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Old Apr-15-2007, 9:39 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - April 15th, 2007

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - April 15th, 2007

David: Hi everyone

Vinnis: hiya David

chrisloeb: Hi David

chrisloeb: here's proof, I actually got the time right

Vinnis: lol

David: Yeah, now we're back on track - that time change 'kinda screwed things up!

Vinnis: hi chris

chrisloeb: hi Vinnis

Vinnis: are u going to any of the usa shows?

chrisloeb: no, very unfortunately, stuck here in good old Europe

Vinnis: ahhhh

Vinnis: hi wolfy

David: Welcome birthday boy

chrisloeb: there's the birthday boy, Hi wolfy! Happy Birthday!

Vinnis: happy bday

wolfy smith: Hi David, Chris and Vinnis! Thanks

chrisloeb: so all the celebrations have apruptly ended, just because of the monthly chat, huh?

David: Get any goodies?

wolfy smith: LOL Chris!. I got "Slade In Flame" on DVD.

wolfy smith: Also got some Trapeze pics from Mel

chrisloeb: .. and ...

chrisloeb: that's cool! sounds like even more updates coming soon over at the myspace site...

wolfy smith: Yes Chris. I have spent a lot of time using my home scanner the last 2 weeks. Loads of pics from Mels past going right back to his first band at school aged 15 with his brother Tom on vocals!

Chip: Hello everyone.

Vinnis: hey Chip

wolfy smith: Hey Chip. Hows it going buddy?

chrisloeb: Hi Chip!

David: Welcome Chip

Chip: Whoa Vinnis is here!!

chrisloeb: I was always wondering if brother Tom played any instrument despite of producing...

Vinnis: ltns Chip

Chip: How's the birthday boy?

wolfy smith: All but 2 of the trapeze pics Mel has found are from after Glenn left.

David: Hi Nathalie

wolfy smith: Bonjour Nath, Merci pour le Myspace message!

Harry le chat: hello David and everyone

chrisloeb: bon soir, Madame

Chip: Hello Nathalie

Harry le chat: Wolfy, once again, a very happy birthday

wolfy smith: Chip, Its been 24C here today. Reminded us of our visit

Harry le chat: How are you all ? Getting ready for the US gigs ?

Chip: Yes, can't wait for June to get here.

chrisloeb: those will be the best gigs!!! I wish I could be there...

wolfy smith: I will be Chris!

Chip: Should be a good time with all the web site people that will be there.

David: Should be a lot of fun and will be great to see so many folks who we haven't seen in quite a while.

David: Afternoon Grace!

Vinnis: hi Grace

Harry le chat: Hi Grace !

chrisloeb: Hi Grace

Grace: hello everyone.........what's cookin'

wolfy smith: HI Grace

Chip: Hi Grammie Grace.

Grace: that's GRAMMY.....as in the record awards!

Chip: Oh.

chrisloeb: ... and those where his last words... the axe came down on him without any warning...

chrisloeb: ... looking forward to the NY show, Grace? that's what we're just talkin'

Grace: nah............can't do it, I can't throw my ax all the way to Arizona or Los Angeles

David: Times Square is a stretch too, right

chrisloeb: remind me... isn't the Roadshow coming to NY too?

David: put your beer down wolfy

Grace: I think that we all want these 2 shows to be SO SUCCESSFULL for Glenn, that I think we should all take Audience 191 classes.

chrisloeb: wolfy, that's 2 times you now, is it?

Grace: oops......101 classes

Chip: No Christain, just to the LA gig. With new member, Wolfy in tow.

David: Welcome chutsler

chutsler: Hello David! et all!

Chip: Hi Chuck

wolfysmith: I suddenly got a BYE BYE message!

Harry le chat: Hello chustler

Vinnis: hi chutsler

wolfysmith: Hi Chustler

David: Made your plans for June chutsler?

chrisloeb: hello chustler

Grace: bon soir, Harry


Harry le chat: Bonsoir Madame Grace

chutsler: First off, everyone can call me Chuck....David, I might be taking a train up to New York....

David: We've got gail force winds going on outside, so don't be surprised if I go bye-bye for a short time!

