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Old Dec-11-2006, 12:20 AM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - December 10th, 2006

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - December 10th, 2006

David: Afternoon/evening all

Chip: Hello everyone.

TexasSusan/Strat335: Hey, y'all

wolfysmith: Hi everyone

David: Thanks for the "Classic Rock" report last night wolfysmith, sounds like good coverage for a change!

wolfysmith: Hey Inma!

Inmaculada: Hi Paul!

Inmaculada: Hi all!

David: Welcome Inmaculada

TexasSusan/Strat335: Hi

Chip: Hi Inma

wolfysmith: Yes David. as its their own awards there is 8 pages of glossy photos!

Inmaculada: hope everybody is fine!

TexasSusan/Strat335: Hi, Grace

wolfysmith: Hi Grace

David: Hi Grace

Chip: Hi Grace

Inmaculada: Hi Grace!

Inmaculada: Paul are you talking about Classic Rock mags?

Grace: BOO HOO....I just read the Fan Forum changes. Looks like I'm gonna' be thrown out. (Under the special section for ax murderers.)

Chip: Yeah, I suggest you straighten up

David: No, your safe Grace


wolfysmith: Well Inma. its the FIRST question. LOL.

Inmaculada: oh ok! lol

wolfysmith: Glenn looks in great shape in the pic with DC.

Inmaculada: I haven't seen it yet

Inmaculada: dunno if it is here already

Grace: OK, OK, thanks David. The bribe will be in the mail. So what are we talking about?

David: Welcome tony

Inmaculada: Hi Tony!

David: Just thanky wolfy for posting the Classic Rock awards info.

tony g: hello glenn peoples

wolfysmith: Hi Tony.

Chip: Hi Tony

tony g: yes wolfy has put alot of good info on here lately

Chip: Also need to thank Wolfy for the latest Trapeze finds.

wolfysmith: Im getting one of these combined printer, scanner, copier, fax things for Xmas so will be able to post stuff from CR properly from next month

Inmaculada: oh that sounds great!

tony g: i got a cheap one from walmart last month

David: definitely Chip - it sounds like there's a "vault" of material yet to be discovered!!

David: finally getting into the 21st Century, eh Paul

Grace: has anybody thanked wolfy for the big part that he's playing to terrify, oops, I mean help assorted Galley people to go through boxes of stuff?

Chip: What I wouldn't give to help sit in some old garage with Wolfy and Mel, going through old boxes of memorabilia.

wolfysmith: Yeah! and i got broadband a couple of months back. has THAT made a difference!

Grace: Paul.....don't fall for the "Gee, I would love to help" line from Chip. He's already building an extra room for the Galley prisoners in his Arizona basement!!!

tony g: yes i bet there is alot of stuff that mel could get paid fore

wolfysmith: There is one more thing i have been working on with Mel that a couple of you know about already!

tony g: cool

Inmaculada: oh yes!

wolfysmith: And great new photo Inma by the way!

Inmaculada: oops

David: do tell

Inmaculada: yes Paul tell!!!

wolfysmith: Well, if you head over to www.myspace.com/melgalley you may find something of interest!

Grace: Seriously, I think that it's fantastic that a simple meeting between one of our own GHCPs, led to the "ask Mel Galley a question" post, (which only asked about 2 questions) but definitely let Mel Galley how important his place in music is, and now.....thanks to a little bit of encouragement, the search for gold has begun!!!

David: Looks great, good selection of songs too

tony g: your right Grace

Inmaculada: yep paul great work!

Inmaculada: The Bio is great too!

David: be sure and get those Friend Requests sent out !

wolfysmith: I'll post a full announcement in the TRAPEZE section later.

TexasSusan/Strat335: very cool site

Grace: you did a my space for Mel Galley? That's totally great. I hope that Mel adopts you.

David: hope you know what you've let yourself in for Paul - MySpace is a pig to manage

wolfysmith: just logged on to it and plenty of plays already.

tony g: great news paul

Inmaculada: Now that it's official I can put it on my top? lol

wolfysmith: and few friends already too! whose that SSP? They look cool. LOL

David: now you'll have to scour MySpace for a list of musicians to add too, one comes to mind however

wolfysmith: Every word of the Bio is approved by Mel. I hope Glenn gets to see it David.

David: He will once you post your announcement

Inmaculada: Oh yes I also saw them! those SSP are really cool! !!!

wolfysmith: LOL

David: or when he reads the transcript of today's CHAT session

wolfysmith: HEY, Where is Pete toight?

Grace: I give up. What does SSP stand for?

