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Old Nov-18-2007, 7:41 PM
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Icon20 CHAT transcript - November 18th, 2007

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Thread Tools/Show Printable Version from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - November 18th, 2007

Shirean: Hi everyone

tony g: hello

Shirean: David will be here in a few minutes

tony g: i dont feel that good right now but i wanted to talk to you guys

tony g: see how you all have been

Shirean: Sorry to hear that hope you feel better soon

tony g: mee too

Shirean: Hello hackney

tony g: hello

hackney: Hi folks!

hackney: What are the chances of the big man being in the UK end of March 08?

Shirean: Don't think March '08 is on the cards but I could be wrong..

Shirean: '08 for sure though

hackney: Never mind, I'm sure Oggers will bring his bongos along to Mel's gigs at the Tackeroo!

tony g: that should be great hackney

tony g: i got the compilation through GHPG

tony g: i ordered it on a Wednesday and it was on my doorstep on Friday

Shirean: Cool!

tony g: i was beyond thrilled

tony g: i gotta wait for at least the 2nd week of Dec for the DVD though

Shirean: its worth the wait..

tony g: its ok like a christmas present

Shirean: David will be here soon

Shirean: And there he is..

David: Hi all, sorry I'm late

tony g: hi David

David: Quiet as usual at the beginning I see...hopefully some others will make an appearance shortly.

tony g: David thanks for telling me about Cosmosquad im still totaly thrilled

David: Cool, pleased to have clued you in

tony g: gotta finish the story though

David: Do tell...

tony g: even my wife loved it

David: even better!

tony g: great concert

David: You certainly had a birds eye view

tony g: you know it

tony g: cool guys too no big attitudes

tony g: i got the compilation and keep playing the last two songs the most

David: Hi Achim

schreinermusic: hello everyone!

schreinermusic: Hi David! Long time no see, mate...

tony g: hi

David: Yeah, feels like ages....

Shirean: Hello

schreinermusic: indeedy...hey tony!

schreinermusic: Hi Shirean! Good evening to you as well!

tony g: how have you been?

schreinermusic: so lala...went through some physical probs ect. anyway...back on track, alive & kicking...

tony g: i dont feel the best myself right now

Shirean: Good to hear your okay..

schreinermusic: Thanks, Shirean, much appreciated

hackney: Sorry, I' unwittingly stirred up a hornets nest on a Birmingham UK restaurant review site and have been taking some abuse!!

tony g: what happened?

David: a bad batch of curry?

schreinermusic: lol

tony g: i was gonna say that!

schreinermusic: non-attractive waitresses...

schreinermusic: just kidding...hahaha


tony g: damm achim!!!!!!


hackney: Popular local curry house had a scathing review and I just tried to put 'em right but I was dealing with the Sopranos I think!!

David: so you won't be on their Christmas card list, eh

hackney: Hey David, next time you are in Dudley I'll take u there

tony g: no coupons in the mail


schreinermusic: when pete and i were at the restaurant 2 years ago in the UK, the waitress wanted me to say STOP while she had the peppermill in use over my steak. but i didnt say STOP, pete and the waitress already looked scared and started laughing...hahaha

schreinermusic: they just couldnt believe i was taking so much pepper...looool

hackney: So how many of u guys are going to see Mels gigs?

Shirean: Not me

tony g: i wish i could

schreinermusic: but me

hackney: Should be a blast!

tony g: id go to everyone if i could

schreinermusic: and paul, Inma, Chris...as far as I know Pete and Dani, Nathalie...

David: Was saying to Paul the other day, I'd really like to go, but Shirean and I are moving soon, so funds are else where for that one - but it sounds like he may play more later in the year, right?

hackney: Partytime

schreinermusic: should be a hell of a time...

schreinermusic: yes, David...but no dates confirmed yet

schreinermusic: we will keep you updated

David: cool, look forward to it.

Shirean: We want a full report..