Chip: HI Shirean

Vinnis: hi shirean

wolfysmith: Hi Shirean

chrisloeb: is that a new cigarette brand, David?

Harry le chat: Hi Shirean

chrisloeb: Hi Shirean!

Shirean: Hello everyone

David: Ha-ha christian


Grace: yeah, David...........the north east is getting mildewed from this nor'easter...........raining like crazy today

David: no rain here, just hot and very windy!

chutsler: Like Grace says....it's raining cats & dogs here on the right coast

David: Shirean's lucky as she's 'outta here for a couple of days, to go see Heart in LA on Tuesday

Shirean: I can't wait

David: So any of you have the Oz M4TD release? It's well worth tracking down for the bonus tracks.

chrisloeb: Thanks for the Heart update, Shirean! Gotta add "Bebe Le Strange" and "The Road Home" to my collection...

Grace: does anybody know if Glenn is scheduled for an appearance on Jay Leno's show, during the week before the Saturday appearance in LA, and to help publicize the Monday night show in NY? Cripes, Glenn could probably WALK to the NBC TV studio in Burbank

chutsler: David, that's amazing....I was just going to ask the very same question!

chrisloeb: not yet, David, but it's on my list - TOP Priority

Harry le chat: Oz M4TD ordered but not received yet....

David: Nothing yet Grace

wolfysmith: I have to say i dont like Monkey Man with Jimmy Barnes on it. he ruins a classic song IMO.

Chip: I agree...it's worth getting the Oz release.

Shirean: Make sure and get the remastered version of "Bebe" it has a couple of never released tracks.

David: Well, hold off a bit longer if you're able - a Competition is coming soon

chrisloeb: are you going to put "Misty Mountain Hop" into the Jukebox?

David: it's there now


wolfysmith: But Misty Mountain is FANTASTIC. Really like how Glenn has done the vocals.

chutsler: David, I won the Deep Purple Cal Jam dvd....don't think lightning will strike twice in my case....

chrisloeb: ahhhh. Pick of the Month?

David: right, chris

David: Was surprised to read Stevie Salas was part of that session as it wasn't mentioned prior - too be honest can't really hear his style in that song, but hey, it's cool he joined in.

David: maybe chutsler

Chip: Yeah, I thought it would be easy to pick Stevie out, but it isn't.

chrisloeb: anybody remember the 4 Non Blondes version?

David: it's all a random draw, so worth a shot!

chutsler: I'll give it a shot....

Grace: In a perfect world, Glenn's management should get him on Leno's show.......knock the audience out, heh, heh, heh. Or maybe a one hour interview with Charlie Rose? God knows that GH could have Mr. Rose falling off his chair...laughing.

wolfysmith: David, what was Glenn doing in Russia when he posted his recent message?

chrisloeb: listening to Glenn's version of MHH just now.... fantastic!

David: A "private" event in Samara - just a quick visit after Norway.

Harry le chat: Listening too Chris....Amazing...Thousand thanks David

David: Enjoy

wolfysmith: any idea if glenn intends to record the US shows for audio or video?

Grace: where's the surprise, Chris........name a non-fantastic version of a song by GH?

chrisloeb: absolutely fantastic - imo you can actually hear that it was recorded around the time when NIWS was originally laid down too.

David: From what I understand it's in the plan - but not sure if it'll happen.

David: OK, think Salas is in the intro for sure upon listening to "MMH" again!

wolfysmith: probably my favourite GH cover as it was always my favourite song from the Led Zep album at the time.

chrisloeb: yeah, that's my guess too, David - and probably some of the wah wah guitar work

David: Glenn did Percy proud for sure on that one :cool

chrisloeb: it's definitely in my Zep Top 5, yeah

David: The "Monkey Man" 'cover' with Jimmy Barnes is not bad either and love the video that goes with it.

Grace: listening to it it now.......yep, those Hughes Quintuplets are ALL singing together again.


wolfysmith: i think you all must have missed me saying i dont like the Jimmy Barnes Monkey Man.!

chrisloeb: where did the guy in that Aussie magazine get the idea, that Monkey Man should be a Rolling Stones cover? Did he listen to it at all?