Inmaculada: mmm around! lol

wolfysmith: The Trapeze track that is posted is quite good quality for a 35 year old bootleg. GH, MG and DH sounded great from the word go.

Inmaculada: SSP is the project that Achim and Pete have together: Schreiner-Stanford Project

Chip: I think Pete calls it the Stanford-Schreiner Project

Grace: Oh, right. I thought it stood for another tecnological something or other. Yes, SSP........ big time competition for HTP.

David: Welcome christian

tony g: hi chris

wolfysmith: Hi Chris.

TexasSusan/Strat335: Hi

Chip: Hi Christian

chrisloeb: Hi all! pretty busy for 10:20pm here

chrisloeb: and only 20 minutes into the chat

Inmaculada: Hallo Chris!

Inmaculada: hi sister!!!!!!

Conchita67: good evening everyone!

chrisloeb: Hey Inma, was just checkin' who's here!

wolfysmith: Lets talk about Glenn Hughes! LOL

Inmaculada: lol no Chip Pete's call it the same! lol

tony g: yes whats new David?

David: Spoke briefly with Glenn earlier in the week. He's 'kinda antsy, not knowing what to do with himself, what with just coming off the road!

wolfysmith: I thought he was off to Hawaii?

Inmaculada: Paul! Pete will be in 5 mins he's waiting for his wake up call!

Conchita67: at least he can wind down, enjoy the holidays and look forward to giving us more music in 2007

chrisloeb: well Glenn could do that road show all over again, and come to Vienna this time too

Conchita67: Pete's on his way....

David: He mentioned it'll be primarily festivals next year for him vs. a lot of solo tour dates. First batch should be announced shortly after the New Year. Work on the new album will begin towards the end of the year, with a Spring 2008 release date tentatively scheduled.

Inmaculada: oh! that's great news David!

Conchita67: so March at Shepherd's Bush still on?

David: Yes, London gig in March is definitely a go.

tony g: cool

chrisloeb: did he mention whether Chad was involved?

Inmaculada: Chris you saw him in Bratislave, didnt you?

Conchita67: yahoo....going to be there for sure!

Inmaculada: me too sister!

David: on the new album christian? I believe so, but again, depends on schedules etc.

Inmaculada: at least that's my intention!!!

chrisloeb: yep, Inma - I missed the last chat that night

David: you had the best excuse there is christian

Inmaculada: sure!

David: Welcome Capt'n

Conchita67: evening, Capt!

captmidnite1962: Good afternoon everyone!

Inmaculada: hi capt!

chrisloeb: Hi Captain!

Chip: aye aye Capt.

captmidnite1962: Hey Conchita...didn't i see you at Carvel??

captmidnite1962: Hey Chris..hello Chip...

David: Hi Pete

Inmaculada: hi pete!!

captmidnite1962: Hello Pete

Pete S.: hey groovers

Chip: Hi Pete

chrisloeb: Hi Pete

wolfysmith: Hi Pete me old mate

Pete S.: hey buddy

Conchita67: no....you saw me at Harrow's, undecided wheter to buy Chia Pets or Clappers for Xmas gifts!

captmidnite1962: The gang's all here....

wolfysmith: Hi Captain

tony g: good one conchita

captmidnite1962: When I had a perm..I looked like a Chia pet with a nose!

captmidnite1962: Hey Wolfy

Conchita67: add water and watch it grow!

captmidnite1962: Oh yeah....

captmidnite1962: I had my Mike Brady hairdo!!!

David: so what's on all your Christmas lists?

Grace: Since I live in the US, and can add nothing to the 2007 GH tour/festival appearances, I would like to report the score: FIVE pictures of Glenn Hughes, versus the winning SEVEN of the BLUE BOWLING PINS!!!!

Inmaculada: to buy or to be given? lol

wolfysmith: David, will Glenn be writing the new album with Jeff? I really hope so

David: to be given, of course

Conchita67: Mike Brady evolved from straight to curly!

captmidnite1962: Hey Chris..you were listening to Samurai...was Tetsu Yamauchi in that band at one point?

David: Way too early to tell wolfy....

David: he won't be actively working on it until the second half of next year....

captmidnite1962: *drum roll cymbal crash*

chrisloeb: ah, you noticed, Captain - good eye! Actually no, Samurai wre the same band as the short lived Web, led by Dave Lawson, later of Greenslade

Conchita67: I'll sort of hint an ipod....if Santa gets my letter on time

captmidnite1962: OK....it did catch my eye

tony g: but he is writing it now right David?

captmidnite1962: I got a new job..let's see what else Santa might bring me!

Inmaculada: oh congratulations!

