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Old Jun-29-2008, 9:39 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - June 29th, 2008

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - June 29th, 2008

Shirean:: Hi everyone!

David: Hi Paul

wolfysmith: hi David. Hi Shirean.

Shirean: Hi Paul

wolfysmith: i bet most of europe is watching the football. spain are 1-0 up

David: Taping the football, no doubt a lot of folks are watching it right now!

David: Great minds think a like

wolfysmith: oops. hope i havent ruined the match for you. did you know the score?

David: no, no - saw the first half!

David: Had a lot of fun in the UK - you missed some good shows after Wolverhampton.

wolfysmith: before the tournament started we did a thing at work where you had to predict the scores of all the matches right thru to the final - even tho you didnt know who'd be in the next rounds. i originally went for spain to win it but changed my mind before the deadline and backed the safe bet of germany!

David: Yeah, surprised to see Croatia go out on penalties of all things!

wolfysmith: i actually had France to play germany in the final! they were shockingly bad. Holland choked too just as they looked hot.

wolfysmith: anyway, who cares. England didnt even qualify


wolfysmith: Yeah, Glenn's show at the Robin was among his best ever. 2 guitars adds something to the live sound. and the new songs are so good live. the right decision to play 4 straight off in the set.

David: Yeah, that clinched the deal for me two - I hope he continues to do that on the other F U N K dates. It really gives it an impact and certainly wins over the new fans straightaway, what with hearing the new music right off the bat

wolfysmith: it'll be interesting to see what he plays at the Rock and Blues show. more of a classic audience i would say.

David: Yeah, although for that one I'm sure he'll play a couple of new one's as well.

David: Perhaps Oil & Water and/or Never Say Never....

wolfysmith: any inside gossip on his friends who are billed with him? Chad maybe

David: The band


wolfysmith: so true tho

David: Did you stock up on Merch at the Robin?

wolfysmith: I got a couple of the shirts - one for a friend in Arizona.......... i hope he doesnt read this. LOL


David: Hope to have the merch stand open here very shortly, so if you missed something, you should be able to find it right here soon

wolfysmith: if GH doesnt want to risk 4 new ones straight off at the R&B show he could bring back Orion and High Road. two killers.

wolfysmith: and i have another 20 he could play

David: Good call, but I'm sure it'll be a good mix, shame he doesn't go on at 3:00PM, eh

wolfysmith: talking of show time. the R&B site is pretty poor. have you read Glenn's info. its a year and an album out of date!

wolfysmith: and i cant see where it mentions the bands start times.

David: yeah, surprised they don't have more up-to-date details, afterall they've had a couple of times to get it right

wolfysmith: also annoyed you cant buy a ticket for the friday only. i dont want to see the saturday bands so will have 2 tickets for that nigth being wasted.

David: Really!

wolfysmith: yeah. its a weekend ticket

David: I can 'kinda see why they do it that, but on the flip side, they're going to surely sell less overall! Odd.

wolfysmith: plus 10 pounds to park. twice!

David: Talk about taking the p*$s

wolfysmith: add on 6 pounds per gallon of diesel to drive there too!

wolfysmith: but its still cheaper than going to see WS/Def Lep at the NEC!

David: Ticket prices these days, in general, are a joke, I can't understand how people agree to put up with it. We hardly go to any gigs because of that.....not that there's a lot to pick from!

wolfysmith: my local venue, The Tackeroo, lets the band decide and take the door & merch money. the venue gets the bar takings.

David: Yeah, clubs are pretty much all we make it to, although somehow Shirean manages to find the the money to see Heart for 3 digit sums!!



David: I wouldn't mind, but they play more or less the same set every time they play! zzzzzzzzzz

wolfysmith: i cant believe the 3 band tour of Journey, Heart and Cheap Trick you got in the USA. i'd love that one.

wolfysmith: its all over! Germany were poor.

David: Yeah, I wanted to go, primarily for Journey, but the cheapest ticket was around $100 for the lawn area (way in the back)! Just can't justify that - will wait for the DVD So she's on her own for that next month!