David: ahhh, well we can agree to disagree

David: unlike some Danes & Swedes


David: he was lazy I think christian - the Stones do have a song by that name - but jeez, how hard is it to flip the CD over to read the track listing!

Grace: Face it, wolfy, once we hear the original GH solo version of something, we usually don't appreciate it when he sings with somebody else.....

David: let alone listen to the damn thing!!

chrisloeb: there goes professionalism....

wolfysmith: He just doesnt add anything to it for me. and its the chorus that is the killer hook.

chutsler: I know everyone here is an 'avid' Glenn Hughes fan....have any of you seen him with Trapeze?

wolfysmith: Your right Grace. whose vocals could improve a GH song?

Grace: only Chip "Trapeze" Charlton, I think

wolfysmith: Only on bootleg dvd Chuck


Chip: as you know Chuck, yes, in '94

Harry le chat: No Chuck

chutsler: Chip, I think I told you....I saw them in '72!

Grace: only that one time, Chip? I thought you saw Trapeze in the pre- DP days

Chip: Yeah, it's the only time I wish I was a little bit older. I could have saw them the first time around.

David: Looking forward to the next solo record, as it's supposed to be in the vein of what a modern day Trapeze would sound like - sounds interesting for sure

Chip: No Grace, just the one time. See above

wolfysmith: I have some backstage Trapeze passes right in front of me now - waiting for scanning!

Grace: well, I was buying baby food........but I still never heard of Trapeze, living in the NYC area

chutsler: I was a Trapeze fan long before I saw them in concert.....they were better than Led Zep (IMO)....

David: that's what Bonham thought too I think

Grace: I wonder who it was who decided that Trapeze would do well in the South, only? It's not like they sounded like a country western band

wolfysmith: David, when Mel first heard M4TD he thought Glenn was heading back that way.

David: Really, I thought 'Soul Mover' was more in that direction....although "You Got Soul" and "Steppin' On" come close...

chutsler: Grace, I saw them in Annapolis...

wolfysmith: David, I never asked him what he thought of Soulmover as i didnt know him them!

Grace: I can honestly say that listening to NY radio.........I never heard the word Trapeze, let alone their music

chutsler: I heard "Black Cloud" and "You Are The Music" on radio here in the Mid-Atlantic....

Grace: zilch for me............hey Vinny, did you ever hear any Trapeze....oops, were you born yet?

David: Back again Power surge will do it everytime It's those damn winds!

Chip: Same here Chuck. Also "Your Love Is Alright", "Medusa" and "Midnight Flyer" were in regular rotation in St. Louis.

Harry le chat: Useless to say we cannot find any Trapeze albums in France...We have to order them in the UK or in the States. We don't find any Glenn solo albums either...Shame !

chutsler: Chip, that's cool!

David: Now the "remasters" are out, if you can track them down - those are the one's worth getting - they sound awesome.

chutsler: I know and I have them!!!

Grace: lucky for you, you've got lots of friends here....we may be "crazy" but we've all learned about mailing CDs internationally to other GHCPs!!!

Chip: Those didn't stay in print long, did they?

David: yeah, about a month!

chutsler: I'm glad I bought them when I did...

chrisloeb: and only in Japan, right?

Chip: Correct Christain, only in Japan.

Chip: Just saw a set on ebay. I don't think they came with the box though.

Harry le chat: I know that Grace. God bless GHCP...

David: pleased they had the Lyrics included - was finally able to get them on the site

chutsler: David, one of these days I'll have to post the lyric sheet from my Japanese vinyl copy of Medusa.....

Grace: I'm pretty sure that most of us have mailed a GH Cd overseas, I've mailed a (legally purchased) CD to a GH fan in Brazil....really impressed the people at my post office

David: Feel free, although we've finally add the text to the "Lyrics" section!

chutsler: David, the lyrics on the vinyl album don't match what is on the remastered cd!

David: Welcome back luv

Grace: is the Japanese version close to what it is in English?