David: he has some songs in the can already tony, but serious full-time work won't begin until the Fall next year, with Spring 2008 as a tentative release timeframe.

Conchita67: great capt!

captmidnite1962: Thank you!

tony g: ok

wolfysmith: I recently got Edwin Dare cd and its great.

captmidnite1962: I will be an aircrfat mech again

Inmaculada: mmm that's what I want from Santa too! unless he gives me a lotto winner poll!

chrisloeb: Congratulations, Bill! Hopefully somebody else will be back online soon, with a new job.. right?

David: yeah, wolfy - when Jeff had long hair

David: that stuff is excellent.

Inmaculada: right Chris!

Pete S.: what i want for xmas is me hair to go light brown


Conchita67: don't start with THAT again!

Pete S.: tee hee

chrisloeb: instead of, Pete?

Pete S.: ok

captmidnite1962: My hair is still dark brown...my sisters accuse me of using hair color

Grace: Good luck with your new Job, Bill, I hope that they appreciate you.....and no moving I hope?

Pete S.: uuuhhhmmm dark brown Chris.....long story..loool

captmidnite1962: No Grace..it is right near where i am living

wolfysmith: Into the Unknown has even better hair eh David!

Inmaculada: accusing you? why? what's the matter with that? lol even if you did it!

chrisloeb: I won't ask any further...

Pete S.: cheers Chris

captmidnite1962: They are just busting my chops...now my beard is another story!! Yikes!

Grace: great...that way you won't lose any Glenn Hughes CDs in the move again, huh?

David: that went way over wolfy


captmidnite1962: You got it Grace!!

chrisloeb: Anybody listening to music right now?

David: Steve Lukather - Santa Mental

David: trying to get into the Xmas spirit

Grace: .............but if you do, and you need to fill the nooks and crannies, this bunch could help you out.

tony g: GH

chrisloeb: Axemas spirit?

captmidnite1962: I just finished listening to "Back It Up" by Robin Trower

David: exactly chris

Conchita67: Christmas music...songs by Nat King Cole, Gene Autry, Andy Wiliams, The Chipmunks....etc....

Pete S.: is he still playing in a Hendrix style Capt.?

TexasSusan/Strat335: Roger just had "Feel" on...head phones...I am listening to football

Inmaculada: oh great! this year finally I could see Toto! they came to Madrid for the first time in all their career!!!

chrisloeb: don't talk out too loud about axes, you know who's here...


captmidnite1962: Think some Tower Of Power will do just right about now...

Grace: folks.............a guitar Christmas is great, also More guitars for Christmas , a CD instrumental by assorted shredders

Chip: Dallas or Houston fan...Susan

chrisloeb: Coincidentially I was listening to Trower's "Go My Way" album yesterday, wondering who the other musicians were (except for L. Brown, who I knew)?

TexasSusan/Strat335: Well...certainly not Houston...just watched them lose again..it is very very sad. LOL


Grace: absolutely so bad it's good........ "Blue Christmas lights" by Buck Owens and the Buckaroos

captmidnite1962: Off the top of my head....Paul Page played bass....I think Alvino Bennett played drums...

captmidnite1962: Richard Watts sang several tracks and played keys...

chrisloeb: Thanks, Captain, so that is sorted - I read their names, but the credits are missing!

tony g: David if i remember right you wrote that glenns music will be on itunes soon do you know when?

David: That's right tony. I don't have an exact date or anything, other than 2007! With any luck, it should be pretty much his entire solo catalogue since now owns it outright.

Grace: folks, love you all, but I've got to go, this place closes at 5:00, computers 10 minutes before, take care, everyone............

captmidnite1962: good night Grace!!

Inmaculada: bye Grace! Have a good week!

Chip: Bye Grace.

chrisloeb: that was quick!? Bye, Grace!

TexasSusan/Strat335: Bye Grace!! Enjoyed the conversation last night, too!!

David: Bye Grace. Have a good Xmas.

Pete S.: big red button

captmidnite1962: A swing of the ax..and she is gone!!



Conchita67: no time to say goodbye

TexasSusan/Strat335: I even sent her a bigger Texas sized ax emoticon last night She thinks I should keep it...I want a frying pan instead, though. LOL

wolfysmith: Chris, im currently listening to a very rare TRAPEZE track on Mel Galley's myspace site. Did i mention it was launched today

Inmaculada: hehe

Pete S.: uuuurrrrmmmmm

captmidnite1962: Get out..Mel has a site????

