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Icon20 CHAT transcript - June 28th, 2009

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - June 28th, 2009

David: Afternoon/Evening Everyone! The Monthly CHAT is now in progress

mariewilks: Hi David!

David: Hi Marie - a slow start as always, but more will arrive soon, no doubt!

David: So did you enter that Guitar giveaway competition?

mariewilks: Yes I did in the end!

mariewilks: I get torn between, give someone else a chance - but a signed yamaha bass would look great next to my cllection of djembe drums and Martins 12 string guitar!

mariewilks: How are you and Shirean, did you get back from the UK alright?

David: Good luck

mariewilks: Thanks! I never win anything so I'll need it!

David: Yeah, about a week ago. Spent a week down South with family & friends - bit of sightseeing, shopping and the other...


mariewilks: Well it would be rude not to have a beer!

David: Talk about jetlagged that weekend in Wolverhampton - normally get to the UK a day or two earlier, so it was a struggle. Of course by Monday morning, we were fine! Will try not to do that again!

mariewilks: Yeah I couldn't believe when you said you pretty much travelled straight to the gig. 26 hours sleep sounds like bliss though but when you're jetlagegd it can be a killer!

David: We were hoping to catch Matt and his band (with UFO) on the Wednesday in Cambridge but our boy kept us in Hamleys a bit too long and so we would have never of made it there in time.

mariewilks: That would have been a great gig - a lot of my firends went to the UFO gigs in Leeds and Nottingham but I missed out - it being a school night and really busy at the moment!

David: From what we've heard, they went down really well with the crowd that took the time to see them, especially at the Shepherds Bush gig.

chrisloeb: Good evening...

David: Hi Christian

mariewilks: Thats good news - I will have to look out for Raven Vandelle coming near Sheffield sometime soon.

mariewilks: Hi Chris

mariewilks: Martin says hi both as well by the way - he is sat watching Croodile Dundee 2

chrisloeb: Hi Marie - have you entered the contest for the Yamaha Bass Guitar yet?

Paul J: Hi all

mariewilks: Yes I did!

mariewilks: Hi Paul

David: Hi Paul

chrisloeb: Hi Paul

mariewilks: It's so bloody hot in Sheffield tonight!

Paul J: tried the comp as well! No room in house for it but it would be awesome!
Nice to meet you all at The Robin. Bloody hot and humid!

chrisloeb: Could you send some of this to Vienna then, please... (when you send the bass guitar)

chrisloeb: Yes, nice to meet you Paul! Have you ever heard back anything from the girl who fainted Sunday night?

mariewilks: R U going to the NIA fest Paul?

Paul J: Not heard a thing but she seemed ok. Lost my position at the gig though!!! Hope to get to the NIA

mariewilks: Ah yes I meant to ask about the fainting girl, I hope she was ok - and well done for looking after her too!

mariewilks: You could have come and stood with us.

chrisloeb: Absolutely. There was still space where Marie had put her shoes...

mariewilks: hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

mariewilks: Got a picture of them sat there reserving my spot while i went to the loo!

chrisloeb: Looking forward to Wednesday when the Weekend shows are going online via the Alive Drive!

Paul J: Sorry that was meant to be lost! Can't leave the job behind, and a damsel in distress!! Didn't want to push past anyone . Great gig though! Like the idea of the 2 gig weekend as a regular occurence. Might also have tripped over her handbag

mariewilks: R u cold over in Austria then Chris?

mariewilks: oh yes - 1st July will be great!

mariewilks: You could have performed 1st aid on yourself if you had ripped over it Paul!

chrisloeb: It's not cold really, no, but it has been raining for more than a week, and the highwater situation is serious in parts of the country...

mariewilks: that doesn't sound fun - the other week we flooded in Sheffield and the road I work on was 8ft under water - I still went to work though - walked in the back way thorugh the woods!