Shirean: I paid 134.00 for the 3 bands.

Shirean: But I got a Fan Club seat

David: Yeah, for just 1 ticket

wolfysmith: i wouldnt pay that. even with the current exchange rate!

Shirean: The first 10 rows

wolfysmith: ok. maybe that close i would as a one off. but only if Cheap Trick played at least an hour set. the last of my heroes to see.

Shirean: Heart is playing an hour set no news on CheapTrick' set...

Shirean: I doubt it will be an hour

Shirean: I'm still trying to figure out what time the thing starts someone said 3:00PM??

wolfysmith: i keep hoping The Trick will tour here as support for a classic band. DP have had some good ones recently and play with them in the US but sadly not done it here yet. Rockford was a great album. played that so much and still do.

wolfysmith: they are supporting Def Lep in Oz after the USA tour.

Shirean: wow thats cool

Shirean: I'm looking forward to seeing them.

David: It's cool GH is playing all those USA dates with RRFC in August - it's been quite a few years, probably since Purple or Trapeze - for some of those cities! I'm sure it will be a trip for him! Maybe he'll get some long forgotten stories out of it for the upcoming book

Arjen: Hello

Shirean: Hi Arjen

David: Hi Arjen

Arjen: Hi Shirean

Arjen: David hello

Arjen: Yesterday I saw you were listening to a song of Terry Reid I checked him out and my god...I found new love

Arjen: This guy is amazing

Arjen: especially the song To Be Treated I gotta get his cds.... Enough of Terry Reid Its a Glenn Hughes chat

David: He's a good mate of Glenn's so that's ok

David: Yeah, have all his albums, talk about almost famous! Turned down both Zeppelin and Purple! But that's ok, his own music more than makes up for it! He just played the UK a couple of weeks before Glenn - had I known that beforehand, would of gone over early!

Arjen: Saw on his site he just toured lets hope he'll do again first I gotta buy all of his cd's Do you know if he has a DVD out?

wolfysmith: hi Arjen. no dvd but i recommend:

wolfysmith: TERRY REID Super Lungs - The Complete Studio Recordings 1966-1969 (2004 UK 2-CD set featuring 37 tracks composed of the 2 albums 'Terry Reid' & 'Bang You're Terry Reid' plus 12 previously unreleased recordings including demo's and 2003 mixes)

wolfysmith: for starters!

Arjen: Hi Wolfy seems Im the only one who doesnt know Mr Reid

Arjen: thanks gonna check that one out for sure!

wolfysmith: he's played here for the last couple of years. Glenn was at one of his shows at JB's a couple last year. my friend saw him (Glenn that is) in the crowd.

David: There's plenty of live performance stuff on YouTube, if you need to catch up

David: Especially tasty is one from Glastonbury in 1971 with Linda Lewis guesting!

Arjen: will check that one out.

David: I'll save you sometime....here it is

YouTube Video

wolfysmith: didnt GH and DC list one of his albums in their Top 10 British albums of all time in classic rock? David will no doubt point you to the link

David: No link it's here somewhere But think it was the self-titled, 'Terry Reid' album, if I recall!

Arjen: Not sure if you guys collect bootleg cds feat. Glenn but if so there's a new Deep Purple cdouble cd called Burn the Witch

Arjen: check out the artwork:

Arjen: http://www.giginjapan.com/scan150/deep-purple-burn.htm

David: will check it out sometime, thanks Arjen.

wolfysmith: David, do you use Firefox by any chance? a few mates have been raving about v3 instead of IE7

David: No Paul, Safari primarily - we're a Mac shop here

Arjen: great label (darker than Blue) I got an earlier release from them called Always Teasin

Arjen: http://www.giginjapan.com/scan119/deep-purple-always.htm

David: thanks again Arjen

wolfysmith: i desperately need to reorganise my cds. they have been shoved in my racks in any old order since we moved in a month ago.

