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Old Mar-24-2004, 2:05 PM
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CHAT transcript - March 24th, 2004

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use Tools/Printer Friendly Format from the Toolbar above.

CHAT transcript - March 24th, 2004

David: Hi Grace

Grace: hi David..what's cookin?

David: It's very quiet today, so far!

Grace: so what's the topic for today?

David: HTP Euro Tour...

Grace: do you know, by any chance, if the HTP tour has albums for sale, etc?

David: Bjorn, the promoter for tonight's show in Denmark, said he might drop by - i assume he has a laptop or something, since he's at the venue!!

David: I'm not sure....i would think so.

Grace: it would be a shame to miss such a great opportunity

Grace: it's just that at the DP concert, they had lots of t-shirts for sale in the theater lobby, plus Bananas and of course, they sold lots more when the show was over and people were leaving

David: in some of the pix from Russia, it looked like they had scarves and other winter clothing with HTP written all over it

Grace: Hey, I want GH to become immensly wealthy, so he can buy lots of nice Christmas and birthday presents for his loyal fans!!!!!LOL


David: although there's been no mention of it or anything else merch-wise.

Grace: well, I'll keep dreaming of a GH display, where I can legally and EASILY find any GH stuff that I can't find now

Grace: that was not the correct answer that I was looking for, David........

Grace: maybe Glenn is saving all the merchandise, so he can hoard it for the fan in Orlando, she said foolishly


David: we're still waiting word back from Lou Carrier, I don't think the type of package he put together for us all last time is going to happen this time around.....

David: if we don't hear from him by early next week, we're going to just give everyone the contact details for the Invite requests....

David: we have to wait until the March Velvet Session is over, otherwise the hotel won't acknowledge Glenn is even playing the April show!

Grace: you know, I am only busting chops about being an ax murderer, but Lou never said that there wouldn't be a video from last year. (I do understand the meaning of NO VIDEO'.) But the man said that it was a work in progress ......that isn't the same meaning as no . I think that we ALL should bring our axes to Orlando.......


Grace: why do they do that...if they let people know as soon as they know, then people can have enough time to make travel arrangements

Grace: they turn it into a big secret..when I get the monthly e-mail from them ....it really should say: join us next Thanksgiving for Elmo Glick and people will have enough time

David: what we know is....your entrance to the gig won't be part of your room - so whether you're staying at the Hard Rock or not, you'll have to call the Special Invite number.....last time we spoke with Lou, he said he'll guarantee GH fans a place, but we have yet to hear back from him to confirm the details....so....??

Grace: go figure, David.....we are only using logic, here, maybe they think lop-sided when you take college courses in Hotel Management...ha, ha

David: i think it might be like this because he's not just contending with Glenn this time - there are Chad Smith and Jerry Cantrell fans to please too, maybe he's leaving things to the last minute for this reason, but as you say, for those fans who have to travel, it makes things extremely difficult.

Grace: I have to tell you a story about Orlando last year

Grace: OK?

Grace: remembering the story that I posted about the Woman in Black (hmmmmmmm) who wanted my camera at the Dp show...........

Grace: when the Hard Rock show in Orlando was over

Grace: I walked over to the area where GH was meeting the fans, and there were 2 big security guards blocking the way, next to the tables that were strung across the area, remember?

David: yep

Grace: so one of these big gorillas said to me, only the people with the necklace tags are allowed into this VIP meet and greet area. Of course the necklace tags meant that you were staying at the HRH

Grace: while I was staying at the world-famous Palen Hotel where my daughter and son-in-laws dogs know a soft touch, and I would have to take them out at 2:00 am.......ANYWAY

Grace: there I was, not allowed into the meet and greet area, and as we all know, this certainly wasn't Glenn's idea

David: that's right and it turned out alright in the end....but still....

Grace: so I said to Gorilla Number 1, do you see that woman over there, pointing to Gabrielle Hughes, who I had never met before, but she had answered my former post about "Moving Day" when Glenn left to go to rehearsals in London, so she seemed like a really nice, friendly person

Grace: so I said to the gorilla, that woman is MRS. Glenn Hughes, my name is Grace Fleet, and I'm her mother (Honest to God, this is true)

David: that's hilarious!

David: did security go check with Gabi?

Grace: the gorilla walked over to Gabrielle, mumbled the message, and then Gabi actually screamed, "Glenn, Grace is here"!