Paul J: Haven't had a chance to check out the Boston show on the Alive Drive yet! Want to get it on my iPod don't know if that will be easy. Marie those rain floods were awful again

David: It might be late in the day your time when the show(s) are available on the Alive Drive; really depends on your timezone, I'm guessing early evening with you guys...

chrisloeb: Not funny, no. 1 dead already and hundreds who can't go back to their house. That puts my Migraine in perspective...

mariewilks: David will be your man about the Ipod. Yes it was mad - and it only really rained for about an hour - pretty much 2 years since the last flood.

Paul J: Seems that Glenn is really marching on with prep for next album.What do you guys want/hope to see/hear

chrisloeb: Thanks for the info, David! Will keep an eye on it Wednesday evening then...

David: Paul - just copy to your computer somewhere and then sync it to your iPod via iTunes.

mariewilks: Migraines aren't good though but yes when you have serious situations going on like that it kind of makes you realise how well off you are

Paul J: That easy? Great, will give it a try

chrisloeb: Absolutely Marie, Home and dry!

chrisloeb: (and next album) Sounds like we might get a double album. That would surely be nice!

Paul J: Double album would be awesome

mariewilks: Hello All...it's Martin, Marie has disappeared & left me in charge of the laptop...while watching Crocodile Dundee. Looking forward to the guitarshow & Mr Hughes' show!

David: Hi Martin...

chrisloeb: Hey Martin, Chris here from Vienna. Nice to meet you in Wolverhampton!

Paul J: Hi Martin.

David: I'm sure some extras will be added to the AD if not a double...we'll see

chrisloeb: That's not your first time watching Crocodile Dundee, is it?

mariewilks: Nice to meet you all too!

Paul J: Would like Glenn to try a few really off the wall tracks

mariewilks: Well we've seen it a 'few' times before...but it's too good to miss, cheesy, but fun.

mariewilks: Back again - yeah new album sounds very exciting!

Paul J: Funny feeling no Chad this time

David: Finally got the Childline Rocks CD the other day, nice of GH to give you a shout out Marie ... captured live now

mariewilks: I don't know - maybe he will feature somewhere

chrisloeb: Glenn mentioned that it is going to be all new material this time, no covers. But does that include remakes? I was always wondering if there were more tracks leftover like Getting Near To You (Bonus on Play Me Out CD)

mariewilks: Steve is really awesome though and he seemed really nice when I met him in Bulgaria and Wolves

David: Not necessarily Paul, no musicians have been decided upon yet...we'll hear more over the coming months...

mariewilks: Ha ha - yeah - that Childline Rocks album is really special to me - particularly 52 seconds into Mistreated!

Paul J: Steve was great, like Paicey he made it look easy and nice groove

David: Steve is currently the perfect drummer for Glenn outside of Chad, IMHO.

chrisloeb: Listened to Childline too the other day. It's amazin how Glenn, although apparently not well, still gives a 100% top notch performance, and how pale, especially the much praised Mr. Hawkins sounds in comparison to Big Daddy!

David: He needed help with Soul Mover after those blistering renditions of YKOM
and Mistreated

mariewilks: I could slate Mr Hawkins a million tmes over with the same argument Chris

Paul J: Haven't got Childline Rocks yet but great to get a namecheck!! Did think Glenn was singing within himself at the Robin but was brilliant

mariewilks: I wondered if bringimg Danny on for Soul Mover was to help his voice. Can't believe he had bronchitis - and you certainly wouldn't have thought it on the night at Childline

mariewilks: Paul - you can borrow mine for a listen if you like!

David: But he's much better now, his singing voice is almost back to it's usual tip top shape it would of been just over a month with no stage work prior to the short set @ the NIA on July 11th, so he'll be back to full strength for that one...

chrisloeb: You're right, David. Soundboard recordings don't lie, but hey - it was the last song, and he gave everything on YKOM & Mistreated, and certainly came back strong for SOTW!

mariewilks: u mean he rescued Justin on SOTW

mariewilks: I e-mailed about volunteering for Childline since the gig.

chrisloeb: Oh yes, rescue is the word!

chrisloeb: Good to hear (and see in the video message) that he is doing better now.

