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Icon20 CHAT transcript - February 17th, 2008

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - February 17th, 2008

Shirean: Afternoon everyone!

Dani California: Hi Shirean

Shirean: Hello how are you?

Dani California: very good,thanks

Dani California: you?

Shirean: Doing good

Dani California: Pete say hello to you

Shirean: Hi Pete

Dani California: its great that we finally have an internet at home with Pete

Dani California: was very long time without it

Shirean: That's great I don't know what we would do without it.

Dani California: yep,we did'nt speak to anybody for a long time

Dani California: on the internet

Shirean: David will be here shortly

Dani California: that's great

Dani California: is he out smoking?-pete

Shirean: Nope he's in the shower

Dani California: ahhhhh-pete

Dani California: you sure he's not smoking in the shower room-Pete

Dani California: hi Susan

Shirean: No way he's not allowed to smoke in the house!

TexasSusan: Hi, Dani

Shirean: Hi Susan

Dani California: ah but-Pete

Dani California: you better check-Pete

TexasSusan: Hello, Shirean

Dani California: lol

TexasSusan: Roger is napping - back has been acting up today. Collin is good. We have been watching Sponge Bob

TexasSusan: How are y'all?

Shirean: Doing good Susan

Dani California: Me and Pete are ok

Shirean: So Susan are you going to Detroit to see Glenn & Chad?

TexasSusan: This is a bad time for me to try to take off work - my busy time...so we can't.

TexasSusan: Plus, I can't see taking my Texas butt up to Detroit at this time of year...LOL

Shirean: Bummer it should be a good gig, David's looking forward to it.

TexasSusan: I really really wish we could, though. I am looking forward to later dates though!

Shirean: Me too!

Dani California: We will see Glenn in march here

TexasSusan: Dani, I saw that Pete added a couple of new songs. I really like them.

Dani California: hey thanks Sue...but ther're old songs...hopefully a new one in a couple of weeks....but saying that.. -Pete

Dani California: i should never say when there're ready-Pete

TexasSusan: Well..I had not heard them..so they were new to me. LOL Roger's recorder has not been working...need to get him a new one before he drives me around the bend (and it is a short trip anyway). LOL

Dani California: Hi Paul

TexasSusan: Hey Wolfy

Shirean: Hey Paul

wolfysmith: Hi Dani.... long time no speak LOL

TexasSusan: Grace!!! Mommy!

Shirean: Hi Grace

wolfysmith: Hi Shirean and Susan & Grace

Dani California: Sue-get him a software recording program for the pc....... Hi Paul-Pete

Grace: hello everyone

wolfysmith: Hi Pete.... forgot theres 2 of you with one login now!

Dani California: yep Paul just one hour no speak with you

Dani California: lol-Pete

wolfysmith: so where's David?

Dani California: Hi Grace

Shirean: In the shower

Dani California: having a smoke-Pete

TexasSusan: Hi, Grace!

Dani California:

Grace: won't his chat cigarette get wet?

Shirean: I'm filling in for him for a few minutes

Dani California: he smokes it out of the window-Pete...hi Grace

Grace: looks like we think alike Dani

wolfysmith: Shirean, have you heard any of FUNK?

Dani California: that was Pete Grace

Shirean: Yes but only in early demo format

Grace: I'm off for a minute....I'll try to be back soon

wolfysmith: AND???????

TexasSusan: I am really anxious to hear it. Is it May yet? LOL

Shirean: its really good, you're all going to be very, very happy - can't wait to hear finished version though

Shirean: So is Chip with you yet Wolfy?

TexasSusan: Inma! Hello!

Inmaculada: hi all!!!

Dani California: Hi Inma

wolfysmith: any idea when more UK shows will be announced? i intend to go over to The robin this week for a couple of tickets.

Inmaculada: hiya!

wolfysmith: Hey Sister!


Dani California: How do you feel Inma?