Grace: For one of the few times in my life, I gave a really sincerely EVIL look to somebody, and then walked through the security wall of gorillas

David: I remember her quite clearly saying that, quite loudly, 'cuz at that time I hadn't met you either, and that's what got me to look over for you!

Grace: almost as much fun as being at the show

David: that's when I introduced myself to you!!

David: that's classic, Gabi is cool

Grace: if anybody else was standing there and saw or heard this, they will know that this is true!!!!

David: yeah, see my comments above...

Grace: that's right, it wasn't that big of an area, so (I just read what you wrote about backing up my story) she really did say (like I'm the Queen of England).... Grace is here - ha, ha

Grace: so do you know how many rooms are in the HRH totally?

David: i'm guessing, but at least 500....

David: 650 - just looked at their website... http://www.hardrock.com/locations/hotels/orlando/

Grace: are they always booked almost to capacity, because I remember that last year there were only 30 rooms reserved for Glenn Hughes fans, and they went very fast, right?

Grace: they only saved 30 rooms out of 650?????? For us GHCP's???????

David: yes, this time of year is very popular and the place was packed with young kids on Winter/Spring holidays

David: but we got spoilt rotten by Lou and his staff, they really looked after everyone.....

David: Anyway, hopefully it'll get sorted out soon, and if not, at least we have the contact info to give everyone.

Grace: hey, do you think that this year the break crowd will be less than last year because it's the end of April, instead of last year's end of March?

David: possibly, but the hotel has always been busy whenever we've been there....it's one of those all-year-round places, don't think they ever have an off season!!

Grace: as beautiful as the HRH was, and as great a setting as it was for Glenn's talent, I think that they (Lou) has to get the information to all of us, especially since I don't care if Glenn's only musical accompanyment (sp) is a hand-turned music box

David: it'll probably start flowing out after next weeks March Velvet Session....that's my guess....

Grace: I'm not going for the Chili pepper aspect......this isn't a Voices of Classic rock event, or even a Hughes-Turner Project..........to me, as to most of us..this is a GLENN HUGHES event....and we don't want it watered down with other people

Grace: not to insult anybody or thier talent, but..........

David: it'll be interesting to hear the setlist, I would imagine they'll be some Purple songs, unlikely they'll be any solo material, and probably Jerry Cantrell will do an Alice In Chains song or two....other than that it should be interesting, it might be a similar set as was played at Cabo Wabo in January - that would be good to hear. I'm not even sure if it's actually even being billed as Glenn Hughes show....

Grace: that's totally terrible

David: i think they'll probably sell it as Deep Purple/Red Hot Chili Peppers/Alice In Chains power trio or something like that - I really don't know, but they can't not mention the other two....as that will be the extra "draw" and will certainly help get faces in front of Glenn that wouldn't normally know who he is!!

David: like when he played HOB in LA last November....the very young crowd went crazy and they didn't know who he was!!

David: until afterwards

Pete S: howdy

David: Hi Pete....

Pete S: just remembered so i thought i make an appearance

Grace: but how many solo albums does Glenn have to come up with before he is just Glenn Hughes, instead of Glenn-Hughes-formerly-of-Deep-Purple ??????

David: oh, probably another 10 or 12

David: thanks Pete....it's very quiet today

David: just Grace and I so far!!

Pete S: nevermind it's the quality that matters

Pete S: hi Grace


Pete S: hows JLT's voice?

David: he seems to be on the road to recovery, so to speak!

Grace: we can consider this a "Meeting of the Brains of the Operation"

David: if he takes it easy, he'll probably be back to normal by the time the UK comes around....if not sooner.

Pete S: ah thats good....you guys stayin' in the States this tour?

David: exactly Grace!!

David: I'll be over Pete....

Pete S: hey nice one

David: Shirean started a new job recently and can't get the time off

Pete S: Bradford?

Pete S:

David: I'm actually going to be catching a car ride with JohnH who is also going over....to the Bradford & Dudley shows.

Pete S: it'll be nice to meet him

Grace: don't look at me, I have a passport that I put in a "safe place", so I can't find it, plus I think that it expires for me......so unless I can make it to the airport when Glenn changes planes, that's about it for me

David: are you going to Vegas, Grace?

Grace: nope

David: never mind, it's just acoustic anyways

Grace: never say....just acoustic and Glenn Hughes in the same sentence


Grace: can't do it, and I'm not ABSOLUTELY positive about Orlando for that matter...it's the schedule, and things that have to be done, when they have to be done

David: yeah, well like i said hopefully we'll hear some thing definite soon, but if not, we'll be sure and let you know...one way or the other!

