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Off Topic Post news & views on other music or unrelated topics such as sport etc, that you think fellow fans of Glenn might like.


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Old Jul-18-2005, 2:43 PM
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chrisloeb chrisloeb is offline

Member Since: Sep 2002
From: Vienna, Austria
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Cool Summer can't last too long....

what are you doing that time of the year?

tropical storms?
melting in the heat?
reading Harry Potter 6?

here's the quote that made me tink of this topic:

Originally Posted by LARRY BRIGGS
It is hotter than the hinges of hell here in Houston, (...) I am fixin' to die of a heat stroke.

35 degrees (celsius that is) here in Vienna today.
Air condition at work decided to take the afternoon off.
Felt like 50 degrees then.
I don't mind too much though - it's that time of the year.
Went for a nice game of football (that's soccer in the US) after work, preparing for a little tournament we're taking part in September....
No holiday abroad this year - too much important work.
Yet again, I don't mind.

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Old Jul-18-2005, 3:58 PM
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From: Amsterdam
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Sounds good Chris! Actually last week I was on holiday in Egypt, where it was about 50 degrees (celcius) in Luxor. I almost fainted when I walked out of Tutanchamon's tomb!

Unfortunately Amsterdam hasn't the same temperatures as Vienna... we're in for a rather chilly week (19 dergrees). In the evenings I try to catch Tour de France programmes on tv... or you can find me in the city outside a cafe drinking a Heineken, Grolsch or Hoegaarden beer, watching the girls bike by dressed in their summer clothes...

life is good!

happy summer

- Fedor
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Old Jul-18-2005, 4:04 PM
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From: Boise, ID
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Fedor, you have no idea how much I envy that 19 degrees celsius - don't even try to tell me that's cold! Here in Vegas - outside our own Luxor, no less - it's closer to the temps in Egypt. Not quite, but close. The gaping, fire rimmed maw of Hell is stretching its yawn across the Southwest about now - from Houston, through Phoenix and out here to Las Vegas. Aagghh. I feel like I'm gonna spontaneously combust...

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Old Jul-18-2005, 4:10 PM
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From: Orlando, FL.
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I sure know how Larry feels, it's HOT here in Florida! Even with no hurricanes (yet...knock on wood) to knock out the power the AC just can't seem to keep it cool enough.

Later this week I am heading a little further south to Hollywood, FL to have a mini-vacation with the family and see Def Leppard in concert at Hard Rock Hotel and casino.

I am working on a series of articles for The East Orlando Sun on local bands. Last weeks issue had the article and review I did of a band called Audiophile. They are a good band, some classic rock and funk mixed with a modern rock edge. I am now working on the next article on a band called Sonic Playground who opened for Glenn's last Velvet Sessions show (with Chad ). I have copies of all my recent writings on my journal at (in case anyone wants to check them out):

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Old Jul-18-2005, 6:18 PM
Jon L Jon L is offline

Member Since: Jul 2001
From: Detroit, MI.
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Heat seems to be a common theme. It has been ridiculously hot out this year. While it may be common in Las Vegas and Florida in summer, it really isn't in Detroit. We had our second hottest June ever this year, and July hasn't been any better. I normally use my air conditioning 2-3 weeks all year, but it has been on practically non-stop since early June...and my electric bill is killing me. Humidity this weekend was over 90%, which means that even my sweat is sweating.

From the sound of things, I think we all need to meet up in Amsterdam to spend some time in the cooler weather, just drinking brews and watching the scenery ride by...
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Old Jul-21-2005, 1:45 PM
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From: Land of the Livin'
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Originally Posted by Jon L
Humidity this weekend was over 90%, which means that even my sweat is sweating....

Welcome to the Menopausal Mammas, Jon!

It's averaged 30-31 here up until the last few days, and that's about my limit - not into the heat at all

Shirl's Sig:'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '
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