Inmaculada: well, a bit better but slowlier than I thought

Inmaculada: thanks

Dani California: That was Pete

Shirean: I'm sure more UK shows will be announced soon. I'll be coming over for them!

Dani California: no it was not-Pete

wolfysmith: Shirean, Chip is due in a couple of weeks i think. must check my diary and see if im free! LOL

Inmaculada: lol!! ok

Dani California:

wolfysmith: David too Shirean?

Shirean: Yes and David too

Inmaculada: if I can I will make the Italy dates

Shirean: Our son gets out of school beginning of June, so its perfect timing

Dani California: Paul,say hi to your family from us

Inmaculada: Paul if I feel better tomorrow I'll go to the post office.

wolfysmith: Hi Chuck

Shirean: Greetings Chuck

TexasSusan: Hello

chutsler: Hello Paul

Dani California: Hi Chuck

chutsler: hello everyone

wolfysmith: Inma, dont tell me you've finally finished that little bit of editing youve been doing

Conchita: Hi everyone.

TexasSusan: Hello, Conchita!

wolfysmith: Chuck thanks for that card. much appreciated that it came from a USA fan.

Shirean: Hiya

chutsler: hello Conchita

wolfysmith: Hi Conchita

Conchita: As usual, my computer makes me sweat before letting me log in!

Dani California: Paul tell Mel that I've spoke with the mayor of Kavarna-Tsonko,and he is very happy that Mel like his card

chutsler: Paul, it was the least I could do....Mel's given me so much with his music

Conchita: hi wolfy - gonna pm you later on myspace

wolfysmith: im just loggin into it now Conchita!

Conchita: I've not gone to myspace yet - give me a few mins

Conchita: Inma got booted out!

Conchita: hi rob

englishrob: Hello everyone

TexasSusan: Hello

wolfysmith: Rob, this is a rarity. whats the special occasion?

Conchita: hi susan! I didn't see your hello, it was far up!

Dani California: Hi Rob

englishrob: i remembered lol

Shirean: Back again! David and I are playing musical chairs today!

Conchita: oh and chulster too!

Shirean: Hi Rob

englishrob: Hi Shirean, hows you?

Shirean: Doing good Rob

englishrob: glad to hear it

wolfysmith: Hey Susan, thats a great new picture i just spotted on your MS profile. he's growing up fast!

Dani California: Hi David

David: Hi everyone - better late than never

Dani California: enjoy your smoke?-Pete

wolfysmith: Hey David, all clean now

englishrob: Hi David

Conchita: hi David

TexasSusan: Thanks, Paul. Yes, Collin is growing like a weed these days. Fixin' to lose another front tooth - probably today

David: Yep, smell'in like roses, thank you

Inmaculada: hi again! got booted!

Dani California: not like marlborough?

TexasSusan: Hello again, Inma

wolfysmith: the first underground nuclear shower perhaps!

Inmaculada: hey sister hi!!!!

Dani California: that was Pete again David

David: How's Mel feeling Paul - coping at least I hope?

wolfysmith: met him yesterday. gave him another 20 A4 page prints of messages and comments. he's doing ok. going away for a few days this week to get away from it all.

Shirean: hi david

Inmaculada: that's good

Conchita: I hope getting away will be beneficial to him

wolfysmith: its been overwhelming the number of messages. i get upset reading them myself. Neil Murray has even posted posted a blog about Mel.

Inmaculada: now he just needs some peace and his family around

David: yes indeed

Dani California: yea,that's right Inma

David: so looking forward to next weekend in Detroit, although not the weather! Should be an interesting trip...

wolfysmith: Life's Unkind - to quote Mr Stanford.

David: UK dates worked out well for you Paul, maybe some more coming soon.

Dani California: it certainly is-Pete

Dani California: cert

wolfysmith: The Robin2 NOT JBs! We got thru to Glenn at last David!

David: yeah, should be a good turnout.

