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Old Jul-24-2002, 12:23 PM
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CHAT transcript - July 24th, 2002

There's also an ASCII text file version attached to this message (see below), if you want to save it to disk or if you'd like to Print the transcript, be sure and use the Printable feature, click the icon at the bottom of the page!

CHAT transcript - July 24th, 2002

Shirean: Enters Chat

Shirean: Hello!

Shirean: Enters Chat

Shirean: Anyone home?

Matz: Enters Chat

Shirean: Welcome Matz

Shirean: Matz has left the building

David: Enters Chat

David: Hi anyone in?

David: Everyone must be enjoying their Summer day or night :-)

Pete .S: Enters Chat

Pete .S: thought i'd pop in for 5 mins

Shirean: Enters Chat

Pete .S: i've brought a bottle!!!!!!!!!

Shirean: Hi guys

Pete .S: hi shirean

Pete .S: where is everybody?

Shirean: Don't know.. they must be on holiday

David: Still there Pete & Shirean

Shirean: Yes David

David: It's a nice day outside so I guess folks are enjoying it today :-)

Pete .S: is Glenn on national TV or something?

David: Ahh, yes - that must be it!!

David: So have you ordered your HTP tix yet Pete?

Pete .S: ha ha ,not yet will soon ,hey we might meet at the gig

David: Yeah....hopefully we'll hook up in the "real world" :-)

David: We'll be in the bar while the support bands are on :-)

Pete .S: indeed, i take it no more uk dates...good idea...i thought you'll be back stage

David: that would be nice....

Shirean: You never know ..

Pete .S: you're at both gigs yeh?

David: Yep....Dudley & London....

Pete .S: nice one ,you'll probably catch villa playing

David: it's a bit of hike since London is the next day....no private jets for us!!

David: but we know it'll be worth it....what with the first show more or less in GH's home town...

David: Will have to catch Villa on the box since the season would of started by then...

Pete .S: not seeing them at villa park david?

David: no unfortunately not...we're based in London when in the UK, family to see and all that....

David: Was hoping Vince Di Cola would make the tour....so hopefully this other guy will be good...haven't heard any of his playing before....

Pete .S: are well,but if you fancy visiting the lake district you're wellcome to stay with us.

Pete .S: yeah exxcellent keyboard player,especially the solo bit in on the ledge

David: thanx for the offer....we'll have to see how our plans are working out...

David: nearer the time

Pete .S: no probs if you do just email me

Shirean: Okay thanks

Pete .S: any news on how the ticket sales are doing or too early

David: I read on the Fan Forum the Finland shows are sold out

Pete .S: wow that's a good sign

David: but to do 20+ gigs the promoters must be pretty confident the sales will be good....when was the last time GH or JLT played that many in one tour.... a while ago!

Shirean: Last time for GH was the Addiction tour!

David: Hope to see Mel Galley get up onstage in Dudley...that would be cool...maybe Tony Iommi too!!

Pete .S: yes, lets hope london is a good turn out i don't know the capacity ....

David: Wishful thinking on my part, eh!!

Pete .S: 1997

Pete .S: hey that'll good if that happens

David: It's pretty full on the last GH tour....so I'm sure it will sell out....despite the wonder London press...:-) How much do you want to bet if things go well, Classic Rock and the rest will be all over it, saying how wonderful HTP are!!

Pete .S: john sykes in london

David: sorry fat fingers again today...hopefully you get me jist!!

Pete .S: they'll be there with daggers

Pete .S: hope Glenn mentions them!!!!

Pete .S: that'll give us a chance to voice our dissaproval

David: I was reading on gh.com yesterday and it says something like ...."Glenn's former label SPV...." etc about the release of the "Best of" CD....I wonder if he's left them for somewhere else? Or maybe I misread it...??

Pete .S: so they're cashing in on a best of...could be then

Pete .S: what about pink cloud?

David: Yeah, that's just what the Japanese label did just as he walked out the door....

David: Pink Cloud is GH's own label....so distribution costs for his own solo record would no doubt a bit too much to take on....don't think he can match the global reach without breaking the budget....

David: I'm sure we'll hear more about it, if any changes are taking place...

Pete .S: oh i see,not too familliar with the buisness side of it all

Pete .S: spv have been around for years

Pete .S: well they can't complain about GH output that's for sure..maybe Glenns not too happy with them

Pete .S: if it's true etc

David: Possibly, I read they delayed BTM for 6 months last year....it was ready in March, but no release until September....don't know what that was about....

David: we'll have to wait and see....

Pete .S: and here,s all of us waiting for it eh?

Pete .S: well i must go now ,that was a long 5 mins

David: I'm sure it's just as frustrating for him too...having to wait so long, then no tour to support it etc....when they do pony up the money, it's only for a 3-piece so he can't play the majority of the songs....so he has to do Purple numbers where drums/bass/guitar is all that's needed.

Shirean: Okay bye Pete

Shirean: See ya in Sept

David: Ah, okay thanks for stopping by Pete...

Pete .S: take care to both of you,you're doin' a fantastic job...catch you later.cheers Pete

David: we'll have another Chat in August....the 28th

David: scratch that....the 21st

Pete .S: i'll be there.....nice one.....

David: bye

perro: Enters Chat

David: Hey Perro...

David: we were just closing up...but if you'd like to Chat we can!

perro: hey..

perro: oh, just sneeking,,, if u gotta go..

perro: anyway, what were u guys chatin bout?