David: Ahhh....yeah, they were 'kinda questionable - don't think the translation totally worked out

David: Close, but there are a couple of obvious wrong words, but they were easily "fixed" upon taking a listen!

chutsler: Someone on the Fan Forum took me to task for posting about the 'hilarious' lyric sheet from the Japanese Medusa album.....whoever translated the lyric was doing it 'phonetically'......

Grace: I love that web site that Tony posted.......engrish.com close but no cigar

chutsler: ....and they got it WRONG

Chip: Hooked On Phonics


chutsler: I think I was labelled a 'racist' after that.....

Grace: didn't somebody write a book about wrong song lyrics...........very funny

David: yeah, love that song, "Coat to Coat" or even "Goat to Goat"

chutsler: LOL!!!!

chrisloeb: I recommend you read "Eats(,) Shoots and Leaves" by Lynne Truss. "The Zero Tolerance Approach To Punctuation" - it's excellent!

Grace: the honest title of that book was "When a man loves a walnut" ...hey............you gonna' MUMBLE, that's what you get

chutsler: Grace, yeah somebody did.....a typical Hendrix faux pas.... "excuse me, while I kiss this guy" .....

Chip: Wolfy, keep checking Mel's rubbish bin for any of those broken claws. I've got a spot on the wall for one

Grace: ......like the companion book of movie mistakes

wolfysmith: almost as bad as Seagull on Itunes!

chrisloeb: big "ohhhhh" for that, Chip....


David: not too change the subject - just wanted to make sure you know that Glenn will be calling in live on Monday afternoon/evening to KNAC.com - no question or answer session - just a call to give us all an update....

David: around 4:00PM PDT/7:00PM EDT....

chutsler: speaking of Seagull.....anyone picking up Paul Rodgers's new live cd Tuesday?

wolfysmith: You need to keep a space for something im bringing over Chip. Official WB pic!

chrisloeb: no Chuck, definitely prefer the old stuff

Grace: didn't I just see a listing for M4tD where they had about five title mistakes = Monkey Mad = was one of the song titles

Chip: Cool. I might have to start taking some Glenn stuff down to make room for Trapeze items

David: Welcome Dani

chrisloeb: it's "Music For The Divide", Grace...


Harry le chat: Hello Dani

chutsler: chrisloeb, a majority of the album is 'live' renditions of Free material.....

Chip: Hello Dani

chrisloeb: Hello Dani

wolfysmith: Hi Dani, just about to Myspace you!

chrisloeb: hey Dani, did you get the friends request?


chrisloeb: will check it out then, Chuck! Thanks

Grace: yep Chris, by everyone's favorite singer Gleen Hugs

chutsler: It's from a UK tour he did earlier this year....the show is from Glasgow and it's a killer!!!

Shirean: It was filmed last October

chrisloeb: Grace

Harry le chat: Anyone going to the Italian gigs with Moonstone in may ?

Dani California: from when Chris?

David: Unfortunately not...

chrisloeb: Dani - today, in the afternoon - not sure if I sent it from Medusa or from Strange New Flesh though...

Harry le chat: David, what about France in September?

Grace: nope............but I did post some "Italian" advice for Glenn, over at GH.com

David: Nope, not then either - think I'm done with international travel for the year

Shirean: Nope, no France in September

David: still recovering from last year

Harry le chat: Ok then, I will have to do the reviews and pictures

David: Thank you so much

Grace: I'm glad that Glenn's French fans will get a chance to see and hear how Glenn has gotten better over the years

chrisloeb: culinary advice, Grace?

Dani California: I will check now Chris

wolfysmith: You have some great pics on your Myspace page Nat.

Grace: nope........as an Italian-American, I believe that Glenn needs some SAFETY ADVICE ....read it when you get a chance

Harry le chat: Thanks Wolfy Grace, we are really proud Glenn comes to France. First time in 6 years.

wolfysmith: David, is that until September for the possible UK tour!

David: Ha ha wolfy - nope, won't be over for it this time.

Shirean: Yeah I need him home so I can go see HEART this Summer

David: Ain't that the truth

David: I really wanted to see Glenn on the big stage in London - so decided it was worth just the one gig this time around.

wolfysmith: A bit like our "one-off" visit to the USA this year! I had to force myself tyo come back to LA and NYC!