David: Good one Marie ... GH will most likely be on the bill next year too...

mariewilks: I'm a part qualified councellor and eventually would like to go back
to uni and finish off but causes such as Childline are close to my heart so it was great
to support the cause thoguh Glenn, and that he supports Childline

Paul J: That would be great Marie. Anything i could lend you sometime although i doubt i will have anything you dont!

mariewilks: you could lend me a tenner sometime when I'm skint if you're offering!

mariewilks: or did you mean music?

mariewilks: I'll be back at childline rocks next year then for sure if G will be there!

Paul J: Money, what is that? Comes into the bank account and goes out of the bank account without being seen. Music of course!!

Paul J: Any idea what songs for the NIA show

chrisloeb: Wow, sorry to everybody in the USA, I can't believe Brazil have turned the match around and won 3:2!

mariewilks: Ooh interesting question - as being a guitar show he will have to perhaps be less voice and more guitar maybe? Do you think Jennifer Batten will still be there?

chrisloeb: That was OT, of course

mariewilks: Speaking of Brazil, David do you know if Glenn has any plans for being in Rio anytime soon? Chris your OT nicely brought me to tht question so - cheers for that!!!!!

David: It'll be Purple heavy I'm guessing, since he's playing with guest musicians (Soren Andersen on guitar and possibly Mark Richardson on drums)...

chrisloeb: Depends on who's playing with Glenn at NIA I think! Might do Mistreated - that works everywhere

David: Yes, in the Autumn Marie. They'll be a bunch of dates "coming soon" ... August thru November ...

chrisloeb: Did you enjoy the rest of your UK holiday, David? I hope the jetlag got better! Pity I didn't see you and Shirean after the meet & greet - we didn't even take a picture!

mariewilks: I check here everyday for news! And regularly check Iberia airlines for flight prices. I've been saving my holiday with work so I can have more in the autumn for hopefully Rio! David I just got very excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chrisloeb: Yeah, I've saved 10 days for the autumn too

David: Was saying earlier Christian ... we normally arrive a day or two beforehand, but it couldn't be avoided this time around. We were fine by the Monday of course!

mariewilks: Please not South America in August though - too many people already off work in August!!!!!!!

chrisloeb: Certainly got the taste now for traveling to GH shows!

David: As I say, ... "coming soon" ...

mariewilks: Very soon?

Paul J: Would love to travel to follow Glenn like you all do but family and work and of course financial restrictions. Brazil would be fabulous. Always wanted to see Glenn at the Hard Rock in Florida!!

David: It's fun Paul but feels like so long ago now! Hoping for next Spring for a repeat visit...

mariewilks: I love South America and currently no kids or husband or anything to tie me down - so I'm making the most of being carefree.

mariewilks: Martin just asked me if he's coming to Brazil too!

Paul J: What could be the theme of the next GH Weekend. One night new album, and other night Hughes Thrall, Phenomena and other session songs!!


chrisloeb: I hear you, Paul. I got very quiet looking at my current credit card statement...

Paul J: Martin not if i fit in her suitcase first!

mariewilks: My bank balance is usually somethign I'm in denial about but havign a small stash of savings is usually quite handy!

chrisloeb: It is. I'm saving for another trip to Vancouver to see my brother again next year.

mariewilks: Paul - I remember you being quite tall - you might not fit in my suitcase!

David: Airline airmiles is our secret, couldn't go anywhere without them! But we're nearing the end of that run, so unfortunately they don't last forever!

Paul J: you'll have a large suitcase for all your shoes!

mariewilks: I shoud look into airmiles!

mariewilks: All my shoes? I'm not one of them kinds of women, all I'll need is some heels for seeing over tall people at the gig and my hiking boots for stomping off in the rain forest for a few days afterwards!

TexasSusan: Hey y'all...Roger and I are just dropping by to say hello. So...hello

mariewilks: and some cereal bars in case of hunger

David: Hi Susan & Roger...

mariewilks: hi both

Paul J: Oh well, doesn't look like i'll be going anywhere. Thought Glenn was going in studio at this time. Hi Susan and Roger

chrisloeb: Hey Susan! Sorry I missed your birthday the other day. Hope you had a great day!