Pete S.: ah haaaa

captmidnite1962: I know he doesn't have a PC

Pete S.: nice one Wolfy

chrisloeb: so who could be responsible for that?

chrisloeb: excuse me for a minute, or two gotta check out some place, err space

Pete S.: thats fantastic news!!!!!

Inmaculada: sorry couldn't help it... it sounds so familiar! lol

wolfysmith: No idea Chris. I guess a friend did it for him

Pete S.: got to see this...

Inmaculada: a nice soul for sure!

Pete S.: loooollllaaaaaaa yes indeed

David: Welcome Shirl

Inmaculada: hi Shirl!!!!

Conchita67: hello Shirl!!!!!

Chip: Hi Shirl

wolfysmith: Hi Shirl how ya doing?

Inmaculada: and thank you!

TexasSusan/Strat335: Hi Shirl

Pete S.: hey Shirl

chrisloeb: Hi Shirl!

Shirl: Hello David - seems a while since I even signed on GHPG.net - bet I've missed loads!!!!!!!!!!!!

David: Lots

Shirl: Hello all you other beautiful people!

wolfysmith: dont think you have missed any announcements of interests to Trapeze fans tho

Shirl: Chip - sorry I overlooked Lea's day yesterday

captmidnite1962: got the chop..sorry!

Chip: No problem Shirl.

Pete S.: hey Sue...say hi to Roger for me...

Shirl: Big Al (Alzheimer's) visits me frequently ... in fact think I'm having a full blown affair with him!!!

captmidnite1962: Hello Shirl!

Shirl: Wish her all the best from me (Chip)

TexasSusan/Strat335: Sure will. He just stepped out to mess with the doggies. He wanted me to say hi to everyone for him.

Shirl: Hi Bill!!

Pete S.: cool

Chip: I will Shirl

Shirl: Still on dial up Bill??

captmidnite1962: Yep..though cable will be available here in a few days..finally!

Chip: Susan....you guys made it through all those video tapes yet?

captmidnite1962: I am running out of tin cans and string!

Shirl: I'll not ask the most obvious of questions but will check in tomorrow night to see what I've been missing this last ... week?

chrisloeb: back from another space I hope that certain friend of Mel's got the friends request, and the one from Medusa too...!

Shirl: Bill LOL

TexasSusan/Strat335: I am still in the dial-up dark ages, too...but hopefully will be making the switch at the first of the year!!

Shirl: never looked back since I got broadband Susan

captmidnite1962: Electricity came to Arkansas..ask Black Oak Arkansas..now cable is coming to Churchville!

TexasSusan/Strat335: I have a very fast connection at work. Working on the home computer is torture. LOL

wolfysmith: Chris, I think his friend is chatting to some of his other friends right now! Apparently they like Glenn Hughes too.

chrisloeb: Glenn Hudges?

TexasSusan/Strat335: So now being a GHCP - it has made Christmas shopping a lot easier...just a trip to Amazon.com...Glenn Hughes...it's what's for Christmas.

Shirl: No Shirean tonight?

wolfysmith: She's not at a Heart show again!

David: No, she's out shopping for someone

David: although she'd much rather be at a gig wolfy

Shirl: She'd much rather be Wolfy? Not rather be herself??


Pete S.: Hey Wolfy...just added Mel...but i suppose it may take a while to get accepted....teee heee

captmidnite1962: You guys are a riot..lemme tell ya!!

chrisloeb: a hint to Christmas gifts.... again?!!

wolfysmith: Pete, im currently working on an announcement in the Trapeze section about something.

Inmaculada: you are always working Paul! when you get fun!

Shirl: pass on my love anyhow - those of you whose addresses I have will be getting a Christmas card in the next week or so - those of you whose address I don't have - send it to me!

Pete S.: ok mate...

chrisloeb: something, Paul?

David: Chip your Xmas t-shirt order will be 'outta here on Tuesday, so should be with you well before the holidays

Chip: Cool David...Thanks.

captmidnite1962: Hey Chip..how is Todd doing with the JSS store?

Pete S.: hey Wolfy....brilliant job....

wolfysmith: Inma, Went to a pre-launch party with Mel yesterday. Lets just say we left the pub after FIVE hours! THAT was fun!

Inmaculada: wow! you get fun too! loooooooooooollllllll

Pete S.: tee hee...great stuff

Shirl: Currently listening to Bette Midler's live version of 'Stay With Me' - blows me almost as much as Glenn!

David: any paparazzi there

Chip: Capt...Todd says he's busy most of the time. Getting lots of orders.

Inmaculada: She is fantastic Shirl!