David: Exactly - you won't regret it, that's for sure.

Shirean: I look forward to seeing you all in NYC and LA

Harry le chat: I wish I could be there too....

wolfysmith: Flights from Paris Nath!

Grace: I really hope that in LA and NY ...Glenn DOESN'T ask the audience to sing along with him. HE'S SUCH A LIAR, when he says "Hey, you sound great!" .....NO......WE......DON'T.....if we did, we would be on the stage, and GH would be sitting in the audience.

David: But Grace, the sing-song at the London gig was fun

chutsler: Have to run....really nice chatting with you.....cheers!

David: OK, thanks for stopping by Chuck - good to see you here.

Chip: See ya Chuck.

chrisloeb: bye Chuck

wolfysmith: when i looked for the cheapest deal to LA, it actually went via New York!

wolfysmith: shame the shows werent the other way round!

Harry le chat: Wolfy do you need a visa to enter the States ?

chrisloeb: EU citizens usually only need a valid EU-passport, Nathalie

David: No visa need - but they'll take your picture and fingerprint!

chrisloeb: and ask tricky questions....

Dani California: Chris I already approve your friends requests from MEDUSA and STRANGE NEW FLESH

Grace: and take your shoes off...........can you believe it? Is it still every 7th person?

Harry le chat: No Chris cause our passports are not biometric...So we need to apply for a visa and it take about 2 months to get it...

chrisloeb: Thanks, Dani - hope you like the tracks too!

wolfysmith: 2 fingerprints! Actually US customs in Phoenix were really friendly. i guess Lucy crying helped speed us thru!

wolfysmith: Every passenger had to take their shoes off.

Grace: glad that your evil plan worked, wolfy.........poor baby.....what did you do, Paul, tell her she wasn't going to Disneyland?

Grace: that would make me cry, too

chrisloeb: Nathalie: should be quicker to get a new passport then, wouldn't it? Any new EU-passport should do it now!

Harry le chat: We'll think about it and....calculate the cost..

Chip: Hi Bill.

wolfysmith: LOL Grace. She was awake the whole 10 hours flight then fell asleep as we landed. it was something like 2am for us but early afternoon for Chip so understandable.

chrisloeb: 'ey Captain!

captmidnite1962: Hey everyone...just got back from town....

wolfysmith: Hi Bill.

captmidnite1962: Happy Birthday Wolfy!!

captmidnite1962: I am so stoked about NYC on the 4th of June!!

David: Hi Capt'n

Harry le chat: Hello Bill and bye ! It was nice talking to you boys and girls. Have a good day/night everybody. Talk to you soon. Bye

wolfysmith: Thanks Capt! See you in New York!

David: Thanks for stopping by Nathalie, bye for now.

captmidnite1962: Good night Nathalie

Grace: hello captain...............got a question for you...................how close are you to Washington, DC?

wolfysmith: Au Revoir Nathalie

captmidnite1962: About 2 1/2 hours

Harry le chat: Bye all

chrisloeb: bye, Nathalie!

Grace: bye nathalie, great havin a chat with you and Harry!

Grace: do you ever go there?

captmidnite1962: I do..I am an inveterate museum rat!!

Dani California: Chris,unfortunately I still have some problems with my computer and I haven't sound so is impossible to listen any sounds But I am shure that all songs are great

chrisloeb: Grace - the translator didn't work there, huh?


captmidnite1962: Hey Chris...I have to listen to your stuff...i got cable here about 2 months ago..still trying to catch up!

Grace: ah................your name just MIGHT be taken off the list

chrisloeb: is that the good list, or the bad one, Grace?

Dani California: this days i will try to fix that problem

captmidnite1962: And Wolfy..that clip with Mel and the snakes is killer!!

chrisloeb: that's fine, Dani

Grace: there's only ONE LIST that anybody has to worry about, chris

captmidnite1962: I think Michael Schenker wrote a song about Grace....

chrisloeb: May I offer...., say...... Lebkuchen?

wolfysmith: I cant stop playing it Bill. Have the whole concert on good quality DVD. That clip is a 90mb MP4 file i chopped out of it. Youtube limit is 100mb so thats all i could post.

captmidnite1962: Something about "Attack Of The Mad Axewoman"

Grace: Yes folks, terrorizing my fellow GHCPs is such fun!

captmidnite1962: Well that is cool Wolfy....the guys were really kicking!

chrisloeb: That's "Mad Axe Attack", Bill, is it?

wolfysmith: Thats from the great music days before Schenker went mad

Grace: too bad Bill, you just got put BACK ON the list.