David: Yeah, it took Shirean and I nearly 2 years to get organized, but yet with some stuff still in boxes!

wolfysmith: but looking thru them now i can see a cd boot called numb in japan isted as 12/12/75 at the Sun Palace in the fukuaka

Arjen: cd-r or factory pressed? I do not know that one

wolfysmith: so must be that show. i can also see one for 3 days later

wolfysmith: not a factory cd. home printed cover. show on the 15th is from the budokan

Arjen: sooner or later it probably will they'll release anything in Japan if you collect boots you're in heaven in Tokyo

Arjen: They have this bootleg-district many shops

Arjen: I was there once and even found a GH boot with a cd cover with a picture I took!!

wolfysmith: at Glenn's acoustic show in Brentford i spoke to a few people who said they'd love to hear him do Love Child. me too. would fit in on FUNK i think.

Arjen: It was on GHPG some 8 years ago and they took it hahaha

wolfysmith: GHPG? whats that? there's only gh.com for me



Arjen: Kula Shaker performed today in my hometown at our yearly free festival called parkpop 250.000 people he did HUSH check it out

YouTube Video

wolfysmith: thats taken on a phone!

David: Free 250,000 - pay 2,500 But that's cool. We were talking ticket prices earlier, so forgive the sarcasm

wolfysmith: and football David! what happened to the dutch Arjen? looked good for 3 matches then rubbish!

David: Hi Christian

Arjen: hmmmm football Wolfy Im a huge football fan but not really of the national team....thats because the national team was basically Ajax 13 yeras ago and Im not really fond of that team so to say...

wolfysmith: and talking of poor football teams.....here's Chris

chrisloeb: Hi there!

wolfysmith: sorry Chris

Arjen: Hello Chris


chrisloeb: at least the Germans didn't win!




chrisloeb: Hi Arjen

wolfysmith: i left Achim a message!

chrisloeb: Paul, so good to hear that the move went smoothly

chrisloeb: Achim doesn't like football - he's totally into tennis.... female tennis

Arjen: So whats your fave football team Wolfy? Chris? David?

wolfysmith: i think all men like watching female tennis

wolfysmith: Have you heard of Wolves? LOL

chrisloeb: I really enjoyed the Russian team during this tournament, but I wouldn't say that they're my favourites. I used to be a big ManU fan about 10 years ago

wolfysmith: David supports Aston Villa.

chrisloeb: Nowadays I'm more an observer than a fan

Arjen: Yeah John de Wolf played there didnt he? They play in orange/black

David: I'm like Christian, definitely more of an observer these days....

wolfysmith: i thought Holland could win it. van persie, van nistelrooy, van der saar etc. but they just didnt perform in the knockout match that counted.

Arjen: Here in Den Haag it's ADO so Im going there for 20 years now never miss a match

David: Can't seem to find quality time for it, some exceptions of course, but do check the scores every week!

chrisloeb: That was the time when ManU won the treble - the historical Campionsleague final against Bayern Muich. That I will never forget.

wolfysmith: so glad they beat chelsea this year. chelsea now the team people love to hate instead of united

Arjen: Everyone in Holland thought so!! But I think they made a mistake letting the B squad play the third match against Romania

chrisloeb: I had Italy and Spain on my list. The Netherlands didn't shine before the tournament, but the first two rounds were fantastic. I agree that they shouln't have let the b squad play the third match.

wolfysmith: i only watch champions league matches live now. anything else is in a highlights program.

chrisloeb: You usually have one bad match for each squad during a big tournament. Unfortnately for the Netherlands it was the quarter finals. Spain on the other hand played fantastic throughout.

wolfysmith: i picked france to meet germany in the final! they are all old men now and didnt perform at all. never thought italy would win it.

wolfysmith: spain deserved to win. i thought they might. Torres looked good all season here. fabregas is world class too.

chrisloeb: Absolutely. And don't forget all the fab players who didn't even make it into the team this time around...

chrisloeb: TTA - here's a Glenn connection

wolfysmith: most of the BBC pundits picked them or germany before the tournament started. Gary Lineker said Spain.

chrisloeb: Herbert Prohaska, legendary Austrian Defensive mid-field player picked Spain before the tournament too. Although his heart still beats for Italy

wolfysmith: a legend in austria anyway! never heard of him

David: There's always a Glenn connection somewhere, somehow

wolfysmith: no, wait. do you mean Schneckerl

chrisloeb: YES, Schneckerl!!!