TexasSusan: Ahhh...thanks

mariewilks: Belated many happy returns!

Paul J: Glenn see you are online hope you feelin much better

mariewilks: Paul, you'll be going to Birmingham! I can perhaps fit you in my car and surround you with shoes if that will help you feel better?


Paul J: Ouch that hurts!

mariewilks: I was being nice if you won't be able to travel to Brazil with my shoes you can come to Brum with them instead

chrisloeb: As I aid before, it's got to see that Glenn is doing better now. I was really concerned the week before Wolverhampton, and although I had thought of many things I could ask Glenn at the Meet and Greet I simply asked how he was doing!?

chrisloeb: "good" to see.. of course

chrisloeb: ... and 'said' - I shold really get a new keyboard!

David: you shold

mariewilks: Yeah he seems to have been having some recuperation time

chrisloeb: Thanks, David!

mariewilks: I always type backwards - i go so fast it ends up looking dyslexic!

mariewilks: You can always tell Glenn is resting up when he's playing Brickbreaker!

David: Yeah, his schedule worked out in his favour for a change...

Paul J: I know, only kidding. Sorry i couldn't hang around for meet and greet. More than likely going to Brum but will have to fit around providing taxi service for my kids in the morning of that day. But thanks


chrisloeb: Yeah, he's been playing that a lot recently!

chrisloeb: What happened to the Canada vocal seminar?

TexasSusan: Collin had to get online to play BrickBreaker after reading that Glenn Hughes played that game. LOL He did not do to bad...got about 12,000 on his 5th game...kids learn fast. I suck at those kind of games.

mariewilks: We won't be heading down till a bit later on saturday in all seriousness so you are more than welcome to jump in with us if you like!

Paul J: His schedule has been BallBreaker

David: Christian - the organizers cancelled the gig...

mariewilks: I can't get past level 2 on brickbreaker on my bberry - I'm rubbish!

chrisloeb: What a bummer for the students and the fans. Do the organizers actually know that they're missing, or has the whole thing been cancellled?

chrisloeb: three 'Ls', I know!

David: I don't have the details, was supposed to get something, but it never arrived.

Paul J: May just do that Marie. But would there be enough room in the cars for the 2 bass guitars we win!!


mariewilks: Ooh good point Paul!

mariewilks: I don't have a roof rack to tie you onto either to fit the basses in!

chrisloeb: There's always more room! Don't forget to take my bass guitar too!

Paul J: I fancy trying to learn the bass and may be as good as Glenn in say 50 years when i'm 55! [Sorry stealing Glenn's jokes now!]


TexasSusan: Well...our visit is short...we have to walk out the door in a bit...going to visit friends. Take care.

David: Thanks for stopping by

mariewilks: I've had a tinkle on a rather gorgeous warwick before and a fender jazz, bur I only played a couple of scales and thats as much as I can play!

mariewilks: Have a nic time Susan!

mariewilks: nice - my keyboard is faulty too!

chrisloeb: Have a nice day, Susan - and say Hi to Roger too! Bye for now

Paul J: Wish i'd played a guitar/bass guitar when younger. Was a piper [bagpipes] when a young lad. Not very Rock and Roll! Trying to take it up again. Was listening to the KLF bagpipe version of America No More earlier today

mariewilks: Martin being Scottish is very excited about that!

mariewilks: I play clarinet - just as rock and roll as bagpipes!

chrisloeb: I listened to the first Trace album recently (Dutch Prog band), and there's a song with bagpipes in it. Rick van der Linden, the keyboard player, used a vacuum cleaner to keep them going!!

mariewilks: Its never too late to learn guitar or bass though - it's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you didn't do!

chrisloeb: I play the French Horn. John Entwistle played it too!

chrisloeb: and other things...

Paul J: Could picture a clarinet being played on a GH track! May replace my lungs with that then Chris. Thanks for the tip!