David: look forward to seeing the pix

captmidnite1962: That is cool....

chrisloeb: So Todd wasn't complaining, about not getting any, he was just playing tricks to get more orders, right


wolfysmith: a photo will be appearing with the post SOON! you guys are typing too much.

Shirl: Tried to order a calendar recently David - but I seem to have regular problems on the net recently when attempting to pay for something . Will have to pay someone else and they can get it for me.

captmidnite1962: Now..if Todd could just get those interviews posted....

Shirl: Wolfy - I love your new role as Mel's PA!

David: Thanks Shirl, appreciate your continued support.

Chip: Christain...yes, it was all just a ploy to get orders

Inmaculada: me listening to the great Etta James "Mistery Lady" right now

Shirl: Wonderful to see some of 'Soulful Christmas' on Glenn's myspace too!

David: Yeah, over 1,000 plays in just a few short days since they appeared over there!

TexasSusan/Strat335: Well, I got a pot of chicken & dumplins which needs tendin'. So I gotta go now. Bye, y'all

Shirl: Etta James (bows down)

Chip: You're right Capt. I've threatened to remove the fuze from my favorites list

Shirl: Bye Susan - love to Roger xx

chrisloeb: I was listening to the Trapeze Reunion Live CD recently - isn't that Mel announcing, that Dave Holland was his granddad?

Inmaculada: bye Susan!

Shirl: Todd seems to be extra busy these days - is he doing something new (extra) with Fuze?

captmidnite1962: I have "What Is Hip" the Tower Of Power anthology rolling right now...

Chip: Bye Susan...will be 'round later to eat

captmidnite1962: Yes it was Chris

Shirl: nice one Paul - will check him out later ... if you know what I mean

chrisloeb: that granddad announcement has a whole different meaning today...


Chip: Shirl...nothing new with the Fuze site as far as I know. Todd is the U.S. contact for Jeff Scott Soto's new on-line store, so that keeps him busy.

Inmaculada: lol Paul, you check who's next to Glenn in my friends! lol

chrisloeb: wasn't Todd going to put an interview with John Wetton up?

Shirl: of course - JSS - gotta keep up Shirl

Chip: Not sure Christain...I know he has a few waiting to be posted.

captmidnite1962: Hey Wolfy..am checking out Mel's My Space..Too Cool!!

captmidnite1962: John Wetton...Max Carl....Albert Bouchard...

Chip: The list goes on and on, doesn't it Capt.

chrisloeb: on a very late note... I'm listening to "Stories" by a band called Brighteye Brsion (sic!) right now - excellent Prog!

chrisloeb: sorry, Brighteye Brison (Sic!)

chrisloeb: what were they thinking, naming the band like that?????

Shirl: never heard of them Chris

Inmaculada: me neither...

Pete S.: where are they from?

chrisloeb: They're from Sweden

Chip: Shirl...are you still on Charles St.?

Pete S.: ...sound like Chris?

David: I came across this site you might like christian, it has all sorts of obscure '60/'70s stuff on it http://6070rock.blogspot.com

Shirl: I heard from a guy yesterday who picked Glenn up from his hotel to take him to the Classic Rock awards. Didn't you once play chauffeur to Glenn and Gabi and take them to his mum and dad's home??

captmidnite1962: It does..to say nothing of the Michael Bruce interview...a story in itself!!

chrisloeb: Thanks for the link, David - our guitar player will like that too!

Shirl: Hope David (celtman's) reading this. He's OBSESSED with prog. Will let him know about the site anyhow

Chip: I'll be seeing Micheal Bruce this Saturday at the Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding show. I might have to interview him myslef Capt. It'll be more current than Todd's

Shirl: Chip - will email you later with address

chrisloeb: He (our guitar player Patrick) is totally into 60s, early 70s Psych/Prog!

Chip: Thanks Shirl.

captmidnite1962: Oh man..that is too funny Chip!!

chrisloeb: Brighteye Brison sound like - hard to say: Try imagine Kansas sounding British, then you're close.

Shirl: Celtman was BLOWN AWAY with Glenn in Dudley - and of course the Northampton show seemed to be the tops - pity I couldn't get there this time around but too much like hard work

David: It was like night & day - Northampton vs. Dudley - you missed a great night.

captmidnite1962: If I remember correctly...Todd had the Bruce interview on tape...but his secretary Rose mary Woods accidentally erased 18 minutes of it!!

Shirl: I believe so David - perhaps Northampton should be first choice next time though do love Dudley

Pete S.: i see Chris...cheers

Shirl: Northampton acoustics are killer too?

chrisloeb: So I'd rather try to get to Northhampton, if I make it next time?

