd

Jon L i won't get mine until the weekend or so

Pete S. seems alright ...can only get a small picture of it though

Todd Love it so far...a few of the songs toward the end sound a lot like the Shape 68 material.

Jon L the soundbytes are pretty good

David a little bit of everything....classic GH mixed with Trapeze, Purple and a dash of Shape 68

Todd Do you agree, David?

David Great minds think a like, eh!!

David Would of liked the reprise on the last track to last a minute or so longer, though!

David should be great live...

Jon L sounds good. 'Written All Over Your Face' and 'Courageous' stood out at first listen to the samples

Pete S. Well i've gotta go.....up early in the morning

Jon L bye Pete

Todd Wait til you hear the wailing in the middle of 'Written All Over Your Face'!

Pete S. see you guys...take care

Todd Cheers, Pete.

David ok, Pete thanks for stopping by...will put the transcript up a little later...

Pete S. cheers mate

Jon L its hard to tell from soundbytes sometimes, even if they are a minute long. BTM sounded different than i expected from hearing the samples.

David Hi Ko...

Ko- Morning!

Todd You're right. I think the samples sounded great, and I got a pretty accurate idea of what the album sounds like. You shouldn't be disappointed. More like pleasantly surprised.

Jon L do you guys have a preference for which bonus track is better?

Todd Hi Ko!

Jon L hi ko!

David Jon - the two tracks you liked from the soundbytes...will wow you when you hear the full versions...

David haven't heard "Secret Life" yet...

Todd Anyone else think the middle portion of 'Written...' sounds a lot like the middle portion of 'Mistreated' before the solo?

Jon L that is good to know - "Beyond The Numb" was kind of like that. good in the sample, but you really don't get the full effect without hearing hte full song

David the Euro version was on sale yesterday at the Rome show...but nowhere else yet.

Ko- Todd, I agree.

David other than pre-order...

Todd Whew, I wasn't hallucinating!

Jon L I ordered the Japanese version, but i have to admit that i will be pissed if "Change" is a) not as good as "Secret Life", or b) available on a US release!

Todd I think I'll be ordering both, just because I'm an idiot in that regard.

Todd I have the Japanese one, just need the Euro now.

David I'm with Todd....just have to have anything GH as soon as it's available!!

Jon L Normally i would too, but my anal dedication has waned a bit since i hit 30...and homeowner responsibilities took precedence!

David I don't do it for anyone else...it's a vice!!

Ko- I'll get it too!

Todd Yeah, don't tell my wife I'll be getting both!

Jon L I have waaaay too many $35 Japanese import cds that i bought for just one song.

David at least the covers are the same.....remember the US cover of TWII!!

Jon L Yeah, the import cover was much better

Todd Always nice to order something from overseas, then find out the US version has more on it - like the 'Addiction' album. That was a switch.

Ko- How can I read the chat before I joined? How diffrent are these versions, by the way?

David Click the "Paper Scroll" icon to the right....

David but I'll be putting it on-line in the Fan Forum a little later....

Ko- At least it's much easier to order imported CD's, thanks to those online sites.

Todd Buccaneer is my savior.

David I thought Jeff Kollman fit right in on the album...initially wasn't sure what he might sound like on a Glenn record.

Todd John at Buccaneer is absolutely stellar.

Jon L yeah, when the US version has more stuff for half the price, it makes me cringe!

Jon L I agree about Buccaneer. John even talked me out of buying a cd once, and has even played cds over the phone for me.

Todd I kept trying to figure out who was playing what.

David Yeah...had to check the interviews in CTC where it says who's doing what!

Jon L I'll have to re-read the Kollman interview as i listen to the cd to give me a feel for who is playing on each song

Todd I hadn't thought of that....i'll do the same.

Ko- Me too, Todd. From my from impression and the credit (writing) of each song, I was completely screwed up

Jon L Buccaneer was out of SITKOR, so i have to wait for their shipment tomorrow.