TexasSusan: Gotta go. It was nice chatting with y'all. Take care

wolfysmith: The Tackeroo in Cannock would be even better. Schenker was superb there. and sound crystal clear. SOLD OUT.

Conchita: bye susan!

Inmaculada: bye Susan!!!!

Dani California: bye Susan

Conchita: anyone coming over to Italy in May?

Conchita: besides Inma, of course

David: Glenn's back home now, and in the middle of the R'n'R Fantasy Camp in Hollywood. They'll be a public gig tomorrow night at the House of Blues on Sunset. I'm sure they'll be something showing up on YouTube in a day or two!

Inmaculada: yeah hope I will be given those days free at work!!

Conchita: anyone able to make it to the gig out there?

David: not this time Conchita, maybe the UK though.

wolfysmith: HOB. Is JohnH going to that? he lives out there doesnt he.

wolfysmith: Conchita - i replied!

Conchita: thanks Wolfy!

Shirean: hi

David: I would think so if he's not working that night. The two of us were there a few years ago for the Drum Off event, when GH played an all DP MKIII set with Chad and Frusciante. Unforgettable night...

Conchita: David...you just killed me!

Inmaculada: sure t was!!!

Dani California: Paul,the blog from Neil Murray about Mel is very nice

wolfysmith: wheres the video for that one David? I MUST HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David: I wish HOB would release that on DVD, but like everything else they tape, it's in their "Archives" - I'm sure Grace has a few words to say about that

Conchita: me too! My kingdom for that video!

Inmaculada: yeah! me too... if I had a kingdom I would sell it for that video!!!

wolfysmith: doesnt the performing artist have a say?

David: All we have are pix unfortunately...

David: http://www.ghpg.net/drumoff2003.html

David: jeez, that was 5 years ago - feels like yesterday!!

Conchita: oh well, if they say thay pics say 1,000 words we'll just try and imagine it all....thanks David!

wolfysmith: if it was the UK the whole thing would be on youtube. i could have filmed the whole of Schenkers shows on proper camcorder if i wanted. it killed me holding my camera still above my head for the 10 minute encore!

Inmaculada: above your head? you really needed to do that Paul? sure you were the tallest!!

wolfysmith: the tallest guy there was in front of me! i'll post some video soon. cant shrink that one down from 700mb to make it watchable!

Inmaculada: then you were bad luck... to get in front of you just the only guy taller than you!!!

wolfysmith: you'll see his head in my videos! LOL


Inmaculada: you should have told him... Please let the smallest at the front!! hahahahaha

Inmaculada: hi Grace!!

Dani California: Paul,can you burn that on dvd for us,so when we come in Cannock you to give it to us?

Grace: sorry that I had to log off, folks.....

Dani California: Hi again Grace

David: Hi Grace

wolfysmith: No problem D&P! will put the Tamworth stuff on too. Cannock has come out much better due to better lighting and sound.

Dani California: Thanks a lot Paul,will see you in march there

wolfysmith: i gave Tom (Broman) 5 dvds of the Tamworth show for him and the band.

Conchita: good evening ax welder! Wanna say something about HOB footage?

Grace: I'm at a friend's house and her son had to do some finagling with the computer hook-up. Not that I know what he was talking about

Grace: HOB - house of blues? I just got on again, what footage are you talking about?

englishrob: ok people, better run

David: hi Rob - thanks for stopping by.

englishrob: speak soon.....btw david, i need to mail you about a show

englishrob: take care all.....tata!

Grace: today's chat certainly has a British FLAVOUR to it

Inmaculada: bye Rob!!!

Conchita: If you scroll up Grace we were saying something about how their footage always remains in the archives....and that you've got something to say about that!

Conchita: bye rob!

Grace: nope. I can only read up to when I signed on again.

Grace: I can't scroll up to when the chat first started

Inmaculada: yep sister she was not logged in when we talked about that

wolfysmith: sorry to change the subject, but has anyone heard Achims new track Loaded Dice. Love It!