Grace: ...all you people are in severe trouble, now


captmidnite1962: You will see me in about 6 weeks Grace!

chrisloeb: and now for something completely different.... has anybody in the UK seen Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds stage show?

Grace: if you can, and if you want to live, Bill, the next time that you're in DC, could you go to the Thomas Circle? Vermont and 14th

wolfysmith: Chris, i was only discussing WOTW with Mel yesterday.

David: Hi Pete

Pete: hey groovers..

Chip: Hey Pete

chrisloeb: hey Pete!

Dani California: HI Pete

Pete: happy b'day wolfy

wolfysmith: Hey Pete, you made it. did you see my little reminder?

wolfysmith: Thanks Pete

captmidnite1962: What is the signifcance of the Thomas Circle?

Grace: they've done a job on the actual traffic circle lanes, but since I was there abot 2-3 years ago, I would love to know if they've done anything to fix/repair the statue of George Henry Thomas

Pete: no mate just got in....this is me first act

chrisloeb: Yesterday!!? well that's a coincidence, wolfy!

captmidnite1962: OK..I will check it out for you!

chrisloeb: got it on DVD from 'play.com' recently.... absolutely fantastic!

wolfysmith: Yes Chris. he is a big fan and has the new dvd of it. I have a great pic of him with Justin Hayward and the BlueJays to post soon

chrisloeb: that's great, wolfy! Justin Hayward is excellent in it! Didn't know he was that tall!?

Grace: I'm a GH Thomas crazy person, besides being a Glenn Hughes crazy person. (No need for Gh to worry, though, GHT was a Civil War general.....he never made any records.)

chrisloeb: the line-up of the band in WOTW isn't too shabby either.... Chris Spedding, Laurie Wisefield, Hugh Burns, Herbie Flowers....

Pete: HF drummer with Sky?

chrisloeb: bass player, Pete

Pete: ahhhh yeah and with late T.Rex...sorry

chrisloeb: exactly - and tons of others...

Pete: indeed

wolfysmith: And some guy called Hughes covered one of Justins songs on his last album i believe

Pete: a very down to earth bass player...no frills

chrisloeb: there's a very funny sequence in the (1 hour long) documentary, when HF points at his 25 year old BMW and says something like - that's all I got out of 300+ hour sessions...


Grace: There's an incredible article about him in the March, 2007 Smithsonian magazine. Read it if you get a chance, Bill, and you'll figure out why I admire this guy so much........OK David............I'll get back ON TOPIC now.

David: Shirean here, David stepped away....is out having a smoke..

Pete: tee hee!!!

David: I'm sitting in

chrisloeb: So David is now Shirean?

wolfysmith: You must have a wireless LAN

Chip: Is it staying lit in all that wind?

David: Yep but not sure about the trees

wolfysmith: What are you sitting in?


captmidnite1962: I read an article about Herbie Flowers not long ago..can't remember where...he had his trusty Fener Jazz bass..

captmidnite1962: Fender...

chrisloeb: yeah, Bill - he shows it in the documentary

captmidnite1962: He has had it forever...

Pete: how old is it?

chrisloeb: looks very used!

captmidnite1962: I will venture a guess..early 60's

David: OK, David is David again

Chip: Watch out David, CAFC is closing in on Villa

Chip: Or is it the other way around?

David: still think you have a ways to go Chip

chrisloeb: he probably mentions it, but most of the time he makes fun of how used it is and where all the wear comes from...


chrisloeb: ... on the back of the instrument's body...

Grace: ........................another Fender Stratocaster was on Antiques roadshow from 1954 or 1956.......60 to 70 thousand simoleons!!! The guy bought it for $3,000. dollars a few years ago. He nearly died when they told him.

wolfysmith: Not after todays last minute disaster Chip

Pete: Chip...Charlton?

