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Old Sep-27-2009, 4:20 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - September 27th, 2009

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - September 27th, 2009

Afternoon/evening all, this month's CHAT is now in progress...

tony g: yo

David: Hi Tony

tony g: how are u David

David: good

tony g: love this alive drive

tony g: gotta have that dvd

David: pleased you're happy with it.

David: No word yet when the DVD will be coming...soon....but no definitive date

tony g: love it

David: remember it'll be PAL format only

tony g: with in a month?

David: before Xmas

tony g: gotta new computer multi format dvd like u said

David: cool

tony g: if not that one place with the code free players is right down the street

tony g: something always came up everytime i tryed to get one

David: well, yeah it'll need to play UK dvd format (PAL); that's what I mean by multi-format. But computers allow you to play multi-region discs, but for I believe up to 5 times....so you'll be able to play it one way or the other!

tony g: i'll make it work one way or another

tony g: what else is new

David: So Glenn played in LA last night; last minute invite...

David: he came on and did Free's "Alright Now"

tony g: i know it was cool

tony g: get any sound or video yet?

David: No not yet, but there should be some pix soon...

tony g: knowing its la i gota say something will suface

David: I'm sure!

tony g: were the hell is everyone?

David: It's been pretty quiet recently, guess they're busy...

David: Did you try out the GH Toolbar (browser edition)?

tony g: busy season at work so ive just been looking in lately instead of writing

David: No worries, when you have time. Just an easy way to keep in touch will all things GH!

tony g: gotta have time to play with it

purplemusic: hello

David: Hi Bart

tony g: what up

purplemusic: i forgot about the chat, i was just logging in. can we start all over ?

tony g: u didnt miss much just me and David

purplemusic: ok and i just went back and read what i missed

purplemusic: so, did i read that glenn just sang 1 song last night ?

David: yep, just the one.

David: It was a charity event, so not everyone could get their own set

purplemusic: i showed my wife his tweet from yesturday about being at lunch w/ all of those cool guys (including Glenn) what a fun life , huh?

purplemusic: i'm glad G. got 1 song in. i know that he likes proforming

David: hopefully have some pix for you tomorrow sometime...

purplemusic: i'm enjoying my new live bootleg releases. i'm looking forward to many more.

purplemusic: i wish he would do that for every show. I'd but them all

tony g: ur right bart i cant wait to see it on dvd

tony g: me too

purplemusic: it looks like Bill is logged in, but i dont see him here.

purplemusic: well, even though there's not many people here for this chat, i'm glad that i showed up so that i could say "hello" to you guys

purplemusic: i'm looking forward to cool stuff coming up w/ glenn. new book, new release and hopefuly some more from the bootleg series.

David: They'll be some cool stuff coming on the Alive Drive over the coming year, so you have that too...

tony g: me too bart good to see u

purplemusic: that really is a cool little device. i think every artist should be trying to do something like that.

tony g: im wondering about the historical one

tony g: i agree bart

tony g: i got an idea what it is

tony g: or i should say hoping i know what it is

purplemusic: yeah, it would be great to see some history streamed to us that we haven't had before, if anything is available. i love Glenn's new stuff, but it's history that brings us to today.

purplemusic: i just came across a cd from the last purple concerts w/ ritchie, some of which i think they used for "Made in Europe"

tony g: i think i got that one

purplemusic: it's a double cd, not really different songs, but a different version. it has "Gypsy" on it amoung some others

tony g: let me go look

purplemusic: i'll grab mine too

purplemusic: although it may have been released under other names, it's called "Archive Alive"

purplemusic: they do "goin' Down w/out Glenns drug reference

tony g: dp mk 3 the final concerts

purplemusic: i always imagined the tension between Glenn and David on that

purplemusic: that's really what it is, European tour from '75

David: http://www.glennhughes.com/thefunkemporium/music/musicstore.php?i=B0000049I7&c=ghpg

purplemusic: my afore mentioned drug reference was from the last shows w/ Tommy Bolin,

tony g: thats it David - but mines named the final concerts

tony g: tell me about that bart

purplemusic: I bet Glenn and Tommy were kind of a mess to work w/ back then if you weren't into the party scene

purplemusic: Coverdale didn't seem to be amused

tony g: maybe but who wasnt back then

tony g: bart mine says its richie blackmoores last concerts not tommy

purplemusic: yeah, i'm talking about the ritchie era for the cd, but then I got off on the Tommy Bolin story

purplemusic: didn't mean to be confusing

tony g: its cool

tony g: i think i gotta deppurpl.net cd here

tony g: glenn right in the middle of the front cover

purplemusic: "of Ritchie"

tony g: gotta one on the back

purplemusic: the same pic. is on the front and back of mine

purplemusic: i saw Chad play w/ chickenfoot about 1 month ago. they were really good

tony g: compiled by mike howell and simon robinson -yeah its purple .net

David: it's their last night tonight (of their tour) in LA.