David: with pix & clips

schreinermusic: i was amazed to see (or hear) how amazing he still sings..when I saw him on this video on his myspace page. really impressive.

schreinermusic: sure thing

hackney: David, from conversations I had with Mel, I never thought this would happen. So if it works out I'm sure it will happen. Mel seems so focused and positive now.

tony g: thats great news

David: I'm sure he'll go down a storm, especially with the local crowd, so hopefully they'll be many more to follow

hackney: I'll probably do some proper video of the Saturday gig

David: Excellent.

schreinermusic: thats for sure.

schreinermusic: great meeting you again as well, John. do you remember in cannock, last october? it was fun as hell.

schreinermusic: so, im looking forward to this very much

schreinermusic: Hi Inma

tony g: hi

David: Hi Inmaculada

Inmaculada: Hi all!!!

David: Your prize is on it's way

Inmaculada: David, Conchi is having probs in getting in... any help?

Inmaculada: hey!! thanks so so so much!!

Inmaculada: so what is the topic?

Shirean: All things Glenn Hughes?

David: like what problems? Can you find out?

schreinermusic: all things Atomic Kitten

schreinermusic: lol

Inmaculada: really? or about the "Hidden" member!! loooool

David: The CHAT needs Java installed....

schreinermusic: hahaha...yes...dont start this one..LOL

Inmaculada: David, she says she cannot even load the chat page

Inmaculada: ok ok I'll be a good girl!

David: perhaps her ISP is having trouble - the site is accessible from most points, as we're all on here

Inmaculada: yeah I haven't got any prob

tony g: Chicago here

schreinermusic: ask her to use another browser if she has more than one installed...

schreinermusic: just to give it a try...

David: or clear her browser's cache and then restart the browser...

Inmaculada: ok I am telling her

Inmaculada: no Achim she only has one browser

schreinermusic: then try following David's advice...

Inmaculada: oh good she has Firefox so trying again!!

David: so there is a new guitarist that we will hear on Glenn's new record - from the San Francisco Bay Area, his name is Luis Carlos Maldonado

David: More info in the "Off Topic" forum...

Inmaculada: oh yes I saw the post

schreinermusic: very interesting news...so it seems Glenn will feature a few guests on his next album.

tony g: cool

Inmaculada: where is our favorite wolf tonight?

David: he's playing here in Orlando but the gig is sold out, and we only just found out about it, so won't be able to check him out ahead of time unfortunately.

schreinermusic: good question...

David: Well, there not guests so much Achim, but new & old friends

David: George Nastos, JJ and Luis....guitars.

schreinermusic: yeah...and it will give some extra spice to the record.

schreinermusic: so Jeff will not appear on the album?

Inmaculada: I was thinking the same

David: I'm not sure

David: Actually, he will be in the Far East during the recording sessions, so most likely not - he's doing Fender clinics.

Inmaculada: is Glenn still recording? or just in post-production

David: they start next week.

Inmaculada: the recording? or the post-production?

tony g: cool

David: Recording, the other won't be until the New Year I would imagine.

schreinermusic: i listened to Glenn's message this afternoon and he sounded very excited about the whole process. Im totally looking forward hearing a very funky-based album again...


Inmaculada: thanks David

David: Jeff is still around, for those in the USA, you'll see him at gigs etc.

tony g: yes seems like he wants everyone to know

tony g: i hope so

David: yeah, he's making music for himself now - sod the record company dictating what he should be doing!

tony g: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tony g: sounded to me like glenn was saying-here is were im headed-come along for the ride

schreinermusic: its always a problem to decide which direction to go, especially when you have so many possible ways to go...

tony g: im telling you all right now what im doing

schreinermusic: ...but one cannot please everyone, thats quite clear.

Inmaculada: well the point should be any musician or artist go to his/her own feeling lead them ... but tell that to record companies... unless you are a huge star and can decide...or a millionaire

schreinermusic: the crucial point is always, where is a market...

Inmaculada: or how the companies want those markets to be, cos I still think there are a lot of music people would like but they dont have the chance to listen to it

David: With all of his music that I've bought, I think he must be a millionaire by now Inmaculada

schreinermusic: you hit the nail, Inma.

