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Old Sep-16-2006, 7:24 AM
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Icon38 Planet Marsh reviews

Havent seen any reviews so far but got my signed cd from JJweb on Thursday and have played it right thru 3 times already and am listening to it again while i type this.

This is a great album and difficult to choose a best track as they all have their individual merits.
JJ plays some great riffs and is a mean bass player on it too.
Thomas keeps it thumping along on drums like he did with Glenn's live shows.
JJ's voice is hidden a bit in the mix at times but is not bad at all.
Nice harmonies too.

If this had no connection with Glenn i would still be saying this was great stuff.

Wont give a track by track review but Is It Real and last track The Change (an 11:24 epic) are my top two at the moment.

If you havent ordered yet DO IT NOW

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Old Sep-16-2006, 9:21 AM
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As you know, Shirean and I have had the album for sometime now and it's been really hard not to be able to comment on it more

Like wolfysmith said, this album stands out above the crowd and whether or not there is a Glenn connection is really of no importance.

The talent is obvious - we were blown away with the song writing and musicianship for a debut release and as for the vocal abilities from JJ - wow, what a great surprise. We had spoken to him prior to the release and he was very modest and asked not to expect much in that department - but upon the first play - wow!! Fits perfectly with the music, sort of like when you hear Hendrix.

It's hard to pick favourites, but Electric Women, Is It Real, Into The Light, Move On and The Change get most playtime.

We're really pleased it's finally available and hopefully, as it was late in coming, the follow-up won't be too far behind. Would love to hear this in a live setting someday.

Just a reminder - in the latest CTC Podcast, we have a 30+ minute interview with JJ, where he talks about the album, so if you haven't yet....please check it out.
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Old Sep-21-2006, 10:06 PM
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We got our JJ CD today and had to go for a ride! LOL. My home stereo has decided to not work, so we had to ride to town and listen to JJ. Wow, great singing! Already knew he could play the **** out of the guitar, but what a nice surprise! WAY TO GO, JJ!!

I'm looking forward to lots of play time for this CD, it's rockin!
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Old Sep-25-2006, 12:02 PM
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Having listened to the album a couple of times now, here are my thoughts:

Electric Women - great opener, fine riffing, sets the scene for the direction of the whole album perfectly. The vocals are, as on the whole album, a little too low in the mix.

Play The Game - I don't know why, but from the very first listen, I thought this song was a little Uriah Heepish. The vocal reminds me of Ken Hensley.

Is It Real - this could well have been on any of Glenn's recent solo albums. Great chorus. Great singing.

Into The Light - my favourite. Fantastic how the song builds, develops, pulls back at 3:50 for a fantastic guitar solo, builds again. I love it!

Something Song - Great song. I love these octave guitar riffs, this song has great melodies and great riffs. Great drumming there. And the mid-section is almost proggy
Ritchie Kotzen would approve too.

Move On - This is the Hendrix bit. Like it!

It's Not Too Late - This sounds very up-to-date, and I have been missing a song like this on the Velvet Revolver CD! Nice Mellotron.

Need A Friend - Unique guitar sounds in the intro. I love the lyric in the beginning "Don't know where I'm going (today), but I sure know where I've been"
Still, this is the filler for me, and for some reason the "I just need a friend" chorus doesn't catch me.

The Change - Epic. Heavy. Modern. Classic. What a way to close the album.

As you can see I have really been enjoying this album.
For me, this is definitely not just the album by Glenn's guitar player.
It has stood the test easily

I only wonder, why it didn't get a record label???
Crazy world.......


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Old Oct-03-2006, 1:08 AM
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Review at the Mayfair Mall website

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