Shirl: David - Michael Moore - lovely guy

David: Yes indeed Shirl - on both counts

Shirl: Yes Chris - it was such a pity you never got to England - was brilliant to be with Wolfy, Achim and Pete - would be awesome if Inma and Conchita could come over too!

Inmaculada: maybe next time Shirl!!!

Chip: Brucegate...Capt.

Shirl: Jennifer said it was one of the best GH nights she's had - and she's had a few!! Cos we're all so awesome people

Pete S.: yes would've been awsome

captmidnite1962: I still think that Todd, Chip, myself and a few other hapless Yanks should do the Viking ship trip overseas....

Chip: I'm up for it Capt.

captmidnite1962: Let's do it!!

tony g: sounds too much likework

Shirl: Bill - a few years ago that would have seemed a dream - but it's becoming reality

wolfysmith: Chris, Northampton is WAY better than than Dudley. He should play Wolverhampton instead up here.

Shirl: Viking ship? Get Glenn at the helm singing 'What Time Is Love?'

Pete S.: looool


tony g: i thought todd was gonna sing

chrisloeb: and when you do, make sure you invent a machine that doesn't make any rocks and moves to ship a certain lady overseas too!

Shirl: No Todd will be the one throwing buckets of water over everyone for the effect!

Shirl: Chris - aawwwww

Shirl: Was gonna book holidays for Glenn's second leg but not sure if this will be before or after Shepherd's Bush - suppose will be able to wait a few more weeks before deciding.

Conchita67: oh Shirl....will be in London in March!

Shirl: You will Chita???

Inmaculada: yes that's a great moment!

Conchita67: yes yes YES!

wolfysmith: Hey everyone. ive just noticed a new post in the Trapeze section. Contains some great news And whos that Rock Goddess and REALLY cute little girl in the picture?

tony g: cool wolfy

Conchita67: I must say though....I feel so privileged to have seen such an awesome show last July!

Shirl: Hate London but will make an effort for you if I know when - once it's all sorted

captmidnite1962: Damn strings....

Shirl: LOL

Inmaculada: me too here in Madrid sister, but March at London sounds so great!

Shirl: Yes - privileged

captmidnite1962: Mel's site is great....and will only get better.....All you My Space folks should have a look!

Conchita67: Can't wait...the meet up in March! Even if London is soooooo expensive

Pete S.: whats the venue like in London?

Conchita67: Went over already Capt and and put in my request as a freind.....

David: will have news of tour schedules soon after the New Year. Although as you've probably read, they do start back up in February in Russia.

captmidnite1962: I will do the same

Conchita67: Shepherd's Bush is awesome!

Pete S.: big?

David: 4 levels - each with a bar It's a good venue, although haven't been there for a long time. Have heard good things from various folks who have been there recently.

David: 1500+ if I'm not mistaken Pete

Pete S.: wow....great

Pete S.: acoustics ok

Pete S.: ?

Pete S.: compared to Dudley

Shirl: love the links on Mel's site to Glenn's and David and Shirean's - looks a really interesting profile

David: Havent been there in a while but from what I'm told it's a good venue all round.

Pete S.: hey nice one David

Chip: Supper's ready (there's a prog reference for Christain)...so I'm out of here. Nice talking to everyone. See you on the sites. Happy Holidays!!

David: although Northampton will still be hard to beat

wolfysmith: anywhere is compared to Dudley Pete

David: See 'ya Chip, enjoy the holidays.

captmidnite1962: OK folks...got to head out for a few errands....Everyone...Have a great holiday!!!

chrisloeb: Bye, Chip! Happy Holidays!


Pete S.: yeah...well tee hee...must be the roof structure in that place

Inmaculada: bye Chip!!!!

Shirl: do the doormen throw you out about three seconds after the show's stopped???? or they more human???

David: Bye Captn' - merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and yours....

chrisloeb: Bye Captain! And congrats again!

Shirl: Bye Bill ... have a good one ... and you too Chip (and Lea) xxx

captmidnite1962: Thank you David...for all your work!!

Pete S.: Bye Chip...happy Christmas and New Year

Conchita67: Bye Bye & Happy Hols!

captmidnite1962: Thanks Chris....

captmidnite1962: Conchita..see you at Korvettes!!!

wolfysmith: Shirl, at least at JBs the music and bar carry on till WAY past midnight. i think we left at 1.30am and it was still busy.

Pete S.: bye Capt.

Inmaculada: Bye Capt! have a great Xmas!

Shirl: yes - the venue's relaxed (Dudley) - when you're travelling, etc. it's nice to soak up the whole event

chrisloeb: So Winter Wonderland is playing right now, David?