Inmaculada: oh well David, you know I was talking in general, mainly people who want to start and they dont want to be a boy/girl band

Inmaculada: hey sister!! you got it!!

conchita: FINALLY

schreinermusic: hi conchita!

David: Welcome conchita - better late than never, eh

conchita: good evening everyone - thanks for your help David!

tony g: hi

conchita: where is the rest of the gang tonight?

conchita: hi tony

conchita: eh inma....

David: No doubt they'll make an appearance towards the very end

Inmaculada: yes?

tony g: please tell me about sicily

conchita: don't you think you have a little tale to tell us about last Sunday?

Inmaculada: me??


conchita: well cetainly not me....I was home ironing!

tony g: you gotta tell now

Shirean: Let's hear it

Inmaculada: lol Paul told it more or less

Inmaculada: it was an amazing drumming show!!

Inmaculada: just one complain....

conchita: which was?

tony g: sounds like there is more to say

Inmaculada: sorry UK people... but how you could stand there without moving your hips??

David: at least they were standing

Inmaculada: really I couldnt stop!!! it was such a rhythm they made together!!


schreinermusic: concentrated listening, Inma...hahaha

Inmaculada: oh well not everybody, there were some rows of seats at the front

Inmaculada: but it was incredible, cos if you closed your eyes you couldnt notice who was playing what, it sounded as just one drum, a damn poweful one!!

conchita: sorry tony I missed your question!

conchita: what would you like to know?

Inmaculada: and I want to thanks again Chand and Steve for being so kind and talk and sign some stuff for us... well we had that VIP contact called Mr Wolfy!!!

tony g: its ok it was a jelous one anyway

Inmaculada: hey Susan!!!

conchita: Hello Mrs Williams!

tony g: the weather

Shirean: Hello

TexasSusan: Hey...just dropping in to say hello to everyone! Hey all!

Inmaculada: hahah Tony bad quaestion right now!! loool

tony g: hi

David: Hi Susan

schreinermusic: Hi there

Inmaculada: oops I am mistyping a lot!! sorry

tony g: what?

conchita: nah, don't be jealous....it's freezing cold right now and raining!

Inmaculada: for what Conchi told me they are having a very bad weather right now!!

tony g: dam just like here

TexasSusan: We are having great weather today, but unfortunately I have been too sick to really enjoy it

schreinermusic: yes it is...very uncomfortable...

tony g: me too

conchita: it's really unheard of....I usually don't wear hats&gloves nor turn on the heating till January

Inmaculada: oh sorry for hearing that Susan

TexasSusan: Just a cold. I am a big baby! LOL


conchita: aw Susan get better soon!

conchita: how's the little one doing?

TexasSusan: Roger is sitting by me saying...yes... please get better, too. LOL

David: Apparently in Greece, they were having almost hurricane conditions - flights cancelled, roads hosed etc...

tony g: damm!!!!!!

David: but the show went on

TexasSusan: My little one is great!! Thanks for asking. He is our little comedian...always keeps us in stitches

Inmaculada: a big kiss to Roger!!

Inmaculada: and a future rock star!!!! hehe

conchita: it's been happening all over southern Europe

Inmaculada: oh well here is freezing and a bit windy but no more... I'll keep my fingers crossed!

tony g: i didnt know that you guys

conchita: it's been really awful...not that we should complain, we are in dire need of water

David: In case you missed it, there is a bonus track available for the "Live in Australia" - but you have to buy it from Apple's iTunes Music Store. "This House" is the song.

David: Well worth the 99 cents!

conchita: gonna go have a look right now!

tony g: thanks David you know where im going

conchita: thanks for the info

Inmaculada: oh it really is!!

TexasSusan: We will be ordering Live in Australia next payday...can't wait to get it

tony g: i saw the podcast added on there the last time i looked

David: They also now have Ringtones available for each of the tracks on "Soul Mover", as well as "Live in Australia".