David: It was a quite day today, only one visitor! So U didn't miss much, we were just talking about the HTP tour, and who was going where etc....

perro: mhh, well i don't think i'll get to see them..

David: We'll put the transcript in the Fan Forum....

David: Are you in Europe or US or elsewhere? Or got other things going on during that time?

perro: haven't heard the cd ..

perro: southamerica..

David: Ahhh....you never know, depending on how well this tour goes, they may make it down your way...but not until next year I would think....

perro: and i depend on Argentina.. and the situation is not the best..

David: Hopefully things might have improved by then....

perro: I got to travel to Arg. everytime someone tours southamerica, well not everytime, i saw glenn here [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] but if noone pays for the artist in Arg. then..

perro: Hopefully... but really don't think so.. things are really turning bad.. (economy)

David: We understand....we're in the US but to get to hear the latest songs, Europe is the only place to go....we can see them with VCR, but it's not the same....

perro: yeah, guess the US is not the best place to be a Rock fan..

David: you've got that right!

perro: is there a place?? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

David: they play the same old hits from the 70s and 80s on the radio....there's no variety....

David: the Internet :-)

perro: man, I think Glenn's last albums could do really well in the radio.. but noone air's them..

David: Yes, it's a real shame....

perro: shame is too small a word

David: You're right again!

David: I think if he does get some success, it will only happen if he changes his format to funk or pop or something....unless of course we have another come back of Hard Rock....I don't really care, as along as he get's the attention....

David: he's so versatile....he's got it covered....just needs the backing and $$ support

perro: Yes, that's what I think, The latest Glenn Stuff had a lot of Funk rock... and specially ROCK and BTM I really can't understand why they haven't done thet good

perro: I'm not really into funk, but those albums just rock da house... so cool..

David: Well, I guess you need radio play...and as long as the labels aren't pushing these...it just ain't going to happen....

David: Sad, but true - at least in the US.

perro: at least in the whole world..

perro: sadly

perro: anyway, the trends.... are not based in quality

David: that's for sure....

perro: u been a glenn fan for many years?

David: it'll be interesting to see what the outcome of this HTP tour has on the situation...afterall they're playing 20+ gigs...the most either GH or JLT have done in years...it may help their standing.....hopefully....there's always Hughes/Thrall II to come as well, don't know when, but it's another chance!

Pete S: Enters Chat

David: 20+ Trapeze to Purple to now...

David: Hey Pete....we're still here....talking to perro from South America...

perro: really and sadly I don't think so... even Purple are not that Mainstream

perro: hey Pete

David: unfortunately, I think you are probably right....but there's always hope :-)

Pete S: Just a quick note........just ordered htp tickets gonna have to buy ghpg t-shirt......hi alll

David: Cheers, it'll pay for my Beer :-)

Pete S: ha ha

David: perro....Pete was the visitor I mentioned earlier...he's back for more :-)

Pete S: nothing bad i hope David!!!!

David: I let perro answer that one :-)

perro: answer what?

perro: ahhh.. nort nothing bad don't worry

David: phew...thanks :-)

Pete S: cheers perro

perro: :-)

perro: u guys both in US?

Pete S: ha ha,david how much did you have to pay for you're tickets in total

David: I'm in San Francisco...USA

Pete S: England perro

perro: I've been in the US but not in SF, and I've been to Europe, but not to England:-)

David: Pete: they were 13.50 (11 plus 2.50 fee)

David: that's the Mean Fiddler...

David: each

Pete S: yep,did you book through them

David: Ticketweb

Pete S: that's not bad ,we paid 11 each then 6 booking and postal etc

perro: David u are travelling to Europe to see the show?

David: 6 !! We got a good deal then :-)

David: Yes, just for the 2 UK shows...

Pete S: yes indeed

perro: man u guys are lucky!! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

Pete S: perro are you able to see htp?

David: hopefully GH will get at least 50p of that, eh !! :-)

Pete S: seriousley?

David: nah, just kidding of course :-)

Pete S: 60p

perro: no pete, we were discussing that before u came backl!!

Pete S: yeah,will it be loss making tour as they usally say(record companies)

perro: Enters Chat

Pete S: not going by the amount of t-shirts i'm gonna buy!!!!

David: ha, ha

Pete S: hi perro,are you able to see htp live?

David: hopefully they'll be well stocked, the last couple of shows we've went to GH, they ran out of stuff real quick...

perro: nope [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

Pete S: oh no,it's pretty hard or near impossible to get them apart from ghpg

perro: a T-shirt would do a great gift for one Glenn fan I know! ;-)

David: no doubt they'll show up on eBay come Christmas time :-)

perro: yeah, but u know here in Uruguay some "genius" politic put a tax on every item u buy online.... dork.

Shirean: Hey David I'm not running the tshirt stand on this tour ...

perro: so u end up paying at least a 30% more.....

David: ha ha....yeah, not unless we get FREE everything!!

Pete S: i'll have to go now.....at least David this session got me to book the tickets ha ha

perro: bye

David: Good....ok thanks Pete talk soon...

Pete S: Shirean save one for me...ha ha

Pete S: cheers all

Shirean: will do.. take care Pete

Pete S: tanx catch you later(again)

David: Well, Perro it was nice chatting with you....I think we're going to have close it out now....I'm at work and I know Shirean has things to do (she's the wife you know)!!

David: We'll be having another regular scheduled Chat session on Wednesday, August 21st....same time....11am PST....

perro: hahah..ok see u guys around, it was nice.. and i gotta study too!!

perro: k, seeya!

David: Take care...see U here next month!
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