David: Yeah, trying to kick start the Xmas season

David: We put the tree up last night, so half way there

Pete S.: talking of season David...looks like Mr. O'Neil is doing a good job so far....

Conchita67: I'll put up the tree next week when I'm back in New York....

Shirl: If any of you speak with Grace before I do, pass on all my love - not been in touch with her recently

chrisloeb: Everybody, so what's your favourite Christmas album, instead of Glenn's, of course?

David: Yes indeed Pete, what a turn around

tony g: is there any other?

Pete S.: dunno about album...but for me its gotta be Slade!!!

Conchita67: Chris....The Chipmunks and Vince Guaraldi (Charlie Brown Christmas) by far

wolfysmith: Got the tree out of the garage and the boxes of decs from the loft but been busy learning html!

Pete S.: yes David...a lot better than last season..

Inmaculada: mmm I have two actually, one from Sinatra and Chrismas with the legends of jazz

chrisloeb: The Chipmunks!

Conchita67: Yes Chris!

Pete S.: oh gawd

Shirl: Not one for Christmas albums - though downloaded about thirty different versions of 'O Holy Night' on limewire - Mariah Carey, Perry Como, Nat King Cole

chrisloeb: And I thought the Christmas Moog albums were far out!?


Conchita67: Now why did I have a feeling Pete S. was going to comment on the Chipmunks

Inmaculada: oh no Chris you can find them here still

Shirl: Christmas Moog - you'll be at home with that one Chris!!!

tony g: i got a jimi hendrix one i have to find

Pete S.: i'm gonna record them..and slow the voices down...prob. sound like Lemmy!!!!


chrisloeb: 4 of them, precisely, Shirl!

Conchita67: I also have Xmas songs by Andy Williams, Gene Autry....Johnny Mathis of course.....


Pete S.: oh gawd...tee hee

wolfysmith: Chris, the band Medusa - do you know of them?

Inmaculada: I also love my Chrismas cds of Celtic music

Shirl: I used to watch Andy Williams' show when I was young - one of my all time faves was the one with the Osmonds - seems like a lifetime ago

Pete S.: speed them up,,,,like the Chipmunks

chrisloeb: be sure to check out the new flyer at my space at may space...

Pete S.: ok Chris...

chrisloeb: Paul, Medusa, from?

Shirl: will do Chris

tony g: i saw it chris very cool

wolfysmith: Vienna

chrisloeb: I know them VERY well, Paul I have known one of the band members for 30 years...

chrisloeb: that's not me on the Christmas flyer, btw.

wolfysmith: oops... just scrolled down their page Chris


wolfysmith: they have a new friend

chrisloeb: A certain Mel C? sorry, G?

Inmaculada: you are too bad Chris!

Shirl: Freudian slip Chris??

wolfysmith: Not a Spice Girl!

chrisloeb: Sigmund who?

tony g: call eddie murphy


Pete S.: Thanks Wolfy!

chrisloeb: Thanks, just saw the add too - will put him up into the Top Friends

Pete S.: yes indeed

chrisloeb: I gotta say, those Chats always cheer me up. It's great to talk to you people, really, sincerely!

chrisloeb: Just something I wanted to say....

wolfysmith: Top friends now expanded to 16.

tony g: truly

Shirl: Thanks Chris - brings us a bit closer sometimes

Inmaculada: yep!!!!

chrisloeb: yes indeed

Conchita67: ....and we're still not tipsy on egg nog, tee hee!

David: Thanks Christian, pleased you enjoy them. We're pleased to see them picking up steam recently too.

chrisloeb: You make it all possible DnS!

David: but save the good stuff for New Year's Conchita67

Inmaculada: oh yes!! and I have to thank you much for it!

wolfysmith: Pete, Inma, Conchita, as Achim back online properly yet. havent heard from him for a while

Inmaculada: dunno still when

Inmaculada: maybe in Januray

tony g: damm

Conchita67: Yes I will David.....though all the good food on Christmas AND New Years!

wolfysmith: AND who wants to be next to who? on the top friends list

Inmaculada: most likely mid Jan if things work

Inmaculada: hahaha tomorow I'll tell Achim about! don't worry!

Conchita67: I still haven't been accpeted - did you get my request?

Shirl: I'll wish you all a wonderful Christmas and thanks for the many friendships - you're all wonderful people.

chrisloeb: I'm sure he'll take the time to read through the transcript, if not someone will tell him about it before that...

Inmaculada: yes sister you are there!

Conchita67: Ah Good

Shirl: God bless you all - catch some of you soon x

Conchita67: Have a very merry Christmas Shirl!