David: Where's Sludge when you need him

mariewilks: Between us we could form a brass and wind section on one of the tracks
on Glenns new album!

chrisloeb: I hope Sludge will be on the download video too!!! Unedited!!!

mariewilks: ha ha - yes that was pretty special, can anyone remember the joke?

David: ...think Glenn said on the night it would be edited out...unless he kept it clean

David: something about the Taliban and a Doctor!

chrisloeb: It was two jokes. One with 'being able to crap again' and the other one with the dead dog...

Paul J: I was thinking that too David! Sludge was speaking to me in the Roy Wood bar before the Trapeze gig. Wasn't sure if he was having me on but he knew his stuff! Was about the labrador [lab reports] and cat scan

mariewilks: the lab report and the cat scan

David: it was hilarious

David: I do miss real English comedians, you just don't get it over here.

chrisloeb: Did anybody else note the look on Carl Swann's face when Glenn asked Sludge to come up on the stage! Priceless!

Paul J: What like Roy Chubby Brown??

mariewilks: I'm going to see Eddie Izzard in October

mariewilks: you should book up for a comedy gig when you are next over!

David: I'm more old school when it comes to Comedy; so Sludge was right up my street

chrisloeb: Denis Leary (I know, he's Irish-American) has got a new book out - can't probably mention the title though, without being censored highly recommended though!

Paul J: David you are like me. Old! New guy Michael Mcintyre doing well here seems to be quite funny

mariewilks: Peter Kay is just funny, was at a wedding last saturday and we were all messign around with the walking to the dancefloor dance!

David: Leary used to be funny about 20 years ago, but like most over here these days, they're just too "PC" for my taste.

chrisloeb: No Cure For Cancer, you mean?

mariewilks: PCness does ruin comedy. I used to like Dave Allen

David: "politically correct"

Paul J: He was well before your time surely Marie!

mariewilks: Nar I remember him!

chrisloeb: So how come the inevitable topic hasn't come up yet!? Though there is a thread in the forum...

mariewilks: u mean..........

Paul J: do you mean hughes thrall 2?

chrisloeb: Not quite, Paul

mariewilks: Michael Jackson?

chutsler: MJ's passing?

chrisloeb: Yeah, that.

mariewilks: Thats why I was wondering if Jennifer Batten would still be at guitar fest

chutsler: Didn't really care for him all that much...

mariewilks: Very sad news!

David: Hi Chuck You must mean Farrah, then

chrisloeb: Hi chutsler, where are you coming from? Didnt see you were online!

mariewilks: Hi Chustler

Paul J: One strange life and one strange manboy

chutsler: Hello all!!

chrisloeb: good point, Marie

chutsler: I just dropped in...

David: The organizers haven't said otherwise Marie... so I'd keep an eye on their site.

Paul J: Hi chutsler

chrisloeb: endlessly talented, but a very very troubled personality

chutsler: Hello Paul J

mariewilks: Ooh cheers David - you know everything!

David: if only

chutsler: The jokes about his death are coming fast and furious....

mariewilks: There are just too many!

chrisloeb: Can you believe his voice and stage moves in the early Jackson 5 around 1970!

Paul J: Was never allowed to be a child and got really screwed up from then on

David: See he's No.1 again - jeez, talk about blood money...

chrisloeb: Isn't it always like this, David

Paul J: where were all those buyers when he was alive?

mariewilks: Yes Paul, he should have rang childline when he ws young, it may have saved his life

David: True, it was the same for Elvis!

Paul J: Dont recommend it as a way to increase your cd sales!

chutsler: I have to say I'm not all broken up about his passing...the molestation accusations still seem to stand as far as I'm concerned...

chrisloeb: And Austria's own Falco, and, and, and... the list is endless

mariewilks: Imagine, if Lisa Marie nd Michals had had children, they would naow be exeriencing what she did when her father died

David: He was acquitted though - I think he was his own worst enemey, primarily due to his naivety.. again goes back to his childhood. His father has a lot to answer for I think...but anyway, 'nuff said!