Pete S: hey dave...do you think photo's will be allowed at the gig with it being HTP?

David: I would think so....I don't remember Rios giving anyone a hard time...do you? London was a different story, but Astoria is always like that. As you've seen, Glenn/JLT don't mind....it's usually the venue that dicates it...

Grace: remember Glenn's Rockline interview last year, when he sang Gettin' Tighter and YKOM acoustically

Grace: flabbergasted Bob Coburn pretty good with those 2 little tunes

Grace: only if I am in the audience trying to take pictures, or trying to get into the meet and greet is there trouble, have you noticed???

Pete S: Grace - how many Glenn related gigs have you been to so far....i bet it's quite a few

Grace: you won't believe this Pete....but only 2

Pete S: which ones Grace?

Grace: the Birch Hill STARRING THE NEW JERSEY BACK-UP SINGERS, accompanied by Glenn Hughes, and last years Hard Rock Hotel

Pete S: hey great stuff....

Pete S: i won't ask Dave that question

Pete S: i've seen twice as well

Grace: during the Trapeze and Deep Purple years, I foolishly wasted money on food for my children, as I've said numerous times, so now my 2 girls are old enough to but their own food.......MOM is NOW going to the concerts that I couldn't afford years ago

Pete S: you go for it Grace

Pete S: i'm doing it now 'cause i can't remember then

Grace: I know what I like when I hear it, and for all the years that I've had music in my life, there's nobody like GH

Pete S: yeah once you hear GH you get spoilt

Grace: well, maybe Nat King Cole, but most of his songs were ballads, certainly not Gh's Variety of styles, but beautiful just the same

Pete S: everything else is just uuuuhhhhmmmm

David: so with the DVD coming, it's not going to stop you from going to his shows, is it?

Pete S: whats the latest on that Dave?

Grace: hey, if you want the truth, I'm still in shock that when Bob Coburn said, Here's Grace from......Glenn knew who I was and really threw me when he asked if I was the ax murderer of NJ?

Grace: the man has enough to remember

Pete S:

David: It's still on schedule as far as I know, Glenn recorded a bonus track for the accompanying audio cd release, just before he left for the HTP tour, and I think the video side of it is being worked on as we speak, so end of April, early May is my guess, maybe sooner....

Grace: hey, stop laughing Pete, Mr. Hughes also said that I was wonderful......uhhhh, Glenn forgot to mention that I am also humble

Pete S: would'nt it be great.....a webcam at a GH gig?

Pete S:

Pete S: ok guys gotto go to bed .....nice talking to you both....Dave see you @ Rio's...take care Grace

David: Thanks for stopping by Pete, see you in a couple of weeks.

Grace: take care of yourself Pete, and enjoy the HTP shows

Pete S: will do....bye

Grace: bye.

David: I think it's the quietest CHAT we've ever had!! It must be something in the air!!

Grace: well, the only thing left to discuss is that I think that my icon looks like a blue marble, sitting on top of a pedastal


Grace: so it must be the time for me to say "goodnight Gracie"

David: ok Grace....thanks for coming, hopefully Orlando will work out for everyone, when we hear something, will let you know.

Grace: OK, David...and I'm REALLY DISGUSTED that gazillions of GHCP's weren't here

David: it's no big deal....I guess we don't have lives

Grace: well, mine may be boring, but I don't have to call up anybody for bail money

Grace: not that anybody IN THIS CROWD would donate, as has been recently proved, HUH?


Grace: well, it's late........6:30 and I have some running around to do tonight before my cup of Yorkshire tea and nite-nite

David: The next regularly scheduled Monthly CHAT will be held on Wednesday, April 21st, 2004 at the usual time of 1:00PM-3:00PM PST.

David: Talk to you then....bye for now...

Grace: so....I'm glad that your move went OK, and thanks for trying to get the information that we need for Orlando

Grace: bye........

David: Thanks and you're welcome....bye for now.
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Old Mar-26-2004, 9:06 AM
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Dang I hate it when I miss a chat! It sucks to get old and forgetful!

I read with interest your bit about Orlando coming up. I talked to Lou last night at Velvet Sessions and thanked him for having Glenn in as often as he does so I can see him perform. He is really jazzed about April's show, as am I! My friends' band is opening for Glenn, so it'll be an totally enjoyable show. I do hope you can make this one Grace!

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Old Mar-26-2004, 11:25 AM
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Sorry for missing it again....didn't forget this time. I was having lunch with a friend ( so I could give him a tape of the F1 races)...

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