Chip: Don't tell me I have bad news. I haven't checked in lately.

Chip: yep, Pete.

Pete: ok...you got bad news mate

Chip: When I went to the Valley while I was in London, I tried throwing my name around. It didn't get me anywhere

Pete: lllooooooolllllaaaaaaaa

wolfysmith: they lost to Spurs 2-1 today. equalised in the 89th minute. then let 1 in with 30 secs left!

Pete: going back to the bass.....does it look as bad as Rory Gallaghers guitar?

captmidnite1962: John Entwistle bought an original Gibson Explorer for about 3000 bucks..he said you ciould have bought a house for what he could sell it for

Chip: Typical. I knew moving just above relagation was too good to be true.

chrisloeb: yes, Pete - that's a good comparison

captmidnite1962: Rory's Strat...no guitar is as road worn as that!

Chip: Didn't they replicate Rory's guitar?

Pete: no varnish

captmidnite1962: Well maybe Roy Buchanan's Tele...

chrisloeb: Eric Bell's Fender Strat is on the way to look like that too...

captmidnite1962: The Custom Shop might have done one of Rory's guitar

captmidnite1962: Or Sting's p-Bass..

Pete: Bill...whats your bass?

captmidnite1962: John Sykes' Les Paul has heavy wear too..

captmidnite1962: I have an American Standard Jazz Bass...the pickguard was added later

Pete: coool

captmidnite1962: They call it "MOTO" which i think stands for "Mother Of Toilet Seat"

chrisloeb: I don't know about Sting, Bill - isn't he too neurotic for a worn instrument?

Pete: loooooooooooooool

captmidnite1962: *snickering*

Grace: how do you people know which guitar model is which? Just by seeing somebody playing it?


captmidnite1962: In regard to his axe..he makes an exception!

chrisloeb: sorry 'bout the tech talk, Grace

captmidnite1962: The guitar nerd in me is bubbling to the surface!

Grace: np not at all, but this is such detailed information, I only notice what color a guitar is, and I'm not too good at which year/model it is, for cars either

David: you guys should visit "The Vault" run by the Hard Rock - they have some in various cities around the world - they're packed with some famous classic instruments and more....

Grace: but everybody seems to know what's what

chrisloeb: back to HF: do a google picture search with herbie flowers fender jazz bass - it's the first hit! big pic.

chrisloeb: or see it directly HERE.

captmidnite1962: I bet it is..and I have heard of The Vault...

captmidnite1962: Impressive stuff!!

Chip: I went in the HR's vault in London. Loads of cool stuff.

captmidnite1962: Just go to 48th Street in NYC..it will blow your mind!

Grace: yeah, the Vault....where they keep videos of GH's performances at the HRH....never to see the light of day

Chip: Grace, those are in the basement, below the vault.

captmidnite1962: There is a store in London..Maverick Music...they have a collection of star's axes..

Grace: wow.........................some people get a really good tour of the building.............your name must rate at some places, Chip

Chip: Not really. London's HR give free tours of the vault

chrisloeb: ... and to answer the question, HF's Jazz bass is from 1959.

Grace: that must have been very special to see

captmidnite1962: Hmm..must be a prototype...

Pete: 59!!!!!!!!!...bloody 'ell!!!!!!!.........cheers bill

captmidnite1962: The Jazz Bass went on the market in 1961..I believe

Pete: i bet it's had a couple of re-fretting ops on it...

captmidnite1962: Maybe 1960..have to check my notes...

chrisloeb: I'm not not sure, Bill

Pete: ok guys...gonna go....take care..and Chris I'll get time to look at those Medusa clips...catch you all soon.

chrisloeb: so just a quick question before I have to leave (it's already past midnight here): What's in your CD-Players / Media Players right now?

captmidnite1962: Take care Pete!!

Chip: Bye Pete

wolfysmith: Cheers Pete mate.

chrisloeb: that's cool Pete - see you soon!

Grace: keep up the great music, Pete

Pete: cheers...Kaiser chiefs...ok I'm going...

