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Off Topic Post news & views on other music or unrelated topics such as sport etc, that you think fellow fans of Glenn might like.


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Old Jan-29-2007, 11:56 PM
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Thumbs up The new Sabbath book about post Ozzy years

I'm just finishing Gary's book up now...... (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, the Battle for Black Sabbath) I will post more about it later, but if you don't have it it's a must read......Just bloody brilliant!!!!! There's even a funny story, Sabbath family related that happened to me while I was on the road reading the book. More later.

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Old Feb-02-2007, 6:03 PM
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Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Gary Sharpe Young is without a doubt one of the most interesting, entertaining and funny books about rock I have ever read. Over 400 pages and illustrated with a lot of pictures I have never seen before and a lengthy discography, I highly reccommend it. I've always wondered over the years why Sabbath had so many member changes and about many of the mysterious comings and goings, especially from 84-87 when the band had many different singers, basissts and drummers. I Iprefer this period in the band's history over the well known Ozzy stuff. Now I finally know who played drums on Eternal Idol, just how significant Geoff Nicholls was during the 80s and 90s, more stories about Glenn's sorry departure, Ray Gillen, it's all here. The chapter on Ian Gillan and the Born Again album cover and Stonehenge sets and tour had me near tears with laughter. The writing style is very good also, making the book easy to read. There's plenty of great stories here: The usual road horror stories of canceled gigs, fights, angry natives chasing the band and crew down the street who narrowly escape, food poisonings, interband drama and management politics, and the usual interesting and charismatic musicians that make up great bands like Black Sabbath.

The book combines two previous projects that met with foul play with publishers, Gary Sharpe Young's Ozzy Osbourne band and his story of the post Ozzy Sabbath Years. Since the two camps were virtually at war during the period covered and even had members contributing to both projects, it only makes sense to have both stories covered in the same book. The book even includes info on recent projects such as Fused and the DEP sessions so it ends about mid 2005.

Oh and my funny story? You wanna know how vast the Sabbath family tree is? I was a bit blown away to be reading the book, while riding in my band's van I15 in southern Utah, when a musician that has worked with Tony Iommi phoned the drummer sitting next to me!!! And this was one page and just a couple of minutes after the mention of Alex Skolnick of Testament. The drummer was current Cult drummer John Tempesta from the Iommi album, and he was calling his drum tech, who drums for my band. 7 degrees of Sabbath indeed, it's truely a small world.


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Old Feb-03-2007, 6:51 AM
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Thanks for the heads up!! I was always a Sabbath fan, and I remember it was a dream come true (I was/am very shallow) when it was said Glenn was going to front Sabbath. I also remember the pain of seeing him in NJ, not being able to sing, and just looking very strange on stage! My friends thought he was a joke, and where sorry they didn't replace him sooner with Ray(God Bless Him!)... of course those days.....FEELING OLD!

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Old Feb-03-2007, 9:53 AM
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Icon28 We had a piece of scenery in danger of being crushed by a dwarf!!

I have read in many publications about Sabbath's flirtation with the Stonehenge stage set and how that was so lovingly spoofed in This Is Spinal Tap. The recent issue of Classic Rock had a photo of the stage set....it was too tall to fit in most of the venues and was a huge waste of money. Ian Gillan, a man notorious for forgetting lyrics, had a book with the lyrics at his feet. He had even mastered a technique of turning the pages with his toes....but the dry ice used onstage quickly obscured the pages and the hapless singer had to stoop down frequently and turn the pages by hand!

So many bands provided comic material for Spinal Tap....a UFO concert in St Louis where the band got lost in the labryinth of tunnels in the stadium was the inspiration for the "Not An Exit" sequence in the film. I still think that Status Quo was the act that Spinal Tap was most closely based on...the two guitarists, one blond, one dark haired, that started the band, their psychedelic early period, the switch to "yer basic boogie" style....

And most rockers who have seen the movie get the joke and love it..I think the only exception was Steven Tyler who was actually offended by this classic "Rockumentary"!

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