Paul J: Tough one to call chutsler. He was found not guilty but then so was OJ in his trial

chutsler: A lot of people were quick to condemn Dave Holland....if Michael had stood trial in the UK...perhaps he would've been found 'guilty'.............

Paul J: Have to agree with you there David. Still dont know why he paid off the Arvizo boy back in the nineties. Makes you look very guilty

chrisloeb: Interestingly MJ came up 2 times over the GH Weekend, first time when the topic was Dave Holland, and the 2nd time when Steve Stephens talked about the preparations for the MJ London shows and why they had been postponed...

chutsler: Paul, they got OJ in the 'civil suit'...

mariewilks: Yes - the accusations are something i am prepared to give the benefit of the doubt about. It's a difficult choice for me to make on many levels but I don't beleive he did it.

chutsler: You pay someone 20 million dollars to 'hush up'....what do you call that?

David: Lucky we're not down the pub, this would make for a very lively debate

chutsler: David, that it would!

mariewilks: I dare say this conversation has taken place million times over around the world.

chutsler: No doubt!

mariewilks: Ahh crocodile dundee just finished, happy ending!

mariewilks: the second one is way better than the first!

David: Just a reminder for those folks who arrived late .. the Robin gig(s) will be available this Wednesday on the Alive Drive - depending in which timezone you live it'll either be early or late in the day, when you see them appear on your AD.

chutsler: Nah, I liked the first one!

chrisloeb: Which is which?

chrisloeb: No, wait - first one's in NY and the 2nd one in Australia, right? Or the other way round? Or both!?

chutsler: Both!

mariewilks: 1st one is where she goes t do an article and bring him back to new york second is where he drugs gangsters chase them accross the bush and he outwits them

chutsler: First one starts in Oz and then goes to NY....second one starts out in NY and then goes to Oz

chrisloeb: Ah right, now I remember!

chutsler: Both were entertaining movies...

David: 5 minutes left everyone

chrisloeb: Haven't seen them in a while - have they stood the test of time then?

chutsler: I think they have...

mariewilks: right folks, we are off to bed! Nice to chat to you all! Paul - let me know about guitar fest! Looking forwrd to it!

chutsler: ...but the first is a 'classic'...

mariewilks: yes they have stood the test of time! Love them both!

chrisloeb: I think I get them confused with 'Romancing The Stone' and 'Jewel of the Nile' all the time who came out around the same time...

David: Thanks for stopping by Marie & Martin

chutsler: I hope I didn't 'turn off' everyone with my opinion of MJ's passing...

chrisloeb: Bye Marie & Martin! Talk to you soon!

mariewilks: See you all on 1st July no doubt when we have downloaded the Robin gigs to our Alive Drives.

David: No, Chuck - 6:00PM EDT is actually when things are supposed to end, so it's extended a bit this time around.

chutsler: David, actually I think we went a wee bit over....

David: Yeah, but that's ok...

chutsler: cheers everyone....see you in the forum!

chrisloeb: I'm off too, got an eary day at the office tomorrow. Great chat, a bit of a family affair! bye for now - see you!

chrisloeb: 'early' - will smash the keyboard now!

mariewilks: No Chustler, everyone is going to have a different opinion of him. Thats life! Like i said on the thread, its not for me to decide whether he was 'Bad'or not, but he'll either be on fire or floating on a cloud!

Paul J: bye all! went awol for a bit!!

David: Some months we finish early, some late.. it's all good.

mariewilks: nite all xxxxxxx

chrisloeb: Oh, and please say 'Hi' to Shirean, David!

chutsler: Good night all!

chrisloeb: Bye for now...

David: Shirean says "Hi" from across the room

Paul J: will let you know Marie. If go in own car, will see you there

chutsler: Hello Shirean, goodbye...

David: The next Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, July 26th, 2009.

David: Bye for now...
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Wink Just call me "Snooze Bucket!"

I really hate missing the chats...I work Saturday night and usually don't wake up till about 1730...by the time I shake out the cobwebs and get some coffee, the chat is done!

But...my days off change next month...no more Saturday nights so I will be around for the Sunday chats again!

See you all then!!

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