Conchita: ok then Grace, you can see the transcript tomorrow

wolfysmith: and the track on Dani's page aint too shabby none either.

Inmaculada: yes Paul it's really a fantastic song isnt it?

wolfysmith: yeah, Dani's guitar playing has really improved

Grace: I can't get over how many GHCPs are such talented musicians....I wonder if it comes from being inspired by ANOTHER talented musician, who shall remain name- (Glenn Hughes)- less!

Dani California: Yep Paul

Inmaculada: lol I meant Achim's Paul, hasnt checked Dani's loool

Inmaculada: havent sorry

wolfysmith: i know inma

Dani California: It's Mel song Inma

Inmaculada: oh then it's another great one indeed!!

Inmaculada: hi Chris!!!

Dani California: Hi Chris

Grace: hi chris

David: Hi Christian

wolfysmith: hey chris, howya doing?

Conchita: Hallo Chris! Wie ghet's?

Grace: and here's ANOTHER talented musician

chrisloeb: Hi everybody, good to see you all!

Inmaculada: truly!

chrisloeb: How are you, Inma?

Inmaculada: so so, still at home, doctors dont let me go to work yet

Dani California: Pete says hi to you Chris

chrisloeb: (red face) Thanks, Grace. A very tired musician...

chrisloeb: Say Hi to Pete, Dani - good to see you're back online

Grace: just saying what's true....lots 'O talented people on this web site and GH.com

Dani California: thanks Chris

chrisloeb: Good to see you, Paul. We missed you last time...but there were reasons, obviously.

chrisloeb: So what's the word on the GHPG streets tonight/today?

Grace: what a great way to put that question

Conchita: I was hoping for some juicy new album info

wolfysmith: well chris, some Ex Deep Purple guy has an album and tour coming soon!


Dani California:

wolfysmith: the Ex DP comment is just for you Grace

chrisloeb: you tell me.... Rod Evans!?

wolfysmith: Chris. would be great to see Nick Simper tho.

Grace: I just hope that the Detoit crowd connects with each other, maybe they should wear name tags that say GHCP

chrisloeb: well, very coincidentially I've been listening to Warhorse a lot lately...

wolfysmith: Slipstreaming is a great album.

Dani California: we will wait a report from you David

David: I'm sure we'll all hook-up Grace!

Dani California: about Detroit

Grace: ex deep purple.......why don't they mention that Glenn was FORMERLY from the Cannock grammar school choir, for cripe's sake!

Conchita: Nath and hubby if I'm not mistaken will be there

David: hope to have a soundbyte or two from the new one next month.

Inmaculada: yeah I think so too!! so we will get a good bunch of great pictures!! loool

chrisloeb: next month is only 2 weeks away

Dani California: that would be great

David: time flies

Dani California:

Inmaculada: absolutely!!!

wolfysmith: Chris, did you get anywhere with refunds etc? was wondering of you could reschedule to June for Glenn's shows?

Grace: by the way, wolfy, that threat that I posted for photographs of our younger GHCPs was also directed at you. Got any cute young ladies living at your house? Got the pictures to proove it?

chrisloeb: I've been thinking about that, since Travelodge are not refunding. The case is now in the hands of the credit card company.

wolfysmith: Grace, i'll see what i can find! not had time to reply to your email. very busy with non music stuff. just changed jobs 2 weeks ago too.

Grace: oh, wow........so things must be hectic. OK, I'll forgive you................just this once, of course. Good luck with your new job!

Grace: trust me on this one folks, Paul has one sweet little girl

Inmaculada: yes Grace I met her and I only can agree!!!

Grace: she does, however, have an unusual fashion statement history. either she's a witch or a princess

wolfysmith: fast asleep in the next room. half term has finished and back to school tomorrow!

Grace: incredible! I remember when she was a new-born, and you used a GH t-shirt as a baby blanket for her

Conchita: awwwwwwwww

Inmaculada: omg how cute!!!!