David: It's been there for over a year It depends how you search as to whether you see the Podcast listing...

David: We've been busy this year, so haven't managed to get another Podcast issued yet - we'll make up for it though

tony g: i just gotta a new version and bang there it is right when you look at all of glenn cds

conchita: Yippee! THey even have songs from A Soulful Christmas!!!!!! *does snoopy dance*

conchita: Excuse my real ignorance, but why have some songs got the word clean next to them?

Inmaculada: that sounds as a self Xmas present to me!!

David: dont' know conchita - I've only ever seen "explicit" - maybe they "cut" the bad words out somehow?

David: Hi Christian

Inmaculada: hi Chris!

TexasSusan: Hi, Christian

chrisloeb: Good evening all!

schreinermusic: Hey Chris! Sch?n, dich zu treffen!

tony g: hi chris

tony g: im buying it right now

conchita: oh dear...I thought the Tipper Gore crusades were a thing of the past...

chrisloeb: Achim, auch wieder einmal hier...

conchita: I'm buying the song and A Soulful Christmas - can't wait to hear Ave Maria!

tony g: chris did you ever get that other Soul Mover song?

schreinermusic: man glaubt es kaum ..hey...your pc is working again, mate?

TexasSusan: Well, my dog just explained to me that she must go out. Y'all have a great week and take care!!

tony g: bye

schreinermusic: bye Susan!

conchita: bye susan!

chrisloeb: PC is working again, thankfully yes. That was quite a shock...

Shirean: Bye Susan

Inmaculada: hey Susan! bye!

schreinermusic: i can imagine...same here since i cant burn DVD?s anymore for a few days now...

schreinermusic: so, you're definitely coming in March, Chris?

chrisloeb: Hello goodbye, Susan!

chrisloeb: Sorry, which song was that, tony?

chrisloeb: Yeah, I'll be there in March

schreinermusic: That'll be great fun...

tony g: Soul Mover different intro

chrisloeb: it will be a blast!

Inmaculada: I hope more people will join the list till March comes!

schreinermusic: at the end of the show, wse will enter the stage singing "Rule Brittannia" all together...

schreinermusic: we

chrisloeb: Oh, that one! Sorry tony, I didn't get back to you, did I? It's the busiest time of the year at work, and I'm keeping myself busy making music besides too...

Inmaculada: then they will finally realize how crazy the GHPG people are!!!

tony g: same email adress?

schreinermusic: we are even worse...LOL

chrisloeb: yes, it's still the same - Thanks, tony!

chrisloeb: so who else is coming in March - Inma and Achim, you're coming, so is Nathalie and obviously Paul...

Inmaculada: then I think they'll say the bar is closed when they see us coming!!!

David: Can't make it this time unfortuately, but definitely if he does some others later in the year.

schreinermusic: i guess a bunch of the local British GHCP's as well...

tony g: im trying to workin a warehouse with a bad sinus condition right now chris so i know how you feel

Inmaculada: Shirl too I think and most likely Conchi as well

schreinermusic: yes, shirl too ...

conchita: I might be putting in a special guest appearance, but I have to go to a witch doctor every time I say I'm going to a gig!

chrisloeb: Have any of you decided on accommodation yet?

tony g: gonna play this house again

schreinermusic: Not yet, Chris...but will soon, the sooner the better...

Inmaculada: not yet

schreinermusic: I am going to bring a mate with me too...

conchita: have no idea whatsoever...but I'm sure it won't be a problem

chrisloeb: exactly, Achim - it would be cool if we all or even most of us stayed in the same place - that'd make an even bigger impact...

Inmaculada: poor hotel people... I am sorry for them!!!

schreinermusic: yes, thats why we will soon talk about that privately, Chris, to organise this perfectly

chrisloeb: that's of course not in the same room

tony g: freaks

Inmaculada: lol that sounds toooo private!!! so you will get a room for 3? loooooool

schreinermusic: Im gonna call you this week anyway...

schreinermusic: hahahaha

Inmaculada: sorry couldnt help it

schreinermusic: LOL...i see

conchita: sister as usual I will slee in the bathtub

conchita: sleep

Inmaculada: no if you come with me!!!

chrisloeb: Achim, do you have Skype installed yet?

conchita: ehm, that's why.....