tony g: wish i coulda seen that

tony g: then surgery for chad

purplemusic: same guys did my cd on Deep Purple's lable. I'm sure that will be a great show in LA , especially if it's their last one in the states

purplemusic: i saw Chads video about his surgery. I wish him well.

purplemusic: i imagine that Glenn will go see them play again

tony g: probably right David?

purplemusic: I believe i remember they started there and he went to see them

tony g: start and end at home cool

purplemusic: I've been following Frank on facebook, he's safely in Florida now, although he said it was raining today

purplemusic: moving is always such a drag

David: it rains pretty much everyday... well, at this time of year...

tony g: u got that right

tony g: but still nice and warm right David?

purplemusic: well then, it's all the better to have some cool new Glenn releases to listen to

David: oh yes...

purplemusic: it's still hot here in Charleston

tony g: its gonna get cold here pretty soon

tony g: hate it

purplemusic: Oh yeah, i saw some pics. of some trapeze and hughes/thrall shirts from the live gig (from the bootlegs)

tony g: but its home

purplemusic: are they avaiable to us to ? did i somehow miss that being posted ?

purplemusic: a nice Trapeze one w/ Glenn on the front

tony g: go to the store bart

David: http://www.thefunkemporium.com/acatalog/T-Shirts.html

purplemusic: cool, i figured that i just missed it somehow. i'll make sure to go check them out

purplemusic: Thanks David (always good for a link)

tony g: cant wait to see the dvd -wanna see the middle ur love is alright

tony g: love jeff kolmans guitar and glenns bass on u r the music

purplemusic: that Trapeze set was really good. I'm listening to it right now in the store

purplemusic: Jeff really does a good job on those songs

tony g: love all of it

tony g: saw him play up close here -really got a beautiful sound

purplemusic: i've seen him a few times and really enjoyed his playing

David: Read some place The Meatbats might play sone dates on the East Coast later this year... would like to see them...

purplemusic: Glenn's not so bad either

purplemusic: that would be cool to see them

tony g: hope the go to cleveland or something like that

purplemusic: i hope Chad heals up well

tony g: jeffs home

purplemusic: Glenn always says "from Las Ang-el-lees"

tony g: cosmosquad got a great dvd if ur into that kind of music bart

purplemusic: i am , but i don't have it yet. I really need to get it though

tony g: great audio

tony g: everytime i play it my wife always says something about shane gallaas always gota tell her to shutup

David: Well, hopefully more folks will show up next month.

purplemusic: slow chat day, but most are. I still like doing them (when I remember)

purplemusic: or happen to just log in at the right time

tony g: me too i always learn something new

David: yeah, if it stays this way thru the rest of the year, might just stop them for a while.

David: not sure yet...

purplemusic: it would be fun to have Glenn on here sometime w/ us

tony g: too bad

purplemusic: well, i know that it's more of a draw on your time David, since you are the moderator, but I still like having them

tony g: glenns been here bart

purplemusic: if nothing else, just to get in some real time hellos and well wishes

David: what with Twitter, Facebook and the like, these things are becoming a little redundant. He can interact and get the word out in so many different ways these days...

purplemusic: i have missed glenn anytime he's been on

purplemusic: yeah, i know you're right about that

purplemusic: still, peace and love to the Glenn Hughes Family.

tony g: i havent tryed ay of that besides twitter

David: but I hear what you guys are saying... maybe when the new album is completed, will put something together...

David: not sure yet...

tony g: i know he's relaxing right now David

purplemusic: we always have more to say when somethings are cookin' in the oven of the underground nuclear kitchen

purplemusic: I'm sure Papa is baking up something special 4 us

tony g: u know it!!!!!

David: it'll be tasty that's for sure

David: Well, that time has come again to close out the Montly CHAT. The next one is on Sunday, October 25th at the usual time...

tony g: well fellas gotta go good to hear from u bart -David- glenn hughes rules all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god bless all gh peoples everywhere!!!!

David: Talk to you then, meantime see you on the Fan Forum
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Old Sep-30-2009, 1:58 PM
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I had some kind of computer glitch right at the end of our chat session, so I'll take my oportunity now to say that it was nice chatting w/ you guys.
peace and love to the Glenn and the entire GH.com Family,
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