Grace: I'm sure that Search Harrison knows exactly where that photograph is located!

David: anyone going to the Childline gig next month?

wolfysmith: i think Dani and Pete are. Keith Thompson too

David: hi tony

tony g: hello all gh peoples

Inmaculada: hi Tony!!!

tony g: whats up

wolfysmith: Hi Tony G.

chrisloeb: Hi tony!

Dani California: Yep David, me and Pete will go there

David: cool, look forward to hearing all about it...

Dani California: Hi Tony

Grace: tony..........I didn't expect you to be here......I thought that you would be packing your suitcase for Detroit!!!!!

Conchita: hi tony!

tony g: well i gotta hotel room finally

tony g: now looking over the map carefully

Grace: say hello to our boy for all of us and ....WE WANT PICTURES!

tony g: you got it

Conchita: have a great time!

tony g: i will thanks

chrisloeb: you must be pretty exited, tony... it's going to be your first GH show...remember?

Grace: make sure that you wear lots of down-filled quilted clothes, so that when you faint, you won't get hurt

tony g: i know but me and glenn gotta get there first

Conchita: ....and take a bottle of Chivas with you to calm your nerves!

Inmaculada: and tissues for the tears!!!

tony g: damm conchita i wanna party with you girl

Conchita: come on over to see glenn in Italy in May!

Inmaculada: hahaha she is dangerous!! I do know!! lol

Grace: and make sure that you have identification on your person, so the doctors will know who you are

tony g: boy i wish i could go

Inmaculada: just go to the airport ask for a ticket to Rome or Milan, we will be there to welcome you!!!

tony g: both of you ? now im the one that will be dangerous

Grace: you're gonna' have a great time, tony. Just pretend that it's Glenn on stage, and his normal-person twin brother that's at the meet and greet, and you'll do fine

Conchita: I planned a one-day tour of Rome for her, then Florence, then the gigs in Bologna and Milan

tony g: i should be okay

Inmaculada: hahaha yes I am planning to go and we will visit some cities in the meanwhile!! so c'mon! lool

Inmaculada: yeah sister!!

chrisloeb: Bologna... I must have missed that on the list!

Conchita: ALL GHCP should vist Rome....right, David?

Inmaculada: and Florence...

tony g: that sounds great you guys will have a blast

Conchita: Glenn's playing two dates at the end of May

Conchita: Bologna and Milan

Inmaculada: you told Eli sister?

chrisloeb: It's just that our (Medusa) guitar player's girlfriend lives in Bologna... and I have an idea....

Conchita: no not yet

Inmaculada: a Medusa gig in addition?

Conchita: opening for Glenn????


Inmaculada: c'mon Chris dont be shy and share your idea!!!

tony g: say it

chrisloeb: I was just thinking about a short holiday and attending the GH show! Opening is probably no possibila, but there's another great idea, playing a gig in Bologna!

Conchita: Though the gig won't be in Bologna proper, it will be in a small town near Bologna

Inmaculada: you see? your fans are waiting for you!!!

tony g: go for it chris

Inmaculada: but dont choose the same date than Glenn!! we want to see you playing too!!

Inmaculada: loooool


wolfysmith: David, you mentioned GH playing more USA dates late in the year. Tell him that the Trapeze page gets a crazy amount of requests from the old stomping ground of TEXAS.

Inmaculada: Chris remember this chat is kept in the forum... till the world ends!!! you cannot step back now!! loooool

Conchita: yes Chris not the same day!

tony g: yeah what were you guys talking about before i showed up?

tony g: is that for sure about the US gigs david?

Grace: answer tony's question very carefully, David

chrisloeb: Our Spooky Tooth support slot is in less than two weeks... I asked the venue if they had been in touch with Glenn's management. They had been, but couldn't seal a deal for the gig. So it's Bratislava for me again, and maybe... Bologna... if the other guys in the band like the idea and we all get a couple of days off!?