Inmaculada: oh do you have anything to tell me?

conchita: yes! No Smoking!

Inmaculada: sister you should know that's not a prob

chrisloeb: Oh, how I love it when girls fight!

Inmaculada: no mud this time Chris! sorry!!!

schreinermusic: I re-installed it since there is a newer version available, will re-install it again...

schreinermusic: no I de-installed it...then i will re-install it...oh

schreinermusic: im getting dizzy....

conchita: chris, don't hold your breath...it will be a cold day in hell before inma and I fight!

Inmaculada: sister you shouldn't say "no till the hell gets frozen" looooool

tony g: thats too bad

Inmaculada: we all know that can happen!! ahaha

conchita: ok then...then until your cigarettes freeze! THEN we will really go at it!

schreinermusic: sent you an email via MySpace, Chris...

David: as you can tell....I'm keeping out of this

Shirean: Me too

chrisloeb: that means you went outside for a quick cigi break, David?


tony g: good version of "This House" people -thanks David

conchita: Inma will win this round...that's why i opted to sleep in the bathtub!

Inmaculada: yeah sure!!

Shirean: No, he's packing a box for our upcoming move!

chrisloeb: You're moving again?

schreinermusic: they Keep On Moving.....

Shirean: We move every 3-5 years

conchita: I'd rather walk on hot coals than move....honestly I cringe at the thought! Good luck - though I hope it's all for the better

Inmaculada: so often?

chrisloeb: Are you going back to the Bay Area?

Shirean: nope, just closer to downtown Orlando

Shirean: we always seem to find a better house...

conchita: That's great!

Inmaculada: oh well that's great but dunno if I could move so oftenly... I guess I am too lazy!! loooool

conchita: sister I moved about 7 times in the last 8 years!

Inmaculada: I know!

Shirean: Wow

Shirean: thought we were bad

tony g: damm you must have just two suitcases

conchita: ...no, i've got lots of furniture....AND clothes!

tony g: i should have known better


David: yeah, hopefully we'll be back online before the next Monthly Chat

schreinermusic: here its always the many (and heavy) books, vinyl records, CD?s and also tons of (old) VHS cassettes...

conchita: cool, the Christmas session!

David: yeah Achim, our garage and attic are full of them!

chrisloeb: I hear you Achim...

schreinermusic: LOL

David: they've been "Coast To Coast" quite literally!!

schreinermusic: not to speak about instruments, amps and such stuff...

chrisloeb: at least it's not too far this time, is it

conchita: considering that many of my books, CDs and clothes were bought in the US, you can safely say that!

schreinermusic: yeah

conchita: ....and my 45 of Heart's Magic Man....

tony g: chris i just sent you an email i hope it worked


chrisloeb: midnight here... still have a couple of things to do! Short but sweet chat for me tonight! Bye all, keep in touch!

conchita: Gute Nacht, Chris!

Shirean: Bye

schreinermusic: Gute Nacht!!

schreinermusic: Wir telefonieren, mein Freund

tony g: cool check that email and let me know if it worked chris

chrisloeb: Thanks, I'll let you know, tony - see ya all!

David: OK, thanks for stopping by everyone, the next Monthly CHAT will be on Sunday, December 16th at the usual time.

conchita: well time for me to go as well...long day tomorrow and I still haven't planned lessons!

conchita: goodnight all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

David: Bye for now.

schreinermusic: goodnight!!!

David: Talk to you soon.

tony g: cool im gonna lay down and

schreinermusic: will leave as well...got some messages to reply on myspace...and its already late here anyway

schreinermusic: goodnight everybody, was nice to be here again

Inmaculada: ok leaving too!!

Inmaculada: bye and thanks again David!!

David: See you next time, look out for the post, as your Competition winnings are on the way!

David: Bye for now.
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