Arjen: Anyone into Journey here?

wolfysmith: didnt he manage the national team and suffer a 9-0 loss to Spain?

chrisloeb: I was about to mention that Paul.

wolfysmith: Arjen - my wife and I LOVE Journey

Arjen: I saw them last week with their new singer 3 days ago I got their new cd

Arjen: tried Ebay cuz I needed the Wallmart edtion with extra cd

Arjen: the gig and cd are simply amazing!!

wolfysmith: i havent got it yet. what are the cover songs like. he sounds so like perry.

David: He certainly is getting the props, as much as folks wanted to hate him, he's winning them over which is cool.

chrisloeb: I think I have two or three of their early albums on vinyl. They might even be instrumental Fusion, Jazz-Rock if I remember correctly. No AOR there. Gotta check.

chrisloeb: The only thing I hear/read about Journey is when the topic comes up here on the board.

Arjen: Covers yes! And its Perry

wolfysmith: i have the early stuff with Greg Rolie doing the vocals. got some of his solo stuff too.

Arjen: I recently got the Japanese mini lp boxset with all there cd's remastered with bonus stuff etc the early cds are very different indeed

David: In some ways, those are there best albums. There's a great boot with unreleased material from those days, Best of the Early Years.

wolfysmith: the most disappointing Journey related thing is Perrys second solo album. didnt like it at all but Street Talk i love.

Arjen: There's also a cult album in there from 1980 called Dream after Dream. Its a Japanese only cd and that one contains some weird material

chrisloeb: This chat is suprisingly Europeanish - where are the other folks from the US?

David: Yeah not the best Paul - but it was good live show, so that made up for it in my book!

Arjen: Journey was the winner of the day.. it was at the Arrow Rock Festival in Holland with Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon, Twisted Sister, Whitesnake, Kansas and some band called KISS

David: Bill (captmidnite1962) poked his head in earlier, but guess he couldn't find his way back in.

wolfysmith: i cant believe he never wanted to tour outside the USA. the Escape era could have seem them take over the world

chrisloeb: How did Kansas play, Arjen?

Arjen: Kansas was the only band I didnt see but only heard What I heard I really like I regret I didnt see it. Im not into Kansas (...yet) I only know Carry on My ...

wolfysmith: I'm Gonna Leave You, on the 2nd journey album is supposed to have inspired the main riff in the famous Kansas song Carry on Wayward Son.

chrisloeb: I guess you'd like them, Arjen. Steve Walsh used to be a fantastic singer. Get the remastered Leftoverture CD to start with.

Arjen: I probably will .... I 'll check the cd out.. thanks

wolfysmith: another link here. Prairie Prince was the original Journey drummerand also played with Tommy Bolin

chrisloeb: There's always a Glenn connection somewhere isn't there, David!

David: We always seem to find one

wolfysmith: well, Glenn always says he knows fill in name of legend here

chrisloeb: Has Glenn found his first girlfriend Margaret ___?___ yet?

David: No, not yet, still searching...

wolfysmith: i saw that tonight. i guess he has tried his contacts here in Cannock. i'll see if i can find her.

chrisloeb: Any updates on Mel's condition, Paul?

David: Would be cool if you do Paul - he's got the feelers out! So hopefully he'll track her down.

wolfysmith: not that i can say here Chris. i'll contact you privately.