David: Bye Shirl, enjoy the holidays.

Inmaculada: bye Shirl!!!! merry Xmas!!! I'll catch you on myspace!

chrisloeb: Take care, Shirl! Merry Christmas to you too!

wolfysmith: Conchita, you're already between SSP and Pete on the site!

wolfysmith: Cheers Shirl

Conchita67: I'll have to go check it out then since my freind count hasn't changed...thanks Wolfy!

Pete S.: bye bye Shirl

Pete S.: no you're there Conchita...

Inmaculada: yep!!

Conchita67: ok I'm there...damn myspace!


wolfysmith: now you seen what i mean about the order!

chrisloeb: Okay, gotta go. Midnight here, and I gotta get some rest for next week. Thanks for the nice chat.


tony g: cool chris

Inmaculada: thanks to you Chris!!!

Conchita67: Ok Chris...have a Happy Christmas!

Pete S.: ok Chris take care ...catch you soon

wolfysmith: Bye Chris

Inmaculada: yes! Happy Chrismas!!!

David: Well folks, have 'gotta close it out for this month. Thanks to everyone for this year's CHAT's - it's been awesome and Shirean & I look forward to seeing you in 2007.

chrisloeb: And while I'm still here - Happy Holidays - talk to you all soon! Bye for now!

Inmaculada: well I'll wish you a Happy Chrismas properly, soon! lol

Pete S.: thanks David

wolfysmith: I think we even mentioned Glenn a couple of times too! LOL

Inmaculada: thanks to you for making it possible David!

Pete S.: tee hee

Inmaculada: hahahaha

David: Think he'll forgive us just this once wolfysmith

Inmaculada: oh then time to wish him a Merry Merry Chrismas!!!!

Pete S.: next months topic David?

Inmaculada: MERRY CHRISMAS GLENN!!!!!!!

tony g: cool you guys hear from you soon conchita you gave me an idea im gonna get a chia pet and a clapper for someone i know

David: more of the same Pete

Conchita67: I'd like to wish everyone and our hosts David and Shirean a very merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year

wolfysmith: its the first chat with no live shows or releases for a long time!

Pete S.: Merry Xmas Glenn & Gabi

Conchita67: and Mr Glenn Hughes...thank you for your music and all that you give us

Inmaculada: truly!!!!!!!!!!

wolfysmith: Cheers David and everyone else. Good Night

Pete S.: hey guys have a good one

David: Well the London show wolfy - M4TD USA release, Oz DVD, oh and H/T remaster before Feb

Inmaculada: merry Chrismas to everybody!!!!!!!!

Conchita67: lots of love and happiness to you and yours....

Pete S.: farewell for now

Conchita67: xoxoxoxxox

Inmaculada: see you here next year!! lollllllll

David: ok, bye for now everyone, enjoy the holidays.

wolfysmith: Feb 07 or 08. LOL


Inmaculada: LOTS OF LOVE

Inmaculada: xoxoxoxoxoxo

Pete S.: and you and Shirean

wolfysmith: See ya all

David: bye Pete

Pete S.: cya mate

David: The next Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, January 21st, 2007 at the usual time - talk to you all then

David: Bye for now...
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Old Dec-11-2006, 2:04 AM
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Missed it...

Aw, I was going to join in on this, but got caught up in something else (decorating....) and forgot all about it.

Never mind, hopefully I'll be there in January.
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Old Dec-11-2006, 9:39 AM
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Damn, no wonder my ears were burnin' yesterday...

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Old Dec-11-2006, 10:06 AM
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One of these days I will join in on a Chat Session...don't really know why I always seem to miss out
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Old Dec-11-2006, 4:49 PM
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Chip: Susan....you guys made it through all those video tapes yet?

Sorry, Chip. I totally missed this question yesterday. I must have been zoned out for a bit LOL

Yes...we have seen most all of them all once...really been enjoying them!!!! Thanks so much!
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Old Dec-11-2006, 6:13 PM
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i went back through the chat and saw that my question about itunes got answered but i didnt know it -and also saw something more important -that glenn now owns all his own songs you guys i believe in the artist getting paid
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Old Dec-11-2006, 8:09 PM
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Originally Posted by TexasSusan View Post
Chip: Susan....you guys made it through all those video tapes yet?

Sorry, Chip. I totally missed this question yesterday. I must have been zoned out for a bit LOL

Yes...we have seen most all of them all once...really been enjoying them!!!! Thanks so much!

No problem about missing my question Susan. It sometimes gets hard to keep up with all of what's going on in the chat

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