Todd He's special-ordered some things for me, and come thru like a champ. He's personable, he knows his stuff, his service is quick and his prices are great.

Jon L I had Buccaneer special order the Highlander II soundtrack, so I could have that Hughes song, "Haunted".

Todd I know Chip got his copy the same day I got mine. He had guests from out of town, and couldn't kick back and enjoy the album! ha! I'm anxious to talk to him and find out what he thinks.

Todd I got my Highlander II from Lennart.

Ko- I got a tape containing Haunted from Damien! Where is he nowadays?

David Yeah, when we saw Glenn last Saturday, he wanted to know what with thought of the album, and we had to tell him it hadn't arrived yet....sure enough, when we got home after the gig...it was sitting in the mailbox!!

Todd Glenn totally sings that song like Robin George.

Jon L "Haunted" is a good song, though the final version is demo quality.

Todd Anybody else have that Robin George album 'Dangerous Music'? Dave Holland is also on it.

Jon L I'm not too familiar with him

Ko- David, is Glenn making any promotional trip to Japan this summer?

Todd I know he has a new band, but I don't know what it's called. His older band was Notorious. Other than that, he was a solo artist.

Jon L You'll have to do an interview with him!

David Ko - haven't heard from Damien in nearly 2 years, Lewis and Bill said "Hi" about a year ago, but other than that...haven't heard from them....except of course Lennart and Fedor most recently.

Todd I'd love to interview Robin George. I wonder how I can find him? I have an interview with Michael Bruce of Alice Cooper Group scheduled - I'd ask him what he thought of Glenn on the Humanary Stew tribute, but Mike Bruce didn't write the original 'Only Women Bleed'!

David Ko - All I know is what I read in the BURRN inteview, where he mentioned September/October with HTP, although it isn't confirmed.

David Didn't Robin George just start up a website? Seem to remember seeing that on Melodicrock a little while ago....??

Todd I'll look for it after we're done here. I'd be interested to see it.

David if I find it, I'll email it to you...

David the webmaster might be able to help you out.

Jon L i have michael bruce's book. he comes across as pretty egotistical in it, as if he were the real key behind the band. i'm sure he played a big part, but judging from his early solo cd, there was obviously more to the band than him.

Ko- Thanks guys. I've got to go to work. It's 6:55 am here in Japan. Have fun!

Todd Bye Ko...talk again soon.

Jon L bye ko

David Thanks for getting up so early to join us Ko....talk to you soon.

Todd Jon, I read some funny comments on Bruce's book by Alice Cooper and his assistant. They say that it's full of inaccuracies and outright lies.

Jon L Most of those types of books are - everyone has their side of the story.

Todd David...you all set for Iowa this August?

Todd Jon...factor in the handicap of almost thirty years' time passing by.

David Not quite yet....are the tickets for the Festival on sale yet?

Todd Not so far as I know.

David Will have to try and tap Glenn for a possible set list for that show....hopefully not the ususal US set!

Todd That'd be great.

Todd Well, I wont' complain about whatever we end up hearing.

David I hear ya! It's just that gig is a bitch to get to!

David By the way, it's hot out here this week and last ....so bring the suntan lotion with you!!

Todd Hell...I'll be spending all my time driving to and from the shows...how much time you think I'll have in the sun?

David haha

David ...the next CHAT will be on June 25th....same time...

Jon L hey guys - have to run. my g/f is over and i am making dinner. take care.

Todd We'll have some stuff to talk about by then, for sure!

Todd Bye Jon...take care.

Jon L thanks for getting me hyped up about the cd!

Jon L bye

David ok thanks guys....indeed lots to talk about!

Todd We'll talk soon David...and we'll see you in just over a week!

David see you on the 7th Todd...we'll be there mid-afternoon...

Todd Cheers until then..

David See ya...

David The next CHAT is on Wednesday, June 25th...same time 1:00PM PST.
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