Pete: looollaaaaaaa

captmidnite1962: Nothing at the moment..I was listening to M4TD earleir

wolfysmith: Chris, been listening to The Trews in the car last week.

David: Bye Pete

David: Tomas Bodin - Sonic Blvd

chrisloeb: The Kinks "Black Messiah" (from 'Schoolboys In Discrace') here

Grace: Manheim steamroller "7" and some Tangerine Dream......go figure

captmidnite1962: I just cued up "Tones" by Eric Johnson

chrisloeb: I had a couple of runthrus through "Misty Mountain Hop" in the Jukebox earlier though

wolfysmith: Really enjoyed it. also been listening to a lot of music i downloaded from MySpace pages.

chrisloeb: Mannheim Steamroller, Grace! I have their first 4 albums on vinyl.

Grace: I like a lot of different music, Chris.......but there's nobody like Gh

wolfysmith: Oh, also had Robin Trowers "Go My Way" CD playing last week.

chrisloeb: you remember those black things, do you?

captmidnite1962: I can imagine our younger readers going What's vinyl?

Chip: Wolfy, is your 'Go My Way' on Azera Records? They are here in Phoenix.

chrisloeb: Okay, people - gotta go. Be early at work tomorrow and go to a funeral high noon. Talk to you all soon!

Chip: See ya Christain

Grace: But contrary to EVIL rumors, I don't have any of Thomas Edison's Amberol cylinders. I wonder how many of the kids that win an armfull of Grammys, even know that Grammy stands for a Gramophone??? (Even though I'm the world-faMOUS gRAMMY Grace!

captmidnite1962: My copy of Go My Way is on Aezra Chip

chrisloeb: ... and before I forget - thanks for all your comments about Medusa - highly appreciated!

David: OK, thanks for stopping by christian - made up for last month, eh

captmidnite1962: Good night Christian

chrisloeb: Talk to ya all soon! Bye!

wolfysmith: Yes Chip. its the one i bought when out with you and Todd really enjoyed it.

Chip: Oh yeah, I forgot you got that out here.

Grace: Take care Chris............HEY where's my crate of lebkuchen from you?

captmidnite1962: I am looking forward to sharing some fine beer with a bunch of GHCP's in a few weeks

David: Cheers to that Capt'n

captmidnite1962: Something English..something dark I presume?

wolfysmith: well, gotta go too. its 23.20 for me. Yes capt, we'll see each other soon!

David: Be sure and wear some comfortable shoes at BB Kings - have heard it's standing room only, so be prepared

captmidnite1962: G'night Wolfy!

Chip: See ya Paul.

David: Happy Birthday again wolfy - my turn next week

captmidnite1962: Chairs..who needs 'em??

wolfysmith: goodnight everyone Counting the days 'til June ........

Chip: I better go too. Good to chat with everyone today. See ya next month.

captmidnite1962: OK..glad I got in just ahead of the wire...Looking forward to seeing all of you!

captmidnite1962: Good night and all my best!!

Grace: Well, I guess I'll mosey on down the road......I enjoyed today's talk with you victims, OOPS, I mean fellow GHCPs. And talking with you Vinny, earlier today..........take care everyone, bye

David: OK folks - thanks for stopping by - talk to you all soon - face to face

David: The next Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, May 20th at the usual time - 4:00PM EDT.

David: Bye for now.
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Old Apr-16-2007, 8:51 AM
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It would be easier to say I missed the chat cos I forgot, but my son's PC broke and he is ADDICTED to Warcraft so I loaned him mine for 'a few hours' which turned into TEN!! Those of you who understand this game ( ) will understand that I couldn't 'interrupt' him ... the only thing he responds to when playing it is a screaming bladder - and that's only for about a ten second interruption

Jimi Hendrix' ... 'scuse me why I kiss this guy' - been laughing about it all day

Shirl's Sig:'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '
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"Jimi Hendrix' ... 'scuse me why I kiss this guy' - been laughing about it all day "

Me too, Shirl!! LOL.....nothing like having a GHCP screwing me up for life now, everytime I hear that song I will hear those words....oh no!!!! LOL I used to play Purple Haze....it's gone forever now, no way could I get through it without cracking up!
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