Arjen: David Coverdale dedicates a song to Mel on this tour ... very cool ....not many know what's going on.

chrisloeb: Thanks, Paul

David: Yeah, I think Glenn is the only one talking publicly and he certainly is going to do everything he can for Mel. It's still hard to comprehend.

chrisloeb: Yeah, even for people who don't know him personally. It's so sad.

chrisloeb: Talking about Glenn talking publicly... with a repeat European Tour next year, does that mean he will be going on a second promotional round for FUNK?

wolfysmith: DC has done it at everyshow this tour. unfortunately i didnt video it. got a decent cheer at the birmingham show

David: Christian, yes most likely next Spring and of course, Spain in September of this year.

chrisloeb: It appears that this has been his most succesful album and tour yet?

Arjen: The Zoetermeer was well packed better than the previous show with Chad on drums The Helmond show was sad... only 100 people max! The show was very poorly advertised.

David: It certainly is, he'll be on the road for the next year or two in support of it, so this is just the beginning. By the way Christian, that was Antonio, the road manager you spoke to, not Colin, last month!

chrisloeb: Maybe I should make myself known next time...

wolfysmith: knowing Glenn he'll have written another album by then Chris

Arjen: That also means no new music for 1-2 years

David: album, you mean a box set's worth right

chrisloeb: He'll probably save it for later. I like the idea of the second run. The first one was fantastic! I still have a great time thinking about it.

wolfysmith: yeah

wolfysmith: RHCP's have announced a years break so 2nd tour with Chad i think

wolfysmith: and Jeff Kollman on 3rd guitar

David: Yeah, the Meatbats should support him, eh

Arjen: The drummer Glenn had this time was fantastic too his best band so far I think

chrisloeb: By the way...I finally got myself a white bass guitar! But not one of Glenn's Yamaha's... they're not available (yet) and probably very expensive too...

wolfysmith: Matt aint bad is he. its his birthday this week

David: yeah, I was most impressed with Matt, some great performances in the UK for sure.

chrisloeb: what's it with my typing tonight??? Looks like I'm using my toes...

wolfysmith: Mark mondesir was hot too.

wolfysmith: he's had some good ones recently

chrisloeb: Matt was great. Our drummer Stefan really liked his playing - that's a very good sign. He's even more critical than me

wolfysmith: i gotta run as its a long day for me tomorrow. Chris, i just sent a PM.

David: Mark was at the London gig and says "Hi" to everyone....he's currently touring with John McLoughlin, mainly Europe, but hopes to be Stateside later in the year.

wolfysmith: thanks for the chat everyone.

chrisloeb: Cheers, wolfy - have a good one! Talk to you tomorrow!

David: OK, thanks Paul, see you next time.

Arjen: Guys Im off too till next time take care all cheers

chrisloeb: Bye Arjen!

David: OK, thanks for stopping by Arjen.

chrisloeb: That leaves me in the headmaster's office. So I'm off too!

David: Yeah, it's spilled into overtime tonight, despite a low attendance

David: No worries Christian. But yeah, we'll close it out for this month.

David: The next Monthly CHAT is on Sunday, July 27th at the usual time.

chrisloeb: Bye then! See ya!

David: Talk to you later, bye for now
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Those damn gremlins...

You are right..I DID poke my head in at about 5:00 PM after getting back from my brother's house...and no one was in the room.....Which begs the question...what did I do wrong?

I missed a pretty cool chat too.....damn the bad luck!

But..if there is any consolation.....I WILL go to see Frank Marino at B.B. King's on the 18th....so I can get my live music fix.....will also have King Crimson for 3 nights at the Nokia Theater in Times Square.....

Man, I am really sorry I missed you guys!

captmidnite1962's Sig:Yours In The Funk
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Originally Posted by captmidnite1962 View Post
You are right..I DID poke my head in at about 5:00 PM after getting back from my brother's house...and no one was in the room.....Which begs the question...what did I do wrong?

We were all there Bill, honest You won't see any of the earlier chat text until someone posts or you get a reply from your own post, but you should of seen our names in the roster listing. Saw you for all but a second and then you were gone!

As you say, the gremlins must have been at work for you

Hope to catch you next month. Meantime, have fun at BB King's.
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I see where you guys were discussing Terry Reid.......besides the You Tube videos....he and his band appear in the documentary "Groupies" (performing and interacting with groupies!!).......
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