David: It's in the plan tony - but things can change, we'll just have to see how it all works out...hopefully soon.

Inmaculada: yes I think you play on the 29th? dont you? that day I'll see The Mars Volta here!!!

Dani California: not the...spooky tooth chris?-Pete

Conchita: sister did you HAVE TO remind me?

Dani California: from the 70's?

Inmaculada: hehehe yes sister!! loool

chrisloeb: Feb. 29th, yes. A cool date to play a gig! YES, THE SPOOKY TOOTH, feat. Gary Wright, Mike Kellie and Mike Harrison, Pete!

Dani California: hey fantastic buddy!!!!!!

Inmaculada: hope you can record some vid Chris or at least some audio!!

Dani California: yes indeeeedy

chutsler: Paul, I've got to be running along....please give Mel my best and let him know he's in my prayers.

chrisloeb: will try, for sure. And lots of pics, of course!

tony g: yes your right chuck

Grace: take care, chutsler ~

chutsler: will do, Grace.....

chutsler: bye everyone!!!

Inmaculada: bye chuck!!

tony g: by chuck

Conchita: bye chuck!

Dani California: Bye Chuck

Conchita: well gotta go myself....long day tomorrow!

Conchita: night everyone....and have fun next sunday, tony!

Inmaculada: ok bye sister!!!!

tony g: bye conchita thanks for the may offer

Conchita: night everyone

wolfysmith: gotta go too!

chrisloeb: Be prepared then, Conchita Bye!

tony g: thanks

Dani California: We are going too,bye everyone

Inmaculada: bye Paul!!

Inmaculada: yep me too!!

chrisloeb: Bye, Paul!

Inmaculada: bye everybody!!!

tony g: bye

Grace: looks like it's time we're all about to turn into pumpkins ~ take care everyone ! Love you all.....

Inmaculada: those who go to Detroit have a great time!!!!

chrisloeb: Midnight here, I'm off too! BYE EVERYBODY! See you soon!

David: Will do

tony g: thanks

chrisloeb: and Have fun in Detroit Bye!

tony g: david i gotta send you a message

David: Talk to you again next month - Sunday, March 30th, usual time!

tony g: ok bye

David: bye for now...
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Icon23 I missed the bus..again!

I am working midnights with my days off in the middle of the week...so I am just getting out of bed when the chat starts...

I tried to get time off at the end of this month but no go.....so all of you that are going to the show in Michigan; bundle up and have a great time!! I did take 10 days off next month so that I can get out of town for a few days.

I am writng a tribute for Mel at home, it is easier to write it on paper first and then type it here on the site. Trying to think and type on something that long when I don't have unlimited computer time...is a tough task!

Great to see some new faces there on the chat....wish I could be there!

captmidnite1962's Sig:Yours In The Funk
Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


"Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins
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Angry ARCHIVES.......my foot

Originally Posted by Admin View Post

David: I wish HOB would release that on DVD, but like everything else they tape,
it's in their "Archives" - I'm sure Grace has a few words to say about that

Conchita: If you scroll up Grace we were saying something about how their footage
always remains in the archives....and that you've got something to say about that!

You want me to say a few words about "ARCHIVES?"

I'd love to say a few words about "archives."
But why bother?
David will immediately delete those words..........

Yeah, as one example.........
I just the fact that the spectacular show that Glenn performed in March, 2003,
at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, Florida, was professionally videotaped / recorded
by the HRH staff, who later told me that it was for the HRH archives ONLY.

So now, every one in a while, the big shots at that place can have a nice video
to watch while downing a few brewskis, and we fans can go watch a wall of paint dry.

Yeah, I having Glenn's work forever locked away "in the archives."
Any other questions?
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I couldnt agree with you more. Although it has been some time since I thought about that show and now for the second time this week I am thinking about it..........

Just know you are not alone

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